Xonar driver cleaning guide

1. Using UNi Xonar driver cleaner (recommended)

After uninstalling the drivers from Control Panel -> Programs and Features, run UNi Xonar driver cleaner.


2. Manual way

A. How to properly uninstall the drivers:

1. Uninstall Xonar drivers. In XP it may appear as UNi Xonar Drivers instead of Asus Xonar Drivers. Also those of you how used C-Media drivers, it will shown in ADD or Remove Programs as C-Media Oxygen HD.

1.1 If you can't find the uninstaller. Try installing the same driver version again, then look for to uninstaller again.

2. Restart

3. Do a registry clean (e.g. with ccleaner)

4. Install the new drivers.

B. If method A doesn't work, you have to follow these steps (this may work with steps 1 to 5 only):

1. Uninstall the drivers & restart
2. Enable "show hidden system files" In explorer
3. Go to C:Windows and search for cmi
4. Sort the result by name & delete the ones that start with cmi . (like Cmicnfgp.ini.cfl, cmifltr.)
5. Repeat the search & delete with the word cmudaxp

6. Go to start->run-> and type regedit
7. Press F3 to seach, type C-Media
8. Delete all the entries that contain the searched name.
9. Also try the step 5 & 6 with the words : "cmudaxp", "CmiCnfgP"

10. Install the driver again.

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  1. Skynet0023 Feb 2012 @ 05:46

    4. Sort the result by name & delete the ones that start with cmi . (like Cmicnfgp.ini.cfl, cmifltr.)
    >You need permission to perform this action.


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