1. Mahaaveer04 Dec 2015 @ 10:10

    I own a Xonar U7 Echelon edition. Its sonic studio drivers are shitty. I am using regular U7's driver on Echelon edition. I understand that Unixonar drivers are not supported. When I tick on xear surround max, nothing happens! (Dolby Home Theatre V4 is OFF ).I badly need to upmix my stereo sources to 5.1. I feel horrible for buying this card at premium price. Any help from here is much appreciated. Alternate drivers? Setting tweaks ? Thanks. PS: I don't care about sonic radar


      • Mahaaveer04 Dec 2015 @ 18:10

        There is no option to specify input channels to 2 on U7 drivers.


        • CarvedInside04 Dec 2015 @ 18:28

          For the suggestion in 4b it does not require to set input channels to 2.


          • Mahaaveer04 Dec 2015 @ 20:55

            Using player settings sound weird. Alienish. I use ac3 filter on kmplayer for stereo sources. Anywhere I can download c-media control panel alone?


            • CarvedInside04 Dec 2015 @ 21:55

              You could try different plugins or changing the audio/video player. You can't download C-Media Panel.


    • HunterZ04 Dec 2015 @ 17:43

      Does it let you specify stereo input and 5.1 output? If you do this, does it then give you the option to use Dolby ProLogic IIx decoding?


      • Mahaaveer04 Dec 2015 @ 18:12

        I can set 5.1 analog output. However, I cannot set input source to 2 channels. There is this Xear surround max option but enabling it has no effect on rear speakers


        • HunterZ04 Dec 2015 @ 18:56

          That's unfortunate, as it has apparently been impossible since Windows Vista for the drivers to detect how many channels are being produced by an application due to the way the Windows mixer works.


  2. Dicehunter04 Dec 2015 @ 18:42

    Just curious but is there that much of an improvement over standard Xonar drivers for the STXII ? I have Windows 10 and I'm using the official Windows 10 drivers and I know the author won't be supporting it anytime soon but is it worth making a separate Windows 8.1 partition for ?


    • CarvedInside04 Dec 2015 @ 21:57

      I can't understand what you are trying to say.


      • Dicehunter04 Dec 2015 @ 23:57

        Is it worth me going back to Windows 8.1 to install the Uni drivers or should I stick to Windows 10 with the official STXII drivers ?


        • CarvedInside05 Dec 2015 @ 02:04

          But UNi Xonar drivers already work for Windows 10, I don't understand why you say you have to go back to Win 8.1 to install them.
          Whether it's worth installing UNi Xonar drivers over original drivers it's up to you. You should look at UNi Xonar Features before making the decision.


  3. Ross Scott05 Dec 2015 @ 20:02

    Hello, if this has been answered in this thread already, please let me know and I'll try to dig through it. I have a Xonar DX on Windows 7-64 bit. In EVERY driver release I've tried (both official and Uni), I've had two distinct problems:

    1. So far this only happens when watching Youtube videos, but occasionally if I skip around the timeline while it's playing, I suddenly get LOUD static that's so bad I have to throw my headphones off my ears and usually have to reboot the computer to fix it. This happens seemingly at random. This is a serious issue for me and is really making me reconsider if I can keep using this card as I may be damaging my hearing. ANY advice on this would be helpful.

    2. After a timespan anywhere from a few hours to a few months, the volume control on the right side will simply stop working and I have to reinstall the drivers to fix it. This is a big nuisance when I'm in the middle of an audio editing project. I've found similar reports about it here:


    Thanks in advance for any help and I apologize if I've brought up existing issues that have been solved.


    • CarvedInside05 Dec 2015 @ 22:32

      Hi. Neither of the two problems have a solution. Cause of the issue is unknown, I suspect it's a incompatibility with certain systems (specifically the motherboard).
      For problem no.1 you could get a headphone amplifier, set the soundcard volume to 100% and control the volume from the amplifier.
      But the best solution is to get a Creative soundcard or a headphones DAC & amplifier.


      • Ross Scott05 Dec 2015 @ 22:36

        It's ironic that I have an Asus motherboard (M5A97) and it's not compatible. As for Creative, I've pretty much been ready to boycott them since the Daniel_K incident, my understanding is the drivers are still just as fragile. I guess I may have to look into some sort of DAC solution, that's unfortunate.


        • HunterZ05 Dec 2015 @ 22:52

          When I first bought my Xonar DX, I had compatibility issues with an Asus motherboard also. Specifically, I believe the sound card would not work at all if I had the secondary SATA controller enabled. I reported this to Asus and they claimed they could not replicate the issue.


        • CarvedInside05 Dec 2015 @ 23:31

          Most compatibility issues so far where on Asus motherboards. Asus is only in for the money and does not care in making good products and provide them with at least decent support. They spend the money on marketing and sometimes on paid reviews. So it's no surprise that most compatibility issues are on Asus motherboards with Asus soundcards.


    • smurf mailer11 Dec 2015 @ 19:51

      Ross, the first issue happens rarely to me, but I only know the workaround for the second one. Go to windows sound settings, where playback devices are listed, and disable xonar speakers. Then go to device manager in windows, and turn off xonar soundcard. Do not reboot windows. Reenable xonar, reenable speakers in playback devices - sound should get back to normal... until next time.


      • D29 Dec 2015 @ 10:30

        I just disable and then enable the sound card through device manager too (make sure nothing uses the audio or you might get asked to restart).


  4. Maarten06 Dec 2015 @ 13:34

    I have a xonar d2 with the latest drivers from thuis site. I've ran in to the following problem: When I set up coax digital out I only get right and center channel sound. All other speakers are completely silent regardless of the digital settings I implement


    • CarvedInside06 Dec 2015 @ 19:56

      Driver version installed? Your OS? Did this happen after a certain point?
      Try reinstalling the drivers. Try installing a different driver version. Try your speaker system with another card.


      • Maarten07 Dec 2015 @ 00:29

        Windows 7 1.80b. It happened when I changed the pcm settings to 196khz in the xonar d2 utility program. The coax has worked with this setup therefore I doubt it has anything to do with the receiver or speakers themselves. Ill try a bunch of things to be sure


  5. Jason09 Dec 2015 @ 01:35

    I've got a problem that I don't believe is related to these drivers specifically but I figured you might be able to help... I have a Xonar DX. The first sign of a problem was when I tried to watch a video in Media Player Classic, there was a codec/renderer error and therefore no audio output. Then I realized every video had the same error regardless of the audio codec. I checked the MPC-HC settings and output audio renderer was set to "System Default". Switching that to "Default DirectSound Device" results in the same error. When switching to "Speakers (ASUS Xonar DX Audio D (00200000))" everything is fine, all videos and audio play as expected. https://s3.amazonaws.com/Quaraxkad/Misc/xonar_err_2.jpg

    Then I launched Foobar2000 and it wouldn't play any music files either. In the Foobar settings, switching the output device from "DS : Primary Sound Driver" to one of the WASAPI options allows playback as expected. https://s3.amazonaws.com/Quaraxkad/Misc/xonarxonar_err_3.jpg

    Then I launched XonarSwitch, and it shows the following tooltip: https://s3.amazonaws.com/Quaraxkad/Misc/xonar_err_1.jpg

    It is enabled, so I'm not certain what it's talking about. Am I missing a device here? https://s3.amazonaws.com/Quaraxkad/Misc/xonar_err_4.jpg

    I launched dxdiag, the 32-bit dialog shows no detected audio device, but the 64-bit version shows a "Sound #" tab for both of the devices in the screenshot above. I don't know if that is normal or not for the 32-bit dxdiag to not detect the sound card, but it seemed weird so I figured I'd mention it.

    I have re-installed the drivers multiple times with complete/manual uninstalls, I have also tried the latest official drivers from Asus. I'm out of ideas for both diagnosis and repair attempts... Not sure how to get this all operating back to normal, do you have any pointers?



    • CarvedInside13 Dec 2015 @ 16:42

      I think it's an issue with Windows. Try this: In Windows Sound window set as default the S/PDIF (...) output and then set as default the Speakers (...).
      If that does not work, you should look into updating Windows if you haven't applied any updates for a while.
      The dxdiag 32-bit dialog should show the card in the Sound tabs. Maybe some driver files are blocked by your antivirus. In this case you should reinstall the drivers with your antivirus disabled.

      Which OS do you have? Did this issue occur out of the sudden?


      • Jason13 Dec 2015 @ 23:24

        Win7 SP1 x64. No antivirus or antimalware software is installed. Now that you mentioned updates, it actually occurred a few days after some Windows updates *failed* to install. I probably didn't notice it at first, because audio in games continued to work fine. It wasn't until I tried to watch that video that I became aware of a problem. I ended up doing a "Repair" install of Windows and that has fixed the problem.


  6. Jose Alemany11 Dec 2015 @ 20:29

    Problem with Xonar stxll and new drivers. I live in a very humid climate and occasionally my computers stop working due to contacts needing cleaning. I recently had this happen on my music computer, took everything apart,cleaned all the contacts and everything is working fine now except the Xonar card. I have tried installing all the different Uni drivers and the Asus driver and all have the same issue. There is no ASIO driver for the sound card in the options for audio device with my Jriver audio program. I was using Win 7 64 bit and have been happily using the Xonar card for a few years with the ASIO setting. Out of desperation I installed Win 10 to see if that would help, but it has the same problem. The driver I am using now is WASAPI through the Xonar card. It works fine but what happened to the ASIO driver? Driver details...ASUSTek version 8.1.8 1823. date 6/2/2015 digital signer C-Media Electronics.
    Is this the UNI driver? STXll 11.5 v1.80b r3


    • CarvedInside13 Dec 2015 @ 16:19

      Check and see if ASIO ouput is available with other players (Aimp, foobar2000) and report back.


      • Jose Alemany14 Dec 2015 @ 17:33

        Thanks for the reply. ASIO was not available on any player. I finally uninstalled all the audio players. I was then able to install the latest UNI Xonar STXll driver. I reinstalled the player and it now works with ASIO. For whatever reason JRiver player was not letting the ASIO driver install.


  7. Raziel108716 Dec 2015 @ 18:01

    Hey Author, I have a Win10 64 HTPC I'm using w/ a Xonar Essence STX card on it and I looked up device manager and found that AMD has installed the HDMI Audio controller and Realtek also has it (I guess mobo default) and of course your UNI Xonar driver, question: Should I uninstall the other two or should I disable them?? What's the pros and cons?? IF I leave them alone and just disable them on the playback devices option should I be ok?? I'm worrierd about "purity" and latency in a sense. Any help will be appreciated!


    • CarvedInside17 Dec 2015 @ 18:28

      AMD HDMI Audio is used if want to carry the sound with the HDMI video output (usefull with TV). If you don't use that just disable the device in Device Manager.
      Realtek is the onboard card you can disable that too. Disable them in Device Manager and not in the Volume->Playback devices, this will turn them off and no drivers will be loaded for them. Uninstalling them isn't a good option since they might be reinstalled by Windows or by Windows Update.

      Just remember that you've disabled these in case you might actually need them down the road. Maybe one day you would want to test the microphone and connect it to the onboard card and then you would wonder why it does not work.


  8. Polis16 Dec 2015 @ 19:05

    Hello from Greece,I use a Xonar DS and the channels are reversed (left is right and right is left).Using 1.80a r3 Drivers and Windows 7 64bit system.Any chance to fix this issue?thank you for your hard work .


    • CarvedInside18 Dec 2015 @ 01:44

      I don't think that channels are reversed because of the drivers. You may have the cable connections reversed so you should check that. You should check with the onboard card as well.
      If the cable connections are aright try reinstalling the drivers.
      If you had this problem since you got your card then maybe your card has some sort of problem.
      If none of these tips help then you could reverse the R and L channels in the drivers. You need to launch C-Media Panel, select Headphones as Analog output, press the hammer icon, click "Swap headphone left/right(...)"


  9. Richard17 Dec 2015 @ 22:58

    Is there Drivers for the Xonar DX available anywhere to work with Windows Server 2003?


    • CarvedInside18 Dec 2015 @ 01:45

      Drivers listed above in the download section should all work. If they don't try running the installer with Windows XP compatibility.


  10. Gino19 Dec 2015 @ 21:27

    Are this driver best then actual new official for windows 10 for dx? i have an issue if i put 5.1 in 192khz sound is noised and i have to put it to 96khz...why? in stereo no problem. I update firmware to 1.10 but it is the last version or i have made a mistake because the card is new. thanks in advance.


  11. Al20 Dec 2015 @ 17:55


    The latest drivers are working for me on windows 10 using Xonar Essence STX. Only issue i came across was using the asus control panel,i did not get any sound and when i tried to chnage the settings it crashed the asus panel. But when i reinstalled your drivers with the c-media panel everything seems to working great except that the field for system input doesn't have anything in it. When i try to set it to 2 channel in the c-media panel it just reverts back to a blank field. And when i try it with the Asus panel is crashes the asus panel. Mind you i am only using the sound card for it's coaxial spdif out to my wired4sound dac1 and have it set that way. Should I be concerned? As I mentioned it sound great as is.


    • CarvedInside22 Dec 2015 @ 00:25

      Hi. I don't know what the issue is, but if your sound is working properly you shouldn't worry. Have you done a driver uninstall followed by a driver install or just a reinstall? I would recommend to uninstall the current drivers, restart, install driver. You could try installing a different UNi Xonar version and see if you still get the same behavior.

      Regarding the SPDIF coaxial output, maybe you should take a look at a comment of mine here.

      LE: Please check your writing next time. Make a space after the dot at the end of the sentences and the first word in the new sentence. I had to correct your comment above because it was hard to read.


      • Al27 Jan 2016 @ 18:37


        Sorry about the poor structuring of my Question. I tried all the things you suggested and the asus control panel still crashes when trying to apply changes, although the c-media panel works flawlessly. I checked the comment you left about the spdif coaxial, and though you may think the card is useless using it. For my purpose it is far from that, thanks for your reply.


  12. Krakonen21 Dec 2015 @ 01:08

    I cannot for the life of me get my Razer Kraken microphone to work on my Essence STX under Windows 10. The sound works fine and I can hear everything no problem but I've tried getting the microphone to work and I've tried every available option in the control panel and through the Asus Audio Center. I know the microphone works because I tested it on my cell phone and it can record no problem. I'd love to be able to use the mic for online games but it just won't work! Anyone have any ideas as to what I could be doing wrong? Onboard audio is disabled in the BIOS and I just use the STX for all of my sound. nVidia HDMI audio is disabled in the Control Panel as well. I'm so confused. Is it just Windows 10? I used to use the mic with no problems back in 2013 with a game I was playing at the time but now it doesn't want to pick anything up.


    • CarvedInside21 Dec 2015 @ 23:36

      Maybe your the cards microphone input is damaged. Check with another microphone. Check your Xonar STX card in another with Windows7/8.1 and see if microhphone works there.
      If you can't find whats wrong then you could use the microphone with the onboard audio card while still having using the STX for audio playback.


  13. Stefano26 Dec 2015 @ 11:59

    Hi, I just made a clean install of Windows 10 and then downloaded and installed the latest unixonar drivers v1.8 to run my Xonar DX card. I noticed a critical issue with the sound volume which is very low even if I set all the volume controllers to their maximum. Is this problem linked to Windows 10 and has to be fixed yet? I didn't have this issue at all with Windows 7.


    • CarvedInside26 Dec 2015 @ 15:24

      Hi. I'm not aware of such issue. If it's something related to software then it could be caused by one of the latest Windows 10 updates.
      You could try reinstalling the drivers. You should also test the speakers with the onboard audio card and see if you get the very low volume there too.


      • Stefano27 Dec 2015 @ 00:41

        Hi. I disinstalled the drivers and then installed them again, but the issue persists. Now I’m using the onboard audio card and it works fine … but it’s not a Xonar of course ); I really hope that with future updates I can use again my dedicated audio card.


  14. Mihai26 Dec 2015 @ 17:50

    Hello I have a problem and I need to know if can be fix or i have to throw it.
    My Asus Xonar DG SI its recognized by my pc as Multimeadia Audio Controller with the following hardware id:
    There is a solution for my problem?


    • CarvedInside26 Dec 2015 @ 23:32

      Hi. Your card hardware ID is wrong. It should be "VEN_13F6&DEV_8788&SUBSYS_855E1043". You can restore the ID to the of a Xonar DG following the guide here. Tool does not support restoring to the Xonar DG SI ID but the Xonar DG ID should work fine.


  15. hdav/H6 user27 Dec 2015 @ 19:35

    I can't get these to install on win10pro build 10586 in test mode (confirmed with watermark), also trying restart in disable signature, safe mode, installing 'drivers only' in device manager

    1.8 errors with 'need test mode', but I'm already in it.
    1.72 and below errors at 'plug in audio device'
    factory 8.1 1786 drivers won't install either
    'driver only' attempts in device manager error is 'there is no driver selected for the device information set or element'

    PC is amd FM1, A75 chipset.


    • CarvedInside29 Dec 2015 @ 14:49

      Sorry but I don't know what the issue is. Maybe is some bug in Windows 10. You might want to check that your card still works in a system with Win7/8.1.


      • hdav/H6 user01 Jan 2016 @ 19:36

        Thanks Carved.
        I tested the Xonar in (with asus factory drivers anyway) in another Win10 system (AMD FM2) and it worked.
        I just tested the card in this problem mobo booted into Lubuntu, and it worked. The Xonar did work in this board in a previous Win7 install.
        Perhaps a northbridge driver issue?



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