1. Dade13 Jan 2015 @ 17:39

    hi at all!
    unfortunally i've many issues with asus xonar D2.
    i report many BSOD whit cmudaxp.sys.

    i've windows 7 sp1 x64, and i try to install the asus official drivers and uni official driver (last version).
    i've already fully uninstall the drivers for many times, and now i've formatted the pc, so is clean. i think that the problem is that the win update KB936225x64 because with sp.1 i can't install it...it can be?.

    the BSOD occour when the audio card was abilitated. so now i've the pc whitout audio :((.

    there is any solution for this issue??
    thx for answers :))


    • CarvedInside13 Jan 2015 @ 17:55

      Hi. The update is for un-updated Vista OSes. You can't install it because it is not designed for Win7 SP1. The problem is somewhere else. You should check the card in another PC, if you still get the BSOD then the card is faulty.


  2. Dade13 Jan 2015 @ 19:42

    ok! thx! i can't try it on other pc because i've got only one 🙁
    i refer that when the audio card was abilitated the sound work for some seconds/minutes after that it freeze the pc or turn in bsod with cmudaxp.sys, one thime the problem was imputable to portcls.sys...there are other thing that i can do for fix this problem??
    thx for answer 🙂


    • Darchy24 Jan 2015 @ 21:34

      HI Dade - If you're still having this problem try this to at least regain your sound:

      Make sure the sound card is fully seated (pushed in and connected)
      Completely uninstall drivers for your card and delete ONLY it's relevant folder and re-scan hardware - DO NOT install automatically (This is important)
      Manually find your drivers from your sound card CD and install.
      Reset your PC and see if you have sound.

      This worked for me when my old ASUS XONAR DS screwed up - I hope this is of some help.


    • CarvedInside24 Jan 2015 @ 22:53

      Please use the reply button properly. When replying to an existing discussion use reply button floating on the right of the comment you are replying to.
      If you are using a NoScript browser addon then you should disable it so that “reply to discussion” button works correctly.


  3. Cristi15 Jan 2015 @ 14:26


    I have a asus DG SI and seems that when I talking with someone he can hear a annoying buzz sound so I activated the Monitoring options and sandly he was right.
    So i tried many settings in asus control panel and i didnt get rid of that buzz sound, the only way was to deactivate microphone boost and i didnt hear no more the buzz sound but the problem is that no one can hear me when talking on mic.
    On realtek i could change manually the db of the microphone but on this asus xonar dg si i see only option to disable or enable microphone boost with no option to slide de db so do you have any suggestion for me?
    Thank you.


  4. TomP15 Jan 2015 @ 17:34

    I just got my HTPC fully running, loaded the 1.75 drivers and can get video / audio direct from my MDB HDMI port, but when I connect it through my Xonar Slim 1.3 input, there is nothing coming from the HDMI out. I have tried both HDMI and DVI inputs to the Xonar (via the supplied cable) and neither works. I can't see any settings in the manual so can you help?

    Many thanks...TomP


    • TomP16 Jan 2015 @ 10:55

      Just a thought, does the HDMI pass-through itself need any drivers and if so, are they included in the drivers here or must I load something from ASUS?


    • CarvedInside16 Jan 2015 @ 13:31

      Don't know what you mean by MDB HDMI. I don't have any experience with HDAV cards so I can't be of much help. Maybe someone with a HDAV card will jump in and help out. I'm not sure what exactly is the problem, the HDAV HDMI input does not work or/and HDAV HDMI output doesn't? Maybe you should try with the original Asus drivers ( v1794) and see if with those drivers the cards HDMI output(?) works.


      • TomP16 Jan 2015 @ 13:53

        Sorry, it was a mistype. It should be MBD = motherboard. Help would be appreciated.
        If it helps, control panel offers me 2 sound options for the "ASUS Xonar HDAV Slim Audio Device" but selecting either of these make no difference...
        - Speakers
        - SPDIF Pass-through Device
        Do I have to remove the UNI Xonar drivers to install the ASUS ones? and would I have to uninstall the ASUS to get back to UNI Xonar?


        • CarvedInside16 Jan 2015 @ 14:24

          Yes it is recommended that you uninstall the UNi Xonar drivers before installing ASUS ones, the same rule applies going from ASUS to UNi.
          Let me know if with ASUS drivers HDMI output works.


          • TomP16 Jan 2015 @ 18:59

            Help. The UnI Xonar driver uninstall has been stuck for 30min and nothing is happening - any thoughts?


            • CarvedInside16 Jan 2015 @ 20:34

              The uninstall process take less than 1 minute. End task the process if it's stuck. Restart and try uninstalling again if the entry is still in Programs and Features. If it gets stuck again then you can either try a driver clean like it's presented in FAQ Q&A1 (steps 2-3) or just install the ASUS drivers.


              • TomP17 Jan 2015 @ 00:11

                I did that, thanks. Installing the ASUS drivers made no difference, still no HDMI output. Ideas welcome.

                I contacted ASUS support and they suggested disabling the on-board graphics controller but is that not illogical as the card acts as a pass-through for the main graphics controller?


                • CarvedInside17 Jan 2015 @ 14:28

                  It seems so, and it is specified in the HDAV manual that you need both HDMI input and output connected, but as I said I have no experience with HDAV cards. Just to be rule out that it's not a driver problem and that the original drivers have been installed correctly, check the Driver Version field from Device Manager Xonar HDAV card proprieties, it should end in 1794.

                  What I can say is that from the looks of it it's either a configuration issue on your part (check that the cables are properly connected and you've selected HDMI Out like it's described in Chapter 6.2 of the HDAV manual) or the Xonar HDMI output is defective. I don't know what else to say.


  5. razafy15 Jan 2015 @ 17:38

    I have Xonar STX since 2010, and I found this driver very excellent, it sounds better than originally driver. I'm a audiophile since 1996. Thank you for your works.
    I don't have any issue installing it, I'm in win7 x64.


    • CarvedInside15 Jan 2015 @ 20:57

      I'm happy to hear that. Thanks for sharing. Can you tell me which panel configuration have you installed with UNi Xonar drivers?


  6. razafy16 Jan 2015 @ 08:09

    the panel is the default xonar audio center. It will be really wonderfull If possible for you to make a driver for osx, all osx users will be glad, there are a work cmi8788 family driver but not finished. Sorry for my english.


  7. TomP17 Jan 2015 @ 15:44

    Thanks for confirming all that I had already done, the driver version is correct, cables connected and the HDMI out selected (this is only a sound setting not video) - of course this was via the motherboard HDMI and I can't check it via the HDAV HDMI as it doesn't work.
    There seem to be no video settings in the ASUS panel and only sound output settings available in Windows (where I did select the HDAV Slim pass-through configuration too)
    I've run out of config options, so I guess there is something faulty and I need to return the card as defective. Thanks for your patient help and advice.


  8. Greg20 Jan 2015 @ 19:20

    Anyone have any luck installing the drivers for Asus Xonar DS on Windows 10 64 bit. I've right clicked on unknown device, browsed to the extracted drivers and select Xonar DS device. After trying to install the drivers I get "This device cannot start (code 10)"


  9. ry25 Jan 2015 @ 15:40

    [false report]
    Hey, Xonar STX working on Windows 10 x64, but only through RCA and SPDIF outputs, the Headphones jack is not working. Anyone has a fix for this? Thanks


    • CarvedInside26 Jan 2015 @ 14:41

      Hi. Which panel are you using to switch to Headphones jack? you could try swithing with C-Media panel or XonarSwitch. If that does not work, its a driver issue and you'll have to wait till newer drivers are available.


      • ry28 Jan 2015 @ 19:17

        Well... I forgot to switch to headphones. It was in 2 speakers mode hehe, sorry, my fault. Working perfectly in Windows 10!!


  10. DT05 Feb 2015 @ 13:03

    Hey, I recently bought Asus Xonar DX card and installed it with "UNi Xonar driver 1822 V1.75a r2" under Win7-64bit. My mainboard is Asus Z97 Pro and I chose "C-media audio panel" option during driver installation. Everything went well until the 4 days later. There was no sound after initial PC booting in the morning, so that I had to reboot it and then I got the sound. But same problem happened again at the following day. I un-installed the driver, and re-installed it, after 4 days, the same problem haunted me --- I didn't get the sound until PC reboot. What is the possible cause for this issue? Any solution?


    • CarvedInside05 Feb 2015 @ 21:17

      When you have no sound, check the Asus Xonar DX entry in Device Manager. Check if it signals any problems or if it does not show at all.

      My guess is that the card has a issue or that there is a motherboard issue or incompatibility with the card. Make sure you have the latest bios loaded on the motherboard.
      You should check the card in another PC (maybe give it to a friend for a week of so) and see if the issues manifest there as well in order to know if your Xonar card is faulty.

      Let us know of any developments.


  11. gustavo14 Feb 2015 @ 08:23

    hi , any chance of support ROG Thunderbolt ?



    • CarvedInside14 Feb 2015 @ 13:11

      Hi. It is not possible because the drivers and audiochipset are different than the cards supported with UNi Xonar.


  12. CroDude14 Feb 2015 @ 11:07

    I have problems with the front panel with my asus xonar 5.1. I installed your drivers and everything works perfectly fine when I plug speakers/headphones directly into the card, but when I plug them into the front panel (I switched to FP Headphones when I was using headphones in the audio Center or 2 speakers when I was using speakers, I plugged the AC'97 jack into the card and also checked the same in the Audio Center) but I hear some noise in the background, like some "static electricity". I found somewhere that I should plug the sound card away from the graphic card because the static electricity of those two interferes and causes that noise so i plugged the sound card in the most far away PCI slot but the problem is still here, Do you have some advice how to fix this please???


    • CarvedInside14 Feb 2015 @ 13:43

      The video card or motherboard interferences may affect the cable connecting the Xonar card to the case front panel. You should check if connecting the onboard audio to the front panel give the same noise. If it does, you may try switching that cable position to be on the opposite side of the motherboard and see if it helps. That cable might be poorly isolated, I don't know what you could do about, you may find something about that on the net. If you have overclocked your CPU then you should try switching to default speed and see if the noise is still there.
      If using the onboard card does not, there there might be something wrong with your Xonar card.


  13. semtexxl17 Feb 2015 @ 11:51

    There is some strange problem with C-Media panel drivers or maybe others as well? It doesn't matter which one GX enabled option or not, nothing else ticked except “Run driver cleaning before install” on Win 7 Ultimate x86. Tested on clean install but it doesn't really matter that much as it happens very often (tested before). Right after installation you can click on Mixing/Mixer tab in C-Media panel and you'll get this crash error:


    Strange. Also there seems to be some patter when it occurs depending on “position” of Speakers volume control in Mixer tab. Here is an example of correctly working drivers without any crash. Notice “Speakers” is in the middle position:


    The problem begins when it's on the right side.....Fix is very annoying. You have to install/reinstall till it's ok.
    Also as someone mentioned in earlier posts right after you click on restart now after installation process was finished windows hangs forever on “closing programs” of course Uni is the one blocking restart. This is a long term bug which goes back to drivers version which are “asking for license agreement” or something like that. Now I can't remember the exact thing. Thanks for any help.


    • CarvedInside18 Feb 2015 @ 15:47

      Which version of UNi Xonar drivers have you tried? You could try using an older C-Media Panel version (use C-media Panel v1.62 addon or just install an older driver version) and see if you still get the crash.

      On the restart hang. You should not restart when prompted by the driver installer. I've added a message about this in the installer help. There are some additional settings that are applied by UNi Xonar installer after the driver installation finishes. If you wish, you can restart after you close UNi Xonar installer.


      • semtexxl18 Feb 2015 @ 19:41

        Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the lack of info. It's latest 1.75a for my D2X card. The driver and panel are working flawlessly once installed “correctly”. I still don't get why it happens so randomly. I can't simply see any pattern or clue. It can be some sort of bug in the latest C-Media panel version presented in 1.75 driver. Anyway it's only matter of patience while installing them so I guess in latter versions it will be fixed.
        As for the restart thing. You're right it doesn't have to be restarted once installation was finished. I was only curious about this “cosmetic” problem.

        BTW It's great to finally have working ASIO out. As usually the problem was between the seat and keyboard. 😉 You need to run any audio player as admin - UAC prompt (in win 7 and other systems with UAC) to get it work with “real time” priority in task manger. Also keep ticked “Run with high process priority” anyway in foobar2k settings under Preferences-Playback-Output-ASIO tab. This way you can get playback without any annoying noises, stuttering and lags. If any program makes problems simply run it above normal process priority in task manager. Like for example scrolling in web browser...In my case Opera 12.17 was the problem. Hope this helps.


  14. De2945319 Feb 2015 @ 15:59

    Getting random BSODs since using the Optical Out (Amp/DAC combo) on my Xonar DX... If I use the headphone out instead it works just fine. Will going to 1.64 Rev 2 possibly help (coming from 1.72)?


    • CarvedInside19 Feb 2015 @ 16:04

      Don't know. Don't think anybody else reported a similar issue. Which panel configuration are you using? The OS you use?
      Make sure you don't enable GX. Before you try with 1.64 drivers, you could try uninstalling the current drivers and installing them again.


  15. Edwin19 Feb 2015 @ 23:28

    I use these drivers for 2 years now but lately (half a year) run into a problem. After updating NVidia drivers and a reboot, my 'Xonar HDAV1.3 Deluxe' did not work. After rebooting via 'Disable driver signature enforcement' the card was activated again after a reinstall of the 'Unified Drivers 1.72'. After that I could do a normal boot and the card was active. After some time (could be days or weeks) the sound was gone because the unsigned driver was not approved in Windows 8.1. A reinstall fixed it so no problem. But now I activated SLI (did a NVidia driver clean, and removed all UNIfied drivers) and after a normal install via 'UNi-Xonar-1822-v1.75a-r2.exe' there was no way to get the soundcard up in running in normal boot, only after a Windows reboot to “Disable driver signature enforcement" the card worked fine. After an install via the '1.72 Driver only' way the problem seems solved; now the card is also active via a normal Windows boot.
    Looks like the driver signature via the 'UNi-Xonar-1822-v1.75a-r2.exe' install is changed or Windows 8.1 is handling it differently?
    Hope this post helps other users for now and will appreciate (with a second donation ;-)) if the problem is gone in future updates.


    • CarvedInside22 Feb 2015 @ 03:08

      "...in normal boot, only after a Windows reboot to “Disable driver signature enforcement” the card worked fine. After an install via the ‘1.72 Driver only’ way the problem seems solved; now the card is also active via a normal Windows boot." I don't understand this part, which of the methods had worked? You are saying 2 different things here.

      The way "Disable driver signature enforcement" works is that you need to activate it everytime you want to install some unsigned drivers (like UNi Xonar drivers and HDAV card). In this case the only way a driver install would work in normal boot is if the installed drivers would be still working and you would reinstall the exact same drivers without previously uninstalling the drivers. You would use this if you were to install the drivers with a different Panel Configuration option.
      In you case, it seems to me that something breaks the list of approved unsigned drivers that where installed. This could either be because of Windows updates that would mess with the driver signature system or a Windows bug.

      If this issue happens frequently and you don't want to reboot with "Disable driver signature enforcement" in order to install the drivers you should look into permanently enabling Test Mode.



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