1. Typhaeon28 Jul 2018 @ 04:02

    Hello, could you please take a look at the information I've posted in this tweet & let me know if there's anything to be done on the Xonar driver-side to address this issue? I'm trying to use an ASIO source for a hardware output through VoiceMeeter Banana, but this stops my headset microphone from working for some reason:



  2. Daniel Campos07 Aug 2018 @ 15:08

    Hello for all, I hope someone can help me with this strange problem. I have a Asus Xonar DX which is working BUT the sound suffers a considerable distortion in all the frequencies that becomes more obvious in the bass range, it sounds like if the volume is set too high (but it is not) or the sound were going through a really bad amp.

    I already tried the official drivers and the Unixonar drivers but the problem persists and I have a reasonable certainty that when I bought the card years ago it sounded much better than now. Would I be forgetting to check anything or the board would need to be replaced?


  3. MT_20 Aug 2018 @ 16:39


    Are there known issues with Xonar cards and ASPM? (PCI-E Native Power Saving)

    I’m attempting to enable it (either BIOS or OS controlled) to get my NVME M.2 key temperatures down from 68c to <40c but as soon as I enable it the card becomes non functional.

    Is there anything know about this? Also is it possible to disable ASPM support on a driver basis through .inf perhaps?


    • CarvedInside24 Aug 2018 @ 14:55

      Hello. Not that I know of. From what I read such an issue would be because of the motherboard and it's not an issue with the Xonar cards.
      Which Xonar card, motherboard and OS do you have? When ASPM is enabled, does the Xonar card appear in Windows Device Manager?


      • MT_24 Aug 2018 @ 15:10

        Asus Xonar Essence STX II, Asus Strix Z270G Gaming (1301 bios), Windows 10 (1803).

        I have multiple options in UEFI to change ASPM behavior, I can either set ASPM to Bios or OS controlled, and from there on I can enforce states such as L0 and L1.

        The goal was (Like Speedstep/speedshift to control CPU clock speed through Windows power plan) to enable/disable PCI-E power saving.

        When I use OS controlled, the minute i change from moderate to high power saving (I assume L0/L1) the card stops functioning, audio playing stops and can no longer switch outputs with XonarSwitch. A full reboot is required.

        Going BIOS controlled it depends on the bios setting: Going L0 will do nothing, at least not for my NVMe M.2 key temperatures, so i assume this is 'moderate'. Going L1 and then boot Windows doesn't even show the card in Device manager.

        So both result seem to be that L0 will be moderate, but doesn't affect my M.2. key temperatures, going full power saving basically makes the card nonoperational.

        Tried both 1825 and 1823 drivers.


        In addition: Any form of ASPM enabled seems to make Event Viewer throw WHEA logger errors on the PCI Root device, and I believe no matter the L0 or L1 state, so something is definitely borked here, or simply that ASPM doesnt play nice with these cards? Since most systems are either defaulting to moderate power saving in windows power plan, or the system as a whole doesnt have ASPM enabled by default, perhaps this issue isn’t generally known to come up?


  4. Maciej29 Aug 2018 @ 23:45

    I'm can't make Unixonar dirver installer to see my Xonar D2. I have set up a new PC, Win 8.1 Pro on MSI H97M-E35 mobo, installed the latest chipset drivers and tried to install Unixonar with no success. Every time I get the same message about card not being detected. Apart from 1823 v1.180a-r3 drivers I get the same problem with STXII-11.5-v1.80b-r3 and 1822-v1.75a-r3 (with this one at the end of installation I got a msg to plug in the card).

    I managed to check in BIOS that PC sees the card in its PCI slot as "audio card, unspecified vendor" but it doesnt appear anywhere in the device manager, which is why I can not check if the problem is related to overwritten EEPROM 🙁

    I will be most grateful for Your help.


    • CarvedInside30 Aug 2018 @ 18:00

      The problem is the card is not detected by Windows, so as long as the card does not appear in the Device Manager you can't install any drivers for the card. Did the card worked before the new PC?
      Check that you have ASPM power options disabled in the bios. More info here.
      Check the Xonar D2 card in another PC. This will tell you if the card is defective or the problem is with your current PC motherboard or some other issue.


      • Maciej31 Aug 2018 @ 08:44

        Thank You for suggestions. I have disabled any PCIe power saving features in the OS, didnt see any such options in BIOS but it didnt make the system see the card, even after several restarts.

        The Xonar card is operational, that I am 100% sure of. I guess I'll try to reintstall chipset drivers, maybe this will help because I can see no other options 🙁


        • MT_31 Aug 2018 @ 15:10

          Would help if you gave some more info about mainboard etc.

          If PCie ASPM is bios forced it cannot be controlled through Windows.


          • Maciej01 Sep 2018 @ 17:50

            Unfortunately it seems that I cannot control ASPM in BIOS, no such setting, and besides, doesn't that affect PCI express only? I do have the lights on on my D2, so the card seems to be getting its power...
            The motherboard is MSI H97M-E35 with win 8.1 32 bit, what other data could be of help?


        • CarvedInside01 Sep 2018 @ 17:41

          Other things you could do:
          Try another PCI card in that slot and see if it detected.
          Look into updating the motherboard bios, maybe there is an issue with current bios.
          Install a different Windows version.


          • Maciej01 Sep 2018 @ 17:52

            I'll update the BIOS and report back, thank you.


  5. Chrokossa16 Sep 2018 @ 19:54

    Hi, I'm getting really desperate with my Xonar DGX. Sometimes the microphone start buzzing out of nowhere. At first it helped to mute and unmute the microphone in order to get it to stop but in the end even that didn't work.
    I tried (un-)plugging the microphone and notied I got a BSOD while doing so (Win10 Ver 1803 Build 17134.285). So I thought it might be a problem with the cards seating on the Motherboard. It certainly was tilted and loose so I reseated it. This is where the fun for me begins. After doing so I got no Sound-Ouput whatsoever so I checked the Asus Xonar Panel. To my surprise the input was gone and Digital output was disabled. As this was the OEM Driver from Asus I started searching the web and eventually landed here. So far I have tried every possible fix, even tried multiple versions of the UNi-Driver from v1.64 r3 onward but nothing could solve the Problem. I tried a different PCIe-Slot but again the same. I tried using the C-Media control panel and the same is happening except the program doesn't crash it just rests the option to blank.
    There's the point in FAQ where you can go back to an earlier build, but it seems to be disabled for me as I can't find the option. A clean install of Win10 would be my last resort but I'd rather not do it. OnBoard-Sound and GX are both deactivated.
    Has anyone any idea of a solution I can try to get this running again?


    • Chrokossa16 Sep 2018 @ 21:10

      Okay after being a little more relentless and searching for more clues I stumbled uppon the XonarSwitch. Upon starting it I got a prompt from Windows saying "Soundcard detected but no speakers are enabled". I thought that was odd since I had them disabled before as well and everything was fine since I only use the SPDIF and Mic In on the card at the moment. After enabling the speakers and restarting the Xonar Panel everything is working again!


  6. Steven k Gomo14 Nov 2018 @ 17:02

    I have had an ASUS (Xonar) Essence STX II for about a year. Recently I've been getting
    "The Internal power for Xonar Essence STX is not detected. The audio card might not work. Please power off your PC and then connect the power cable into your card."
    I've changed to the low resolution mode with no effect. I've de/reinstalled the drivers. I've reseated card & power cord. The card is functional. I'd be fine with disabling the error popup.


  7. Acrivec02 Jan 2019 @ 23:38

    I've just got Essence STX II 7.1, and to be honest I'm kind of disappointed in the "control panel" coming with it.
    I expected something at least similar to STIX RAID.
    My mobo sound card is Creative Recon3Di and it's much better. The most important thing there is noise cancelation on the microphone. I use it when I'm chatting online to clear the noise, and it really works magic.

    Can I get something like this with my new Asus card? I know I can use Adobe Audible with adaptive noise cancelation but in comparison to Creative noise cancellation it's nothing.


  8. ssK22 Jan 2019 @ 11:01


    Still no way to use UniXonar for XonarAE ?
    The driver is totaly unusable?


    • CarvedInside23 Jan 2019 @ 05:34

      Hi. No, it is not possible. Xonar AE has a different audio chipset that requires totally different drivers.


  9. Farley09 Jul 2019 @ 23:54

    Sorry, I do not know English and I'm not finding the solution.
    Asus drivers have applications for configuring the sound card. My question is whether I should install these applications or if the Uni Xonar drivers already comes with them. Thanks and sorry!


  10. Cippo9518 Jul 2019 @ 17:22

    Hi, I have a ASUS DGX sound card and my PC can't go stand-by with it .
    Windows 1903 even removes the option, older Windows versions just turn on again the PC after trying to go stand-by.
    Also Linux behave strangely, on boot takes 30 seconds more with this card installed (after the boot everything except stand-by works).
    For what I have seen (from the Linux messages on boot) it is a time-out given by an hardware error (without the card, Linux OSes take few seconds to boot).
    I have tried a lot of stuff: it is not fixable.
    Probably it is the motherboard (ASRock B85M Pro4) which doesn't like this card.
    I am going to build a new PC soon, so if some guy here confirms to not have this problem with the card, I could hope for it to work well with my next PC (a part this problem I like this sound card, it is way better than the integrated one).


  11. adrians23304 Oct 2019 @ 19:01

    Hi, I have a problem with sc8000 sound card. I have installed the newest drivers (UNi Xonar W10 1825 v1.81a r2, low DPC latency version) with “Disable driver signature enforcement” option, yet I have no sound whatsoever, windows says that drivers are working properly, c-media audio panel works too, the only problem is that i don't have sound at all. Also the card is working properly too, because it's been tested on other computer like 1 week ago. Here are the specs:
    asus h110m-d motherboard
    Windows 10 1903 build
    Also thank you for all the hard work <3


  12. Sandro27 Nov 2019 @ 17:09

    HI, im thinking of getting a used Xonar Essence STX. I read about that problem here: "Occasionally loud white/static noise or screech".
    is this a problem that will definitely occur under windows 10 or, in rare cases, may it occur?
    I'm having an Asus Maxmius XI motherboard and an I9 9900K, if that matters ...

    Thank you very much 🙂


    • CarvedInside27 Nov 2019 @ 20:49

      You should start reading the thread I linked. I would say it's not a rare occurrence, I think it's more likely to be happen. I personally would not risk it. I also suggest reading "ASUS Xonar sound cards issues".
      If you only need 2 channels you could go for a external DAC, if you need 5.1/7.1 channels then you can go for a Creative sound card that fits your budget. You can read professional reviews for DACs and some soundcards here and here.


  13. Andrewyea03 Feb 2020 @ 14:08

    Hello.thx for you help. Maybe you can help me some advice. I have two asus xonar d1 cards and both are bad work. Biggest problem of them is the lost sound.some times even after load windows. And audio center cant open. Cantfind any device.or its open but still no sound.some time system cant see card
    Maybe pci is bad.pls.help

    To be true i never have such big problem with pc such as xonar audio card! Its do tertible! And still no answers.i read so much and cant find true answers to my trouble. Two xonar d1 cards and both terrible...

    Maybe trouble in my new asus x370 mainboard.all system new


    • CarvedInside03 Feb 2020 @ 21:04

      Please do not post the same issue multiple time in different places. If you have something to add, only do it as a Reply to your original comment.


  14. Groot08 Mar 2020 @ 11:57

    Hello! Why do not you recommend installing C-media with GX enabled?



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