Previous release notes

RELEASE NOTES UNi Xonar 1800 1.6x

Release notes 1.64 beta

Driver changes:

  • For Windows Vista/7/8 it includes 1815 audio drivers. For Win XP it includes 1814 audio drivers. These drivers like previous 2 releases are marked as "beta" by C-Media.
  • Includes updated versions of driver installer & Asus Audio Center.
  • Updated ASIO to
  • Added support for Xonar DG SI

UNi Xonar Installer changes:

  • "Re-enable stereo upmix" option is checked by default for Vista/Win7/Win8.
  • Fixed some installer configuration options for X-Meridian 2G & HT Omega cards.

Other notes:

  • This version does not have valid driver signatures for X-Meridian, X-Meridian 2G, HT Omega cards. Meaning you have to turn test mode on for those cards.

Possible issues:

  • There where 2 reports of "stereo upmix" being always on even when disabled in the installer, on the other hand I could not reproduce this issue.

Known issues :

  • C-media Panel: Enabling and disabling "7.1 Virtual shifter" option disables stereo upmix. Use "Stereo upmix switch" to re-enable it.

For discussions & possible solutions for those of you who have problems installing the UNi drivers refer to this topic.

Release notes 1.63 beta

Driver changes:

  • For Windows Vista/7/8 it uses audio drivers 1813 from the new STX driver package. For XP it still uses 1800 drivers.
  • Includes updated versions for driver installer, Asus Audio Center, C-media Panel.

UNi Xonar Installer changes:

  • Added audio card selection drop menu in Select Components page. Currently its only useful in Vista/Win7/Win8 to apply a specific configuration for some of the cards ( this replaces the checkboxes at the end of the installation). Selected card is also saved installsettings.ini to be used on any new installations.
  • "CmEnhance.exe not elevated" error is fixed.

Other notes:

  • This works fine with ST/STX cards.
  • Based on the feedback received so far for this driver, it could be considered stable.

Known issues :

  • C-media Panel: Enabling and disabling "7.1 Virtual shifter" option disables stereo upmix. Use "Stereo upmix switch" to re-enable it.

Release notes 1.62 beta

Driver changes:

  • For Windows Vista/7/8 it uses driver version 1807 from the new DGX driver package. These bring the long awaited support for Windows 8. Note that the 1807 drivers carry the "beta" tag.
  • For Windows XP it still uses 1800 drivers.
  • Includes updated versions for driver installer, Asus Audio Center, C-media Panel.
  • Updated ASIO to - this version brings back support for selecting latencies <10 ms

UNi Xonar Installer changes:

  • Added Help on Select Components page.
  • In this build Silent installation option if unticked by default.
  • Installer will now save and remember your last configuration, like which panel and options you've selected last time in the Select Componets page. This works as long as you save the UNi Xonar driver packages in the same folder and if the previously generated "installsettings.ini" file still exists.

Known issues (for 1.60 , 1.61, 1.62 ) :

  • FP Headphones switching isn't working on Xonar ST/STX cards.
  • Switching from Headphones to Speakers doesn't work on Xonar ST/STX cards.

User reported fixes for 1807 drivers:

  • Effects (Dolby headphones, DTS:Neo, Flex bass, etc.) now work with higher sample rates (48, 96 & 192 KHz).

Release notes 1.61

  • Added support for Xonar DGX and Xonar DSX . These 2 cards might not work with C-Media Panel, need confirmation.
  • Asus Audio Center was updated from 1.60. Still don't think it will play well with ST/STX cards. There is a option in the installer to revert to 1794 Asus Audio Center which might come in handy if compatibility issues with Asus Audio Center occur.

Note for new UNi Xonar users: Since there might be compatibility problems with 1800 audio drivers I would recommend that you check 1.53 UNi Xonar drivers first.

Note for ST/STX owners: Because of the known issues from 1.60 update log, I would recommend installing or staying on 1.53 drivers .

Release notes 1.60

Scraped original 1.60 release notes as they weren't entirely accurate.

  • These drivers might not install for some of you because of invalid driver signature (this will be shown in your Xonar Card proprieties in in Device Manager after install). If thats the case, you need to enable windows test mode (how to and info here) and check the "Digital signature bypass" option in the UNi Xonar installer in order to install them.
  • No C/Media release notes regarding changes with 1800 audio drivers.
  • There are no changes regarding compatibility of Audio Control Panels (Asus or Cmedia) with Windows 8.
  • Know issues : 1) FP Headphones switching isn't working for Xonar ST/STX cards ; 2) Switching from Headphones to Speakers doesnt work on Xonar ST/STX cards;

RELEASE NOTES UNi Xonar 1796 1.5x

Release notes 1.54

  • Win8 support
  • All the changes from 1.62 have been applied to this package, except this driver package will use 1796 drivers.

For discussions & possible solutions  for those of you who have problems installing the UNi  drivers refer to this topic.

Release notes 1.53

This is another maintenance update.

  • Done few tweaks to the installer.
  • Selecting both CmediaGX and Stereo upmix  in the installer will work now.
  • Added option whether the installer should run driver cleaning before install. Just like before, default its on.
  • Win7: Added "Digital signature bypass (x64 only,for HDAV & non-Asus cards, test mode has to be enabled)" option. This is the same as the workaround implemented in 1.50 exp1 drivers.

Release notes 1.52

This is a maintenance update.

  • Improved driver cleaning by force closing possibly remaining processes related to the driver (Asus CPL, Cmedia CPL, GX processes)
  • Asio 1.0 Patch installs with proper signature
  • Updated 3rd party  components  in the Asus/ C-media  installer & done some tweaks to the installers

Release notes 1.51

Drivers are the same as 1.50 exp1 but these drivers contain a valid signature file so no need for test mode to be enabled. Owners of Xonar HDAV or of non-Asus cards might have trouble installing this version, in this case its recommended to install 1794 1.41 driver normally or 1.50 Exp build 1 with test mode.

Never mind that Information tab in Asus / Cmedia Panel will show these drivers as 1795. Its been done this way just to comply with a valid signature file.

Release notes 1.50 Experimental build 1

For Windows XP, Vista (x86), Win7 (x86) these drivers will work fine. The only problem is with x64 versions of Vista and Win 7, because this driver doesn't have a valid signature file.

Only if you had/have problems installing due to driver signature errors: I have implemented  a workaround with a test certificate and  signature file. For this to work you need to enable Test Mode in Windows, this can be enabled by running the 1. enable testmode.bat as administrator (Right Click-> Run as Administrator) and restarting your computer. If the test mode is enabled a watermark with this will apear in the bottom right corner of your desktop. The .bat file is located in the driver archive. After this, just run the UNi installer (might need to run this as administrator too).   Hopefully this method will work. If you wish to remove the watermark, check this page.

Don't disable testmode (by launching  "disable testmode.bat") while still using this driver, as it will stop working.

Download link for this driver  is filled under  "Download latest test drive build here".


  • Includes 1796 audio drivers
  • Updated ASIO from to

RELEASE NOTES UNi Xonar 1794 1.4x

Release notes 1.41

- Thanks to Virus , the driver signature errors should now be fixed. Big thanks to him for figuring it out & fixing this.

Release notes 1.40

Still couldn’t figure out what is causing the driver signature errors.  If you still encounter those errors with this version, you should try the alternate driver package (UNi Xonar 1794 v1.40_ alt.exe), which has all the files in the original form . The only change is that this will use the old Asus & Cmedia Panel tray icons.

- Sadly, the Dynamic volume  when there are 2 active sound sources issue is still there.

- Includes a newer version of the C-Media Panel, which has ASIO Panel option when right clicking the tray icon.

- Includes ASIO

Change log from Asus:

1. Fix playback issue when using Sequel2 with ASIO setting.
2. Fix GX version error issue.
3. Fix the error message “CmEnhance.exe stop working” may pop out during the driver installation.
4. Fix compatibility issue with “Call of duty:world at war”.



RELEASE NOTES UNi Xonar 1793 1.3x


Release notes 1.31


- Added a driver cleaning routine that runs in (silently) just before the driver installation routine. This means that technically there is no need for cleaning with Driver Sweeper. This might also solve the problems with the driver installation.

- Updated some installation components from latest Meridian2G driver package, that where newer.

- Updated ASIO from to

- Added support for HT Omega cards (Claro, Claro Halo, eClaro).

- Driver installation now automatically adds back the  equalizer profiles for C-Media Panel if you previously save the C:WindowsSystemCmicnfgp.ini file to C:Cmicnfgp.ini . This settings are by default always deleted when uninstalling the driver.

Announcement 20.04.2011 :

This is only regarding errors due to driver signature error try and test this 2 test builds (6&7) . Test them both and report back if they worked or not. Also please fill this form , keep in mind that this is only for those of you who have problems making the driver work because the drivers aren’t signed.

[08.05.2011] If none of the test builds work for you, you can also check this possible workaround . It has been posted before with no results, but from what it looks like the driver signature problem can have different causes.

Release notes 1.30

Unlike the previous driver, this is a fully fledged update to 1793 for WinXP / Vista/ 7. In features updated versions for ASIO, GX & Asus Audio Center.

Its a major driver update as far as UNi customizations go, took me  4 days of intensive work and testing, hopefully it was all worth it.


-  The UNi installer has been updated, I’ve done multiple tweaks and improvements, whats worth mentioning is the a silent installer option which is set as default,  ensuring a smoother driver installation, the only downside is that you won’t be prompted when an error occurs,  so if the driver doesn’t install then you need to uncheck this option to see whats the problem.

- Now when installing the driver with any of the two C-Media Audio Panel options will give you the option to also start Asus Xonar Audio Center, which ca be accessed from start menu. This will give you access to the missing options, only keep in mind that by launching XonarAudio Center will cause the DPC latency to rise, but it will revert to normal after a system restart, this is just like with Low DPC Latency version.

- Updated Asio from to

- Changed the default C-Media tray icon, again thanks to bullseye for providing this.

- Warning : In order to install the driver with “Asio 1.0 Patch” option, you need to do a first install without this option checked and after that do a reinstall over this with “Asio 1.0 Patch” checked , otherwise you will get “driver unsigned error”.

Attention regarding problems installing the driver due to signature errors! Possible workarounds, please confirm if some of them worked for you

(12 03) – Try installing the latest version of  Driver Sweeper (now 2.9.0) and do a driver clean(Asus Sound) after uninstalling the previous drivers. (thanks Jay)

(15 02) – You can either check daniel’s comment on how to install this or check the newest test build.


RELEASE NOTES UNi Xonar 1792 1.2x

Release notes 1.28  - Hybrid release 1792(XP) & 1793(Win7)
- Updated Driver files for Win 7 & Vista to 1793 . Thanks to the mysterious Daniel_K for sharing the 1793 drivers with us.

- Added “Asio update from to″ installation option. As I previously said it, Asio didn’t work that well for me. Might work better with this new driver files (1793) but thats only for Win 7.

- Reverted back to an earlier version of C-media Audio Panel which has the ” panorama enhancement “.

- Some tweaks for the installation process , Removed Eula agreement. By installing this driver you agree with it.

- Added support for X-Meridian 2G. Probably only works with C-media Audio Panel. Need confirmation.

PS: Never mind that audio panel information is saying that the driver is 1792 and not 1793.

Release notes 1.27
- Changed installer so that C-Media Audio Panel autostarts at system startup. Those who use C-Media Audio Panel please check this poll.

Release notes 1.26

- Downgraded ASIO Bit-perfect from to as it was causing random pops & other problems.

- Added “Stereo upmix to 4,5.1,7.1 speakers” option before the installation.

- If you can’t install this version due to certificate / driver signing you can try the 1.20 version, or use this program to bypass (helpfull stuff about this)

Release notes 1.25

- Updated ASIO Bit-perfect from to (special thanks to bullseye)

- Fixed C-Media Audio Panel not auto-starting on Windows 7 x86.

- Due to human error for which I am sorry, I didn’t updated all driver files for Win7 & Vista in the 1.20 driver version. So people that installed (or tried to install) that version should check this version.

- Thanks to the work of Cracrayol the drivers now feature a new installer for the different customizations packs. No need for batch files introduced in 1.20 .

Release notes 1.20

- ASIO Bit-perfect (which is default) now works on XP.

- The Rear and Center channel delays which where  enabled by default are now disabled. This should fix the strange annoying reverb that people hear with 5.1 headphones

- New installing technique for Low DPC Latency & C-Media. There is also a C-Media Panel with GX turned on. See readme.txt included in the package.

- You can now pre-apply ASIO 1.0 Patch, this should fix the run as administrator thing & some other incompatibilities. See readme.txt included in the package.

- Default Sample Rate after install is now 44.1 KHz.

- Changed the default icon for the Xonar Audio Center (thanks to bullseye).

- Added support for Razer Baracuda AC-1 and Auzentech X-Meridian. I need confirmation that it works.  May not work with Asus Xonar Audio center . Also any advertising on these cards specific forums is welcomed.

Asus/C-media  1792 driver release notes:

1. Fix: When Play CS-S and Halp-Life under 64bit OS, There is no sound in Center channel and Side channel
2. Fix: When open GX function, Audio setting in new version Skype will cause crash issue.


RELEASE NOTES UNi Xonar 1788 1.01

Confirmed working on: - Win7(&Vista): DS, D1, DX, D2X, D2, Essence STX, ST , HDAV 1.3 Deluxe

XP: D1, DX, D2, D2X, Essence STX

Asus/C-media  1788 driver unannounced fixes:

-  Fixed dynamic volume when there are 2 active sound sources , this issue was introduced in 1780 driver. Detailed description here.

-  Asio driver 2.0 (bit-perfect) -> which is not working very well for all audio cards. Its a driver for Essence ST/STX and Xense. If you experience any lag or other problems playing through ASIO you should install the ASIO patch.

UNi fixes:

-  Unified Xonar driver for all Asus Xonar Cards: DS, D1 ,D2, DX,D2X, HDAV,HDAV Slim, ST, STX, XENSE – Except U1 , this means you don’t have to wait months or years for Asus to release (the  already old) new driver version for your specific Xonar model.

-  Fixed 5.1 stereo upmix issue, stereo sounds won’t be upmixed to 5.1,7.1 or 4.0 anymore (stereo is played in 2.0, surround is played in 5.1)

-  Unified Xonar driver package for Windows XP/VISTA/7 (32&64) in a highly compressed archive (~13MB) (Vista users will use the Win7 driver)

-  Updated OpenAL 2.0.4 to 2.1.0 (for everyone how uses the GX function)

-  [minor] GX automatically disabled after installation

Only with UNi low DPC latency drivers( disabled auto startup for Xonar Audio Center and the GX components Hsmgr.exe and HSmgr64.exe):

- Drastically reduced DPC latency (e.g. from 200µs to 80µs on 5.1 Speakers/44.1KHz), resulting in much less audio/video drop-outs or sound stutters

- reduced memory footprint by approximately 25-30 MB RAM

*Special Notes:

1)Enabling any Audio Center functions like SVN, AEC, equalizer, environment presets, karaoke, etc. -except the Sample Rate, Analog out and Channels , will cause you’re DPC latency to rise  considerably regardless of what version of driver you use.

2) On low DPC Latency driver, starting Asus Xonar Audio Center is done by launching UNi Xonar Audio Center from Start Menu-> Programs or from Control Panel . Launching Audio Center will cause an increase in DPC latency(just like the normal driver) which will be resolved with a system restart.

More information on what is DPC latency here: http://www.thesycon.de/eng/latency_check.shtml

Also I wrote a article about DPC latency where I also did some tests : please check here

3) Be sure you have uninstalled previous drivers!

HDAV owners: on Windows Vista & 7 after installation you should run “hdav enhance.bat.

ASIO 1.0 Patch  ( For UNi Xonar 1788 v1.0(1) and 1790 v1.1(1))

This is the fix for those of you who experience lag in playing sounds with ASIO on the latest drivers(1788 and maybe later).
1)You must have UNi Xonar 1788 driver or another 1788 mod drivers installed.
2)Run the bat file corresponding to your OS and version(32 bit or 64 bit) as following:

Windows XP & 2003 users will run for 32 bit: XPv32.bat and for 64 bit:XPv64.bat

Windows Vista & 7 users will run for 32 bit: w7v32.bat and for 64 bit:w7v64.bat

3)Restart Windows.

*On Vista/Win7 you might need to run Foobar as administrator  so that your ASIO settings to be kept (thanks molunbun) . Visit this page for a quick guide on how to always run as administrator a specific application (option three and/or option four).


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