1. Damian05 Oct 2015 @ 20:16

    I have a problem with the program. If I am using the program and then I want to restart or shut down the system (in my running Windows 8.1), it shows me this error: http://i.imgur.com/ia5Fkwt.png

    I am of Polish, contents of the message in Polish.
    I really would ask for a repair.



    • Giulio08 Oct 2015 @ 10:37

      Thanks for your feedback.
      Can you please send me an e-mail (the instructions are in the post above)? I might have to ask you for additional information, and I'll also need you to test tentative fixes, since I can't reproduce the problem on my machines.


      • Paul12 Feb 2016 @ 05:14

        Hi, have you found the cause for this problem? I have a similar issue on both of my PC's when shutting down. Both are using Essence STX on latest drivers and latest XonarSwitch, Windows 10.


  2. psychok908 Oct 2015 @ 17:38

    It will be amazing, if we could restore upxming withouth switch source setting 2ch/6ch.
    I'm trying the new 1.80a driver on my X-Meridian 7.1 and is very great!


    • CarvedInside08 Oct 2015 @ 22:15

      This is not a XonarSwitch problem. This is a driver problem. I don't know of a way to do that except what I've already written in FAQ Q&A4.


      • psychok908 Oct 2015 @ 23:34

        I know... it's an old driver problem, when all sound devices abandoned the Windows XP hardware mixer, since Windows Vista and the new software mixer.
        Some cards still do it in some way (I don't how).

        I'm trying to use XonarSwitch but the digital compression (DTS/DDL) doesn't still active when I don't play anything and it makes lag and noise when I start to play something.
        With C-Media panel works ok 🙂


        • CarvedInside09 Oct 2015 @ 01:06

          But if you know, why did you post the question under the XonarSwitch page?
          About your XonarSwitch problem with DTS/DDL you should make a new comment instead.


  3. psychok909 Oct 2015 @ 18:34

    I'm trying to abandon C-media panel for Xonar Switch, but the digital compression (DTS/DDL) doesn’t still active when I don’t play anything and it makes lag and noise when I start to play something.

    p.s. For the previous question I'm sorry for OT, my bad.


    • psychok909 Oct 2015 @ 18:37

      Great! I found a workaround...! 😀
      Enable Monitoring on record - Line-In with the record volume to 0.


  4. Martin09 Oct 2015 @ 23:56

    Hey, great piece of software, now I can simply switch between headphones and speakers.
    One little addition.
    I can make a shortcut, which toggles between speakers and headphones.
    Can you make a function, that I press a key, and it switches profiles?
    now, I need twe keys to do that, it would be nice, if I just would need one 🙂


  5. AnnaAngstmann14 Oct 2015 @ 23:40

    Thanks a lot, works perfect! I was really surprised when I even found the option to disable/activate the upmix option.. You're a genious!


  6. John17 Oct 2015 @ 01:05

    OMG I love you! This is working flawlessly so far for me on a Windows 7 64-bit machine with an ASUS Xonar DX 7.1 PCI Express card. I can finally swap from headphones to speakers with a simple click and retain all my 7.1 sounds. A great convenience. Thank you.


  7. Bob29 Nov 2015 @ 02:23

    Hi should the Headphones volume be separate to the speakers volume? When I use my speakers the volume is 20% but when I use my headphones 20% is too loud.


    • psychok929 Nov 2015 @ 03:14

      Hi Bob.
      I use a profile for Headphone with volume set to 10% and another profile with the volume set to 100%/DTS 🙂
      You can switch on the fly without problems.


      • Bob29 Nov 2015 @ 22:59

        Is this using XonarSwitch? When I switch using set 20% volume from RP 2.0 and then RP HP the volume remains at 20%.


  8. scipio14 Jul 2018 @ 07:30

    The latest version has a recording balance problem. I do not know which version the problem originated from, but I want to test anything.
    Can someone provide an older version to me? year98 at naver.com


    • CarvedInside15 Jul 2018 @ 19:26

      The ones that I have saved are v0.9.0.557 and v0.9.0.636. Let us know if any of the older XonarSwitch versions don't have the problem.


      • scipio15 Jul 2018 @ 22:28

        Very very grateful. v0.9.0.557 works well. v0.9.636 does not. Because of your compassion, I was liberated from my long discomfort. Thank you again.


        • CarvedInside15 Jul 2018 @ 23:31

          Glad to hear it worked. You are welcome.
          There is a trigger to the recording balance bug, I can't remember what it was. Do you know what action triggers it?


          • scipio16 Jul 2018 @ 00:31

            mh0001 and me have already mentioned here at sep 2015. Trigger is the start of the xonarswitch. Thanks again~!


            • Matt Gore12 Aug 2018 @ 04:00

              It isn't only happening on start, it also happens when I launch Audacity and select my mic in WASAPI. I see it because it then changes the profile icon.
              @CarvedInside: Btw, does approving of new comments mean that Giulio is back?


              • CarvedInside12 Aug 2018 @ 04:59

                Thanks for the additional info.
                No, it does not. I just approved the comment because it was something I and others could help with. ATM I don't have any new info on Giulio's intentions.


  9. Jéferson Lima18 Feb 2019 @ 16:22

    Hi, any way to avoid the left/right channel being swapped when changing profiles to use headphones? It do not occur every time, only sometimes, but is a little annoying, because you need to open the program and go to the Analog option and enable/disable the swapping to fix it. I already have this option to Disabled in my profiles but seems like it is not being applied correctly.


  10. CarvedInside21 Feb 2019 @ 22:50

    XonarSwitch development, troubleshooting and feedback collecting are on hold for the time being. Until such time when Giulio will be able to resume work on XonarSwitch no new comments will be approved.


  11. iron200025 Feb 2019 @ 15:09

    All the effects and EQ don't work anymore when output is switched to SPDIF.
    Is that intended?


  12. Joe06 Mar 2019 @ 13:35

    I love XonarSwitch and have been using it for years. But now I want to backup the profiles I created, can you tell me the path were I would find them? I looked at Program Files and Appdata and didn't see anything perticular?



    • Nick Larry07 Mar 2019 @ 00:18

      right click at the xonarswitch tray icon and select options, from there you get to back up the registry entries which contain your settings and profiles.


  13. Bakitm12 Jul 2019 @ 02:30

    Is there a chance that this can work with a Xonar SE? I am using it with a Xonar DS now but i need a PCIe card for my next build and i am looking to buy an SE, because there are not too many alternatives and i like asus xonar stuff.


  14. pedro28 Jul 2019 @ 14:42

    Please provide source code only of the asus driver related as the magic numbers needed in DeviceIoControl() and receive notification on KS_PROPERTY changes. I working in a new control panel with much more options.


  15. Mone Kamishiraishi27 Aug 2019 @ 08:45

    When changing profiles I get audio delay until I restart the device in device manager. Is there any fix for this?



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