1. Brad22 Jun 2018 @ 09:44

    Also go to apps & features, then to camera, click on advanced options, and make sure your camera & microphone are on in there.


  2. Nick19 Jul 2018 @ 20:28

    My system has the "allow apps" turned on. The camera video works, but trying to use the webcam software (Orbit/Sphere AF) clicking on the Webcam Controller button does not open the controller. However, if I click the "Motion Detection" button and select "Controls" I do get a control "box" and can control pan/tilt/zoom.


  3. ed28 Oct 2018 @ 04:17

    sounds like we've been hung out to dry my microsoft on this issue


  4. Josie20 Jan 2020 @ 02:41

    i've tried this and it still seems to not be working, is there anything else that may work ?


  5. markie30 Jan 2020 @ 03:18

    You are awesome!!!! This fixed the issue!


  6. Julia24 Mar 2020 @ 17:33

    Ive tried this too and still not working. Zoom is in separate list under other apps and says it can access camera.


  7. Peter08 Apr 2020 @ 12:46

    I work on a Lenovo L480 with Windows 10. My webcam works for Skype, but not for MS Teams - I do not even have the Teams app on the list of apps to allow the camera. Teams is working fine for me otherwise. I tried all with drivers etc., but as mentioned MS Teams does not appear as an app in the list to allow access to the camera.


    • CarvedInside08 Apr 2020 @ 15:33

      Are you using the Microsoft Teams application or are you it through the web browser?

      If you are using Microsoft Teams application, click your profile picture at the top of Teams and go to Settings > Devices > Camera. Is your camera properly selected there? Does the preview work?


      • Peter08 Apr 2020 @ 16:38

        I use the application, and yes, I tried that. In there the camera can be selected, but displays the same grey square with a small camera icon at the bottom crossed over, so there is no real preview. The funny thing is that the light next to my webcam actually lights when I do that and turns off when I leave that screen. So this telle me that it might be something with permissions. But as mentioned, under Camera Privacy settings, MS Teams is not listed as an option at all. And also, this works fine with Skype.


        • CarvedInside08 Apr 2020 @ 18:13

          Your comment above was initially written as a new comment instead of a reply to the current discussion. For future comments, when replying to an existing discussion use the "Reply" button floating on the right of the comment you are replying to.

          Those individual toggles are mostly for Microsoft Store apps. But Win32WebViewHost (or Desktop App Web Viewer) affects some desktop applications, and also the toggle below "Allow desktop apps to access your camera" is standard applications.

          If you disable the access for "Camera" app for example, if you launch it, does the camera light turns on? This will tell us is it could be a privacy setting issue.


          • Peter08 Apr 2020 @ 20:49

            I cannot make the camera light turn on by toggling the Camera "Allow apps to access your camera" on and off. I tried. But as I can make it light as mentioned by going to settings inside MS Teams and trying the video device. Even if I do not get a image, but just the grey square, the light next to the camera turns on (and off again when I leave). This is on the condition that I allow camera access. If camera access is totally disabled, I do not get the grey square and I do not turn on the light next to the camera.


            • CarvedInside08 Apr 2020 @ 20:54

              Let me clarify a bit what I asked. If you disable the access for "Camera" app in the privacy settings, then if you open the Camera app (type it in search), does the camera light turn on?


              • Peter08 Apr 2020 @ 21:03

                OK. Thanks. I understand now. What happens when I turn the permission off: I get a prompt screen that says something like "We need your permission" and allows me to press a button that will lead me to the privacy setting page. Instead, if the permission is on, I can go to the camera app, but I see the big grey square with the no camera icon instead of a camera image. The camera light is then turned on. Turns off when I close the camera app.


                • CarvedInside09 Apr 2020 @ 18:36

                  If the permission is Off, does the light of the camera turn on when you launch Camera app?
                  So the "Camera" app with permission On, still does not work? From your description in the Camera app with permission set On, it behaves the same as with Microsoft Teams on the camera settings page, right?


                  • Peter10 Apr 2020 @ 15:57

                    If the permission for the Camera app is off, and I start that app, no light turns on. I only get the message that directs me to changing the settings. When I follow that and turn the permission on, I now directly in the Camera app get a error in the camera app, saying Your camera cannot be started. Error code 0xA00F429F (0xC00D7167). The same now in Teams - not the grey box but just a black screen. Yesterday I am sure I got the grey box both places though. But anyway, the bahaviour in Teams follow what I see in the Camera app.

                    One more observation: After restart, I am back on the behaviour from yesterday: Light on in Camera app and also in Teams when the camera should be activated, but no image, though.


                    • CarvedInside10 Apr 2020 @ 18:07

                      Tell me your Windows version and build number.
                      If you go to this website and test the webcam, does it work?
                      You should try this:
                      1. Try a different camera driver, download it directly from the manufacturer's website . If you already did this, try finding an older version.
                      2. On the Camera permission settings windows, toggle all settings Off then On. There are some bugs with Windows 10 where you have to switch an option to something else and back in order for it to work.

                  • Peter11 Apr 2020 @ 21:33

                    I was not allowed to add more levels to the thread, so I comment to the latest, but this is a reply to the entry by CarvedInside of 190.4, 18:07.
                    The Windows 10 version is 10.0.17763 Build 17763.
                    When testing the webcam on the site your suggested, I first “investigates the camera, finds something and comes back with the grey box, also saying: It seems your web camera streams video as a static image. Either the webcam hangs, or as a video source, it uses regular image.
                    But when I got to your old version suggestion, something happened: I installed an earlier version camera driver from Lenovo ( (Sunplus)/ 10.0.16299.11318(Realtek)) instead of the later ( (Sunplus) /10.0.17763.20092 (Realtek)) which I had before.
                    The Camera is now working.
                    I will let you know if this is also the case after trying an actual meeting. But thanks a lot! I f you ever pass by Frederikssund, I will buy you a beer!


    • CarvedInside12 Apr 2020 @ 15:42

      @Peter as a continuation from this discussion thread.

      I am pleased to hear. Let me know of the final verdict. Thank you for providing all the details, it might be useful for someone searching for a similar problem.
      It's unlikely we will ever meet, but if you appreciate my help you can send me a donation.

      At some point Windows 10 will likely automatically update your camera driver, and you may end up with the those broken drivers again. I'm planning to write a guide about how to deal with that. When the guide is up, will try to remember to let you know with a reply here.


      • Peter21 Apr 2020 @ 09:38

        Hello again. My update here: You were quite right. After some days the functioning driver was updated/overwritten. When I tried to install the old one again, the installation of "integrated camera" in the Device Manager simply disappeared. I tried various things and for now, I managed to install the old driver to turn up in the device manager as an imaging device along with a scanner. I kind of gave up and found an old lousy external USB device to use for now.


  8. p09 Apr 2020 @ 02:42

    Hi, Carved inside.
    By chance, I have come across your site and surprised that so many have camera probs! I have just upgraded from win 7 to 10. I have gone through at least 15 clips on how to fix the camera. Most of them double up on each other, but none have worked. I have a Toshiba...some say it's the drivers. But I am not sure! I have no imaging device and have successfully installed a scanning device but it has a little yellow triangle. I have tried the command prompt. The reggit or something, but no luck! If I could... I would pop it into a tech head but it's all lockdown here. We had a zoom meeting. I could see folks but they couldn't see me. If you could suggest some video clips... I would be most grateful. It easier for me to replay and replay till I get the gist of what to do...thanks..ill try your suggestion above again tomorrow. It's late and it ain't working. If I get this sorted ill be checking in with you on upgrading my mic...addios


    • p10 Apr 2020 @ 19:03

      Thanks for your interest and help. Windows 10: Version 1909: OS Build 18363,752
      I turned the app off and back on. No lights! Error code0xA00F4244
      I'll do the test later. Really appreciate the help.


      • CarvedInside10 Apr 2020 @ 19:06

        The comment you are actually responding to was not for you but for Peter. But the advice about the driver is applicable to you too. From the description, your first problem is not with camera permission settings but with the fact that your camera is not detected properly. If don't manage to get the camera to be properly installed, I might be able to help you but that would be in exchange for a fee.

        You've probably subscribed to all comments on this page instead of only replies to your comment. Make sure you read to whom I've responded.


        • P10 Apr 2020 @ 22:06

          Thanks. I must be getting Peter's emails.. A Fee seems doesn't seem an unfair request. What would be the amount Carvedinside.
          Yes I probably did subscribe to all..

          While I have you. There is no imaging device in the devices and it won't load cameras via wizard but it will install a sci?? Scanner. But that has been no help. I tried command prompt and a host of other suggestions.


          • CarvedInside10 Apr 2020 @ 22:12

            Your comment above was initially written as a new comment instead of a reply to the current discussion. For future comments, when replying to an existing discussion use the "Reply" button floating on the right of the comment you are replying to.

            I will send you an e-mail to the address you've used in this comment form with my offer.


  9. Goma321314 Apr 2020 @ 11:10

    Hello, I am too having issues with Lenovo. My issue has all of the windows driver issue traits. I have added the registry as requested. My camera switches on, but immediately does still frame. When using a webcam test online i get this note - 'It seems your web camera streams video as a static image. Either the webcam hangs, or as a video source, it uses a regular image.'

    I am starting to think it may be just poor internet connections? I have no issue seeing others when using it.


    • Frank03 May 2020 @ 20:39

      I have the same exact problem with my Lonovo Thinkpad...the cam stopped working sometime in the last two weeks.....and I get the exact same message on test cam that Goma3213 receives.....and I think I have tried everything!!! I plugged my external webcam in another laptop I have....works great so the cam and internet are solid...as I knew it would be.


  10. Ed06 May 2020 @ 07:24

    My webcam just stopped working on my Lenovo a day or two ago. I had the issue Peter described above "the camera can be selected, but displays the same grey square with a small camera icon at the bottom crossed over, so there is no real preview"...camera said it was on but no preview, just the static grey square with camera icon. Tried lots of things but what finally worked was uninstalling the device in Device Manager, rebooting and letting it reinstall, and then updating the driver through Device Manager. That's what finally worked. I had tried the camera after disabling and re-enabling device...nope, then after just trying to update driver(before uninstall and update)...nope, after uninstalling and rebooting to reinstall device...nope, then tried updating the driver again in Device Manager...and finally success. The other odd thing was that the first time I tried updating my driver, it said I had the latest update which was from 2018 but then when I updated it again at the end, it updated to a newer driver from 2019. Good luck.


  11. RSR07 May 2020 @ 14:17

    I have the same issue, I did all the things you mentioned but not successful


  12. Eckhart Tolle05 Jul 2020 @ 04:12

    Solved: After Windows 1909 update stopped Logitech C310 USB webcam from working:

    Device Manager > Imaging Devices > Unknown Device > Update Driver > Locate and Install Driver Manually > "In my case, installed the Logitech Driver"

    Didn't even need to restart... my Logitech accessory webcam instantly became accessible and worked in Skype and on the Windows' Camera App; same as before the Windows update... ....So the key location to tune was under Imaging Devices. Nothing worked under Camera or USB Controllers in Device Manager.


  13. Ronald25 Oct 2020 @ 20:50

    My webcam c920 Logitech HD Pro webcam ( M/N:V-U0028) was always working correct on Windows 7 with lws251.exe. On windows 10 I get message not compatible, after installing lws251.exe. I have no disk and on package webcam is not written if it is suitable for windows 10. Can somebody help me ?


    • CarvedInside25 Oct 2020 @ 23:13

      For your info, this is not the proper place for this problem, an acceptable place would have been here.

      Now, as a possible solution, go to this page, download that updated driver and install it following the steps I outlined in this page at section "5. Install a different driver".


  14. whi7elion02 Dec 2020 @ 14:13

    Hi, I have a problem with apps that can access camera. My webcam works only with Microsoft store apps( Camera, Skype, etc...), but not work with other apps. I've also enabled "on" in privacy>>app permisions>> Camera >> Allow desktop apps to access your camera"
    I am using KIS (Kaspersky internet security) and have granted permission to use the webcam for those apps (Logitech capture, OBS studio, etc.), but the webcam still cannot be used on those apps.
    Can you help me fix this problem? Thank you!


    • CarvedInside02 Dec 2020 @ 19:40

      1. Tell me your Windows 10 version.
      2. Did it worked before? Since when do you have this problem?
      3. Does the camera work on webcamtests.com/ camera test website? If not, what error you get?
      4. If it's possible, temporarily disable the module responsible for webcam protection in KIS or if not temporarily disable all protections and then test if the webcam works.


      • whi7elion03 Dec 2020 @ 09:28

        Thank you for your support!
        1. My Window 10 version: 10.0.19041 build 19041 - OS Name, Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.
        2. I had just bought a webcam yesterday, and it's my first time I have used it.
        3. Yes, it works on webcamtests.com. Webcam information is showed on the "webcam information" table.
        4. I have also disabled all protections and restart my computer. It still did not work.


        • CarvedInside04 Dec 2020 @ 16:54

          Did you allow camera permissions to "Desktop App Web Viewer" like I said at step 4 of the guide above?

          It could be a configuration problem on those specific applications. See this camera troubleshooting guide and do what I said in section 2.3.
          If that does not work do what I said in section "5. Install a different driver" from the same guide.

          Let me know how these go.



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