1. Kefas26 Nov 2014 @ 00:45

    Hi, I bought the asus xonar u5 and cant even install the software... I have tried everything (i mean everything). Asus are useless at helping and the store were I bought it refers back to Asus.
    Will you bring support for the u5 in your drivers anytime soon?


    • CarvedInside26 Nov 2014 @ 01:37

      Sorry, UNi Xonar drivers can't work for U5 cards and I won't be making any separate driver mod for U5 or any other unsupported card.

      You could try installing your card on another PC and see if it works there. If it does not then maybe your U5 card might be defective. Anyway you should be able to return the card and ask for a refund.


    • kamuran11 Jan 2015 @ 03:45

      I have same problem,I posted a bug report to asus.I've tried everything. But nothing fixed it.
      I have win 8.1 pro 64 bit O.S.
      please help mw with my asus xonar u5 external !
      driver software does not work!!
      onyl there is a usb switch button bottom of the device,when you switch it to usb 1.0 and plug it to your pc,you can use it with basic plug&play specifications.


  2. Nintendo Maniac 6427 Nov 2014 @ 06:58

    Question - how feasible would it be to route the Windows WASAPI calls into the Xonar ASIO driver so as to bypass the Xonar control panel's resampling?


  3. hutt13227 Nov 2014 @ 11:42

    How do you set playback to 24bit depth with this driver? Is it always on 24bit depth?


    • CarvedInside27 Nov 2014 @ 20:41

      Output bit depth is not set in any audio drivers.You set it in audio-video applications that support it and in windows playback settings. You can find how to set bit depth in FAQ Q&A9.
      TIP: Next time to save us both some time, try searching for the answer first.


  4. Muyop04 Dec 2014 @ 20:43

    Hello, is it possible you to move the center channel to front L/R to output 5.1 for a homogeneous 4.1 for those in quatriphonie
    Thank in you advance !


  5. Knight of Fire05 Dec 2014 @ 04:22

    How partial are you to your use of dating your releases as DD.MM.YYYY? Typically software development uses the YYYY-MM-DD format...


    • CarvedInside09 Dec 2014 @ 15:46

      Sorry for my late reply. I know that most of the software developers use that YYYY-MM-DD format, but some bigger sites like filehippo.com for example use DD MMM YYYY dates instead. Besides the fact that I don't see the real reason to using the YYYY-MM-DD styling, the dates that I use are for page updates are based on the page date format, with the exception that instead of MMM (Dec) I used MM (12) so that the items are properly align, which I admit could be confusing in some cases (confusing DD with MM).
      Thanks for the suggestion.


  6. Chris06 Dec 2014 @ 23:26

    i installed your drivers on a pc dedicated to music playback. So only win7 - uni xonar drivers - foobar2000 with kernel streaming - xonar essence st - DAC.
    Unfortunately i encountered a problem: everytime i hit the on-screen keyboard (i use a wireless mouse as a remote) the sound over spdif out disappears for a second then comes back.
    Windows system sounds are disabled and i set the xonar essence digital output to exclusive mode.


    • CarvedInside09 Dec 2014 @ 15:38

      Don't know what could be the issue, don't think it's from the drivers. Make sure your don't have GX enabled. Try using your onboard audio card instead and see if you still get the pause. If with onboard audio card the system works fine, you could try different UNi Xonar driver versions. You should try with Direct Sound as playback as well.
      LE: Think the exclusive mode are you referring is that one for WASAPI output playbacks. That reminds me should try with WASAPI as output in foobar.


  7. Brian Jones09 Dec 2014 @ 10:29

    I've got a Xonar DGX 5.1 and I've run the install file for the drivers but it doesn't seem to take. I've still got the same beta drivers installed that I got from the ASUS supposed support site. Any ideas why the new drivers aren't being installed? Also, relative to the card itself, when I run audio out through the fiber out connector, I'm running it to an old Spherex 5.1 XBOX System.. It supports DTS, Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic II. But when I run the Xonar DG Audio Center speaker test (speakers in a room that looks like the Holodeck), I only get the Left and Right Speaker to make any sound the rest are silent... I've also tested it with Dead Space PC game (it has a nice surround sound test built in) and even though I am getting some sound in all speakers, only the L and R seem to respond to the test.

    Thanks to any help I get in advance...!



    • Todd Secrest09 Dec 2014 @ 11:29

      Did you disable the motherboard's on-board audio, in the BIOS, when you installed the Xonar DGX?
      Sometimes on-board causes issues with add-on internal sound cards.
      The Xonar DG & DGX sound card can only output 2-channels of PCM digital audio thru it's S/PDIF optical port.
      So send more then 2-channels (like 5.1) thru the DG/DGX optical port, you need to use a separate program like DDL (Dolby Digital Live) or DTS-Connect, which will compress up to 6-channels of audio, that can then be sent thru the Xonar's optical port.
      The Xonar DS & DSX come with DTS-Connect and the Xonar DX & D1 come with DDL


    • CarvedInside09 Dec 2014 @ 13:41

      For the problem installing UNi Xonar drivers see this page. Before installing it's recommended that you uninstall current drivers. I recommend that you have System Restore turned on so you can easily get back to the state if you still would have problems installing the drivers (UNi or original).


  8. Shane11 Dec 2014 @ 10:18

    My asus dg card stopped using my center and bass speakers and I've tried everything to fix this. Can you please help me?


    • CarvedInside12 Dec 2014 @ 20:47

      They do not work in Asus Panel Speaker test and neither Windows speakers test (if Windows 7/8)? Have you tried your speakers with the onboard audio card?
      If your uninstalled and installed the Xonar drivers again and speakers are fine try setting sound as 7.1, 8 channels and connect the center/bass to the 4th output jack and check left back and right back speakers in speaker test. It could be that the 3rd jack is fried.


  9. Muyop11 Dec 2014 @ 22:19

    how to activate the subwoofer to quatriphonie (4.0) ? by default it does not work, it must be in 5.1 but I lose the center channel ...


  10. TomP15 Dec 2014 @ 13:21

    I am just about to install for the first time, so please excuse my newbie ignorance as I am unsure whether I need any of the add-ons. I can see 2 available…
    1777 drivers + ASIO 1.0%20[1] and…
    c-media panel, which Norton removes as unsafe.

    Do I need these add-ons and which of the ASUS apps are desirable…
    ASUS_TMT3_Xonar_v3_0_13_143 ArdSoft
    ASUSTMT__Xonar_3_0_13_144 utility

    …but the Driver install seems to allow none of these if I wany low-DPC latency, so please can you advise before I proceed with installation?

    I posted this originally in the add-ons section, but I guess the subject crosses both sections, so apologies in advance for the duplication


    • CarvedInside15 Dec 2014 @ 15:37

      In this case it's fine posting here. You don't need the addons from this page.
      Asus TMT3 is a player that offers various video/audio decoding and playback options like DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD. I don't think you need it.
      Are you saying you can't install Asus TMT application if you've installed UNi Xonar with Low DPC Latency option? But have you tried Normal installation? I think it may not work regardless of UNi Xonar panel configuration, and TMT3 provided by Asus may be incompatible with your OS or with the latest drivers that are included in UNi xonar drivers or with UNi Xonar drivers and it's requiring the special build drivers for HDAV only.


      • TomP15 Dec 2014 @ 16:50

        I started installing the drivers and an option appeared which asks for selection of ASUS panel or low Latency or C-media panel, maybe mistakenly indicating that they are mutually exclusive. Is it a straight choice?

        I do have the HDAV 1.3 Slim card in a Windows 7 PC, so from your comment, do I need some of the ASUS application or drivers?

        I stopped install because I hadn't gone into Test Mode, but it isn't completely clear in the documentation whether this means turning TESTSIGNING on or off, can you helps?

        Thanks for your patience with my newbie questions.


        • CarvedInside16 Dec 2014 @ 18:03

          Details about Panel configuration options are presented here. You can only pick one of those panel configuration option, each has advantages and its disadvantages. If you are unsure what to choose, just install with the default options (Normal). Later on, you can reinstall the drivers with other options.

          If you want to install UNi Xonar drivers then you don't install the ASUS drivers, it's either UNi or ASUS. As for other applications, there is only TMT3 and that's up to you if you think you need it, if you don't know then you probably don't need it.

          I am not sure what's unclear with Test Mode. I've replied to one of your early comments how to enable Test Mode. If you have Windows 7 x64 the you will most likely need to turn Test Mode ON in order for the drivers to work. You can try installing without Test Mode first and see if the card will be work or not, if not then enable Test Mode and install the drivers again.


  11. StephM16 Dec 2014 @ 22:34

    Thanks to you i do not have a random BSOD anymore in games! Great job!
    (Win 7 x64 and Xonar DX)


  12. Enigma17 Dec 2014 @ 18:56

    i have problem, when im installing drivers, at the end of the process, appears a window with:
    DeleteFile failed; code 5 access denied
    Now i have installed asus drivers and it works properly, but i will be grateful for help to install Uni Xonar 🙂


    • CarvedInside17 Dec 2014 @ 22:09

      When you tried installing and got the error, maybe you had the original drivers still installed. Uninstall the Asus drivers and when installing Uni Xonar Drivers check "Run driver cleaner before install".
      If that does not work then you should try with different UNi Xonar versions.


      • Enigma18 Dec 2014 @ 23:29

        It doesn't work.
        Uni Xonar was first drivers i tried to install.
        Other versions give the same effect. Everytime appears a window:
        An error occurred while trying to replace the existing file:
        DeleteFile failed; code 5.
        Access is denied.
        Options: abort, retry, ignore


        • Enigma19 Dec 2014 @ 18:22

          OK DONE
          I disabled audio onboard and run in SAFE MODE.
          Thx for help and for this drivers 😀


  13. Stan19 Dec 2014 @ 13:09

    I've problem with my Xonar DX card. This is my 4th card (3 previos has been sent to RMA). I always received a new card!
    Problem is that my card is making a crack noise on full volume when nothing is playing. This take like 2-3sec but it's very scary and disturbing. This happening very ocasionally and unexpectly. I've tried to use several version of official driver, i've tried your drivers as well. Tested with 3 computer (different MoBo, different chipset, other PCIe slots... ), Win 7 & 8.1 x64
    Nothing help

    I've red about this on Internet (as I'm not the only one with this problem) and ppl says it's driver related problem
    Any help is appreciated!


    • Stan22 Dec 2014 @ 09:45

      Nobody to help? What to do? Throw it into recycle bin?


      • Stan07 Jan 2015 @ 11:25

        I still haven't solve this, ASUS support is usseles (as always).

        So, i've decided to sell this card and I already purchased Xonar STX


  14. Todd Secrest19 Dec 2014 @ 17:52

    Did you disable the motherboard's on-board audio, in the BIOS?


    • Stan19 Dec 2014 @ 17:59

      As I said, this is my third computer since my first Xonar DX. Of course i disabled onboard audio!


  15. Raymond19 Dec 2014 @ 21:24

    i got a few new startup item after installing uni xonar driver:
    HsMgr, 2 of them (different file location)
    Windows Host Process (Rundll32)
    are those all related to the driver? FYI im installing the C media audio panel w/ GX


    • CarvedInside19 Dec 2014 @ 22:58

      The two HsMgr application are from UNi Xonar drivers. These processes are responsible for GX.
      RAVCpl64 is not from UNi Xonar drivers. This one is from Realtek audio drivers.
      Windows Host Process (Rundll32) might be but it's unclear by the name you posted.C-Media panel is launched through RunDll32.exe, c-media panel file is cmicnfgp.dll.


      • Raymond20 Dec 2014 @ 10:08

        okay, great thanks for the info, the RAVCpl64 gone after i run CCleaner on the registry. And the Rundll32 was indeed from C-media, figure out by its logo :P.
        Now i've trying to enable EAX for a game, The Witcher, which needed EAX for surround, but the option to enable EAX in game are greyed out. But EAX can be turned on/off in bioshock. so whats with that?


      • Raymond20 Dec 2014 @ 12:05

        oh yeah and Mass Effect 1 surround doesnt work either, tried reinstalling driver, editing the .ini file from the game according from an answer from EA support thread and still no surround for mass effect and the witcher. 🙁



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