Xonar configuration for 2 speakers and a standalone subwoofer

Guide on how to configure the Xonar card to work with 2 speakers and one standalone subwoofer that is connected directly to the audio card.

Guide for Windows 7/8/10:

  1. Connect subwoofer to Center/Subwoofer output jack.
  2. You need to have “Stereo upmix” enabled if you are using UNi Xonar drivers. Depending on your setup you either have to install drivers installed with “Re-enable stereo upmix to 4, 5.1 & 7.1” option checked or enable it in XonarSwitch.
  3. In the audio panel set the following: 2 channels and 5.1 speakers.
  4. If subwoofer isn’t sounding right, exchange center/bass channels in the audio panel.

To configure the bass frequencies for the 2 front speakers go in the audio panel, select FlexBass option page, set the L/R speakers size to Small and set the Center speaker to Large.

Volume for each speaker can be controlled in the Mixer tab of the cards audio panel.

It’s recommended that you install UNi Xonar drivers because they fix the Rear and Center channel delays which would affect the sound in discussed above configuration.

Applies to:

  • ASUS Xonar: DG, DGX, DG SI, DS, DSX, D1, D2, DX, D2X, HDAV, HDAV Slim, ST, STX, STX II, Xense.
  • Auzentech: HDA X-Purity 7.1, X-Meridian 1G, X-Meridian 2G.
  • HTOmega: Claro, Claro Plus, Claro II, Claro Halo, eClaro.
  • Razer Barracuda AC-1.
  • TempoTec HIFIER Serenade


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