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  1. dpguhandu    24 Sep 2012 @ 10:13   

    Great, You have asked and you got it. I wiill be trying your MOD on Xonar DG,Try to make it wotk with Home Theatre v4 from properties of the Driver.
    I wish you all THE BEST.


  2. HI    24 Sep 2012 @ 18:03   



  3. Salych    25 Sep 2012 @ 11:53   

    Where can i download your buid with dht4 ?


  4. matt    26 Sep 2012 @ 12:42   

    where can we download and will this work with DG?


  5. mrsteven    26 Sep 2012 @ 14:06   

    test asus st


  6. Andy    26 Sep 2012 @ 14:13   

    will it be integrated in your driver mod?


  7. Alexa    26 Sep 2012 @ 16:30   

    This mod coming this week.


    • dpguha    26 Sep 2012 @ 17:12   

      That the sprit. Alexa.
      Thanks in advance ,and of course it will be New development in Uni Xonar driver development.As this will be Yours contribution to the development of Uni Xonar ,which is a Brand to Recon with.


    • Hummel95    26 Sep 2012 @ 21:53   

      For which cards and which os if I may ask.


      • Alexa    27 Sep 2012 @ 18:10   

        All xonar models and c-media oxygen hd audio for now,but i will also relase for auzentech,ht omega and razer.


  8. pacu    28 Sep 2012 @ 19:18   

    I have the Xonar DX and I can not work this mod in foobar2000 I get this error:

    I'm using Windows 8 64 bits.

    Tengo la Xonar DX y no logro que funcione este mod, en foobar2000 me aparece este error:

    Estoy usando Windows 8 64 bits.



    • CarvedInside    29 Sep 2012 @ 12:56   

      Thats probably because ASIO component has a different name in Alexa's mods than it does in UNi Xonar. You have to re-add/reconfigure Asio in Foobar.


  9. steve30x    29 Sep 2012 @ 15:30   

    when it will be released


    • dpguha    30 Sep 2012 @ 12:16   

      Reffer above, Älexa Said "This mod coming this week".
      Have Patience,as it will be enhancements of Uni Xonar Driver,which will give us more than we paid for (Xonar DG)


  10. Alexa    30 Sep 2012 @ 18:50   

    Hello guys,I made a decision with Carved that it is perhaps best to create a addon that will work alongside with unixonar package and not changing settings.So you can now installing addons, without unistalling unixonar/asus drivers.
    First addon pakage coming with Dolby HT4 audio and Andrea microphone effects.

    Please provide feedback about issues.

    P.S.You must know that I'm not doing this for some money, only for my good will.All what i need is your patience and your thanks.


    • Jake Adduono    30 Sep 2012 @ 22:19   

      Still doesn’t work for Essence ST. “The installed audio driver is for Dolby Advanced Audio, but the software application is Dolby Home Theater. Please install a valid driver and software application combination.” when trying to open DHT (previous mod at least allowed it to open, though didn’t do anything). Also, the new microphone features are working nicely, but it has completely disabled changing any of the microphone input formats. If I select anything other than 16-bit 44100hz, it will tell me that the format is incompatible with my microphone input. This isn’t really much of a problem for me as most everything is in that format anyways.


    • ColPanic    30 Sep 2012 @ 19:39   

      Thank you.

      Does this work with 32-bit?


      • Alexa    30 Sep 2012 @ 20:18   



        • ColPanic    30 Sep 2012 @ 21:11   

          Thank you. It’s great to have some system wide effects that work with samplerates higher than 48kHz.

          I found a small bug with dht4: I got analog output set to “headphones” in the c-media panel, but the surround virtualizer (in dht4) only works when adjusting the “speakers” slider. The headphones slider does nothing.

          No big deal though. I have a Xonar DX, so I can just use dolby headphone instead.

          The other effects (intelligent eq, graphic eq, volume leveler, dialog enhancer) work fine.


          • Alexa    30 Sep 2012 @ 21:15   

            Sorry i cant fix that, because xonar drivers output use only speakers. Headphone(rear and front panel,including fp 2 ch speakers and spdif output) use swither from them.


          • Alexa    30 Sep 2012 @ 21:18   

            Also did you try Andrea mic enhac. under microphone properties?


          • pcuser    01 Oct 2012 @ 01:18   


            sorry for my bad English. I am not a native English speaker. But I found a very tricky way to fix this. You have to do some changes on crypted registry keys.

            If you want to try it:
            1. Open the playback device property dialog (right click on the volume icon in tray)
            2. Rename your current analog playback device to sth. unique.
            3. Open regedit.exe and go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionMMDevicesAudioRender".
            4. Find the subkey that matches to your output device. To do so, right click on the "Render"-key, select "search…" and enter the unique name of step 2.
            5. At the key found, search for a value named "{1da5d803-d492-4edd-8c23-e0c0ffee7f0e},0". Typically it's at the very top of the list.
            6. Change this value from 1 (= speaker) to 3 (= headphones).
            7. That's it. Now you should be able to use virtual headphone.
            (Step 1. and 2. are not really necessary, but it helps to find the right sub key.)

            Tested on Windows 7 64-bit / Asus Xonar DGX / DHTv4.

            == DO AT YOUR OWN RISK! ==


    • frytom    01 Oct 2012 @ 19:12   

      Thank you, works fine with 7×64 and Xonar ST. No problems.


    • Saurabh    07 Mar 2017 @ 11:58   

      Hey alexa, many thanks!!! it works great!!!!!!!! Surround sound is much more crispy!! PEACE!


  11. HI    30 Sep 2012 @ 20:31   

    Thanks Alexa …

    Asus tray icon Where?


  12. Smeggy    30 Sep 2012 @ 20:34   

    First, thank you for your work. Is this package supposed to uninstall my existing Uni drivers? If I let it uninstall my existing Uni drivers;reboot and then re-run your installer,there is no Xonar tray icon or control panel way to start it either? DHT icons do appear but don't seem to change anything.

    Forgot to add I’m using a D2X on Win 7 Ultimate x64

    OK I installed the 1.62 drivers on top of your installer. The Dolby tab now appears in speaker properties and the equalizer levels are displayed in DHT when they did not before.Also Xonar Icons are present in the tray and Control Panel. If I select Dolby Digital from the advanced speaker properties tab;I get an error saying “Format Not Supported by Device”.


    • Alexa    02 Oct 2012 @ 12:26   

      I would recommend to dont unistall it yet,because they can remove audio center.I will fix that these days when i have free time.


  13. HI    30 Sep 2012 @ 20:35   

    Hmm.. Asus Tray icon…. This Problem is.. my Mistake shit


  14. dpguha    30 Sep 2012 @ 22:01   

    Works Fine with Xonar DG in Win 7 64 bits,tray icon is there,volume leveler,Surround virtuliser& Headphones slider does not work,Rest works perfectly.
    Thank You for the Addon.


    • Alexa    30 Sep 2012 @ 22:34   

      How did you mean surround virtualiser and volume leveler not working? I explained why hp slider not working. Also you can run uni audio center.


  15. dpguha    01 Oct 2012 @ 00:02   

    Installing you addon uninstall, Your 1.08 DG driver which I was Useing.When I open the addon Installer , it asks to remove the current drivers this removes ASUS Control Panel.



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