1. Agger13 Sep 2016 @ 09:10

    Hi all
    I have a xonar dx card that's a few years old now. Im running windows 10 pro w/1.75a r2 drivers and a few months ago i started noticing random pops/clipping(not sure when it actually started). It happens at every volume level, when im running through spdif to my speaker amplifier or through the front panel hp jack. Right now my only remedy is to restart my computer. When I restart the problem goes away for about a day. I never noticed this when i was on windows 7. Is this a driver issue or is my card dying? I've scoured this whole site looking for people with a similar issue but haven't found any answers. All my settings are default.


    • Agger16 Sep 2016 @ 05:35

      Installed anniversary update and everything seems to be fixed. I was also noticing constant white noise when no audio was playing but that appears to be gone too. Not sure what was messed up before update


  2. Mike13 Sep 2016 @ 22:07

    Hi Guys,

    I have Xonar DSX and a 7.1 speaker setup on Windows 10

    I've downloaded and installed the 1.75a drivers but when testing the speakers I only get sound out of the 2 fronts and nothing from the center, sub and surrounds.

    This is both using the Xonar and the Windows speaker setup utilities

    Any help/direction greatly appreciated.


  3. Ximikas14 Sep 2016 @ 18:25

    Hi all .I have Xonar DX , PCI\VEN_13F6&DEV_8788&SUBSYS_82751043&REV_00
    PCI\VEN_13F6&DEV_8788&CC_0401 in dev manager .Uni Xonar 1.80a drivers on win7 64bit. The problem is related to improper switching of back-panel inputs ,and aux input ( used for connecting old tv tuner card audio output) ,integrated audio is ofcourse disabled in bios.The problem itself is with audio noise after computer startup(tv tuner with untuned channel),i have to manually mute aux input in volume mixer each after windows start,the setting ( muted aux) is not remembered and not restored.Can't say if it was the same with orginal asus drivers , had some trouble by enabling that aux input ,it is not listed by default ,marked as recording (in playback not listed).Also line-in input had no sound input ,but when i somehow enabled it ,a relay on the soundcard clicked .Line-in input is shared with mic input. Do any one experience similar issues ?


  4. Stefan16 Sep 2016 @ 06:09

    "Based on the feedback received there shouldn’t be any problems installing the drivers on Windows 10 Anniversary Update (build 1607) whether it’s an upgrade or a new installation. One user reported that audio card was recognized only when installing the drivers when booting with Disable Driver Signature Enforcement option. "

    Can confirm this. Clean install of Anniversary Update. Had to boot with testsigning enabled to install drivers. Afterwards it seems to work fine even with testsigning disabled.


  5. Soul--Reaver16 Sep 2016 @ 21:37

    I'm running windows 10 build 1607 with Xonar Xense and Uni Xonar 1.80 r3. Seems to work fine

    Previous windows 10 builds works fine as well


  6. Josh19 Sep 2016 @ 06:28

    Hi. I am having the issue on Windows 10 where the sound card will not work without Test-Signing Mode being on. That's no big deal, but I have a program that refuses to run when the PC is in Test-Signing Mode. Is there a fix for the drivers that will enable the card to run without being in Test-Signing Mode yet?


    • CarvedInside19 Sep 2016 @ 17:52

      Hi. Which card do you have and which drivers have you installed? Have you tried installing with Disable Driver Signature Enforcement method?


      • Josh19 Sep 2016 @ 18:47

        DGX and driver version (UNi Xonar 1816/1822 v1.75a r2). I've used the Disable Enforcement method also. Would going to the latest driver instead of the recommended driver fix the issue of unsigned drivers?


      • Josh19 Sep 2016 @ 18:54

        I went ahead and tried the latest driver version (1816/1823 v1.80a r3), so far it appears to have fixed the issue of needing to disable signature enforcement. Shoulda gone with the latest in the first place, eh?


        • CarvedInside19 Sep 2016 @ 22:57

          I don't know why 1.75a r2 did not work but 1.80a r3 worked. Both have a valid driver signature for DGX card. No, it's perfectly fine that you went with the recommended driver first.


  7. Sarrienne19 Sep 2016 @ 15:57

    Is there any way to lower (ideally eliminate) the latency when using monitoring functions on the Xonar D2X?
    It seems most soundcards have some kind of Zero Latency Monitoring feature, but not this one?


  8. Williiam Fankboner19 Sep 2016 @ 17:06

    Sometimes when using Volumouse (freeware program that allows you to modify volume using mouse wheel while holding down left (or right) mouse button) left audio channel will go dead silent, and right channel will fix at 100 percent volume. The only solution I've found is to uninstall drivers, reboot, reinstall drivers, reboot. This occurs with both UNI and Asus drivers. I have an Asus DX card.


  9. Cyril24 Sep 2016 @ 02:56

    Hi there!
    First of all, I've never had any problems with this great driver on my DG, and beforehand I must note that ASIO4ALL has fixed all the following problems for me, at least for now.
    Anyway, I'm having ASIO problems - in OpenMPT, when selected 24-bit mode, I get an error - "cannot open audio device". 16-bit and 32-bit modes seem work, but the quality is subpar somehow.
    AIMP3 does not show any available output channels for ASIO - i.e not working either, this time regardless of the bit depth I choose
    pd is the only program that seems to do fine, better than on ASIO4ALL even - with lowest block size possible.
    Frustratingly enough, I can't remember when did the problems start - I remember screwing around with UNiXonar when it caused a game (X3: Reunion) to crash
    Just wanted to ask, if are those known issues, and are they in the roadmap?
    Best regards


    • CarvedInside24 Sep 2016 @ 21:01

      Hi. Which OS do you have? Which drivers have you installed?
      These are not known issues, I don't experience them and no one else reported them. My guess is there is something wrong with your configuration. Maybe a driver reinstall would fix the problem.


      • Cyril01 Oct 2016 @ 00:26

        Hi, thanks a lot for your reply!

        I'm running Win 8.1 x64
        Redownloading the drivers was the first thing I've tried when the problems have begun. I have chosen the ones in bold - 1816/1822 v1.75a r2.
        I have let the installer run the cleanup, then I have rebooted to find the problem is still there. Forgot to say that I'm using 48k discrete in all the programs (DG seems to hiccup on 96k)
        The driver info is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e55decc71i9y4lh/2016-10-01_002447.jpg


  10. Sascha26 Sep 2016 @ 19:20

    Hi there, I think I've run into an issue during the install.
    When the audio driver is installing, even if the main installer says that it shouldn't take more than 60 seconds, it seems to do just that. Even so, the progress bar slowly finishes, but nothing happens and it gets stuck. I've tried re-running the installer, rebooting and everything I can think of, still it doesn't work. What's wrong?


    • CarvedInside27 Sep 2016 @ 00:38

      Which drivers have you tried to install? Which audio card and OS do you have?
      Try installing v1.80a drivers if you haven't tried those.


  11. Phlegon28 Sep 2016 @ 10:52

    I lose microphone from times to times when I boot up. The mic is not working no matter what setting I change unless I restart the PC. Then it works. This does not happen with Realtek's on board audio chip. Im on Win 10 x64 but this also happened on Win 8. The mic is just dead on boot up some times and the only way to restore it is to reboot the PC. The mic is set as default device. All other input devices are disabled in Control Panel. I have a D2/PM


    • CarvedInside30 Sep 2016 @ 16:37

      Don't remember seeing this issue reported by someone else. My guess is that there is something wrong with your card or there is a incompatibility between the motherboard and Xonar card.


      • Aray09 Oct 2016 @ 20:16

        I actually haven't had this problem in a while. I'm not sure how I fixed it but I also had it before.


  12. Meep28 Sep 2016 @ 17:08

    Hi and thank you for the very good job.

    Is it possible to use a phantom center channel ?
    (Ie center channel is sent to LR speakers )

    And if possible, how can I deactivate center speaker ?
    Thank you very much


  13. AlexF01 Oct 2016 @ 22:51

    Hi also applied the suggested improvements for this card but still has less deep and loudness than my onboard card also would say sound not crisp as my onboard card:

    suggested improvements:
    bring up the Xonar DGX Audio Center. On the Main tab, select the FP Advance Settings select gaming or exiter mode

    From the front panel i do not get sound at all.

    I am very disappointed by the card also tried the following alternative drivers without luck:

    UNi Xonar 1822 v1.75a r2

    Any more suggestions otherwise I have to give it back and try soundblaster z or Asus Xonar U5?


    • AlexF02 Oct 2016 @ 11:23

      Found solution:
      power cable was broken / not strong enough another cable improved everythign to da bomb level
      and front panel has loose connection


  14. Yusuf05 Oct 2016 @ 05:09

    Hi. I have xonar ds on windows 7 x64 my problem is the sound is really weird after I put the my earpad. For example the voices is gone there is a no voice in the music or anything else and the music isn't balanced right and left
    After I change my drivers settings I notice the ''mixer'' table , Then if I slide the "R" button sound my Left (balance) volume changes.
    If I slide the "L" button NO sound changes. Nothing changes. I have no idea what I should do please help me 🙁


  15. gokmen05 Oct 2016 @ 22:55

    - Directsound 5.1 downmix not working -
    Hello and thank you very much for great, stable drivers for xonar cards.
    My problem is, I am using a hook different than GX engine. I always install your drivers without them (low latency or cmedia control panel) and the dsound hook I use is working perfect, with one hiccup: I have to select 5.1 audio ingame to make app generate HTRF 3d output to my headphones, which is working, but there is no downmix. I can get individual channels across soundcard outputs therefor I only have front-center at my headphones, other channels are missing. How do I make it work? I've tried reinstalling drivers with GX engine too but since the other dsound.dll hook taking over, I got no control via asus control panel. problem continues.

    *for more details: I am hooking dsound.dll comes with soundblaster board's, to valve's source engine game, it is using native openal library which is ct_oal.dll and all this works flawless, downside is I can't get mixed down output to headphone.



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