UNi Xonar installer help

Updated 05 April 2020

1. Panel  and configurations

Normal - Asus Xonar Audio Center: Configuration similar to the one in original ASUS Xonar drivers but with UNi Xonar fixes.

Low DPC Latency: ASUS and C-media Panel are disabled from autostarting. The GX processes are disabled from autostarting, making GX button nonfunctional. You can start the panels when needed by launching from UNi Xonar Drivers category in Start menu. This is the preferred way to use the drivers in conjunction with XonarSwitch. This option ensures lowest DPC Latency and lowest interference to system and sound playback. Launching ASUS Audio Center with cause an increase in DPC latency, which is only solved by a system restart. Recommended panel configuration.

C-media Panel:  Uses C-media Panel as default. Some options may be missing, but you can also launch Asus Audio Center from UNi Xonar Drivers category in Start menu, or use standalone apps and make the necessary changes. GX is not functional. Has low DPC latency and low interference with system and sound playback.

C-media Panel (GX enabled):  C-media Panel option but with GX processes autostarted and GX(named Xear3D here) enabled. I don’t recommend using this option.

More info about differences between panel and configuration options can be found at maxedtech.com/uni-xonar-features/


2. Other options

These are optional, select as needed, default options are fine for most people.

Run driver cleaning before install: Cleans remaining driver files from previous driver installations. Uninstalls all copies of the Xonar and C-media CMI8788 drivers that are present in the system. Makes driver rollback impossible.

Re-enable stereo upmix to 4, 5.1 & 7.1:

  • On Windows XP it forces stereo upmix to 4, 5.1 & 7.1 speakers. Default: Unchecked.
  • On Windows Vista/7/8/10 it allows stereo upmix if you set number of channels to “2” and number of speakers “4”,“5.1” or “7.1”. Default: Checked.

See more information about this option and alternate ways to enable stereo upmix in FAQ Q&A 4.

Apply addons: Apply modifications or add extra features to the drivers. See UNi Xonar Installer Addons page. 3rd party addons can be found or published on this page.

Audio card selection: Newer driver installer automatically detect the audio card while on older, you are required to select your card before continuing to the installation phase. It is useful to apply a card’s specific configuration. If your card is not properly detected check this page.


3. Buttons

Reset config: Resets the status of the checkboxes to the default ones; useful when you don't want to use the previous autosaved settings.


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