1. JBEVIA15 Jun 2019 @ 14:18

    Hello, please, I do not see anything related to ASUS XONAR DX, neither compatible nor incompatible? Thank you,


    • CarvedInside15 Jun 2019 @ 15:33

      Xonar DX is supported. The drivers that can be downloaded are listed here where you can choose a version based on your OS.


  2. Mellows25 Jun 2019 @ 17:47

    Hello, I'm using a Xonar D2X to play surround games and movies and it works perfectly, windows and the D2X are both set to 6 channels. But in windows sound settings it only shows left and right channels and not all of them(see attached image). All other channels work fine and i can see them in the xonar or c-media application. I'm just wondering if this is normal or a bug and if it can be fixed?


    Thank you for your work and time.


  3. Igor28 Jun 2019 @ 19:17

    My hardware:
    SB: Asus prime x370-a (Took this card because of the presence of the old PCI, newest bios);
    CPU: AMD AM4 Ryzen 7 2700;
    OS: Windows 10 LTSC (on windows 7 it was still worse with this hardware).
    I have several problems with Asus Xonar Essence ST:
    1) With a probability of about 0.5, a reboot occurs when installing the driver (while the relay is clicking);
    2) Sometimes there is a reboot when entering the OS (Sometimes I can not enter the OS several times in a row. The cycle occurs after a crash when working in the OS. It is necessary to turn off the computer, then through F1 enter the BIOS, then F10, and only then it normally enters the OS. Feeling that the OS crashes, causes the BIOS settings to fail);
    3) Sometimes when using ASIO, a reboot occurs (I work in a cockos reaper, record an electric guitar, write music);
    4) When switching the front / headphones also sometimes a reboot;
    5) Microphone / line switch does not work through ST audio center, only through the standard Windows interface.
    Having studied the problem on the Internet found the following:https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?94266
    If there is a solution to this problem, please write.
    But it seems to me the decision can be the purchase of the intel platform. For over 7 years I have worked with this card on the Intel s775 Q6600, and everything was fine. I decided to upgrade the hardware, chose amd, I was wrong.
    In my opinion, the problem is in the topology of the motherboard. The front / headphone switching impulse leads to neighboring tracks, which causes a reboot, as if I had pressed the reset button myself.
    After reading this forum found driver UNi_Xonar_1821_v1.71.1 problems have decreased, but I have not worked seriously at DAW yet. I am afraid that the reboot can happen at any second and I will lose the project.


    • Throneum28 Jun 2019 @ 20:03

      Hey. Have same problem on Asus prime B350 plus especially when I change from headphone to speakers - reboot. Xonar Essence ST


      • Throneum30 Jul 2019 @ 23:48

        Format C: and fresh installing copy of Win10 helps. No BSOD or reset. Before that I had Intel. AMD platform without clean install Win10 - that is my fault. UNi_Xonar_1821_v1.71.1


        • CarvedInside31 Jul 2019 @ 18:18

          Thank you for the update. Previously when you had the problems, did you also had UNi_Xonar_1821_v1.71.1 drivers installed?


          • Throneum02 Aug 2019 @ 09:13

            Yes, and newest UNi Xonar W10 1825 v1.81a r2 too. My problem was a platform Intel Z77-> AMD B350 that I changed without formatting.


    • CarvedInside02 Jul 2019 @ 03:27

      I don't know of a solution for this problem. From what I saw, it seems to happen on specific motherboards. You can read more details and a list with compatibility reports here. Note that most of these reports where for PCIe Xonar cards, might be different situation with a PCI Xonar ST card.

      You may be able to return the motherboard or sell it to someone else and buy something that might work.

      Regarding v1.71.1 drivers, so far have you encountered the issues? How frequent are they compared to previous drivers and which version where the previous drivers?


      • Peteer27 Jul 2019 @ 17:59

        I am about to upgrade my PC and you guys got me scared a little. Might there be any problems with my Xonar DX on a new mobo?


        • CarvedInside27 Jul 2019 @ 19:15

          Depends on whether you are going for a Intel or AMD platform. With Intel, you probably won't have problems. With AMD, there is a chance you will have problems. Consult the AMD AM4 and Xonar compatibility report from here and read the additional linked pages especially this one.

          If you go with a AMD AM4 platform, let us know how it goes.


          • Case28 Jul 2019 @ 06:55

            For what it's worth, I can confirm my Xonar DX working absolutely flawlessly on Asrock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming K4.


            • CarvedInside28 Jul 2019 @ 23:28

              Thank you for the information. I've add your report to the AM4 compatibility list.


    • harney10 Aug 2019 @ 20:15

      If it helps i have had success using the PCI ST card on the tomahawk b350 ..there is other boards of the same b350 mate and b350 tomahawk arctic there the same layout... now its not perfect i do now and again get BSOD on entering the OS but its rare doing this ..but i use to get this on my z97 intel board too ..I have not used the ASIO side of the card as i have RME card for that i just use the ST as a headphone amp ..


  4. JonBenz09 Jul 2019 @ 10:23

    Hello guys,

    I don't know if this is a normal behaviour of the card, but when i use front panel jack for headphones instead of the back one, it sounds louder. for example, in the front panel, 25 volume level is enough, but to reach the same level in the back panel, i have to put 100% volume.

    Is this normal? this is the set up i am using:
    Asus Xonar DS
    Win 10 (1903)
    Sennheiser eh 350
    UNi Xonar W10 1825 v1.81a r2

    Thank you in advance for your help



    • CarvedInside10 Jul 2019 @ 02:01

      I would say it's not normal. From what I remember those had about the same volume for my DX. I don't have the front panel header connected at the moment so I can't retest. Might be a issue with your card. How are the output volume levels compared to those from onboard audio card at the same Windows volume?


      • JonBenz21 Jul 2019 @ 04:03

        Sorry for taking too long, i was abroad. I finally made the test you recommend and i have the same issue with onboard audio. It seems something with windows 10 i guess.

        Right now I am using the front panel. But i remember one of the things i found fantastic about this card was how clean and loud was able to drive my senheisers.

        Thanks for your help


        • CarvedInside22 Jul 2019 @ 01:41

          Interesting, yeah it could be some bug within Windows 10, maybe the microphone boost is not activating for the rear outputs. Try toggling Microphone Boost in Xonar panel and in Windows Volume right click -> Sounds-> Recording-> Microphone (Xonar..)-> Custom.

          Let us know if you find a solution.


  5. Stan10 Jul 2019 @ 15:32

    Dear Developer! First of all, thanks for the excellent work - it's like a gulp of fresh air after ASUS complete unwilingness to support their products!

    I have a specific question re. Xonar HDAV1.3 support: do your drivers allow for bit-perfect multi-channel digital audio output from HDAV via HDMI? I am talking about DTS/Dolby Digital 5.1 channel output to an external device (AV receiver). This was something HDAV users worldwide lost after upgrading from Win7 to Win8, and I wonder if your drivers will allow this functionality under Win 10.


    • CarvedInside11 Jul 2019 @ 01:19

      I don't know. I would say if it didn't work with official drivers it probably won't work with UNi Xonar drivers and I don't know if Windows 10 behaves differently than Windows 8 in this regard. I don't think there is much I can do if it does not work.


  6. Jonny19 Jul 2019 @ 00:14

    Having used your excellent unixonar and also xonar switch with my DX for years, I've got a new kitchen test computer - Asus Prime X370 Pro with Realtek audio. My question is, does anyone know of the same (custom) for onboard Realtek audio as we have here with UniXonar and XonarSwtich ?


  7. MadShadow29 Jul 2019 @ 00:03

    Win 10 Pro (build 1809)
    Ryzen 2700X
    Asus X470 Prime pro

    STX II

    At times not always but mostly crashes/Reboots when switching Inputs (Spdif/Analogue Stereo or to Headphone. Usually use the Spdif or Headphone Jacks (Both 6.3mm jacks)

    It also sometimes crashes at random without switching Inputs.

    Had no issues the first 3/4 Months and then it keeps suddenly happen. Love the Soundcard but the crashes are starting to get to work on my Nerves. Considering the EVGA NU audio Card.


    • CarvedInside29 Jul 2019 @ 01:17

      So in the first 3-4 months when you had no issues, did you had the same Asus X470 Prime Pro motherboard? Because this sounds like the same problem people are having with some of the Xonar cards and some AM4 motherboards. You can read more here.

      I am not impressed with the EVGA NU audio card and don't think it will have much ongoing driver support. I recommend you read this techpowerup.com thread about it.


      • MadShadow29 Jul 2019 @ 01:39

        Same Mobo, I think it started happening after a certain windows update.

        Also have Issues to Update to the latest Win 10 Os build(1903 I think), so currently removed STX II from my system. But the WIn Update itself isn't showing Anymore.
        Maybe a separate issue.

        Did exaggerate a with the 3/4 months thing a bit. Though it did at least ran fine for the 1st couple of months regardless.

        Did want to add some more info but its warm and humid here and makes me Fuzzy. So might come back to this later.
        Thx for the current Suggestions.


  8. Thomas01 Aug 2019 @ 11:54

    Hi, first of all, thx for this unique Work the last years.
    Now i have a new System and now Windows 10 (the latest builds).
    I have the Xonar STX (without II), is it corecct, i have to install ther Version (UNi Xonar STXII 11.5 v1.80b r3) ?

    Greetz..Thomas from.Göttingen


  9. DeWitt04 Aug 2019 @ 14:37

    Hello! Please tell me if there will be any further driver updates? Hope only for you, because, obviously, the official driver support was stopped in 2015, which in itself was already in poor condition. Do we know anything about the official drivers? Will they update? As far as I understand, Uni-Xonar is based on standard drivers. By the way, many wrote that after the update Win 10 1809 started having problems with the sound. For example, very often my sound changes to a very loud and sharp "white noise", sometimes you only need to restart. This problem began in 1809, while in 1803 there were no problems, but I think that the system itself is not the most successful. I wonder how things have been since 1903....


    • CarvedInside05 Aug 2019 @ 13:36

      See FAQ Q&A13. ATM I haven’t found anything new that I could do to improve the drivers. It seems current UNi Xonar drivers will work fine on Windows 10 1903, at least for most people. Not that I could do much if Microsoft would break something again.
      For loud white noise issue, I don't know where many wrote they had that after 1809 upgrade. I know it was an issue Windows 10 in general, no version in particular. You can read more about this at FAQ Q&A 18.
      You have Windows 10 1809 and have been affected by the loud white noise issue after upgrading to 1809? Which Xonar card do you have?


  10. Arnaud09 Aug 2019 @ 11:07

    Hello @ all,

    After Reading all the comments here and looking at your Motherboard compatibility List, please find fully functionnal (so far) specs below:

    MotherBoard: Asus TUF X470 PLUS GAMING Bios 5204 with AMD Ryzen 5 2400G.
    Essence STXII 7.1 installed in PCI-E Slot x16 n°2 (Connected to CPU).
    Windows 10 Pro v1903 with all windows updates at this time and UNI XONAR v1825 1.81a r2.

    Some points you may have a particular attention to:

    - DDR4 speed. mine is 3200Mhz capable, but Motherboard (chipset or whatever) is unstable over 2933Mhz. you can try to lower your speed at minimum.
    - Motherboard (chipset or whatever) Overheating, Because of heat wave temperature, if you live in europe for example, provide effective ventilation of the case.

    If something goes wrong, I'll keep you in touch,


  11. harney12 Aug 2019 @ 16:03

    Hi All .. 1st i would like to thank CarvedInside for this site and the fantastic support you have offered over the years ..and others that have been involved in this project & for that i will donate via paypal .. So i am here to also offer my findings thus far.. i would all so like to say that asus as let us all down re these great but forgotten unsupported hardware shame on you Asus.

    Ok tests so far. I am in the process of migrating to Win 10 from Win 7 as we all know end of support is upon us...

    My setup
    Asus Xonar ST PCI, MSI B350 Tomahawk AM4 motherboard, AMD Ryzen 3700X, 16 Gb gskill 3200 @3600 ultra tight sub timings. I also have a RME 9632 pci card in the other pci slot the Asus st is in the bottom pci slot on this motherboard ..I will test them the other way round later..

    Now running windows 7 with this card i would get very random BSOD upon entering windows just as the relay switch kicks in ..now this is rare as stated before but does happen on occasion but only on booting to Win 7 works fine in the os.. so i have decided to test out win10 with the same card & pc hardware

    Now same setup but with Win 10 fully updated using 1825 driver
    So far everything seems great ..as a test i have rebooted into Windows over 50 times now with no BSOD upon relay click so looking good better than Win 7 ..I have also switched from headphones to FP headphones , speakers ect in the CP basically just making the relay click endless and no issues ..audio playback is fine been testing for a couple of days now browsing ..gaming ..editing..music listening..

    If anything change's I will update ..so for now i can report everything is great with this motherboard and the ST card ..

    Thx for reading


    • CarvedInside14 Aug 2019 @ 13:30

      Thank you for the donation and for posting the information.

      Your Windows 7 installation was a new one made when you switched to the AMD Ryzen platform or you used the one from your previous Intel platform?
      I am thinking that the problems might not be caused by the AMD platform and OS incompatibility, but instead, it might be something that can be fixed with a new Windows 7 installation for example.

      BTW, for Windows 7 you could still get security updates after Jan 2020 by using 0patch software. You can use 0patch even with Windows 10, as they are much faster at patching security issues.


  12. Case12 Aug 2019 @ 17:26

    Not sure if problems running Windows 7 and Ryzen should even count, Win 7 is not officially supported on the Ryzen platform.


    • harney12 Aug 2019 @ 18:27

      I understand that ..however i think its more to do with MS not wanting to support 7 with new cpu's so to push more peeps onto 10 ..however AMD still do support Ryzen as there chipset drivers are avilible for 7 .. yes a few hoops have to be done re injecting usb 3 drivers into the iso image for fresh install..and having to get rid of the unsupported hardware warning popping up in the OS again MS at work here ..but that is easy solved reg tweak ..all in all i still find win 7 much more responsive then win 10 and this is even with it stripped down to the bare minimum..i have even seen some peeps in forums running ryzen on XP now that is just too much ..


    • CarvedInside14 Aug 2019 @ 13:31

      1st gen and 2nd gen AMD Ryzen along with X470 chipsets and below have official support for Windows 7 at least from AMD. 3rd gen Ryzen and x570 require you to mod the X470 drivers so they work for the X570.
      I'm not sure why harley had those problems with Windows 7, might not be caused by a platform incompatibility. Might be something that can be fixed with new Windows installation.

      LE: Updated the text.


  13. Elliot El-eini12 Aug 2019 @ 17:31

    Hi there,

    This has been driving me mad for a while; there was a driver on here in the past where the Audio Center was slightly different, in that it had an option/button for Music, which would really improve the sound quality for music - I think it might have been in the place of the GX button. I've tried most of the drivers here to find it again but to no avail. Does anyone know which version it might of been?


  14. Personwithhats17 Aug 2019 @ 20:56

    Hey there, maybe you could help me with my mic issues?
    Current setup:
    Asus Essence STX II
    PCM200 Mic -> Art Tube MP -> Line-In port on STXII

    Mic fails to work in any browser application, and the Discord desktop application.
    I can hear the mic just fine in CSGO/Skype/etc., or when I'm monitoring it.
    Discord/Browsers DETECT the mic, but they all get next to no sound (even when amping to ridiculous ear-blowing levels)
    And what sound comes through is basically static.

    Tried using a wide variety of settings, drivers, etc. and none of it fixes the issue. Even RMA'd the card and nothing.
    Privacy settings are set as expected (DesktopAppWebViewer == true + regular apps true).


    • CarvedInside20 Aug 2019 @ 23:56

      The problem is not the Xonar card or the drivers. It's probably a Windows bug or some setting related to those applications.

      Tell me your Windows version and build number.

      Regarding the functionality of the microphone in the browser, normally sites ask for permission to access the microphone, it could be that the use of microphone permission is globally turned off. This page could be of help in changing this.
      If browser permissions is not the problem, make sure the microphone for the Xonar card is set as default device by right clicking Windows Volume -> Sounds -> Recording.
      There is also a settings page where you could assign a specific recording device to a specific application. To access this write in search "App volume and device preferences". Check that the input is set to "Default" for the browser and discord app, also try temporarily setting it to the "Microphone (Asus...STX II)".

      Let us know if you find the solution.


      • Personwithhats21 Aug 2019 @ 00:18

        Windows 10 Pro, 1809 edition

        I've tried several browsers, all of them have an explicit "Allow mic" (doesn't need to ask). Tried 'with ask' and ofc after approving still doesn't work. If I deny access then discord wont' detect mic at all, so probably different issue.

        Line-In mic set as default ofc, works in games/etc. when they use "Default Device" so the setting works there.

        Haven't tried the "App Volume and device preferences" yet, will do so in a few hours when I get home.

        This issue has persisted across several full system re-installs (have had this issue for years, since I got the card.)

        Have to use a random crappy $10 USB mic for discord. :\


      • Personwithhats21 Aug 2019 @ 04:40

        Yea, everything is set to 'DEFAULT-DEFAULT' on that page.
        Tried forcing it to line-in everywhere and on discord/etc., didn't work. No change.
        Mic detected, but registers VERY quietly + lots of static.

        What on windows gets the bar up to 100% green does only 10-20% on the discord test bar.

        I seriously think it's a Asus line-in card issue or something, and if it's windows I don't know what other settings to touch.


        • CarvedInside21 Aug 2019 @ 23:59

          Well, that bit about the USB mic working fine should have been mentioned in the first comment as we would have avoided wasting time with things that could not be the cause. Next time you have a problem please try to include all the info.

          If you use the onboard audio card line-in, how does that behave? Have you tried setting the Xonar input to Microphone instead of Line-In? How does that behave?


          • Personwithhats22 Aug 2019 @ 17:48

            The line-in works as I noted above, everywhere but in discord/browser.

            Setting to Microphone makes the recording lower quality/louder (as expected) but doesn't change its sound in discord/browser.

            If it helps, I also hear the audible click noise on the audio card when booting.


            • CarvedInside22 Aug 2019 @ 20:17

              Let me know if you manage to test the Line-In behavior of the onboard audio card.

              The click noise during boot is normal and caused by the Xonar card relay switch.


              • Personwithhats30 Aug 2019 @ 20:31

                Wow, turns out it was the cable. I should've known >.>

                I only had a quarter-inch to 3.5mm cable, so I used an adapter at the end for quarterquarter. Somehow that bugged the audio out enough to work properly in MOST systems but not discord/browsers. >.<

                Just bought a fresh TRS cable, works like a charm.

                Only issue atm is that Windows won't allow me to set it as the 1 channel (mono) mic that it is. Only options shown == 2 channels for recording (various bit rate/quality).

                Can't find any Windows10 option to tweak this, is this a driver bug or some other issue? .-.


                • CarvedInside31 Aug 2019 @ 01:09

                  Thanks for posting the information. Really weird behavior for damaged cable or jack adaptor.

                  The drivers do not have an option to downmix to mono and neither does Windows. You will need to install an application that can do this. You might be able to do this with Voicemeeter, see the instructions presented here.


                  • Personwithhats31 Aug 2019 @ 01:36

                    I'll try that out. Just that my mic is Mono, it shouldn't be registering as stereo/etc. to begin with :\

                    e.g. If I monitor mic now, sound only comes to left ear.


                    • CarvedInside02 Sep 2019 @ 03:26

                      Well, that's not what it's understood from what you wrote. Disregard what I've said.
                      Even with a mono microphone you should be able to hear it in both speakers by default.
                      Did you had this problem previously with the defective cable? How about when the mic is connected to the USB audio card?

                      1. Go to Sounds->Recording devices ->double click on Line In -> Levels tab-> click on Balance and check if both are set at 100%.
                      2. Switch the default device from Line In to Microphone.

                      Since this comment thread has kinda of reach his limit. Make an new comment instead.

  15. BluHole21 Aug 2019 @ 21:21

    Hello CarvedInside, first of all, thank you for everything, I've been using your awesome work since I purchased my DGX 5 years ago and I've NEVER had any problem whatsoever.

    The problem is that, since I've updated my version of Windows to the current one (1903) from the 1709, I've been encountering BSODs daily, specially in a game called Ring of Elysium. I updated Windows some months ago (3/4).

    As I said, I didn't have any problem in years and now I'm getting BSODs and crashes in games (BSODs in RoE, and aplication crashes in RUINER and maybe* Rocket League).

    I tried reinstalling the drivers countless times with the clean install option, I tried changing the version (from v1.81a r2 to v1.80a r3 and viceversa) and the type of installation (normal and Low latency) multiple times + I read all the FAQs and posts, but no luck.

    The BSODs are always this 2 (and it's random): cmudaxp.sys failed - and - kernel_security_check_failure.

    The SO version I'm using is Win 10 1903 compilation 18362.207, my CPU is an Intel i5 6600K and my GPU is an AMD RX 580 Nitro+ 8GB.

    Hope you can help me 🙂


    PS: In Ring of Elysium I'm using Spatial Audio, this 2 options (since they improve the gameplay by a mile) maybe are the problem to the BSODs, they are: Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTF) and 3D Audio Spacialization.

    * I say maybe because I'm not sure if it's a problem of the game itself or the driver, but since I didn't have any problem before, I'm confident that it can be the driver.


    • CarvedInside22 Aug 2019 @ 15:40

      Hello. You will have to try a few things: 1) Try without Windows Spatial Audio and see if you still have those BSODs and crashes.
      2) Then try with v.1.71.1 UNi Xonar drivers and with Spatial Audio enabled.
      3) If you only get the crashes when Spatial Audio is enabled then uninstall the Xonar drivers and temporally switch to onboard audio card and with Spatial Audio enabled and see how that behaves.

      Let us know of the results.



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