1. edward-z06 May 2013 @ 12:36

    my essence stx makes clicking noises with 1.70 and 171 in the windows operating.
    with 1.63 there are no problems. WHY ???

    LE:noticed the problem is also at 1.63, sry


    • CarvedInside06 May 2013 @ 21:29

      If you try now with original drivers , do you have these issues too?
      FYI All Xonar cards make clicking noises during Windows boot, and sometimes when you change settings.


    • hunterz006 May 2013 @ 21:48

      The fact that you're *not* hearing clicking with some driver versions is what you should be concerned about.

      The clicking is normal, and happens because the Xonars use relays (electromagnetic switches) to toggle certain hardware functionality.


  2. Gregfield06 May 2013 @ 15:24

    I've got Xonar DS and there's a weird problem with it. Every time I unplug or plug in a normal jack plug in any of sockets Xonar has, the computer freezes.
    For example this card has a mic/line-in input and when I plug in my microphone or guitar, computer freezes instantely and I have to press the reset button. I use newest Uni Xonar drivers. Same thing happened on original Asus drivers. It's probably not a hardware problem cause I tried it on Linux and everything seems to be under this system.

    I've got Asus Xonar DS, Windows 7 64bit.

    It sucks when I have to restart my computer everytime I plug something into my card. Solution please?


    • badsykes07 May 2013 @ 14:27

      The only time when i had problems of this kind and not really with soundcard itself is when there is a electromagnetic discharge..I touched the computer case and by mistake i also touched the heater inside my room..The computer is conected to an ungrounded socket because the electric grid doesn't have the ground pin...Every time i get a discharge by mistake my pc freeze..To avoid this i ground the PC case directly to the heater so all charges that build up in the PC case are drained through the heater that acts like earth pin...
      Good luck.


    • CarvedInside07 May 2013 @ 19:59

      Make sure you have GX turned off. Try plug in the microphone after you've close every application opened/active on your system.

      Try your card in another PC. If it still does this, then the card has a hardware defect.


  3. -=WolverinE=-06 May 2013 @ 23:47

    The problem is that the driver installs, but the device doesn't start. Here's the error in the device properties:

    Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52)

    I tried installing in safe mode, not working. I also need the test mode enabled for other things so disabling it is not an option.

    Update: I’ve managed to make it work by manually picking the XonarSTX.INF in the official Win8 Asus driver (Beta Version Does that nullify the changed you’ve made to the driver, Carved? Thanks!


    • CarvedInside07 May 2013 @ 01:00

      Don't know what the deal is , check things in the drivers and STX driver signature is ok for both default installation and with "Driver signature bypass". Send me a screenshot with the Driver tab from Device Manager-> Asus Xonar STX -> Proprieties->Driver after you install 1.71 drivers

      It should not nullify the changes I made in UNi Xonar.


  4. -=WolverinE=-07 May 2013 @ 09:56

    I'd like to clarify that I've installed UNiXonar v1.71 and THEN update the "ASUS Xonar Essence STX Audio Device" with the Asus beta driver. As I already posted, it was not starting with UNiXonar only due to Code 52 so I manually picked the XonarSTX.inf from the asus beta driver. Here's a screenshot of the result:


    Here's another screenshot from the "update driver" window:


    As you can see, your driver appears digitally signed. I have no idea why Windows decides it isn't if it's installed...


    • CarvedInside07 May 2013 @ 20:10

      I need the Driver tab screenshot with 1.71 driver installed only , thats without applying the 1818 driver. Please send that to me.

      Btw what happens if you manually tried installing manually the 1.71 driver from the separate package you can download in Possible Solution 1. I don't remember you mentioning if you've tried that.


  5. Torbjørn G. Dahle07 May 2013 @ 20:27

    These drivers are fantastic. I have a question, though: when I open the ASIO config window from Ableton Live, the bitrate/delay selectors are disabled. Is this a problem with the drivers or the application? Is there a way of getting at that config panel from outside the application?


    • CarvedInside07 May 2013 @ 20:33

      Thanks. Well usually this happens when ASIO output is in use. If your application does not have a way to turn off the playback, close it and you can launch ASIO config panel by right clicking ASUS or Cmedia Panel tray icon. If you are on DPC lantecy version, you can use the ASIO settings viewer/changer from the downloads section in the page above.


  6. -=WolverinE=-08 May 2013 @ 13:07

    I forgot to check in the Possible Solutions page. Manually picking the STX.inf did the job. It works now! 🙂


  7. duckne5508 May 2013 @ 19:57

    Is it possible to switch between the Xonar and my motherboard audio? I have my headphones connected to the back of the sound card and my speakers to my motherboard. I would like to switch between the two inside of windows through the "playback devices" screen, but I am unable to find the option to output through the motherboard (even after "Show Disabled/Disconnected Devices" is checked). The Realtek audio drivers were reinstalled but no dice.

    if it’s needed, I’m running Win 7 x64, a Z77 ASRock Extreme 4 mobo, and a Xonar DG


    • MasterFaster10 May 2013 @ 09:56

      From playback devices you can choose which one that you will set as default.

      When I had my on-board audio enabled, I just switched that way from Xonar DX and on-board audio. Now I have completely disabled the on-board audio, as I have connected the front panel to the Xonar DX.


      • duckne5513 May 2013 @ 12:47

        >From playback devices you can choose which one that you will set as default

        errr the option to do so was not there. Anyway I fixed it myself, had to force enable the integrated audio in the BIOs (was set to automatic initially)
        I can't use my front panel headers because they're spoilt and it would ruin the look of my battlestation.


        • MasterFaster13 May 2013 @ 15:18

          In playback devices (right click on speakers icon in taskbar), choose the device you want and then click on set default then click on apply and then click on ok..


  8. JP10 May 2013 @ 09:00

    can you offer the solution for me? when i installed this driver, i saw "can't any device." what can i do?


  9. Saki10 May 2013 @ 19:25

    I cant download it, google says file infected, only owner can download it


  10. TheRuslu15 May 2013 @ 00:10

    A silly question, but should I use 6 or 8CH for "System Input" if I have a 5.1 headset?


  11. semtexxl17 May 2013 @ 14:28

    I'm testing your latest driver. (Thanks for them :)) However there is some strange error when I initialize the setup. Here is some picture:
    Anyone else is getting this error? (Win 7 Ultimate 32bit, Xonar D2X, 1.71 uni driver pack) No such error with previous 1.64 driver.

    LE:BTW After ignoring and installing everything works ok so it must be some ‘cosmetic’ setup mistake?! ..or due to downsizing of the setup to 7mb?!


    • CarvedInside17 May 2013 @ 16:59

      Did you had "Digital signature bypass" previously selected? That option does not appear anymore on x86 OS.
      If you try to run the setup again, without actually installing, you get that error again?
      Its a UNi Installer error related to the components & options list .The installed drivers are fine.


  12. mxiia18 May 2013 @ 05:52

    the fpswitch.zip seems to not unzip. Am I doing something wrong?

    I currently have the 1821 1.71 version of this driver. I just want to be able to leave my speakers in the back and switch to headphones when they're plugged into the front panel then switch back to speakers when unplugged. How would I do this?


    • CarvedInside18 May 2013 @ 10:19

      Just redownloaded fpswitch.zip and its extracting fine. Redownload and try a different file archiver program (like 7z).

      Only some cards support automatic switching between HP and speakers when you plugin/unplugin the Headphones. Check the specifications of your card.


  13. levin18 May 2013 @ 06:45

    Hey, love the driver. Just wondering if this would support multiple Xonar Cards? Eg. STX and a DGX


  14. pbuck19 May 2013 @ 05:45

    I'm having a problem: normally, I have SPDIF output to my headphone amp as primary playback device, and set foobar2000 (a music player) to output to 2.1 Speakers through Asus Xonar. I recently installed 1.71 UNi Xonar drivers and now if I enable SPDIF the audio is sent to all devices on the system. Also, with SPDIF enabled I can't play two different sources of audio at once. PLEASE help, this is driving me insane because it worked perfectly before.


    • CarvedInside19 May 2013 @ 12:29

      Which are the drivers that you had before and worked?

      If everything is as it where on your side, then it could be a bug in the newest audio drivers that are included with 1.71 drivers . I suggest you try reinstalling 1.71 preferably doing a clean install detailed in FAQ Q&A 1, if it does not work properly, try with older releases (1.70, 1.64, 1.62, 1.54). Let us know of your findings.


      • pbuck19 May 2013 @ 21:31

        I had 1.70 installed prior to that and my card is the DGX. I've tried reinstalling 1.70, 1.71, and even the latest Asus drivers and nothing is fixing this. I made sure to run the batch file and then driver fusion as well, rebooting in between each step. Right now I have S/PDIF Pass-Through Device set as my default audio device, foobar2000 playing with the output set to Speakers (ASUS Xonar DGX Audio Device) and I can hear the output through S/PDIF and analog output. If I load a youtube video, the audio from foobar2000 becomes inaudible through the S/PDIF connection (audible on speakers still), and I can hear the youtube video through the S/PDIF connection. But, the audio from foobar2000 comes back on all channels as soon as I close my browser.


        • CarvedInside20 May 2013 @ 07:07

          It's not clear, are you saying that previously you had 1.70 and then it worked fine?
          Which OS do have?


          • pbuck20 May 2013 @ 19:08

            It worked fine with 1.70 before, but no longer works with any version installed. Windows 7.


            • CarvedInside21 May 2013 @ 11:13

              Then its probably not a driver issue, and instead a configuration one. Besides the fact I don't have a SPDIF receiver, so I am limited in checking this, from the informations you gave me I haven't had any luck figuring what could be the cause.


              • pbuck22 May 2013 @ 20:28

                I think the problem is that the Xonar mirrors analog output to SPDIF no matter what if its enabled. There doesn't seem to be any separation whatsoever. Really annoying.


  15. Justin19 May 2013 @ 20:28

    Thanks for all the hard work! I had a question about the addon headphone ohm switcher. There is no documentation with it. I have sennheiser HD558 50 ohm connected directly to my xonar dx and was wondering which I should use? Thanks!


    • CarvedInside19 May 2013 @ 22:19

      Yeah sorry, its only for the cards that support changing that in the Asus Audio Center. Xonar DX does not support that.



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