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UNi Xonar Drivers 1.75 (post periodically updated)

Page updates/changelog (new or updated stuff in the post will usually be colored in red):

  • 28.10.2014 : UNi Xonar v1.75a rev.2 drivers are released.
  • 23.10.2014 : UNi Xonar v1.75b rev.2 drivers are released.
  • 22.10.2014 : UNi Xonar v1.75 drivers are released.
  • 06.01.2014 : UNi Xonar v1.72 and v1.64 rev.2 drivers are released.
  • 10.09.2013 : Good news everyone! If you ever wanted to save Xonar settings as switchable profiles,  access to most of the settings while staying away from the Asus Xonar Audio center or just wanted something better than the Standalone Apps then you should head on to XonarSwitch Beta page (by Giulio).
  • 29.04.2013 : Added Headphone AMP switch to the standalone apps pack.
  • See more post updates

UNi Xonar drivers are modded drivers for the following cards:

  • Asus Xonar: DG, DGX, DG SI, DS, DSX, D1, D2, DX, D2X, HDAV, HDAV Slim, ST, STX, Xense, STX II.

  • Other C-Media CMI8788 audio chip based cards: Auzentech X-Meridian & X-Meridian 2G; HT Omega Claro Plus, 2, Halo, eClaro; Razer Barracuda AC-1. (more…)


UNi Xonar Features

FAQ & troubleshooting guide (updated 19.07.2014)

Useful tips & suggestions | Known issues & workarounds (updated 27.02.2013)

Having problems installing UNi Xonar drivers? Refer to this topic

Please note that these are modded drivers and there are limitations regarding how much the actual original drivers can be fixed this way.

A WORD ABOUT DONATIONS – Donation list here.

Let me first say that these drivers are free of charge for everyone. Those of you who appreciate my hard work and take pleasure in contributing, you can make a small donation (like 2 to 5$). Bear in mind you don’t donate for ASUS & C-Media intellectual property & work, you do it for the work that I have done.

CONTRIBUTIONS – Contributors list here.

Surely donating is not the only way you can support this project. You can submit your custom made skin, icon, application or any other little enchantments that can make UNi Xonar better. Lets not forget about spreading the word about UNi Xonar drivers and helping other Xonar owners.

RELEASE NOTES UNi Xonar 1818+ 1.7x

Release notes 1.75

UNi Xonar Installer changes:

  • Various changes and improvements done to the UNi Xonar installer.
  • Added warning message if installing the drivers would require Test Mode.
  • XonarSwitch is now automatically closed before installing the audio drivers.
  • Improved “Apply addons” function. Included .inf files from the drivers can now be dynamically altered. Documentation can be read here. Applying new 1.75 compatible versions of addons (like DHT4) will display the proper audio driver version now and users could now choose which addons they want to install once these are added to the Uni Xonar installer location.

The 1.75 drivers come in two variants:


Driver for previously supported cards. Same audio drivers as those in 1.72 (1816 for Win XP , 1822 for Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10).

1.75a rev.2:

  • Fixed ASUS and C-Media Panels not working in Win XP.
  • Driver changes:
    • Includes updated driver installer and C-Media Panel.


Driver for STX II and  STX II 7.1 cards.

1.75b rev.2:

  • Fixed issue where installer did not apply the correct audio settings (e.g. to fix surround echo). Anyone who installed the previous 1.75b drivers should install the 1.75b rev.2.

Driver changes:

  • Includes updated ASIO ( , ASUS Audio Center and C-Media Panel.
  • Includes STX II version 11.5  audio drivers (created on 18 Feb 2014).

Other notes:

  • These drivers will work with the previously supported Xonar cards on Win Vista/7/8.1/10 but may require that you enable Windows Test Mode.
  • These drivers do not work for the other Xonar cards on Windows XP.
  • XonarSwitch does not currently work with these drivers. Support added in XonarSwitch v0.9.555.

Known issues:

  • ASIO in 64 bit mode does not work. The cause of this issue is the 64 bit asio  dll file from the original STXII drivers.

Possible issues:

  • Occasional Left or Right speaker imbalance or volume drop. This is a different issue that the L or R volume drop issue that some people have regardless of the drivers they install. There are 2 user reports for this issue.


Release notes 1.72

These drivers bring Windows 8.1 support.

Driver changes:

  • Updated audio driver to version 1822 for Windows Vista/7/8/8.1. Still using 1816 for Windows XP.
  • Includes updated driver installer, ASUS Audio Center and C-Media Panel.

Other notes:

  • New icon for UNi Xonar installer. Thanks to propheticus for his contribution.
  • ASUS Audio Center and C-Media Panel tray icons now have higher resolution icons. Useful for >100% DPI settings.

Release notes 1.71

Driver changes:

  • Updated audio driver to 1821 for Windows Vista/7/8  and 1816 for Windows XP.
  • Includes updated driver installer

UNi Xonar Installer changes:

  • Fixed some issues with Driver cleaning module
  • Improved and fixed some potential issues with UNi Xonar Installer

Known issues :

  • C-media Panel: Enabling and disabling “7.1 Virtual shifter” option disables stereo upmix. Use “Stereo upmix switch” to re-enable it or you can use the C-media Panel v1.62 addon (it will revert to an slightly older C-Media Panel version)
  • In some cases,  WASAPI exclusive playback is interrupted by playback from other audio applications. More details here.  Fix: If you don’t use S/PDIF, disable Digital Output from Control panel->Sound. It’s confirmed that the audio drivers included in 1.70 don’t have this issue.
  • Win Vista/7/8, there are reports that you cannot play sound through S/PDIF and headphones at the same time.

Release notes 1.70

Driver changes:

  • For Windows Vista/7/8 it includes 1818 audio drivers. For Win XP it includes 1814 audio drivers.
  • Includes updated versions of Updated C-media and Asus panels.
  • Fixed HTOmega Claro 2 driver support.
  • Fixed driver signature issues for the other non-Xonar cards that were present in previous release.

UNi Xonar Installer changes:

  • Added option to apply addons at driver installation.
  • Improved Low DPC Latency option. Now it allows access to C-media Panel as well. And Asus Audio Center won’t autostart after driver installation like it previously did.
  • Improved Driver Cleaning process. Now it will clean the Panel and HsMgr(GX) processes startup entries too.
  • Reduced the overall installer size (from 13MB to 7MB)
  • Replaced Windows XP driver installer with the same one that’s being used in Windows 7. Please report if there are any malfunctions compared to previous UNi Xonar driver releases.
  • Removed “1777 drivers + Asio 1.0″. This option lives on as an addon.
  • Rev 2: Applied all UNi installer fixes from 1.71

Known issues :

  • C-media Panel: Enabling and disabling “7.1 Virtual shifter” option disables stereo upmix. Use “Stereo upmix switch” to re-enable it or you can use the C-media Panel v1.62 addon (it will revert to an slightly older C-Media Panel version)

Release notes 1.64 rev.2

  • All the improvements and changes done to the UNi Xonar installer from 1.7x versions have been incorporated into this release (like support for addons).
  • Updated C-Media Panel with the one included in 1.72 release.

Other notes:

  • New icon for UNi Xonar installer. Thanks to propheticus for concept and contribution.
  • ASUS Audio Center and C-Media Panel tray icons now have higher resolution icons. Useful for >100% DPI settings.

Read Previous Release Notes


Note about Windows 10 Tehnical Preview compatibility

UNi Xonar drivers 1.72 and 1.75 will work in Windows 10 TP but since the drivers are not made for Windows 10 TP there could be some issues here and there (like this one).


Driver Downloads:

  1. UNi Xonar 1816/1822 v1.75a r2   mirror   (latest)
  2. UNi Xonar STX II 11.5 v1.75b r2   mirror   (latest)
  3. UNi Xonar 1816/1822 v1.72    mirror   
  4. UNi Xonar 1816/1821 v1.71    mirror
  5. UNi Xonar 1814/1818 v1.70   mirror   
  6. UNi Xonar 1814/1815 v1.64 r2   mirror    (proven stable)
  7. Older versions : v1.63 beta; v1.62 betav1.54 ; v1.61 ; v1.53

Official addons (Addons documentation):

  1. “1777 drivers + Asio 1.0″ aka “ASIO 1.0 Patch”. Info.
  2. C-media Panel v1.62 (fixes stereo upmix turning off for v1.64 rev.1 drivers)

Standalone applications for changing settings : 

1. Standalone apps pack* & mirror (legacy, check XonarSwitch instead) containing :

    1. Front panel switch v3.2
    2. SampleRate switch v1.2
    3. Microphone Array Enabler v1.1 – Might be useful if you have an microphone array
    4. HDAV HDMI enabler v1.0 – This application hasn’t been tested please submit feedback if it works or not. It appears it is not needed anymore.
    5. Acoustic Echo Cancellation enabler v1.0 – Useful for other Cmedia 8788 based cards that lack this setting
    6. Stereo upmix switch v1.0
    7. 7.1 virtual speaker shifter enhanced profile v1.0 – Profile created by Cu. This profile should enhance the effect of positioning in games when using Dolby Headphones and 7.1 virtual speaker shifter. Please provide feedback about this profile. Demo.
    8. Headphones ohm Amp switch v1.0  – Works only with the cards that support this.

*All these apps are based on scripts created by Virus. Before running the files, close any audio source/application.

2. Other Xonar related applications:

    1. Front Panel switch new versionmirror (by Virus; notes)
    2. ASIO settings viewer/changer (ext link)
    3. Audio re-starter for sound loop problem for Win Vista/7/8 by Razord93 (ext link)
    4. Xonar-EQ – Control Xonar equalizer settings from your Android phone or tablet. By Sascha.


  1. Dade    13 Jan 2015 @ 17:39   

    hi at all!
    unfortunally i’ve many issues with asus xonar D2.
    i report many BSOD whit cmudaxp.sys.

    i’ve windows 7 sp1 x64, and i try to install the asus official drivers and uni official driver (last version).
    i’ve already fully uninstall the drivers for many times, and now i’ve formatted the pc, so is clean. i think that the problem is that the win update KB936225x64 because with sp.1 i can’t install it…it can be?.

    the BSOD occour when the audio card was abilitated. so now i’ve the pc whitout audio :((.

    there is any solution for this issue??
    thx for answers :))


    • CarvedInside    13 Jan 2015 @ 17:55   

      Hi. The update is for un-updated Vista OSes. You can’t install it because it is not design for Win7 SP1. The problem is somewhere else. You should check the card in another PC, if you still get the BSOD then the card is faulty.


  2. Dade    13 Jan 2015 @ 19:42   

    ok! thx! i can’t try it on other pc because i’ve got only one :(
    i refer that when the audio card was abilitated the sound work for some seconds/minutes after that it freeze the pc or turn in bsod with cmudaxp.sys, one thime the problem was imputable to portcls.sys…there are other thing that i can do for fix this problem??
    thx for answer :)


    • Darchy    24 Jan 2015 @ 21:34   

      HI Dade – If you’re still having this problem try this to at least regain your sound:

      Make sure the sound card is fully seated (pushed in and connected)
      Completely uninstall drivers for your card and delete ONLY it’s relevant folder and re-scan hardware – DO NOT install automatically (This is important)
      Manually find your drivers from your sound card CD and install.
      Reset your PC and see if you have sound.

      This worked for me when my old ASUS XONAR DS screwed up – I hope this is of some help.


    • CarvedInside    24 Jan 2015 @ 22:53   

      Please use the reply button properly. When replying to an existing discussion use reply button floating on the right of the comment you are replying to.
      If you are using a NoScript browser addon then you should disable it so that “reply to discussion” button works correctly.


  3. Cristi    15 Jan 2015 @ 14:26   


    I have a asus DG SI and seems that when I talking with someone he can hear a annoying buzz sound so I activated the Monitoring options and sandly he was right.
    So i tried many settings in asus control panel and i didnt get rid of that buzz sound, the only way was to deactivate microphone boost and i didnt hear no more the buzz sound but the problem is that no one can hear me when talking on mic.
    On realtek i could change manually the db of the microphone but on this asus xonar dg si i see only option to disable or enable microphone boost with no option to slide de db so do you have any suggestion for me?
    Thank you.


  4. TomP    15 Jan 2015 @ 17:34   

    I just got my HTPC fully running, loaded the 1.75 drivers and can get video / audio direct from my MDB HDMI port, but when I connect it through my Xonar Slim 1.3 input, there is nothing coming from the HDMI out. I have tried both HDMI and DVI inputs to the Xonar (via the supplied cable) and neither works. I can’t see any settings in the manual so can you help?

    Many thanks…TomP


    • TomP    16 Jan 2015 @ 10:55   

      Just a thought, does the HDMI pass-through itself need any drivers and if so, are they included in the drivers here or must I load something from ASUS?


    • CarvedInside    16 Jan 2015 @ 13:31   

      Don’t know what you mean by MDB HDMI. I don’t have any experience with HDAV cards so I can’t be of much help. Maybe someone with a HDAV card will jump in and help out. I’m not sure what exactly is the problem, the HDAV HDMI input does not work or/and HDAV HDMI output doesn’t? Maybe you should try with the original Asus drivers ( v1794) and see if with those drivers the cards HDMI output(?) works.


      • TomP    16 Jan 2015 @ 13:53   

        Sorry, it was a mistype. It should be MBD = motherboard. Help would be appreciated.
        If it helps, control panel offers me 2 sound options for the “ASUS Xonar HDAV Slim Audio Device” but selecting either of these make no difference…
        – Speakers
        – SPDIF Pass-through Device
        Do I have to remove the UNI Xonar drivers to install the ASUS ones? and would I have to uninstall the ASUS to get back to UNI Xonar?


        • CarvedInside    16 Jan 2015 @ 14:24   

          Yes it is recommended that you uninstall the UNi Xonar drivers before installing ASUS ones, the same rule applies going from ASUS to UNi.
          Let me know if with ASUS drivers HDMI output works.


          • TomP    16 Jan 2015 @ 18:59   

            Help. The UnI Xonar driver uninstall has been stuck for 30min and nothing is happening – any thoughts?


            • CarvedInside    16 Jan 2015 @ 20:34   

              The uninstall process take less than 1 minute. End task the process if it’s stuck. Restart and try uninstalling again if the entry is still in Programs and Features. If it gets stuck again then you can either try a driver clean like it’s presented in FAQ Q&A1 (steps 2-3) or just install the ASUS drivers.


              • TomP    17 Jan 2015 @ 00:11   

                I did that, thanks. Installing the ASUS drivers made no difference, still no HDMI output. Ideas welcome.

                I contacted ASUS support and they suggested disabling the on-board graphics controller but is that not illogical as the card acts as a pass-through for the main graphics controller?


                • CarvedInside    17 Jan 2015 @ 14:28   

                  It seems so, and it is specified in the HDAV manual that you need both HDMI input and output connected, but as I said I have no experience with HDAV cards. Just to be rule out that it’s not a driver problem and that the original drivers have been installed correctly, check the Driver Version field from Device Manager Xonar HDAV card proprieties, it should end in 1794.

                  What I can say is that from the looks of it it’s either a configuration issue on your part (check that the cables are properly connected and you’ve selected HDMI Out like it’s described in Chapter 6.2 of the HDAV manual) or the Xonar HDMI output is defective. I don’t know what else to say.


  5. razafy    15 Jan 2015 @ 17:38   

    I have Xonar STX since 2010, and I found this driver very excellent, it sounds better than originally driver. I’m a audiophile since 1996. Thank you for your works.
    I don’t have any issue installing it, I’m in win7 x64.


    • CarvedInside    15 Jan 2015 @ 20:57   

      I’m happy to hear that. Thanks for sharing. Can you tell me which panel configuration have you installed with UNi Xonar drivers?


  6. razafy    16 Jan 2015 @ 08:09   

    the panel is the default xonar audio center. It will be really wonderfull If possible for you to make a driver for osx, all osx users will be glad, there are a work cmi8788 family driver but not finished. Sorry for my english.


  7. TomP    17 Jan 2015 @ 15:44   

    Thanks for confirming all that I had already done, the driver version is correct, cables connected and the HDMI out selected (this is only a sound setting not video) – of course this was via the motherboard HDMI and I can’t check it via the HDAV HDMI as it doesn’t work.
    There seem to be no video settings in the ASUS panel and only sound output settings available in Windows (where I did select the HDAV Slim pass-through configuration too)
    I’ve run out of config options, so I guess there is something faulty and I need to return the card as defective. Thanks for your patient help and advice.


  8. Greg    20 Jan 2015 @ 19:20   

    Anyone have any luck installing the drivers for Asus Xonar DS on Windows 10 64 bit. I’ve right clicked on unknown device, browsed to the extracted drivers and select Xonar DS device. After trying to install the drivers I get “This device cannot start (code 10)”


  9. ry    25 Jan 2015 @ 15:40   

    [false report]
    Hey, Xonar STX working on Windows 10 x64, but only through RCA and SPDIF outputs, the Headphones jack is not working. Anyone has a fix for this? Thanks


    • CarvedInside    26 Jan 2015 @ 14:41   

      Hi. Which panel are you using to switch to Headphones jack? you could try swithing with C-Media panel or XonarSwitch. If that does not work, its a driver issue and you’ll have to wait till newer drivers are available.


      • ry    28 Jan 2015 @ 19:17   

        Well… I forgot to switch to headphones. It was in 2 speakers mode hehe, sorry, my fault. Working perfectly in Windows 10!!



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