I wish to express my thanks to the involved members of the UNi Xonar community.

List of people who helped out making UNi Xonar drivers better:

Virus - The author of the Front Panel Switch ,  Sample Rate Changer, and the script used for the other standalone apps.  He lend me some help with UNi Xonar Install script and offered support through the comments section.

Cracrayol - He's written the original script for what it is now known as UNi Xonar Installer (included first in v 1.25). This was a big help,  moving UNi Xonar in the right direction.

bullseye -The author of  the Xonar transparent blue icon  and the Cmedia Panel icon. We all agree that they are much better than Asus/C-Media default icons 🙂

propheticus - original concept for the new UNi Xonar installer icon.


I've received a couple of skins, but never published them or used them as default skins for Asus Audio Center in UNi Xonar Drivers. The main reason why I didn't used them is because I believe Asus Audio Center is a piece of junk  and it might not actually worth prettifying it .





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