1. mh000121 Feb 2015 @ 20:09

    There seems to be a problem between XonarSwitch and DEP (data execution prevention). When I change DEP to opt-out (using the control panel setting in Windows 8.1), XonarSwitch stops working even if I add XonarSwitch as an exception. The strange thing is, that if I set it back to opt-in and use EMET to force DEP just on XonarSwitch, it's working without any problem. So maybe it's related to another process which is blocked by DEP when it's set to opt-out. Could you please check if you can do something to solve this problem? So far XonarSwitch is the only thing which has problems on my PC when I force DEP for all processes.


    • Giulio25 Feb 2015 @ 11:29

      Thanks for your feedback. I'll try and see if I can reproduce the issue on my system and fix it.


    • Giulio03 Mar 2015 @ 18:34

      I checked on two different machines running Windows 8.1 and wasn't able to reproduce the issue. XonarSwitch seems to run fine when the system's DEP is set to opt-out, even when XonarSwitch itself is not included in the opt-out list.

      Maybe if someone else is experiencing the same problem and wants to chime in, with more details I can try and see if I can recreate the conditions that trigger the problem in order to solve it.


  2. Argonis25 Feb 2015 @ 04:30

    Hi, I'm a very careful person. So I'm curious why XonarSwitch.exe connects to (Port 80).


    • Giulio25 Feb 2015 @ 11:30

      It does that for two different reasons. One is to check for updates, and the other, which happens only when you restore a backup, is to validate its structure via an XML schema.


  3. Sam26 Feb 2015 @ 06:28

    please help. this program rocks. i'd like to bind certain keys and use them as hotkeys to switch between programs. however, i cannot put in keys like "home" or "page up" or "end" -- which are the ones I want. How do I put in "home" --- when I press it nothing registers. The hokey section is just empty. Simple letters work.


    • Giulio02 Mar 2015 @ 17:12

      As far as I know there isn't a technical impossibility to use keys like Home or Del as hotkey. Their use was prevented as a design decision because those keys are widely used by applications and if you register them as global hotkeys, no application will be notified of their pressure anymore and only XonarSwitch will be able to use them.

      That could be especially frustrating now that Xonarswitch still doesn't have any feedback function to inform the user that a profile has been switched.


  4. johnny06 Mar 2015 @ 08:18

    Thanks for the help Giulio. Great program but I get this problem. SUddenly when I lower the volume it only does that for one side of my headphone. The other one cannot be lowered. I'll try to reinstall, but I remember tihs happening once before (on a computer I was convinently about to reinstall windows on). Any idea?


    • Giulio06 Mar 2015 @ 10:44

      If the balance slider is centered (you can click the tiny button at the middle of the balance range to center it) then it's something that's outside the boundaries of what XonarSwitch can influence. Specifically, the volume is handled via Windows audio APIs, which in turn use the drivers to materially change the card's volume.

      I've read before of people experiencing that kind of glitch with Xonar cards. You can check in the driver section and see if you find a solution there.


      • johnny07 Mar 2015 @ 21:12

        Thanks so much for the reply. It's nice that you're so generous with your time and knowledge.

        I reinstalled the driver and it fixed it. I used generic xonar drivers, but I used the one on this site previously. After about 1 weeks I get the problem. If you have any idea about how to fix it I would be so thankful. Windows 7, Xonar DGX. I use Xonar Switch and Volumouse in conjunction with Razer Synpase micros to change volume via my mouse.


        • Giulio10 Mar 2015 @ 10:21

          I don't really have any useful idea about what could cause this problem. It seems a bit too common to be hardware. The only suggestion I can give is to make sure your motherboard BIOS is up-to-date. Buggy BIOSes can cause PCs to do the weirdest things with add-on cards.

          Goog lcuk with solving your issue.


          • johnny12 Mar 2015 @ 03:18

            Thanks for the info. I haven't installed in drivers for bios settings or anything. I only installed about 5 drivers total (chipset, rapid start, lan) i never installed onboard audio. I'm ocd and i hate unessary pc clutter.

            The problem is easily solved be my reinstalling my Xonar Drivers. The problems reoccurs about every 5 days.


  5. Tom06 Mar 2015 @ 17:20


    Firstly thanks for creating this software, i didn't bother with the drivers from ASUS after being directed here from a product review. I have a couple of questions that i couldn't find answers for though, which are:
    1, is there any way to get the Asus control center without their drivers? I can't find a way to control my mic input into the card with your Xonarswitch program
    2, i have two profiles, one for headphones only, and one for my 5.1 system. With the headphones profile i can turn off the Digital output so that the 5.1 system receives no signal, but for the 5.1 system i cannot turn off the signal for me headphones so it plays through both, am i missing something obvious?

    Thanks, Tom


    • Giulio06 Mar 2015 @ 19:31

      1) The ASUS control center is always installed with the UniXonar Drivers (which are by CarvedInside, by the way, I'm the author of XonarSwitch). Depending on the kind of setup you chose you might have to launch it manually (see UniXonar Features). It's weird you can't control your mic via XonarSwitch though. All the mic controls are present in the mixer section, both in the real time settings and the profile editor, depending if you want to change your mic parameters in real time or via profile switch.

      2) The Xonar Cards don't offer a specific way of turning off analog output. The most you can do is to switch to the analog output where your headphones aren't connected. For instance if they are connected to the case's front panel, choose Rear Headphones as you analog output, or vice-versa if they are connected directly to the card.


      • Tom06 Mar 2015 @ 23:16

        Turns out i was being a dummy, i originally installed drivers only, but i have sorted that out now as well as the mic input, i found it after looking! The second fix is good also, managed to get it to work.

        However, this brought something different to light. When i switch outputs, either by using hotkeys or manually via the system tray some strange things happen: My music player (MusicBee) ceases to play tracks, giving this error "Unable to start playback(error=BASS_HANDLE_ERROR)",which i guess is that it can't find a valid output, but VLC works fine even while switching outputs! Also, switching causes Adobe Flash Plugin for Mozilla/Chrome to crash, again i guess because of an invalid output object/handle or something to that extent, is this a known issue?


        • Giulio06 Mar 2015 @ 23:59

          If your profiles have different values in the "OS Speakers Layout" combo box, that invalidates the current audio endpoint and some playback applications aren't designed to seamlessly recover from that kind of situation.

          That is caused by Windows and is by design. The same would happen if you reconfigured the OS speakers via normal audio control panel instead of XonarSwitch while playback was ongoing.


          • Tom07 Mar 2015 @ 00:02

            That makes sense, thanks for the explanation! I was used to switching from my digital output to a gamecom headset previously and that never caused such an error so i'll just have to find a way around it, thanks for your help!


            • Giulio08 Mar 2015 @ 21:18

              Try selecting 5.1 in the Real Time Settings' “OS Speakers Layout” combo box, and in your profiles modify the same parameter to "Dont' change". If you listen to stereo music in your headphones the system speakers layout shouldn't make much of a difference, and "Don't change" will prevent the profile switching from invalidating the Xonar Speakers audio endpoint, which in turn should prevent that error from appearing.


  6. Andy09 Mar 2015 @ 15:35

    Hi Giulio. I have Xonar DX.
    Noticed significant differences in sound technology Dolby Virtual Speaker in your utility and ASUS Audio Center.

    ::: XonarSwitcher
    The enable of Dolby Virtual Speaker in Reference mode can not hear any changes or they are very small that they are virtually unheard of.

    ::: Asus Audio Centre
    The enable of Dolby Virtual Speaker Reference mode significantly enhances the space and sound increases the volume.

    As both utilities vary greatly in sound Wide modes. Can explain what it is and why such differences?
    Also noticed that when you enable Dolby Virtual Speaker, is activated and Dolby Pro Logic IIx (visible in the window Asus AudioCentre), although this setting is not in Speaker mode. Could you explain, preferably in detail why such strange things in this technology? Whether settings your utilities are more authentic?


  7. TuN21 Mar 2015 @ 23:59

    I would like to say I'm using Windows 10 ( build 10036 ), and both the Xonar DX Audio Center and the XonarSwitch are working great, no bugs whatsoever.

    XonarSwitch is amazing. I was trying to find a program that would allow me to create the profile for separate volumes for 5.1 speakers ( I'm not in the middle of my 5.1 speakers ), and another profile that would just be stereo and both on same volumes ( Headphones ), without changing every speaker volume whenever I wanted to play a game.

    So hats off sir, you have made a hell of a simple/efficient/reliable program. Keep it up Sir.


  8. Joel22 Mar 2015 @ 23:53


    I have a 5.1 speaker system and an excellent, analog headset. I use each, and swap between them, several times each day, and I use each sound system for both music and gaming.

    XonarSwitch - what an outstanding utility! I'd say it's worth every penny, but I didn't pay anything. That makes it the best present ever. Thank you, thank you!


  9. spicio24 Mar 2015 @ 17:03

    Thanks for great app. Especially "profiles" function is so useful.
    But, I can't find how to change "wave volume (not master)" via xonarswitch panel.
    I want to set different master volume at every profiles.


    • Giulio26 Mar 2015 @ 13:10

      There isn't a wave output volume control in Windows since Vista as far as I know. You can set a different master volume level for every profile, so I guess misunderstand your question.


      • spicio26 Mar 2015 @ 14:22

        To my regret, I am using Windows XP.
        Sometimes, I saw wave volume has been changed. I don't know why.
        This is the reason I asked.


        • Giulio26 Mar 2015 @ 15:28

          I see.

          Unfortunately the audio subsystem has been completely redesigned with Vista.

          Building XP support into XonarSwitch has been a big effort, because basically I had to write all the system audio API calls twice. In the case of the Wave volume, it seemed like wasted energy since it wouldn't have been possible to replicate the same control on systems running Vista and onward, and since Microsoft was ending XP's support anyway I've decided to just leave it out.


          • spicio26 Mar 2015 @ 15:59

            Thanks for your effort.
            Yes, redesigning app is completely time waste.
            I should move to Windows7 necessarily.


  10. Chris Leipold26 Mar 2015 @ 18:33

    Hi Giulio, are you actively working on XonarSwitch in the moment? Will there be coming a update in the next time? If you have some preview/ test build please let me know. If u not have my e-mail adress anymore i will send it to u if u have something for me to preview 😀 thanks and greetz, Chris


    • Chris Leipold26 Mar 2015 @ 18:39

      BTW i noticed after switching my Xonar D2X from one PCI-e Slot to the next one that i needed to recreate my profiles from the scratch. Also restoring them from backup did not help. I did not get a checkmark for the profile i switched to in the XonarSwitch context menu. Is this normal behaviour? Thanks


      • Chris Leipold26 Mar 2015 @ 18:44

        Sadly i can not edit my previous post so i need to add the information as reply. The switching between the profiles works but i do not have the corresponding checkmark in the XS context menu. That means i can not see which profile i am using at the moment with a fast and simple right click. But recreating profiles from scratch solved it. But as i have a lots of profiles its a hustle and i need to switch my soundcard one or two times again in the near future 🙁 .


        • Giulio26 Mar 2015 @ 21:10

          It's weird. If the card is the same and you just changed slot, that shouldn't affect XonarSwitch's profiles at all. You shouldn't need to re-create them and they should work directly without any intervention. Restored profiles should also work right away (even though as I said backup and restore shouldn't be needed at all).


    • Giulio26 Mar 2015 @ 21:06

      I haven't abandoned the project, even though I've reached a point where the next features I want to implement require more work than I currently have time to do, so it's on hold until conditions change.


  11. Z04 Apr 2015 @ 19:25

    I have Asus Xonar DG for years and it's an amazing piece of hardware I use for three main purposes: 1) Music (stereo only, fed to my old high-quality Marantz stereo), 2) Gaming (5 speakers surronud with bass fed to fronts) and 3) headphones for night time. Every time I want to switch between those modes, I have to make series of clicks and adjustments through Xonar DG Audio Centre which is very frustrating. Moreover, I have mid-size room and large compression fronts which require different equalizer settings for music and for gaming.
    It seems I finally found a solution for my audio problems :).


  12. Peter05 Apr 2015 @ 21:42


    Loving XonarSwitch it's a really useful tool. One question though, when playing a game, or using TeamSpeak, if I swap profiles when they are running, I actually lose all sound in the game that is running, or YouTube video for example.

    Is this normal behavior? Or is something else wrong? Using the Xonar Xense card with the latest UniXonar drivers.


    • Giulio08 Apr 2015 @ 21:59

      If the profiles have different OS speakers layout / source channels defined it's normal. Windows invalidates the audio endpoint when you change that parameter and there's no way around it: you get the same result if you manually change it via Windows sound control panel.

      Try using the Real Time Settings to set that to 7.1 and edit the profiles to "Don't Change" and see if when not gaming your sound is correctly output. If that works you'll notice switching profiles won't break playback anymore.


      • Peter08 Apr 2015 @ 22:12

        I used the Real Time Settings to set to 7.1 like you said, and used "Don't Change" in the profiles. It seems to working very well! Exactly how I wanted it, thanks for your help, as well as the amazing software and drivers.


        • Giulio09 Apr 2015 @ 01:45

          Thanks. Just for the sake of clarity, I'm the author of XonarSwitch, the drivers are by CarvedInside.


  13. Peter09 Apr 2015 @ 20:36

    One final thing: Today, my XonarSwitch icon changed in the taskbar to having a little no access red circle over it. If I reboot my PC, it is still there. If I force closed XonarSwitch and re-launch it, I still have problems!

    I cannot close it, or use any of the options. However, the sound profiles still switch. Anyone else had the issue? Any known fix?


    • Peter09 Apr 2015 @ 20:47

      I deleted the registry key entry, and it's fixed now. Weird bug.


      • Giulio10 Apr 2015 @ 12:21

        Yeah weird bug, it's the first time something like that has been reported as far as I remember.

        Which registry key did you delete? XonarSwitch's or one related to the card driver?


  14. Chris Leipold12 Apr 2015 @ 16:25

    Hi Giulio is it possible to make a localized version of XonarSwitch please? That would be great. I can translate it for you into different languages (german,French, maybe russian, spanish, i think you are italian so i would let you better translate to that) but u need to build the localisation into the programm. Let me know if something is planned or if u are interested in localisation of XonarSwitch. I would happy to help you and get translated XonarSwitch 😉 thanks in advance!greetz ChriscomIT


    • Giulio18 Apr 2015 @ 12:31

      At the moment localization is quite low in my priority list but I'll be sure to ask your help when it will be implemented.


  15. Alex26 Apr 2015 @ 00:21

    Hi Giulio, is there any way at all to provide richer control over the microphone settings. I've got xonar xense bundle, and the mic on my PC350 is really not that great. Friends always complain they can't hear me - and mic volume is on max. Any way to improve the functionality of the mic? Maybe offer a mic boost for the rear I/O ?


    • Giulio26 Apr 2015 @ 13:01

      You can access Microphone Boost from the Mixer tab, both in the Real Time Settings window and the Profile Editor. Beneath the Microphone volume slider, there's a small button marked with an asterisk. It opens a window, and Microphone Boost is there if supported by your card model (I would be surprised to learn the Xense doesn't have Microphone boost).

      If it's already enabled, there isn't much else you can do via software to further improve the quality as far as I know.



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