1. Daichi29 Aug 2010 @ 16:02

    Where should sample rate switcher have to appear?? In c-media control panel or like a separate software-command?? This bold line didnt have to be replace because its the same in bat file and in the registry file I exported


  2. ASUS XONAR Unified Drivers 1.20 & ASIO 1.0 patch (post periodically updated) « brainbit | Unified Xonar Drivers22 Oct 2010 @ 19:32

    [...] If you encounter any problems, check the FAQ page. [...]


  3. Shaoiken28 Oct 2011 @ 12:50

    I'm using your driver version 1.41 with standard settings and ticked the "enable stereo upmix" but it doesnt work. Stereo sound is only on my left and right front speaker. Can I somehow force it after Installation? The audio center settings are set to 6 channels, 192 khz and 5.1 speakers.


    • CarvedInside31 Oct 2011 @ 11:35

      On Win7/Vista this doesn't work anymore. You can try setting output to 2 channels and keeping 5.1 speakers.


  4. Pete24 Dec 2011 @ 18:39

    How switch Hdmi mode in C-media panel ???


    • CarvedInside26 Dec 2011 @ 15:03

      You can't. You have a HDAV card, right? So i guess HDMI doesn't work with the Asus Xonar Center included in the Uni drivers either.


  5. XenoBIT7801 Feb 2012 @ 20:59

    Hi 🙂

    is it posible to enable the enhancement features of w7 with this driver ??
    i'm thinking about the room correction feature


    • CarvedInside03 Feb 2012 @ 15:54

      No. There was a guy here (Alexa) who created a different modded package which added the features but he hasn't stepped here for some time now.
      His links where on megaupload (which is now dead). You might find a related discussion/driver here.


  6. Sad02 Feb 2012 @ 10:47

    Thank you very much for the driver! Everything works fine! There is only one question: is it possible somehow to C-Media Panel to enable headphones in front panel?


    • CarvedInside03 Feb 2012 @ 15:57

      On the driver page there is a "Front Panel switch v3", it should work. Its the only way for now.
      Tell me if it wont work for you.


  7. Sad03 Feb 2012 @ 22:39

    "Front Panel switch v3" I did not work in Win 7 -32, but I found a way to switch to AsusAudioCenter (do not know-and should be-that he put together with C-Media Panel, or he stayed from the previous installation are not immediately understand I what to do and how to pose). If it is necessary-I run AsusAudioCenter and there's definitely a well working with C-Media Panel. This right? or something one has one stand: C-Media Panel or AsusAudioCenter? sorry if not very clear writing-translate translator ...u000aOnce again thanks for an excellent driver! if not him, then passed to the sound card back to the store!


    • CarvedInside04 Feb 2012 @ 17:57

      Thats right. For some reason I missed this. . Some time ago I decided to make so that you can run Asus Panel alongside with C-Media Panel. AsusAudioCenter is there exactly for this kind of things.
      Glad you find the drivers helpful!


  8. deeree22 Feb 2012 @ 10:40

    Your latest drivers solved my crashing in BF3, Kingdoms of Amalur and Skyrim on Xonar DX. Thank you so much!


  9. ii98765828 Feb 2012 @ 12:44

    Hi,my OS is windows7 64 bit and my sound card is Xonar DG,I succeed install UNI Xonar but it's no sound,how can I fix this problem,thank you


    • Laurent07 Sep 2015 @ 19:31

      Hello 🙂
      I have the same problem... please, any help ?
      Thank you 🙂


      • Laurent07 Sep 2015 @ 21:02

        Ok, I think I solved the problem (in my case).
        In the device manager, audio/video section, I desactivated the HD device in the list (audio from HDMI device of my graphics card).
        If it can help 🙂

        It would be great to fix that bug in a future release of UNI Xonar driver.

        (I apologize for my bad english)


  10. neocreont10 Apr 2012 @ 09:42

    Hi 🙂 I got Xonar DX, and have encountered troubles while recording using ASIO (after some various time, ~1-30min, application crashes, (playback and rec mode both)) But UniDriver works the same way...Maybe the problem is somewhere else? Tested in Ableton 8 and Audition 3.

    sorry forgot 2 say that the problems was on default driver, but still remains@UniXonar.
    used 256 samples for low latency. mb increasing to 512 would be solution ?


    • CarvedInside19 Apr 2012 @ 20:56

      You can try to turn GX off if its on. Sorry, I don't have anything else to add regarding this.


  11. dengg17 Apr 2012 @ 21:13

    I have a problem with the Windows Sound Mixer. I can't control every Application separately anymore. Is there a fix for this?


    • CarvedInside19 Apr 2012 @ 21:10

      No. Didn't head of this before. Don't think its related to the audio drivers. In any case try installing the latest drivers.


  12. Barnacle Bill30 Apr 2012 @ 20:46

    I don't like the C Media audio center because of the lack of FP Headphone. I have tried uninstalling Uni, reinstalling with latest ASUS drivers, using Driver Sweeper SEVERAL times, and still the damn Uni C Media center starts up instead of the original ASUS one, even though I have swept and uninstalled Uni. The Xonar drivers I installed are from ASUS. How do I get rid of the Uni C-Media audio center? I know I can go to Programs-->ASUS Audio Center and get what I want, but frankly, this is stupid. I just want it back the way it used to be, before I stupidly installed the Uni driver. I'm very frustrated and at the end of my rope.


    • CarvedInside01 May 2012 @ 00:04

      I'm sorry. This isn't suppose to happen, and nobody else had a problem like this. I am not sure whats happening here.

      Here are 2 solutions:
      a) Uninstall whatever driver you have there in Programs and Features (check for UNi Xonar and Asus Xonar). Download this bat file and run it as administrator (right click->run as administrator) ,this will force close Asus or Cmedia Panel and delete them if they are still available. eventually you can use Driver sweeper as well. Restart and install the drivers you want.

      b) Use System Restore and go back to when you first installed UNi Xonar drives.

      Hopefully everything will go back to normal.


      • Barnacle Bill01 May 2012 @ 00:09

        CarvedIns, thank you for the kind and helpful reply. I will try it and report back. Since I wrote my message, I did find the advanced cleaning instructions linked to above. Should I try that first?


        • CarvedInside01 May 2012 @ 00:18

          No problem. Try following those instructions only if you still can fix with the other solutions.

          BTW just a tip if you didn't know, selecting Normal in the UNi Xonar installer will install the drivers with Asus Audio Center (just like asus drivers) but with the mentioned fixes.


          • Barnacle Bill01 May 2012 @ 00:36

            Now that you mention that, I think that's when the problem started. I downloaded the newest UNI, and I THINK I selected one of the other options instead of Normal. I immediately noticed the different CMedia interface, didn't see FP Headphone, uninstalled, reinstalled earlier drivers - actually more than once, each time selecting "normal" (I'm 99% certain the drivers I had previously), but the CMedia interface remained.


            • CarvedInside01 May 2012 @ 00:52

              I think that for some reason the configuration files that decide which panel is used are stucked and not deleted after uninstall. Those files are CmiSetupConfig.dll and CmiOemConfig.ini , after you run the drivercleaning.bat file, search the system driver for these two files and try to manually delete them if they still appear in your search.


              • Barnacle Bill01 May 2012 @ 05:57

                I uninstalled the drivers; ran the .bat; ran Driver Sweep. Installed ASUS latest drivers. I did all of this from the Admin user account. After installation, and I went into my account. The CMedia interface STILL came up instead of the ASUS Audio Center. In the Admin account, it's fine. I did install the UNI drivers that caused all of this in my personal account, not the admin account, but "run as administrator", so I don't see why that would matter. In any case, there you have it. After I uninstalled, .bat, sweep, I searched for cmisetupconfig and cmioemconfig and the only results were in the extracted ASUS drivers folder, from the downloaded .zip, so not installed. The only course of action I see now is a clean reinstallation of Windows.


                • CarvedInside01 May 2012 @ 17:00

                  The type of your personal account is limited account or administrator? If its limited change it temporarily to administrator.
                  Have you tried with system restore?

                  And there is another thing you can to instead of reinstalling Windows. Install UNi Xonar drivers with Cmedia panel again. Go to start->run->msconfig . Go to startup, deselect cmicnfgp. Press ok. Then go to start->Programs , there you have a Group folder called UNI Xonar Audio in which you have a shotcut for Asus Audio Center, now move that in the Startup group folder and restart pc. This should disable Cmedia Panel autostart and instead start the Asus Audio Center.


                  • Barnacle Bill02 May 2012 @ 05:23

                    Hi CarvedIns, this seems to have worked. I did another uninstall, .bat, sweeping and installation of latest Uni drivers - oops, I didn't install the C-Media, just normal, but still my personal account (not an admin account, but of course in Windows 7 I can install/uninstall programs as admin) had the C-Media panel instead of the ASUS one in the lower-right taskbar icons. I did the above steps (put the shortcut to ASUS Audio Center in All Users/Microsoft/Windows/StartMenu/Programs/Startup) and so far, so good; the regular icon shows up in the lower-right, and the familiar panel opens up. There must be something wonky with my Windows 7 - and I just freshly installed it 2 months ago.


      • Touche06 Jul 2012 @ 13:25

        I had the same problem yesterday. I installed Uni Xonar drivers for the first time, 1.61 with Cmedia Panel on Win7 x64. After that it was impossible to get the original panel to load on my non-administrator accounts when I reinstalled with the Normal option. I've tried all the uninstalling and cleaning as Barnacle Bill, but not even MasterFaste's semiofficial modified versions worked. I don't know if it is a problem with the new Asus Panel version or the first installation with Cmedia Panel messed something up. In the end I had to revert to an image backup I had fortunately done before all this. I then installed Uni 1.53 and all is well.

        BTW There was another interesting problem during all that. In my efforts to get the original panel to load, I had tried several times to install Uni Xonar 1.61 Normal + older Asus panel version, but it never worked. I always ended up with the new panel in the Administrator account and Cmedia one in user accounts.


  13. Koko Arceo11 May 2012 @ 10:30

    hi, I chose the C-Media option when using the Uni Xonar installer. Does it matter which control panel I use? I use the my front panel headphone port a lot and it seems the only way to enable it is to launch the Xonar Audio Center from Start>Program Files. Do the C-Media and Xonar control panels basically do the same thing with just a different UI?


    • CarvedInside11 May 2012 @ 14:26

      They do the same thing, but there are differences on how they are implemented and work. DPC Latency is higher on Asus one. See the table with the differences in the main page.
      You can also try the FrontPanel Switch separate application, might be better if you decide to stick with Cmedia.


      • rinfinite16 May 2012 @ 23:53

        How do I re-open the C-Media control panel? It crashes for me from time to time and I have no choice to restart my PC in order to make it show up in the taskbar again.


        • CarvedInside17 May 2012 @ 01:42

          From Start Menu -> Programs ->Uni Xonar -> Cmedia panel.

          The crashes shouldn't happen. To try to fix this I suggest reinstalling the driver by uninstalling it and doing a driver clean following the guide above.


          • rinfinite17 May 2012 @ 08:57

            I only seem to have the Xonar Audio Center in Start Menu -> Programs ->Uni Xonar. I'll try doing a reinstall as you said and see it it fixes the crashes and be able to open the C-Media control panel via Programs.


  14. Sander05 Jun 2012 @ 23:51

    I'm trying to install a Xonar DS on Windows7 32-bit, but no luck. When installing the drivers (v1.61) I get a message at the end saying: "Please plug-in Uni Xonar Audio device". Also, the Xonar Audio Center doesn't get installed.


    • CarvedInside06 Jun 2012 @ 11:18

      You can try an older version or try installing the drivers with TestMode enabled and Digital Bypass option checked in the installer.


  15. Jason12 Jul 2012 @ 22:34

    Hi first off let me just say THANK YOU so much!!
    The UniXonar Drivers have fixed nearly all of the issues i was having using the Asus Drivers.

    But i am still experiencing a problem i am unable to solve, when switching anolog out to speakers and back to headphones then back to speakers, it continues output to the headphones jack no matter what, only solution is a computer restart. Something im doing wrong or a known work around perhaps?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂


    • CarvedInside14 Jul 2012 @ 11:10

      Do you have Xonar ST or STX card?
      Try installing UNI Xonar 1.53 drivers instead of 1.61.



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