UNi Xonar Introduction (22 May 2018)

I started this project around the middle of 2010, because of the annoying issues I had with my Xonar DX card and because after almost 3 years since the release of the first Xonar cards it was pretty clear that ASUS would not even consider fixing them.

UNi Xonar drivers are modded drivers for ASUS Xonar cards and other C-Media 8788 audio chipset based cards from Auzentech, HT-Omega and Razer. The main purpose of the project is to bring the Xonar and the other cards communities at least a decent driver package with up to date drivers and components, right settings out of the box and with additional must have fixes. These are the things which the manufacturers (ASUS, C-Media, and the other companies) have been ignoring despite being their responsibility.

In addition to the UNi Xonar drivers, on this website, in the UNi Xonar category you will find additional applications for Xonar & other cards and a knowledge database (Known issues & suggestion, FAQ, installation problems workarounds, hardware modding information).

Please note that these are modded drivers and there are limitations regarding how much the actual original drivers can be fixed this way.

As of Jan 2017, it seems that ASUS/C-media are no longer interested in releasing new drivers, thus Xonar cards and other C-Media 8788 based cards should be considered as unsupported by card manufacturer and audio chip manufacturer.

Some interesting facts:

  • Because of the problems solved with UNi Xonar drivers and the support I provided, ASUS got to sell a lot more cards and made significant savings in their tech support and from less returned sales.
  • ASUS support suggests Xonar owners with problems to try the UNi Xonar drivers.
  • C-Media finally implemented some of the fixes from UNi Xonar drivers with the launch of ASUS STX II drivers, roughly 5 years alter I first implemented them.

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