1. Guardian14 Aug 2010 @ 01:20

    Got my asus xonar d2x for like a week now, and your driver is excellent! Only I can;t stand one problem. I've got a Logitech Z-5500 setup, and there's only one major problem which I can;t stand: When I use the analog or/and digital input and use the internal dolby prologic 2 option(and Digital only Dolby live and DTS connect + passthrough), I hear a constant low volume noise. One moment it's present and the other moment it's gone. At quiet scenes I can be heard and is really annoying. When the stereo option is in use(and Analog only: 6 Ch Direct) this noise isn;t present.(I've sold my Auzentech Prelude for this and this soundcard hadn;t this problem, so it seems something else is wrong) To me, it seems like an singal leak or something, has anyone experienced this? Or someone know's what's wrong? Thanks in advance!


    • CarvedInside14 Aug 2010 @ 18:31

      There is one other guy who used Dolby Digital Live with his headphones and reported the noise. I talked with him by e-mail.
      Currently I can't do anything about this . My recommendation is to use the analog connection, its much better compared to the digital one, especially in your case with Z-5500 speakers. More about this here and here

      If I have something I'll contact you by e-mail , even if its for testing purposes only.

      Why did you sold you're Auzentech Prelude?


  2. Guardian14 Aug 2010 @ 22:19

    Yea I normally use the analog connection;) But for movies with DTS and DD I use SPDIF;) That's really unfortunate, because my audio experience would be perfect if the problem was solveed! Please do! You've got my e-mail?

    Why I did? I got the luxuary to test them both at home! A friendly guy on tweakers.net did make a nice request: trade the xonar for the prelude. This because his x16 and x1 ports where unavailable at his setup so only way to go is pci.

    When I tested them, I found the Xonar MUCH better in comparison to the prelude. Maybe it's because your new driver, but it was an incredible boost from the old card. No more too hard basses, crackling and that kind of stuff, even the sound sounded richer and more dynamically and sounds as music supposed to be. So in short terms: A MUST BUY!


    • CarvedInside15 Aug 2010 @ 14:10

      Was the noise present in the original drivers (if you tried them)? You typed your e-mail to post a comment so I see it.

      Interesting…maybe there was something wrong with the installed drivers & files for you Prelude. I have read only good things about the Prelude, but then again so I have about Xonar cards…
      The drivers were and still are the most disappointing thing about Xonars.


  3. Ilya14 Aug 2010 @ 23:42

    Great driver! No problem with it. Thanks


  4. Jan15 Aug 2010 @ 00:25

    Worked fine until just now… For some reason the audio panel won't start. I open up task manager, hit the Xonar Audio Center icon, see the proccess starting, and then just vanishes with no error. Rebooted my computer, but still the same problem :

    Sound is otherwise working good even without config panel. Using the 1.0 version for about a week now.


  5. Steve15 Aug 2010 @ 05:30

    Hi CarvedIns,
    l was looking for a sound card to use to play Modern Warfare 2 multi-player,l have Win7 64 and listen with headphones.l need a card that can emulate EAX or other sound effects so l can hear where sounds are coming from.Will a Asus DX2 be able to do it and can your driver help.l have read something about using DDL or DTS encoder to handle the surround effects,not sure about this as l'm a noob when it comes to sound.
    Thanks for your help as well.


    • CarvedInside15 Aug 2010 @ 14:32

      Hi Steve,
      In the past the ASUS/Cmedia EAX emulation was bad, causing PC's to BSOD or the game to crash. Don't know if they fixed things, probably not.
      Not many games use EAX in our days and from what I can remember neither MW 2. Yes DDL and DTS can handle surround effects, but I recommend using the analog connectors. Currently there is a problem with DDL , users reporting that they also hear a noise (read Guardian's first comment).

      The DX2 will probably sound just like any similar audio card in MW2, but the drivers and some other problems(e.g. high dpc latency) might annoy you in the long run. I try to do my best with the drivers but there are some things I can't do/fix.

      Knowing the problems that Xonars have & the almost non-existent support I personally would go for Auzentech Forte or Prelude audio card. Reviews here and here. You should also check what Prelude or Forte owners say on forums. Let me know if I can be of any help.


  6. Jason Yip15 Aug 2010 @ 18:14

    This driver really helped me…at least I hear no "pop" sounds with WASAPI in foobar!
    Thank you for your work!
    But I still hear small, tiny crack sound while playing songs…hope ASUS can cure it!


  7. Jacek16 Aug 2010 @ 21:05

    Thanks man! Great work and much appreciated! I jumped to asus precisely of poor creative support – ironic isn't it?

    rooting for you,



  8. Mark17 Aug 2010 @ 00:37

    Hi, great to see this effort being put in and keep it up. However I had to revert to standard hdav deluxe drivers. Using Windows 7 and playing back some higher resolution content like dts-hd and truehd gave bad results. dts-hd worked but I can see ffdshow contstantly receiving different inputs every few seconds or so, as if certain audio formats are failing intermittently….

    Truehd refuses to play with any decoder. Reverting to the standard hdav drivers fixed these issues. High channel / bit depth DTS and PCM work again, true hd also works again. Let me know if you get to test this with mpc-hc for example. I tried 1.01 of your normal driver.

    [merged from e-mail conversation so people with HDAV's wont freak out:))]
    Thanks alot for the feedback. I uninstalled and reinstalled drivers again and all was fine. I think the first time after installing drivers the xonar cp would crash when it was loaded. Re-install or reboot even seems to fix.

    Really love the drivers.


    • CarvedInside17 Aug 2010 @ 04:12

      Hi, thanks for your feedback. Sadly I don't have a HDAV card so this is a trail & error thing.
      Did you try to run hdav enhance.bat after installation?
      Also note that I had to change the Xonar Hdav names to make them work, so maybe you also need to reconfigure the Audio Output in some of the programs you use.


  9. Dave18 Aug 2010 @ 14:46

    Great work thanks, and your right i moved from creative to Asus for driver support only to find its worse……


  10. Jason Lun18 Aug 2010 @ 17:25

    i am a user from Hong Kong

    your drivers work great on my win 7 ult 64bit also ( my card is STX )

    beta driver in ASUS ,ASIO problem totally solved

    Many Thanks


    • CarvedInside18 Aug 2010 @ 23:53

      Sorry, I don't understand the last part, are you using the ASIO bit perfect beta driver from UNi Xonar……Asio Bit-perfect (FOR ST, STX) beta) or from STX 1773.1 drivers ?


  11. bayilo19 Aug 2010 @ 03:47

    Thank you for your great work. My installation was successful. The only problem I have is that any uncompressed track (LPCM) is not playable (no sound is coming from the sound card, Xonar HDAV1.3) but only the compressed tracks such as Dolby or DTS. I did reinstall my player which is Total Media and ran the “hdav enhance.bat“ as you prescribed because I do have Windows 7. Let me know if you need any more details from me. Thanks again!


    • CarvedInside20 Aug 2010 @ 00:18

      I guess you wanted to write PCM not LPCM. This might be a problem lets see if someone else with HDAV has the same problem. Meanwhile if you didn't already, do an uninstall, restart, registry clean with ccleaner & install again.


      • Bayilo21 Aug 2010 @ 20:06

        Right, PCM, DTS-HD and Dolby True-HD are not working with HDAV. I did uninstall, restart, registry clean with ccleaner & install again without any success.


  12. Dam019 Aug 2010 @ 10:27

    Best … Mod … EVAR …

    Fantastic, has worked brilliantly on Win7 x64, Xonar DX2.

    Worked on everything but the ASIO driver on Foobar was especially noteworthy πŸ™‚

    I was having my doubts after having bought my D2X, but you have restored my faith in my card and the "community" πŸ™‚

    Asus, if you're reading take note, and shame on you.


  13. Dalamar19 Aug 2010 @ 22:38

    You're a hero, man. Been waiting forever for some Win 7 x64 drivers with click/crash-free ASIO.

    Hope ASUS gets their heads out of their arse, they've got the best value no-bs non-audiophool hardware, but no driver support.

    [merged comments]
    By the way, you should post the url to this site on the ASUS forum… who knows, maybe they’ll be sensible enough to sticky the posts?


  14. Rexian20 Aug 2010 @ 07:19

    Wow, thank you very much! No more popping / crackling when I change the tracks in MediaMonkey. I was wondering if calling Asus support would help but glad that I searched and found your site. Now I know it's just their [email protected] driver πŸ™‚

    Only negative I see is that Windows volume control (and so my HTPC remote) doesn't work when I am using MediaMonkey with ASIO out plugin. It was working with the previous driver 1777. Is this normal?

    My card is Xonar DS, running 7 x64. I installed 1.01 low latency version. Thanks again. I'll keep an eye on the future updates.


    • CarvedInside21 Aug 2010 @ 16:46

      About the Asio volume issue, Sarlathan pointed out on the UNi Xonar 1788 with original C-Media Audio Center b1 (experimental) – need your feedback!! that the volume doesn’t work besides Foobar.
      Did you used the Asio 1.0 patch? Also try running Media Monkey as an administrator.


      • Rexian22 Aug 2010 @ 07:19

        I tried the 1.01 version first. Today I tried the b1 but the ASIO volume issue was there too. Just to make sure I uninstalled it and re-installed old 1777 (the latest DS driver available at Asus) and this particular issue is not there. Running MediaMonkey as Admin doesn't seem to help. May be C-Media screwed up the DS part of the driver in this release??


  15. rankena20 Aug 2010 @ 17:22

    Ok,lets taste UNi Xonar with original C-Media Audio Center b1!



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