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1. Dynamic (fluctuating) volume when there are 2 or more active sound sources. Updated 22 Mar 2016.

Description:  When playing a game and listening to music at the same time, the volume for either of the applications will fluctuate, for example the music volume will lower down when there is a high noise coming from the game (like explosions). 

I haven’t found any fix for this except the workaround that’s presented below.  From what it seems its unlikely that C-media will ever fix this on their side.


Windows XP workaround fix

Set Windows Volume to 80%-90%. I noticed that this issue is only present when Windows volume(or panel volume) is above 80-90%.  So my recommendation is to not exceed this limit.

Windows Vista/7/8/10 workaround fix

Update 22 Mar 2016: Windows Vista/7/8/10 workaround fix might not work properly. Seems the dynamic volume is a Windows issue here. I will have to do further research into this matter.

Workaround here is slightly different from the one in WinXP, you’ll have to set the volume in each application at ~ 80%-90%.  You can set Windows Volume to 100%.


Win7-safe-volume-limitOther notes:

Please note that moving the mixer playback sliders in ASUS Audio Center above “76” or moving digital volume sliders in C-Media Control Panel above “0” dB will cause the same issues.

Until further notice, all driver versions (UNi or Asus) have this problem.


This page is only for discussing the problems and solutions described above. For general help, comment on the main UNi Xonar page.



  1. Chriscom    28 Dec 2010 @ 03:19   

    u look after it for a possible fix cause i need Windows Volume at 100% ?! hope its not a Windows bug cause u said with 1780 version its kinda fixed.thx!


    • CarvedInside    28 Dec 2010 @ 12:55   

      I looked for a possible fix, tried a bunch of stuff and the only one that worked was to lower the volume. I will keep an eye on this issue, if something turns up I will surly let you know.
      No, this issue was introduced in 1780 drivers in which it was always present, and later it was fixed, kinda, because if you turn the volume to 90%-100% then its back.

      I'm almost certain its a driver bug. But I have to say I only tested it on windows XP, will have to check windows 7 as well.


  2. chuck    28 Jan 2011 @ 05:49   

    I have the same problem. No fix yet?


  3. chuck    28 Jan 2011 @ 21:24   

    Thats really good news Thank you,
    enough of shitty Asus software support!


  4. admbr    01 Feb 2011 @ 23:07   

    Is there any problem with increasing the dB in the mixer to achieve a similar volume? Or does that cause issues, too?


  5. freestyler    16 Feb 2011 @ 00:12   

    Btw the playback sliders at asus control panel should not be set above 76.
    Otherwise sound limiter kicks in and it's ugly.


  6. Andres S    12 Jul 2011 @ 12:36   

    Signature error is caused by cmudaxp.sys not being signed in drivers folder (system32).

    I use Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider (NGO) to sign it.

    So, get the file signed then it will work after restart.


  7. Mark    16 Jul 2011 @ 20:27   

    Hi, when you say leaving volume not above 76, does this mean both the volume for each channel in the mixer should be left at 76 AND the master volume should be left at 76 or below OR can I simply set the mixer at 76 for each channel by default and set my master to max if I want?

    Thanks guys!


  8. spick5Morris    10 Feb 2012 @ 16:30   

    Are these drivers compatible with realte HD items?


  9. Tom gemmill    16 Feb 2012 @ 05:35   

    I am using an Asus Xonar DG PCI 5.1 card. Had endless problems until I found your site so thanks very much.

    I have only 1 more problem now, i wonder if you can help. Sound is working perfectly (windows xp sp3) in windows except for my media centre software (xbmc).

    My mp3 collection won't play. When I connect to other sources like last fm and youtube through xbmc the sound is fine, but when i try to play any of my own music i get no sound at all and the track stays at 0.00.

    Is it maybe something to do with AC3 passthrough? I don't know what that is to be honest but that's what google threw up.

    Any clues gratefully received.


  10. Tom gemmill    16 Feb 2012 @ 16:25   

    Quick update to my post above. My mp3 Music collection WILL play in my media player (xbmc) after all ! The problem is actually that every song is starting as paused. I found a message on the xbmc forums from a guy that said he had this problem with his asus sound card and he needed to disable GX mode under the DSP section in the Xonar settings.

    I’ve installed your driver about ten times and tried t use every version ( I thought the versions with GX disabled would help me, but I have the same problem with those drivers) ie every track starts paused.

    I don’t suppose you have come across this before or can nudge me in the right direction to find a solution because Im a bit lost here.



  11. Tom gemmill    17 Feb 2012 @ 16:31   

    I have managed to turn off GX and now my sound card is working perfectly even in my XBMC Media Centre software.

    My problem was I was looking in my programs list for the Xonar software and it wasn’t there. I managed to access it through the windows xp taskbar near the time in the bottom right of the screen in the end.

    Anyway thanks so much for these great drivers.


  12. Massimiliano    17 Mar 2012 @ 10:19   

    Hello everyone,
    I have a Xonar DX
    I would like to know if any of you noticed strange/crappy sounds on "clicks" when opening a folder or clicking back or forward buttons.
    Tried both with SPDIF cable and Analog under Win7/64bit
    I noticed that this strange sound goes away if i put the windows output to 96khz or more (in the sound advanced tab), But in that case Xonar equalizer/DSP does not work anymore.
    Tried with both latest asus drivers and uni-drivers
    Any suggest?
    Thank you a lot!


  13. AforAnonymous    13 Apr 2012 @ 22:52   

    Is there some way to add ProLogic support for the Xonar DG driver? It's just a software module, but Asus seems to have removed it purely for marketing purposes…


  14. aphocus    12 Jun 2012 @ 17:19   

    I’m having a weird issue, all my games and apps think I have 2.0 set, but it should be 5.1 which I configured in the cmi panel and the windows configure dialog and every other option I can think of, is this another known issue? I even reinstalled windows 7 x64 and it’s still broken.


    • CarvedInside    12 Jun 2012 @ 17:52   

      Kind of the wrong section. Main page is for problems.

      Which card do you have? Do the all the speakers work when you test them?
      Make sure you have set 6 channels output and 5.1 speaker. Try installing the drivers also with normal installation (with asus panel).
      Maybe the game doesn't support 5.1. Which games did you try?.

      I don't think its a driver issue. Still you should also try older or newer drivers, depending on what are you using.


      • aphocus    13 Jun 2012 @ 23:16   

        I've been hunting it down, the problem is that the default speaker layout isn't advertised, to VLC and in particular HL2 (any source engine game) but I've noticed a lack of 3D in a lot of stuff (especially games that don't have a specific layout option), I've tried default drivers, Uni Xonar drivers, both panels, and the windows dialog, yet VLC is still not receiving the speaker layout so I have to force 5.1 each time I play a 5.1 movie or game (or play in 2.0 if the game doesn't have that option), to be clear I have a Xonar DS, with a speaker test and forcing 5.1 in my apps I get all speakers working, but it's the default layout advertisement that's missing, and I assume the apps are defaulting to 2.0 for compatibility reasons.

        to be clear a normal session of debugging VLC should print:

        aout_directx debug: device supports 5.1 channels
        aout_directx debug: device supports 4 channels
        aout_directx debug: device supports 2 channels
        aout_directx debug: device supports 1 channel
        aout_directx debug: Windows says your SpeakerConfig is stereo
        aout_directx debug: creating DirectSoundThread
        aout_directx debug: DirectSoundThread ready

        But, this is what I get:

        aout_directx debug: device supports 5.1 channels
        aout_directx debug: device supports 4 channels
        aout_directx debug: device supports 2 channels
        aout_directx debug: device supports 1 channel
        aout_directx debug: creating DirectSoundThread
        aout_directx debug: DirectSoundThread ready

        The line:

        "aout_directx debug: Windows says your SpeakerConfig is"

        Is missing.

        Also sorry about the wrong page, I thought there might be a work around.


        • CarvedInside    15 Jun 2012 @ 22:02   

          I'm not sure what happens here. From what I can remember when I have tested, 5.1 worked with Win7 on games (newer ones).
          Win7 could have some problems with older games since its audio architecture is different from WinXP. And maybe some games you are trying (that don’t have a specific layout option) don't support 3d sound.

          Here is something else that you can try, configure the speakers like in this picture. Leave a message is this somehow worked for you. Except this, I don;t know what else to say.


  15. shearme    13 Jun 2012 @ 22:33   

    I just got Asus's drivers for my Xonar DG to install, and I'm not sure exactly how it happened.

    I tried to install them again after a few weeks, to no avail obviously, but the one headphone port worked so I was willing to live with that over the on-board audio. A couple days later I was fiddling with my RAM settings in bios, only to have that fail and lead to a blue screen. I went back to default RAM settings and ran windows start-up repair which loaded the last restore point and restarted (note that the last restart point was before installing the Asus drivers). Upon loading windows, I had no sound, so launched the installation .exe again and…. it worked! Upon restarting I have the Xonar DG Audio Center in the taskbar which I've never seen, even using the unified drivers.

    Running Win 7 64 bit.

    Anyone care to explain how this could've happened?



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