1. Zaim Sattar14 Apr 2015 @ 00:44

    I’m unable to install the latest Unified drivers, keep getting the following error “Please Plug-In Uni Xonar Audio Device!” I have a Xonar HDAV 1.3 SLIM

    The official drivers seem to install fine. Any ideas? I'm using windows 8.1


    • CarvedInside14 Apr 2015 @ 20:01

      I see you finally managed to make a new comment instead of replying to someone else's that has nothing to do with your problem. Now how about reading the post above, there is a link "Having problems installing UNi Xonar drivers? Refer to this topic" or you could have searched for "Uni Xonar Please Plug-in..." or other things. I'm not trying to be smart ass but if you would know how many times I've been asked this question and I'm kinda sick of people not giving a damn about my spare time. So please next time try to make an effort and pay more attention to things already written and try searching for an answer before asking. Also, when asking for help you should not hold out any essential details, in your case you have Win8.1 x86 or x64 and which is the exact version of the drivers you are trying to install.


    • arsnova23 Apr 2015 @ 16:14

      Hi, great work to both the UNi Xonar drivers and Switch creators! A question, why don't add support to OpenAL Soft when installing the drivers instead of the deprecated and proprietary's? Thanks! : D M. C.


      • CarvedInside23 Apr 2015 @ 23:09


        First I want to make a remark. You've replied to someone else's comment that has nothing to do with the content of your comment. Instead, you should have made a new comment using the form at the bottom of the page.

        Now getting to the matter at hand. Thanks for bringing this up. I was considering replacing the OpenAl with the OpenAL Soft in future versions. Have you tried it with the Xonar drivers? I have to know that it would work fine.


  2. Arindel15 Apr 2015 @ 12:07


    Is it possible to have 7.1 Virtual Speaker without enabling Dolby Virtual Speaker? I have Xonar U3, but I had a DGX which had C-media panel which could do that, but not with Xonar panel.
    I'd like to have that 7.1 feature without adding any additional reverb.
    PS: I know Uni Drivers don't work with U3, but figured you guys must know some method to do that within Xonar panel or with some hack-ish method.

    Thanks in advance!


    • CarvedInside20 Apr 2015 @ 21:21

      Hi. I found the registry value for enabling only 7.1 Virtual Speaker. It may not work for U3. It may also be overwritten once the ASUS Panel loads so you may need to prevent it from starting. The ASUS Audio Panel for the internal Xonar's does that.

      How to enable it: 1) Find the Xonar U3 registry settings, see FAQ Q&A 5. I suspect you are using the U3 in another system that the one with the DGX, if not you will have 2 registry keys (folders).
      2) Add/Change the "EnableXear3D" value data from "00 00 00 00" to "01 00 00 00".
      3) You can export the settings so you can load them again if necessary.
      4) Disable and re-enable the U3 from Device Manager or restart the PC.

      Hope this helps.


      • Arindel24 Apr 2015 @ 18:11

        Thanks, that worked! Though, I was dissapointed to see that it's not really the same as DGX. Moving R to L position and I still hear sounds in R speaker when only L speaker should have sounds from L and R channels (I did disable everything before the regeddit trick).

        Anyway, thanks for showing me that trick, certainly something to play with.


        • crimsomred02 May 2015 @ 02:42

          Hi Arindel. I have te Xonar U3 too. It´s a good sound card with a wide range of parameters to play (for mod, jeje) 🙂 . The problem with the 7.1 Virtual Speaker its because the U3 its basically a Stereo Sound Card, so not all the speakers sounds in surround with chose 7.1 or 5.1 channels setup. If you can use the Virtual Speaker with all the speakers emmiting sound, you have two choices: One its chose 2 channels speaker setup, or use a SPDIF with Dolby Digital, then all the speakers sounds right.

          If you play with the registy you can found interesting things, one of these it´s "SpeakerConfig" (force the soundcard to work with a specific speaker setup), if you put a value of "01 00 00 00" means "Headphone", if put "02 00 00 00" means "Stereo", but if you put "04 00 01 00" means "Quadraphonic" so you can hear a better surround sound come from the rear speakers. If you put diferent values of that like "06 00 00 00" (5.1 speaker) or "08 00 00 00" (7.1 speaker) the sound card crash, because its not a true 5.1 sound card, but with the Quadraphonic speaker setup you can hear better surround effects.

          I regularity upload mods fot this sound card here (some of these have dolby Home Theater 4 and some sound improvements). But, after a time search for an good DSP to put on this sound card i finally found the Qsound APO that other user recommended me. The sound its Amazing for Music and Games, more natural and its much better than Dolby Enhancements. In a few days i upload that after fix some things. 🙂
          sorry for my english 🙂


  3. J.K16 Apr 2015 @ 07:56

    Howdy. It seems that output works now without crashing using optical output and Dolby Digital Live.


    • CarvedInside16 Apr 2015 @ 19:10

      Please use the reply button properly. When replying to an existing discussion use reply button floating on the right of the comment you are replying to.
      If you are using a NoScript browser addon then you should disable it so that “reply to discussion” button works correctly.

      In your case you should reply to this comment. If you've pinpointed what caused the crashes, you should let us know what it was.


  4. Piotr17 Apr 2015 @ 01:40

    hello, i use this drivers for auzentech meridian 2g and works in windows 8.1, buy why this drivers create shortcut in menu start for xonar thing which dont work becouse this is not xonar


    • CarvedInside17 Apr 2015 @ 02:59

      Hi. Because it's a minor inconvenience, there are a few who have non-Xonar cards that use UNi Xonar drivers and making the change would take significant time.


      • psychok922 Apr 2015 @ 18:04

        Thank you a lot for you work!
        I've X-Meridian 7.1 too, and I hope that it will work with next Windows 10 😐


        • CarvedInside23 Apr 2015 @ 22:56

          I will try to continue to support the X-Meridian & HT-Omega cards in future UNi Xonar drivers. Lets hope that C-Media does not remove those cards from the audio drivers.


  5. Samir18 Apr 2015 @ 21:21

    I want to start by thanking you all who helped develop and continue to develop and maintain these drivers, as well as those of you who have made donations, have helped spread the word about these drivers, or otherwise contributed to the cause of this project.

    The first time I discovered these drivers is when I started researching latency issues with ASIO and Propellerhead Reason, and when I realized that ASUS was not going to do anything about it. They would not have updated the drivers to work well with Windows 8 either if they had not been pressured by users (not saying that those drivers do work well at all, in any Windows version they supposedly support). Later, I learned that Windows 10 technical preview had no support for my ASUS card either. At that point, I had to switch. Up until then, I have always been using the official drivers. Seeing now what options I have with UNi Xonar, I probably will never switch back to the official drivers. I never had the chance to test out these drivers with Reason; I stopped using the software instead, until I buy a new audio card I thought... but I never did.

    What makes matters worse for me is that the Realtek audio device on my motherboard is not working at all. I think I fried some audio ports once when I made a wrong connection, although the digital in and out appear operational but I'm not sure if they ever worked again after that. I've been using the Xonar Essence STX since then. I'm on Windows 10, build 10049 now and there is still no built-in support for this audio device. Unlike with Ubuntu 14.10 or Fedora 21 where it works OOB. The Windows 10 preview appears to have overall issues with audio devices across the board, with many audio devices.

    Some individuals do for free what big name companies can't (won't) do for pay. Perhaps there is still hope for humanity after all.


  6. BustyLoli-Chan23 Apr 2015 @ 13:11

    I'm having trouble with the stereo mix volume on my ASUS Xonar Essense STX. I noticed while using these drivers that the volume of the stereo mix audio recording stream seems to be dependent upon the windows volume mixer level for the speakers themselves. I don't know if this is how this is supposed to work, an oversight in the development of the driver itself, or if this is related to a bug in the windows vista+ audio mixing system which, quite frankly, sucks.

    To more specifically describe my issue, I'm trying to record stereo mix while listening to my computer with headphones. Not wanting to lose my ears I have the windows audio speaker volume at about 25. This seems to produce almost no sound on the stereo mix channel. Adjusting the volume of the stereo mix channel (which is already at 100%) only further reduces it's threshold. Another peculiar bug I seem to notice is that even when I turn the windows speaker volume down to 0 the levels on the speaker VU meter in the windows playback for the ASUS Xonar Essence STX look completely unfazed, something I would expect/want from the stereo mix stream.

    Why is the stereo mix volume dependent upon the actual speaker volume? This seems counter intuitive and just "wrong". Is there a way to shut this off?



    • CarvedInside23 Apr 2015 @ 22:51

      It unclear to me if you did you noticed this with original drivers? The UNi Xonar drivers you've checked? Your OS is?
      I am unfamiliar with the issue you are describing. To know if it's a issue related to the Xonar drivers or the windows audio mixing system you could check if you get the same behavior with the onboard audio.


  7. Chris25 Apr 2015 @ 05:28

    I just wanted to thank you for these drivers.
    I used them for a long time, and then during my attempt to try out Pro Tools and get it to produce sound, I tried reverting to stock drivers as part of the troubleshooting.
    Immediately upon playing this song https://fractaleyes.bandcamp.com/track/mushroom-ancestry I noticed a distinct... lack... in the bass. I don't have the vocabulary, except to say it was weaker and more hollow perhaps. I've just gone back to the uni drivers and the delicious warm sound has returned, so thank you again!


    • CarvedInside28 Apr 2015 @ 15:20

      Interesting. While I am happy to hear this I'm not sure what could cause such a difference. If you can you tell me the original driver version have you tried, you OS, your Xonar card, the Panel Configuration have you selected during UNi Xonar install, the UNi Xonar driver that you've installed and if you've set card's sample rate to 44.1KHz when you had the original drivers. Thanks.


      • Chris29 Apr 2015 @ 00:16

        Indeed, I don't know myself. I've an XTS card, using RCA outs to powered monitors. I didn't touch the hardware volumes or anything, and as of the time of writing my post a few days ago I was using the latest ASUS drivers from their website, and the latest Uni drivers from here too. It's windows 8.1 (week old install), and both drivers were tested immediately after installation and reboot. I uninstalled drivers and the ASUS software before trying to install Uni drivers just in case. Both were completely stock settings (as far as I can remember), although I chose the low latency package during Uni install. If I did change the settings, I just would have set the sample rate to 48KHz on both drivers.
        I will test it again to see (and note drivers etc) and maybe even try to record it, although not tonight!


  8. suserg230 Apr 2015 @ 14:15

    In Windows 10 Insider Preview 10.10074 began to work normally discrete sound card Asus Xonar DX 7.1 PCIe.
    Employed drivers in the DX Win 10 10074:
    UNi Xonar 1815 v1.64 r2
    Asus Driver DX Win 8


  9. The Jake01 May 2015 @ 04:43

    I recently got an Asus Essence STX II and I've got a 7.1 full tower setup. I was wondering if there were any apps or settings I couldn't find within the UniDriver that would allow me to set the distance of each speaker from me within the software settings. That way the sound coming out would differ in volume depending how far it was away from my head. I'm pretty sure the Azuentech Home Theatre HD sound card had those settings but I cannot find anything with this card. Also, just for kicks, has anyone tried all 3 of the op amps for sound test solely for gaming purposes. My setup is 99.9% for gaming only.


    • maco26 May 2015 @ 17:41

      Hi, there is no distance or delay for each channel available for any Xonar card AFAIK. Also you are mixing Distance with Volume. Distance adjustment doesn't anything to do with volume, but with phase (if sound comes to you not at the same time, frequency cancellation will occur).

      I looked for the same thing some time ago and found River as the only solution. JRiver is a media center software that can play almost anything (DSD SACDs for instance), it's support WASAPI, so you avoid Windows frecuency resampling too. Distance / latency can be configured through room correction section.

      It's hard to my to understand how almost nobody care about distance configuration in a 2.1/5.1/7.1 setup.


  10. Tony09 May 2015 @ 20:58

    There's a error with ANY version of unixonar/official drivers with Xonar D1 card on Win 10. There's no sound from any application in 6 channels source mode, but i can hear sound 'Left Front/Right Front/' etc. from Xonar Audio Center. This error comes from 10036 build and still being in 10074(last on this day) build. Set up in Win 8/Win 7 mode doestn't solve the problem, set up from Admin too.


  11. AKO17 May 2015 @ 21:56

    I have problem xonar STX card. I selected output to headphone, but sound let through also SDPIF to recerver... Doing the same as Asus's own drivers as a newest drivers of this page.
    What is best drivers for asus xonar STX win7 64bit ?


  12. Paul19 May 2015 @ 18:57

    I just got an Essence STX to replace my Xonar DG. Before with my DG, when i plugged in my headphone into the front panel jack it would automatically change from "2 speaker" to "FP Headphones, but with the STX it doesn't. I've tried various driver versions (1.64r2, 1.72, 1.75r1, official ASUS drivers) still the same. Doesn't the STX have that feature 'coz i expected it to since it's a higher tier card than the DG. Any advice to get back that functionality? Thanks!


    • CarvedInside21 May 2015 @ 20:04

      From what I know the DG card has a hardware component that allows front panel jack sensing. The inclusion of this component maybe has to do with the fact that the DG is a much newer card than STX and other higher tier cards.
      If you want to make the switch between "2 speakers" and "FP Headphones" I suggest you use XonarSwitch and make a profile for each and use global hotkeys to switch between them.


  13. Touldie21 May 2015 @ 10:53

    Hi and thanks for developing the UNi driver. Everything works good except ASIO. I'm using Access Virus as audio ASIO output instead Asus Xonar DX ASIO because I've some problems with the last one. When I choose the Asus ASIO driver my DAW works fine in short time. After a dozen or so seconds, playing sound stops and loops (depends on buffer size). Also DAW stops. Sound card reinitialization doesn't work (in DAW), so only re-run DAW only helps. Does anybody else has problems like me? I can't force Asus Xonar DX to work in ASIO mode. Any suggestions? Please help me if possible. (I'm using W7 64-bit and Intel chipset Z67 motherboard).


  14. Majestic1221 May 2015 @ 19:05

    The 5.1 mode works with the newest Windows 10 Insider Preview 10122 (Xonar D1). There is still the other bug - after booting the computer, only one channel works in the stereo mode. The solution is to put your PC to sleep and after waking it up everything works 😀


    • Tony21 May 2015 @ 22:09

      Or reboot your pc, it's the second solution with one channel stereo mode problem.


      • Majestic1221 May 2015 @ 22:11

        No, that's the point of the problem - after rebooting your PC this problem always returns.


    • Tony21 May 2015 @ 22:12

      By the way, stereo mode bug it's a problem on W7/W8/XP too. I have this issue many times on different operating systems. This is an old asus bug 🙂


  15. Tom23 May 2015 @ 17:29

    Thanks for these. I installed the C-Media Panel after first trying the Low Latency. For some reason the Right Surround wasn't anywhere close to the volume on the others. It had been fine on the original Asus drivers. I uninstalled and tried the C-Media and all is well. The sound is very good and I have less memory useage.
    Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit using S/PDIF to Yamaha receiver.


    • CarvedInside23 May 2015 @ 20:53

      I don't see a reason for the drivers installed with Low DPC Latency configuration to cause Right Surround volume to be lower, maybe it was a temporary issue that would have been resolved after a restart. Anyway if you run into this problem again please let me know.



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