1. Dedzik11 Jul 2014 @ 18:52

    I'm using the Asus Xonar DGX. I'm using the Razer Kraken Pro headset and my microphone hears everything what I hear on my headphones. The only solution is to enable AEC but then I cannot switch to headphones mode. Any suggestions?

    Windows 8.1
    Uni Xonar 1.7.2 Drivers


    • CarvedInside14 Jul 2014 @ 23:31

      Make sure you have selected "Microphone" as recording device in Windows->Volume->Recording devices and in the chat/recording program you use.


  2. Dedzik14 Jul 2014 @ 23:34

    Done this on the first place. 🙂


    • ZTFallen29 Aug 2014 @ 02:08

      Hey, where you able to fix that problem?

      im having the same problem, if im having music or something, everyone else can hear it on skype.


  3. mpmc12 Sep 2014 @ 13:12

    Hi all,

    I'm running the Uni Xonar drivers with the DGX card on Windows 7 x64, ever since I've installed the drivers for the card I've been having some weird problems. The official drivers caused my keyboard to randomly repeat keyboard presses for a few seconds so I switched to the Uni Xonar drivers and while the keyboard repeat issue has now gone, now my PC will randomly freeze for a second or two, even when not playing audio!

    I never experienced this before without the card, does anyone have any clues as to what could be causing this?

    TIA 🙂


    • CarvedInside12 Sep 2014 @ 21:32

      Check to see if DPC latency is not the problem.

      Just so you know, you've posted in the wrong section. The place for a comment like yours would be the main UNi Xonar page.


  4. Todd Secrest10 Oct 2014 @ 02:28

    Will the Unified Xonar Drivers work with the Auzentech HDA X-plosion, which uses the CMI8770 audio processor?


    • CarvedInside11 Oct 2014 @ 21:24

      Sorry, UNi Xonar drivers are only for CMI 8788 based audio cards.
      While I doubt it will work, you could try to force install the CMI 8788 drivers on your card. You could follow the guide from Possible solution 1 from this page. Select Xonar D1 card and see if it would work.


  5. Catalin12 Oct 2014 @ 20:52

    I can confirm that drivers 1.72 1822 are working in Windows 10 x64 technical preview.


  6. ZTFallen13 Oct 2014 @ 10:08

    Carved..i was wondering..how the fuck does Asus allow this kinda of crappy devices? if i knew this soundcard was that bad on drivers and function i wouldn't buyed it.


  7. leakydog14 Dec 2014 @ 06:20

    any fix for random mute on right speaker?


    • CarvedInside14 Dec 2014 @ 18:24

      No. I suspect it is a hardware issue with some cards. Which card do you have?


      • Jimi Hendrix17 Dec 2014 @ 02:01

        Can also confirm a right speaker mute bug with Xonar DX on Windows 8.1, started happening on 1.75.


        • CarvedInside17 Dec 2014 @ 02:13

          1.75a or 1.75b?


          • Jimi Hendrix17 Dec 2014 @ 13:01



          • AJP18 Apr 2015 @ 05:00

            I actually had this exact problem in Windows 10 Tech Preview x64 with the 1.75a drivers. I've had my Xonar for a long time and never had the issue until I installed these drivers for Windows 10. I could fix it occasionally by restarting until the R channel was no longer muted. This problem occurred roughly 4/5 of the time, I'd say. It usually was coupled with the Windows Audio service not starting up correctly. I don't know whether my problem has the same cause, but it was certainly similar.

            Just as a note, a installed Windows 8.1 Pro x64 a few days ago (the R channel mute issue was too annoying) and have yet to have any problems.


          • OronDF34330 Oct 2015 @ 00:18

            Having similar issue on Windows 7 x64 with 1.75a r2, Xonar DX. Usually it happens when I seek in a YouTube video - the right channel is much quieter than the left one, about 3 times quieter (I use volume 32% and if this happens and I change right balance to 100% they sound about the same)


  8. Nick26 Dec 2014 @ 06:48

    Does the problem still occur if using Optical PCM output?


    • CarvedInside27 Dec 2014 @ 03:14

      I don't know, probably yes. I do not have a optical input audio system to check. You can check this yourself and let us know.


      • Nick15 Apr 2015 @ 09:13

        Tested and even optical output has this problem. Basically I'll watch a youtube video and if a guy speaking gets past a certain level the position of the audio sort of pans around mostly left to right, and it games it's hard to point out enemies. This should definitely get a fix.


  9. NexVestrum27 Jan 2015 @ 22:33

    After installing this I cant switch audio output sources back to my USB speakers, even disabling the sound card and restarting so that the only active audio devices are the USB speakers no sound will come through them. As soon as I re-enable the sound card audio comes from the headphones I have attached. This wasn't an issue before Uni but I can't go back to the awful official drivers (7.1 headset sounds AWFUL with the rear speaker delay and weird upmixing/ downmixing whatever it was doing). Any advice on getting windows to switch outputs correctly?


    • CarvedInside28 Jan 2015 @ 16:52

      FYI this page should be for discussing the problems presented in the post above. For general help, the main UNi Xonar page would be more suitable.

      Which OS do you have? Which Xonar card? Which UNi Xonar driver version have you installed? Which version where the original drivers that you say didn't cause this issue? What USB speakers do you have?
      I find it a bit strange that a issue like this would be caused by the drivers. I suggest you try first to uninstall the drivers and install them again. If the issue is still there, try installing some of the previous UNi Xonar driver releases.


      • NexVestrum24 Apr 2015 @ 22:47

        Late reply but for anyone's sake that stumbles across this with the same problem that I had... It's a problem with having a xbox controller receiver plugged in. Disconnect the controller and I was able to switch to my USB speakers just fine. It has nothing to do with the Uni drivers.


  10. Dominic26 Mar 2015 @ 17:51

    I have xonar DX at Windows 10 (10041) and sometimes when i change analog out (using xonarswitch) from headphones to 4 speakers etc right chanell is nearly silent compared to left channel.
    software isse (win10 or drivers) or hardware?


    • CarvedInside28 Mar 2015 @ 00:20

      Hi. Depends on whether you had this issue before on Win 7/8 or older previous of Win 10 TP. If you didn't had then it's probably a issue with the current drivers and these new Windows 10 previews. Read more about issues with the latest previous of Windows 10 here.


  11. Simon11 Apr 2015 @ 07:51

    For windows 8.1, does this only become a problem when simultaneously listing to music and gaming? I only ever have the in-game sound (effects and game music), so is this something I need to be aware of?


    • CarvedInside12 Apr 2015 @ 16:25

      It's a problem when you have audio coming from two separate applications (like a audio player and a game) at the same time. It's not an issue when a single application outputs two types of sounds (like effects and game music).


  12. GamesGamble10 Jun 2015 @ 18:45

    I also have this right speaker "mute" with Asus DGX and Uni version 1.75a. All sounds from the left and right sound comes to the left speaker and nothong to the right speaker.


    • CarvedInside11 Jun 2015 @ 21:47

      Please use the reply button properly. When replying to an existing discussion use reply button floating on the right of the comment you are replying to.
      If you are using a NoScript browser addon then you should disable it so that “reply to discussion” button works correctly.


  13. Ian Wendt07 Aug 2015 @ 20:46

    I'm having a novel issue. I just installed the 1.70 r2 drivers on Windows 10. Sound works, no issues there, no issues with stuttering or losing audio focus when playing WASAPI music. But the C-Media Audio Center detects my Xonar DX as an Oxygen HD. Interestingly, in the Device Manager, my card is correctly identified as a Xonar DX. This only seems to happen with 1.70 r2, and does not happen with the most recent driver. But I can't use the most recent driver because then I have the issues in Foobar when playing WASAPI or KS music where any other sound, system, applications will make the music stop, so I can't use that driver EITHER. Any thoughts on how to make the C-Media software recognize the card properly?


    • CarvedInside08 Aug 2015 @ 20:04

      This page should be used for discussing the problem(s) described in the post above. For other problems you should use the main UNi Xonar Page. Please redo your comment in the proper place.


  14. youen22 Aug 2015 @ 17:02

    For me, the only working solution was to disable the "lower sound when communication" of the communication panel in the "sound" option. Everything else did not work.

    System : windows 10 x64, last driver A version.


  15. KGUN19 Oct 2015 @ 02:00

    I'm not sure if this is the best place for this issue:
    - simply put when I skip-forward of backwards in a youtube video, I hear pops or crackles(or combo of both) if i do it quickly or slowly it still does it.
    I'm using
    --This part I Haven't been sure what to Set to when you hit "ASUS Xonar ASIO" on the task bar icon
    = 24bit // 10ms
    so, how can I Go about fixing this popping/crackling on video skipping. I tried lowering the mixer volume lower the 76 no effect on the popping
    I tried lowering the taskbar-volume mixer thing to 80% for youtube video application, no effect.
    I tried the DPC latency thing but I really don't know anything about that or what I'm doing, Alls I can say with the green bars it spikes up a bit every 6-7th bar. inbetween 600-1000us other then that it stays around 150-250-ish..
    hmm.. I know it's a very little thing and maybe I'm being picky I just don't like popping/crackling when i Move around from one point in a video to another.
    -much appreciated-



    • CarvedInside19 Oct 2015 @ 06:15

      This is not the place for your problem. Repost the problem in UNi Xonar driver page. Add the driver versions you've tried, the OS you have, the browser you use and the audio pops/cracks coincide with the DPC latency spikes (600-1000us).



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