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UNi Xonar Drivers 1.80 (post periodically updated)

UNi Xonar drivers main page (information, release notes, driver downloads).

XonarSwitch Beta Testing

XonarSwitch is a new application that allows you to control various Xonar’s audio settings, define them as switchable profiles, and apply them on-the-fly without having to stop the audio playback. The beta testing of XonarSwitch is taking place on the MaxedTech website, allowing the author of the application to gather user feedback from the UNi Xonar community and give its members the opportunity to try out the application and contribute to its growth and polishing.   Currently Supported Hardware: ASUS Xonar D1, DX, D2, D2X, DS, DSX, DG, DGX, DG SI, Essence ST, Essence STX, Essence STX II, Xense, Xonar H6 AuzenTech X-Meridian 7.1, X-Meridian 7.1 2G   Currently Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP and later, both x86 and x64.(…)

Website updates

24-Sep-2013 Last week I’ve made a major update to the website. Along with the obvious new interface, I’ve made some loading optimizations that should speed up the page loading speed considerably and I’ve added some new features to the website. I will start publishing IT articles soon, but everything (UNi) Xonar related will be under UNi Xonar menu item (I’ve yet to make the changes in this regard).   Notable changes: Added RSS feed for comments on a specific page (RSS blue icon at the top of the comment section). You can now subscribe to RSS feeds for comments on a desired page you want to follow. Improvement Recent Comments widget (on the right sidebar). Recent comments shown will depend(…)

Xonar hardware mods

This page is dedicated for Xonar hardware mods discussions. If you wish to make a tutorial, I will publish it here with credits to the owner. You should submit your article at this e-mail address. Also I will post any links that might be useful.   Articles and guides: 1) Xonar Essence STX Op Amp Upgrade by Adrian Tache 2) Modding Xonar cards by Con   Useful Links:  –    

UNi Xonar 1788 with original C-Media Audio Center b1 & b2 (experimental) – [closed]

This is a experimental build that uses original C-Media Audio Center instead of Asus Audio Center. I began testing it from the DPC latency perspective, and thanks to Neker’s  feedback, it might be more to it than this. Besides having more settings it might also improve audio quality.  So anyone with free time and eager to contribute in making UNi Xonar drivers better, should check this out and report back your feedback even if its subjective.  Also someone that has RightMark Audio Analyzer  should give it try and compare these drivers output with UNi Xonar 1.0(1). Some quick notes (updated 29.08.2010): – DPC latency is low even with Control Center running in tray. – DPC latency is lower even compared(…)