1. kasper9320 Jun 2013 @ 03:27

    Great drivers, really good work. One this is missing. Standalone app for switching rear panel output. I mean between headphones and speakers on my Xonar ST. I could try to do it, should be similar to other standalone apps, but maybe someone already has quick solution? OFC without turning asus audio center


    • CarvedInside20 Jun 2013 @ 18:44

      Thanks. Don't know about others but I don't have this done.Yes, you make it based on the other scripts. If you are having troubles doing it let me know.


  2. Simon21 Jun 2013 @ 16:19

    is it possible to add the panaroma effect back into the cmedia panel?


    • CarvedInside21 Jun 2013 @ 18:17

      I don't know. That part might be removed from the drivers as well. I will have to check it out and if its possible I can make a standalone app for panorama effect if your interested.


      • simon21 Jun 2013 @ 18:29

        it used to be an option way back (in the 1.21 drivers I think)


        • CarvedInside21 Jun 2013 @ 18:50

          Yes because of using an older version of C-media panel. Now I can also make an addon with that older C-media Panel, but I think a standalone app is better.


          • Simon21 Jun 2013 @ 19:22

            Excellent. A standalone would be good. Could I use the old cmedia panel by using the 1.11 CmiCnfgP64.cpl and CmiCnfgP.cpl ?
            If I could find the 1.11 driver package


            • CarvedInside21 Jun 2013 @ 23:20

              Yes. Since there aren't any links for older releases, I've made addon with the older CmiCnfg files. Dl links here. Let me know if it works.


              • Simon23 Jun 2013 @ 05:00

                the 1.70 package with the 1.28 panel works just fine.
                I've found the 1.31 package has the panorama function too. Could you do an addon with this for me to try.
                96khz Neo and PLII are working fine too.


                • CarvedInside23 Jun 2013 @ 17:05

                  1.31 has the same C-media panel.
                  OK. I will try to make the standalone app if possible.


  3. BobD21 Jun 2013 @ 17:42

    Thanks for these drivers. I just got a Xonar DSX and all my listening is in 2.0 stereo and I prefer to not add any effects or EQ. Will your driver improve the sound quality for my purposes? Also, is there somewhere that explains the various installation options? For the most part they are self-explanatory, but for example, I am wondering how the Low DPC Latency option differs other than it offers lower latency. Thanks!


    • CarvedInside21 Jun 2013 @ 18:08

      Possibly. Besides the fact that UNi Xonar drivers are using the right settings from the start, there are reports that C-media Panel offers better sound quality. This could be true because there of lower interferences from the C-media panel compared to Asus one. If this would be the reason for better quality, then this applies to Low DPC Latency as well.

      The "Panel" options are detailed in the table in the UNi Xonar Features. Some of the other options are explained in the help in the installer.


  4. BobD21 Jun 2013 @ 18:34

    Thank you very much. It sounds as if the "Low DPC latency" installation option may be the best for my purposes. Would you agree?


  5. sirmamboboycott24 Jun 2013 @ 16:50

    I've got pretty bad crackling/popping issues when using line-out. Any idea what could be causing this?


  6. lumzi2324 Jun 2013 @ 20:39

    I have a question. If I make changes in the modified Xonar audio center do I have to restart it (or even the computer) to get good sound quality? I say this because I heard somewhere that with the vanilla drivers/audio center any big changes would affect the sound quality. I don't know I explaining myself clearly. I know it was something like that.

    By the way I just want to say great job on the drivers. It sounds awesome!

    One last comment (sorry for the triple post). If I wanted use a 2.1 set up. What setting is the best in terms of channels? 2 channels or 4?


    • CarvedInside25 Jun 2013 @ 07:59

      Never heard that. You don't have to restart in order to get the good sound quality after changing settings. Now if you would install and use drivers with "Low DPC latency" panel configuration it would be recommended to restart but thats another thing (additional info in the UNi Xonar Features page).
      2 channels. You might want to read the FAQ:Q&A 9.


  7. Vic24 Jun 2013 @ 22:03

    Hi, is it possible to make other audio sources play, when you use asio, like in kx project drivers for creative? (Sorry for my english)


  8. Altimis26 Jun 2013 @ 22:10

    Hey Carvedlnside! been using your driver for a long time and I loved it!

    A question please? I have Westone 4R 8 drivers inear

    I just curios should I turn on Dolby Headphone? and 7.1 virtual? I think W4R don't have Dolby Headphone from what I check

    I can't tell if its sound terrible..... really


    • CarvedInside29 Jun 2013 @ 14:32

      Those enhancements are independent of headphones or speakers. 7.1 Virtual emulates 7.1 channels on a 2 channel speakers , it could be useful only for games. I personally like the sound unaltered. Especially if you don't see a difference you should keep Dolby Headphone disabled.


  9. Micheal4929 Jun 2013 @ 12:13

    Tried installing the driver and got the standard "Please plug-in" error message. Any suggestions?


    • CarvedInside29 Jun 2013 @ 14:28

      There is a link on this page Having problems installing UNi Xonar drivers?...


      • micheal4930 Jun 2013 @ 08:31

        I have been unable to install any of the different drivers. The installs never get past the "Please plug-in" error message. I even went to the extent of getting out a second power supply and connecting it separately and solely for the card. Still nothing, no matter which drivers I tried.


        • CarvedInside30 Jun 2013 @ 16:53

          Your card and OS? Do original drivers work?


          • micheal4930 Jun 2013 @ 21:16

            Xonar Essence STX, Windows & 64-bit. The original drivers do not work. Install halts at the "Please plug-in" error message. Power is definitely getting to the card because the card is warm. I even plugged a spare PSU into the card.


            • Camando Spawn01 Jul 2013 @ 19:01

              I had this exact issue except it stopped working after a couple of weeks. I sent it to a friend and it worked in his pc so I took it back and plugged it back in to my machine and it worked. I am getting stutters randomly on my system though. I think that the ST and STX just don't want to play nicely with Windows 8....


              • DanaG02 Jul 2013 @ 08:45

                I use my Xonar DX with an ExpressCard adapter, and supply it with only 12-volt power. The amplifier works, but the Asus utility complains about me not having the power plug connected. Also note: the solder joint between the power connector and the sound card is crappy.

                My extremely ugly solution: I used a utility to rewrite my EEPROM so it thinks the sound card is a Xonar D1, rather than a DX. (I also tried turning it into a D2X, but that didn't unlock the D2X features.)

                For your case, you can try turning the STX into an ST. I'd consider it a last resort, though.



            • ch0plol09 Jul 2013 @ 06:51

              I had the same problem, but my solution probably got buried. What I did to fix it was do a full driver sweep, enable test mode, and install the UNi drivers in safe mode. I tried all of the other solutions to no avail. I'm not certain if test mode is needed in this case, but I enabled it when trying a different solution and didn't disable it again between tries. Try this and see if it works.

              For you info, my specs:

              Xonar DGX (PCI-E)
              Windows 7 Ultimate x64
              ASRock Z77 Extreme 3

              Hope this helps you.


  10. Fey29 Jun 2013 @ 18:23

    I get no sound with the 1.71 drivers. Have followed the FAQ regarding all the driver cleaning options.

    I can see my headset picking up sound from my microphone and I can see the playback bar making noise when I click on "Test" but hear absolutely nothing from my Sennheiser PC360.

    I had no problems at all with the 1.64's


    • Fey29 Jun 2013 @ 18:30

      I found my problem - after I installed the new drivers I forgot to switch the output to "Headphones" from the default "2 Speakers" setting. Apologies 🙁


  11. twnsnd01 Jul 2013 @ 00:06

    There appears to be a bug with the newest UNi drivers [1.71] where you cannot play sound via spdif and headphones at the same time. I tried using UNi v1.70 and I can confirm that the issue does not exist in that version.


  12. Altimis01 Jul 2013 @ 02:31

    Thanks Carvedlnside for answer! 😀 sorry late reply, been busy 🙂

    For Dolby Headphone with my Westone 4R. I found its sound muddy and too much off wen Dolby is enabled in my opinion so I better disabled it.

    And for some reason, when I restart PC, sound become more clearer and deeper (In my ears) I dunno but I just surprised! maybe its reset DPC latency or something like that.

    BEST DRIVER for asus essence STX I ever use! 😀 love you!!!


    • Altimis01 Jul 2013 @ 02:38

      Dunno if just imagined but the sound I never heard or pay attention to it, its become clearer! hope I'm not just Placebo LOL


      • Rigel10 Jul 2013 @ 13:35

        Can you be more precise about this thing that the sound becomes more "clearer" after a system reboot? I have an Essence ST with UNi 1.71 DPC latency driver. Thanks 🙂


      • lumzi2312 Jul 2013 @ 01:10

        I fixed my issue regarding this I think. I had previously disabled only onboard sound from my motherboards bios. I would get fluctuations in sound quality because I hadn't disabled the sound of my graphics card. On a hunch I went into my device manager and disabled my graphics card sound completely. The results? Like night and day. Guild Wars 2 never sounded this good. Now in the control panel sound settings I only see Xonar audio devices.


  13. lumzi2302 Jul 2013 @ 21:33

    I heard that with the vanilla driver it is not a good idea to increase the mixer level above the default 75%. Is this the case with the unified driver too?


    • CarvedInside03 Jul 2013 @ 18:55

      I don't think I am aware of the issue you are referring, but it its affecting the original drivers, there is a big chance it is affecting the UNi Xonar drivers as well.


      • lumzi2303 Jul 2013 @ 20:47

        I heard somewhere that raising it above 75 causes some compression issues/artefacts or degrades the audio quality or something. Don't know whether this is true though


  14. ch0plol09 Jul 2013 @ 06:41

    I had a quick question about the 7.1 virtual speaker shifter enhanced profile. If I wanted to back up the default settings that are in the Uni Xonar 1.71 driver in case I want to restore the settings if I don't like how the enhanced profile sounds, how would I go about doing that? Or is there an even easier way of going back to default?


  15. Shinji Ikari13 Jul 2013 @ 04:59

    Sound drivers fixed my latency issue mostly, unf it still occurs when windows starts and when i get a 2nd sound like a notification when sound is all ready playing



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