1. Pierre11 Aug 2015 @ 00:02

    Hello everybody !
    Do any of you have try this driver with the Xonar Xense on Windows 10 ? I would like to know if everything is working well. Thank you in advance !


    • Crazy11 Aug 2015 @ 20:28

      Works just fine for me. Xonar DG and C-Media Pannel on Win 10 64bit.


    • Chris S18 Aug 2015 @ 23:46

      Other than my post about a skype issue down below, I have had excellent experience with them. Xonar Essence STX on Win10 64bit.


  2. Fabian Witkowski11 Aug 2015 @ 00:54

    Did anyone solve the 5.1 issue with Asus Xonar Essence STX II? I still cannot get correct 5.1 sound. Only my center and L+R works in windows. Do you have any tips?


  3. error971112 Aug 2015 @ 19:01

    Hi everybody!

    I have a Xonar D1...Can somebody send me the already installed files of the v1.75a r2. PLS!! My sound card is not recognized becouse it is called in the Device Manager "other device"...i need the intalled files to browse a chipset in the device manager to get my card recognized...this is how i fixed all the time..asus sometimes has this issue..but until this driver i could also download the installed driver in a folder extracted from a .rar file but now there is just a setup file that i cant use becouse it isnt installing becouse it doesnt find my card which is unrecognized at the moment...SO PLS I WOULD BE OBLIGED IF SOMEBODY COULD SEND ME THE INSTALLED DRIVER FOLDER!!! PLS!! 🙁


  4. Martin12 Aug 2015 @ 20:39

    The issue with the sound stuttering in chrome has to do with "Hardware acceleration" i had the same issue in Windows 7 for my setup.
    Try turning that off, its down in the bottom of the advanced settings.


  5. T0ELZFIS12 Aug 2015 @ 22:23

    How do I change the driver settings if I've installed the xonar drivers manually without the GUI?


  6. Michael13 Aug 2015 @ 15:55

    Hi there,
    I've a problem with my Essence STX I for a very long time: sometimes when i play html5 videos on youtube (irregular, ~once in 2 months) i get a very loud high pitched noise instead of normal audio. To fix this, I need to reboot the computer (e.g. muting doesn't help).
    I hoped that it was somehow related to W7, but after switching to W10 I still have the same issue. The problem with this is, that the sound is so loud, that you want to rip your headphones off asap.
    There is even a whole thread on head-fi deadicated to this issue: http://www.head-fi.org/t/494565/xonar-essense-stx-random-loud-high-pitched-ringing-noise/120.
    Low latency drivers unfortunately don't help.
    Do you have any idea what the reason for this could be? Thanks!


  7. gustavo14 Aug 2015 @ 07:14

    hi ,
    which card you recommend?


  8. Robert Lacey14 Aug 2015 @ 17:51

    I'm having an issue with the Xonar Essence STX II 7.1 in Windows 10, in that I can't get any sound to play from the daughterboard connectors. I've tried using the latest drivers on this site (1.75b v2) and also the "official" beta drivers. With the former I only get the options to select stereo output in the sound control menu; with the latter I get the options to select 5.1 or 7.1 output, but when I connect up cables no sound comes to those speakers.

    Has anyone else experienced this? I note a few complaints re: 5.1 sound, but the ones I've read seem to have centre channel sound, whereas I can't get any sound from the daughterboard at all.


  9. badg3r15 Aug 2015 @ 03:29

    I have a Xonar STX and it's been working great for 2 years. Today, when I turned on my PC, I noticed a faint hiss coming from my headphones. I haven't made any software, settings or driver changes whatsoever. Also, no hardware changes have been made to the system.
    Is my card dying?


  10. Chris S16 Aug 2015 @ 06:48

    Does anybody else with these drivers have any issues with Skype calls? Roughly every second call I receive, Skype crashes out when I press answer. Searching online, MS claims that it has something to do with the EAX emulation. I have ONLY noticed it in Win 10. My Win7 install had no such issues and I am trying to find anything to fix it.


  11. Mike Tran16 Aug 2015 @ 09:51

    Hi everybody, need help...
    - my PC: windows 7 64bit, 8GB RAM
    - HQplayer desktop 2.8.0 as music player
    - soundcard Asus Xonar STX with UniXonar driver installed
    - everything works perfect, until...

    ... i heard many talking about ASIO something will give us better soundstage, doesn't it? but i can't find any setting option in my HQPlayer Desktop 2.8.0 about ASIO, i also dont have the HQPlayer Desktop ASIO icon to open. Right Clicked on Xonar Center icon on right bottom of desktop, i saw Asus Xonar ASIO, but nothing happended when it's selected.

    so what should i do now, i want to try ASIO with my PC... should i install ASIO driver for my STX soundcard? where can i find it? then what happend with installed UniXonar dirver?

    sorry for my bad English, please help, it's appriciated...


    • CarvedInside20 Aug 2015 @ 02:45

      Which UNi Xonar driver version have you installed? ASIO driver components are installed with UNi Xonar drivers and clicking Asus Xonar Asio from tray icon should bring a small panel with ASIO settings.
      If you launch C-Media panel (from star menu->All Programs->UNi Xonar) and right click its tray icon and select ASIO Panel, does it do anything? If you search on for cmasiopx.dll in "C:\Windows\System32\" and for cmasiopx.dll in "C:\Windows\SysWOW64" can you find them?

      ASIO delivers lower latency and could also have a better sound quality. I prefer using WASAPI as output instead, should have the same for sound quality as ASIO.


      • Mike Tran25 Aug 2015 @ 18:05

        Which UNi Xonar driver version have you installed? - the v1.75a r2, and everything works well.
        If you launch C-Media panel and right click its tray icon and select ASIO Panel, does it do anything? - yes, the ASIO panel appears and i choose 24 bit, 10ms, should i choose 1ms?
        If you search on for cmasiopx.dll ... - yes, i see them there

        all 3 things above seem on right track? doesn't it? it means im using ASIO when playing music with HQPlayer Desktop? if wrong, what should i do now?
        you prefer WASAPI, so what should i do now?

        thank you sooo much.


        • CarvedInside27 Aug 2015 @ 23:25

          That means ASIO driver component is installed. It does not mean you are using ASIO when playing with HQPlayer, you need to set that in HQPlayer settings, meaning changing the output device to ASUS Xonar ASIO driver or WASAPI in HQPlayer.


          • Mike Tran30 Aug 2015 @ 04:43

            yes, but sadly, no Asus Xonar ASIO optione in Output device 🙁 maybe HQPlayer does not support ASIO?
            If i install the WASAPI driver for my STX (for example, because i haven't even found it), how about your driver?
            could u help me searching for a link of WASAPI for STX?


  12. pa$co17 Aug 2015 @ 02:52

    My Xonar Xense causes small stutter/mini freezes during a game. When I deactivate the sound card the freezes are gone and also my fps are better.
    I installed the 1.75a driver on Wiondows 10 (x64)


  13. Archmetal17 Aug 2015 @ 08:41

    WOW, I downloaded the Windows 10 update and my Xonar HDAV 1.3 no longer worked. I downloaded these drivers and I have never heard it sound better!! Thank you!


  14. S N18 Aug 2015 @ 02:35

    Thank you so much for these drivers. I upgraded to Windows 10 from 8.1, and the only audio problems I met with my Xonar DX were with YouTube – terrible crackling every now and then. Foobar and games worked fine. I tried to install the latest Asus Xonar drivers and (naturally) all that did was prompt me to remove the current ones, but afterwards and more importantly, I could not install the downloaded 64bit W8.1 drivers at all, which were the closest suitable ones available. Will donate.


  15. M19 Aug 2015 @ 02:04

    THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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