1. dmxdex28 Sep 2010 @ 06:30

    Will you add the GX mod switcher too future builds?

    oxygen HD thing up?

    • CarvedInside28 Sep 2010 @ 22:18

      I don't understand exactly what you are asking. Please write more detailed.

  2. dmxdex29 Sep 2010 @ 00:54

    I have got the c media centre B2 Is Gx mode on or off? Also it would be nice to add a button to the media centre to turn on or turn off GX mode. This software is confusing in alot of ways.

    • CarvedInside29 Sep 2010 @ 10:02

      GX is off by default in all the drivers. Running the batch file one time sets GX on and remains on. You only had to add the hsstart ***.bat to the startup. As for now this is the only option.

  3. dmxdex29 Sep 2010 @ 10:33

    So i download the 2 batch files. I run them 1 after the other. I add the hsstart to startup. And thats it? When i run the batch files a box flashes on my screen for about a second is that right?

    • CarvedInside29 Sep 2010 @ 19:39

      Yeah thats it, it might need a restart..
      Thats right. It only launches 2 files and closes.

  4. dmxdex29 Sep 2010 @ 11:11

    This driver is wierd. You say GX mode is off. So why do all my games allow me to turn EAX on?

    • CarvedInside29 Sep 2010 @ 19:36

      How do you know is off? Didn't you launched win GX start.bat? Also note that some games like Warcraft 3 will always let you choose "Creative EAX" as sound .

  5. dmxdex30 Sep 2010 @ 04:20

    Well stalker EAX is not greyed out when i just install the driver. Bishock EAX mode i can also turn on without the bat file.

    [2nd edit]
    So basically when i am saying is stalker bioshock and fear EAX mode is not greyed out.

    [3rd edit]
    I just wish these drivers would come with a GX mode button for on and off like with the asus control panel.

  6. Richard02 Oct 2010 @ 03:07

    Excellent work mate, this driver is by far preferable imo. Much lower latency.

    I have the D1 on Win7x64 and with stock drivers my latency was typically 400us with all effects turned off. Playing any sound pushed it higher. With DolbyHP on it spiked to 20,000+ us, or may have even been an order of magnitude higher than that.

    With your standard driver I still had very bad latency.

    With your low latency driver it was much better, ~100us, but still very bad with DolbyHP on.

    With this driver (incl C-media centre) I'm seeing 150us typical, but much better performance with Dolby enabled. It still spikes to 20,000us sometimes, but steady state (WMP playing or just finished playing) its more like 2,500us -- yes, still terrible, but less terrible.

    I'm still having real problems with a 'click' or 'pop' at the beginning and/or end of sound samples... especially the driver's built in "left channel", "right channel" speaker test, but I'm no longer convinced that its something to do with this soundcard and its high PCI latency.

    Thanks for your efforts and keep up the great work!

    • CarvedInside02 Oct 2010 @ 23:57

      Especially the speaker test shouldn't "click" or "pop". Yes there might be other problems and thus affecting the sound playback as well. Try updating your network (Ethernet, wireless) drivers and also for other media components like a TV tuner .

      • Richard11 Oct 2010 @ 21:29

        Thanks for the info and advice Carved. I followed your advice and updated Ethernet and graphics card drivers, but same result. Actually I've found that its not just clicks but in some applications (video, GTR2) I'll get stutters at the end of a sound clip. Weird, but sounds like a latency issue still. Perhaps I should have gone for the DX instead of the D1?

        Anyway, that is my own problem. What I actually wanted to tell you was that, for the D1 at least, there doesn't seem to be an option to use the Front Panel headphone or mic jacks when using the C-media driver. Perhaps this is not the case on other Xonars? If you'd like me to test anything to see if there is a fix then just point me in the right direction. There's probably about a week left to test it before I get fed up and RMA this card. 😉

        Really grateful for all the effort you have put into getting us these drivers dude. When I called up Ebuyer about my problems (and to start the RMA process) the extremely knowlegable tech guy said he'd had similar problems in the past and solved them by finding 3rd party drivers that allowed him to adjust the latency himself. I told him I was trying out your drivers and he said that it was a good idea. So there you go, it seems that even the retailer thinks ASUS's drivers are balls!

        • CarvedInside12 Oct 2010 @ 14:47

          Yes the shutters at the end sound like DPC latency to me as well. I don't think things would had been better with DX, only if there is a problem with your motherboards PCI's communication.
          You can also try a clean Windows install but I'm starting to think your Xonar might be defective.

          As for Front Panel on Windows XP I have on the left up, Output device Oxigen HD Rear Panel and I can switch it with the Front. On windows 7 I don't know where the option is, I will have to check.

      • Richard14 Oct 2010 @ 16:36

        I think I can place my pops & clicks issue at Windows 7's door. I removed the D1 from the PC entirely and still get clicks at the start and/or end of any sound clip while using either onboard sound or a USB sound card (X-Fi Go, Steelseries). And I don't think its latency because the DPC Latency checker stays in green and yet I hear these horrid click/tick sounds. I guess I can't blame ASUS's drivers for this.

        Actually, I have an ASUS MB, so perhaps I can.

        Unless I can find another solution, I'm going to have to reinstall Win7x64 and pray that the problem is gone. 🙁

        It does however suggest that my D1 is okay, so I won't RMA it, and when/if I get everything sorted I'll be back to your website to enjoy your latest set of drivers. Thanks for all your help, mate, and the latency stuff you put on this site was really helpful in my troubleshooting too.


  7. dmxdex02 Oct 2010 @ 07:12

    I just tried low latency. This driver has the asus control panel. So i turn GX mode off. Bioshock and stalker still allow me to turn the EAX tab on. I though i had to manually turn GX mode on with the Bat files? I would like to have control over turning this on or off as some games dont like GX mode on. This driver seems messed up with regards to GX mode. It needs fixing.

    • CarvedInside03 Oct 2010 @ 00:42

      The Low DPC latency version doesn't autostart-up hsmgr.exe files that ASUS uses for EAX emulation. You only need the second part "2) Download and run the corresponding hsstart ***.bat file and add it to Start->Programs->Startup for automatic startup."

      If you have the GX button disabled, then it is disabled.

  8. putnamehere19 Oct 2010 @ 21:09

    Hello Internet world,

    does this driver fix also work with my asus xonar dx/xd ? so many dx2,xd,dx,d2 etc.. im sure that i have the small one, low profile card fo rpci express. the sound is good, but sometimes, when u play games or wathc a movie, if the appl. crashes so does the sound 😉

    i get a infinte loop sound, i can only stop this issue by openig device mang. and disable and reenable the audio device. Are there any fix for this problem ?


    thx for the hard work

    • CarvedInside21 Oct 2010 @ 12:33

      I don't know of such card xonar dx/xd, but i think it will work. But best way is to try them.

      For your issue, I really don't know, anyway application shouldn't crash in the first place. Be sure to check and let us know if they fix the problem for you.

  9. ollman23 Oct 2010 @ 02:30

    hey there!

    i just installed the b2 driver and it seems like if it's done correctly. but only the driver itself is installed. there is no c-media program and the folders "asus xonar audio" in start menu and "Asus Xonar DS Audio/customapp" in the program folder are empty.
    what am i doing wrong?

    i'm using a german version of win7 64bit. don't know if that is important regarding folder names or something...

    [later edit]
    chose restart later after installation and i could use the program by clicking the tray icon. then i did the restart and the tray icon is lost and i can’t find the program anywhere.

    • CarvedInside23 Oct 2010 @ 16:48

      No the C-Media B2 build doesn't use the files in CustomApp folder, those files are for Asus Control center.
      Yes that was a problem, tray icon not running after restart, but you can launch it from Control Panel.
      I solved that problem with the 1792 1.20 drivers. There you can choose to install the C-Media Audio Center by running the win73.CmediaPanel.bat before running setup.exe

      • ollman24 Oct 2010 @ 21:58

        downloaded 1.20 and now i've got another problem. during installation that red window, wich informs me about that the driver is not digitally signed, appears. but only for a very short time so i can't chose to install the driver anyway.
        it seems like the installation continues after that but when it's finished i get the information that i can't use this driver because it's not digitally signed...
        thanks for your efforts so far

        • CarvedInside26 Oct 2010 @ 01:21

          That shouldn't suppose to happen, I mean not working. Although red window appears and disappears quickly, thats because Asus doesn't have WHQL(Microsoft) signed drivers, and they skip the unsigned driver attention & warning.
          Do you have SP1 (beta or pre-beta) installed Windows 7? From what I know, SP1 takes blocking unsigned drivers at the next level.
          Can you install the normal version of UNi Xonar 1.20?

  10. ollman26 Oct 2010 @ 02:03

    no sp1 beta version. just windows 7 professional. and unfortunately i'm unable to install any version of 1.20... moved back to original asus driver in the meantime so that i can at least use my computer :S
    but if you have any idea to solve the problem i'll try, because it's impossible for me to play games since the dpc latency is that high.

  11. cikaunx927 Oct 2010 @ 04:39

    It seems there is no way to enable FP Headphones within C-Media control panel on Win7, no "Oxygen HD Front Panel" option like in XP...

  12. Dan Lucas30 Oct 2010 @ 00:54

    I have tried several times to install the 1792 v1.20. I have cleaned everything out. Did the Patches first as per instr. But after restart there is no driver installed at all. If I reinstall 1790 v1.11 there is no problem. Why can't I upgrade? Tried this process several times.
    Also, why have a lost the ASUS interface? I use the card mostly for sound/music. I cannot get the digital out to change sampling rates despite changing settings
    Please help

    • CarvedInside30 Oct 2010 @ 01:38

      Give me some details , like which OS & Xonar card do you have. Did you try to run the normal setup without customizations? Don't get the last part, with the question and all.

  13. Vertigo06 Nov 2010 @ 12:05

    Is there anyway to enable DTS connect with these drivers? If not, could you add the feature? I know it's part of the DSP.

    • CarvedInside06 Nov 2010 @ 23:17

      For know I couldn't find a way to edit the control panel. But I may be able to help you with a .bat file that should work, but its not so practical if you enable & disable frequently.

  14. Barry Weingart22 Nov 2010 @ 02:43

    I sent you an email re my issues. Does this driver work on the HDAV boards? I tired it and got nowhere. Please advise.


  15. TEK11 Dec 2010 @ 09:53


    Tested the install with the c-media center UI.
    The c-media center UI did does not show up. I saw it in the try right after the insatll, but it died (disappared) when I moved the mouse over it.
    Restart did no difference.

    Windows 7, x64
    Xonar Essence ST

    • CarvedInside12 Dec 2010 @ 19:05

      Did you try a uninstall and after that using Driver Sweeper to clean the remaining files? Try this and see if it works.


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