1. RusŸen16 Jan 2017 @ 13:10

    I have Asus Xonar DX + Logitech Z5500 combo. While listening to music, I am switching DHT on but in other apps and movies it is turned off. I am having a little problem with the sound and I don’t know what to do about it.

    My DX does not provide bass effects for rear sounds. For example: While I am playing Skyrim (DHT off), when I see a dragon in FRONT of me, I can hear full sound range with both front, center and woofer speakers. But when I turn back to dragon, I only get sound from surround speakers; woofer is not providing bass for it. Movies, other games does not matter. No bass with rear sound. I searched Google for the solution but could not find anything.

    Here is my settings list:

    – Using original Xonar DX Audio Center
    – 6 channes
    – PCM 96 KHz
    – 5.1 speakers
    – 7.1 Virtual Speakers OFF
    – DSP Modes OFF
    – SVN OFF
    – No atmospheric effects
    – A little changed EQ
    – FlexBass OFF
    – AEC OFF
    – VocalFX OFF

    Z5500 settings here

    – Analog connection (can’t get 5.1 sound from most of the games through optical output)
    – 6 ch direct thing at the back of the control panel is set to 6 ch direct
    – All cables are okey
    – If I connect rear sound cable to my DX’s front sound port, I can get basses with the rear channel sounds; so no problem with the speaker system

    I’ll be glad if you help me.

    Thank you,


    • CarvedInside16 Jan 2017 @ 15:20

      Hello. Have you tried with the onboard audio card to see if you get the same behavior? If you haven't, you should try that.


    • Luis Eduardo25 Jan 2017 @ 22:24

      Hey man... I have the same issue with my Xonar DG and my Onboard audio. It's just some applications doesn't support really well the switching of Audio Channels /Sample Freq / GX / EQ / Up & Down mixing config with dedicated Soundcards (and newer Onboard soundcards as in my case!)

      For the other problem... You should enable FLEXBASS when using 4 SPEAKERS OUTPUT SETUP OR HIGHER (don't forget switching to 6 or 8 or MAX channels playback for gaming purposes too). What is FlexBass? What I have understood, it's a function which allow you to redirect the Low Frequency of all SPEAKERS (only for 4 Speakers output setup or higher) directly to the dedicated subwoofer (as should it be for gaming at least), so the low freq of every Satellite Speakers are playing only through the dedicated Subwoofer.

      You only should leave disabled FLEXBASS if you have Speakers that have their own integrated subwoofer in every one (I mean, every speaker is capable to play low frequencies instead of depend of a only one dedicated Subwoofer as you have)

      Also I recommend you that you must read the specifications of your satellite speakers, and know what is the minimun freq that these can play actually, then set the FLEXBASS crossover to that Frequency. But generally, a 80 / 100 HZ of lower freq is sufficient for a good and lossless playback. My satellite speakers can play freq from 120hz to 22khz and my Subwoofer can play freqs from 30hz to 1khz.... so I set my FLEXBASS Crossover to the satellite speakers minimun, 120hz

      When I play S.T.A.L.K.E.R - SHOC, and a Bloodsucker is trying to hunt me, or Bandits are shooting me at my backs (or trying to do a Cheeki on my Breeki), my rear speakers sounds clear, but also my subwoofer sounds loud and clear, and plays the low freq of my Rear / Center / Front Speakers thanks to FLEXIBASS and my crossover setup.

      Did you understand? Hehe! Greetings buddy!


  2. Avi17 Jan 2017 @ 03:49

    Hello there!,
    I'm trying to use FP Switch (by dear Virus), and I find myself very confused about how it should work.
    It has an exe inside the "release" folder which has no way to be configured and it only switches between rear headphones to front headphones,
    I need it to alternate btw 2 speakers (rear) and headphones (front), preferably with a hotkey (I'll learn AutoHotKey if necessary)
    I've tried to install it as an add-on but the installer wont recognize it
    I've looked all over the site including the "UNi Xonar Installer Addons" section, as well as searched the site for an answer but there seem to be no instructions.

    Sorry for bothering and thanks in advanced!


    • CarvedInside17 Jan 2017 @ 13:48

      Hi. It's a standalone application not a UNi Xonar installer addon. No other configuration is possible. If you want to switch between different customized settings I suggest you try creating different profiles with XonarSwitch. Also you can fully customizable global keyboard shortcuts with XonarSwitch.


  3. bigcid1017 Jan 2017 @ 15:24

    Are those 1825 drivers going to be compatible with the STX II 7.1 ?
    Thank you


    • CarvedInside19 Jan 2017 @ 10:11

      They should work. For STX II you will need to install them with Windows in "Test Mode" or with "Disable driver signature enforcement" option.


      • ujh19 Jan 2017 @ 13:06

        are you sure that one can't install your drivers by standard procedure? i say that as i've always insatlled them without any of those methods - pre and post win10.


        • ujh19 Jan 2017 @ 13:06

          and.. when will the new drivers be available?? are they going to be STX compatible?? thanks in advance!


        • CarvedInside25 Jan 2017 @ 22:19

          My reply was for STX II cards. For non STX II cards it will install by standard procedure.


      • bigcid1019 Jan 2017 @ 19:10

        this will be my first time using these modded drivers
        so,I'm excited


        • CarvedInside25 Jan 2017 @ 22:22

          There new drivers(v1.81) might not be the drivers to judge the UNi Xonar drivers, as there could be unexpected problems. If you encounter any issues you should try v1.80b instead.


  4. cristian18 Jan 2017 @ 19:00

    hello, which is the most recent driver for asus xonar DG ? xonar uni mod shows 2013 lastest from asus website shows 2015

    I want to know which one has the lowest dpc latency (w10 64bit)

    thank you so much for this


    • CarvedInside19 Jan 2017 @ 10:14

      Hi. Think you mixed the dates. UNi Xonar v1.80a is from 2015 and it's currently the latest driver. I am not aware there are any differences between drivers in regards to DPC latency.


  5. Phil20 Jan 2017 @ 08:09

    Hi. Recently, I decided to buy a sound card so I could get an optical output in my pc. I ordered an asus DGX and I cannot get this thing to work so I thought that maybe you guys would be able to help me. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'll try to keep it short. The card is currently sitting in a pcie1x slot, but I tried sticking it into other 1x and 16x ports but It didn't work. I have an MSI z97 gaming 5 mobo, and I disabled the on-board audio and uninstalled the drivers. I'm running win10 x64 in text mode and the system doesn't see the card so naturally the drivers (both official and yours) fail to install. However, I actually was able to get windows to recognize my card by booting into safe mode and installing it by "adding a legacy device" in the device manager. Once I do that, the driver installers just work and overwrite the old driver with each installation. The problem occurs when I decide to boot out of the safe mode. I get a BSOD during the windows loading screen that says "SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED" and the reason for that is apparently the sound card driver named "cmudaxp.sys". The only way I can boot back into windows is either by uninstalling the driver or disabling the device. Now when I'm out of the safe mode, in "normal mode" and I try to enable the sound card or update the drivers in the device manager, I get the same error the second the device is enabled again. Could anyone please helo me? I spent well over 4 hours trying to grt this damn thing to work. Thanks in advance


    • CarvedInside25 Jan 2017 @ 22:18

      Hi. Check to see of your card EEPROM wasn't overwritten. If it's ok then you should check your card in another PC. If it works OK then there is something wrong with your motherboard or OS. You could try updating the motherboard BIOS and installing the OS again.
      If it has the same problems in the other PC then the card is defective.


  6. d4rk23 Jan 2017 @ 09:22

    I have a problem here with the Asus Xonar DGX, stereo mix is not working. Its seen and enabled as default listening device but the volume bar is not show any change and it don't record any sound in every recording program. Same for wave. I have searched over the whole web for days, still no solution found. Just some information that's probably in any relation to Microsoft's great copyright protect agenda or any about Line-In messed up. Some possible solution should be to plugin any headphones and other, but nothing of it helped. I also tested various drivers/driver versions and settings, absolute no success. I guess there was any new windows update that disabled the whole functionally or something like that. I have also searched this site, cannot find anything about that, just some around it, not exactly that. System: Windows 7, Asus Xonar DGX, Board: Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z, 2 Speaker normal plugged.

    Any Ideas? Much thanks in advance!


    • CarvedInside25 Jan 2017 @ 22:14

      Hi. You should see if stereo upmix works for the onboard audio card to see if its a problem related to the Xonar card or not.


  7. Pierre25 Jan 2017 @ 16:47

    Hello CarvedInside,

    First off, thank you for your continued driver support for us Xonar users, it's truly appreciated.
    Just a question or two. I installed the latest driver you released for us on 25th January 2017 (UNi Xonar W10 1825 v1.81a drivers)

    The driver no longer installs the C-Media Panel for me with the "Low DPC latency" option. The driver only installed the Xonar Audio Center for me. Also, I had to go to the install location to launch it, it no longer launches with Windows 10 on startup. I would have tested if the C-Media Panel did the same, but I can't get it to install with the driver.


    • CarvedInside25 Jan 2017 @ 22:35

      I think you might be confusing Normal and "Low DPC Latency" installation options. In Normal, C-media Panel is missing from start menu and ASUS Audio Center autostarts with Windows boot. In Low DPC Latency, C-Media Panel should be in the start menu entry and neither C-Media Panel or ASUS Audio Center autostart with Windows boot.
      For the C-Media Panel missing in "Low DPC Latency" mode, you should uninstall and install the drivers again. I've check things on my end and there isn't a reason for it to be missing so please double check that it's missing form Start->All Programs->UNi Xonar Audio when installing with "Low DPC Latency" configuration.


      • Pierre25 Jan 2017 @ 23:57

        Hi, I installed it with Windows 10 Test Mode while driver signature verification was turned off. It seems to be working now, thank you. 🙂


        • CarvedInside26 Jan 2017 @ 19:41

          I'm pleased to hear that it works now.
          Don't you still have the Xonar D2X? Because with the D2X you don't need to install the v1.81a drivers in Test Mode or with "Disable Driver Signature Verification" boot option.


  8. Andy R25 Jan 2017 @ 16:48

    Hi CarvedInside,

    Thanks for all your hard work, been your drivers with my old STX and for the last 3 some years I've been using it with my new STXII. I have no issues whatsoever on Win10 with my STXII running 1.80b. I am just wondering if the 1.81 bears any important changes that would trigger me to update, or if I should just stay on those drivers. I go by the principle that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". But I was hoping to get a changelog of what changed between the two versions. It also looks like you're no longer distinguishing between the STX and STXII in your latest driver. Would love to get your input on this.

    Cheers... Andy.


    • CarvedInside25 Jan 2017 @ 22:42

      Hi. The audio drivers (1825) that are included in the UNi Xonar v1.81 are made by C-Media and do not have any changelog, so we don't really know what's been fixed or changed. One of the reasons I use the "b" versions for STXII is because they have a signed driver version for STXII but lack a valid signature for the rest of the cards. The "a" versions are exactly the opposite. If you have no problems with the current drivers then you should stay with the current drivers.


  9. fmb25 Jan 2017 @ 21:33

    Hi , I have Stx II and xonar audio center not working with the latest driver , i want to use Hi Fi mode. is there a work around?



    • CarvedInside25 Jan 2017 @ 22:56

      Hi. With previous drivers when Asus Xonar Audio Center worked, did you have v1.80a or v1.80b drivers?
      Getting Asus Xonar Audio Center work for STXII with "a" drivers might be tricky. I suggest you try C-Media Panel or XonarSwitch.
      Regarding Hi-Fi mode, it's only useful if you have enabled any sound effects and want to quickly disable them. It does not improve or change the sound when you have the default settings.


      • fmb26 Jan 2017 @ 01:26

        I Used 1.80b .

        The environment effect cant be disabled without the Hi-Fi mode i think . I tried it before it sounds different.
        is there registry setting i can change ?



        • CarvedInside26 Jan 2017 @ 21:08

          For ASUS Audio Center not working for your STX II card try this: download this file, with it replace "C:\Program Files\UNi Xonar Audio\Customapp\AsusAudioCenter.exe", launch Asus Audio Center and tell me if it's working.

          About Hi-Fi mode, the environment effects are not active until you turn them on or change the default settings.


  10. Luis Eduardo25 Jan 2017 @ 21:43

    Hi CarvedInside.

    Thank you for a hell of job, man! I been a years-long user of Uni Xonar Drivers. Thanks to you I could resolve a bag full of bugs from my Xonar DG 5.1 soundcard.
    When I bought it for the first time, I could not believe how shitty was the Asus Xonar drivers, but you saved my money delivering a reliable, clean and fully working Uni Xonar Drivers, then I re-discovered what is like to have a Dedicated Soundcard.

    Greetings and hugs to you, man!


  11. fitasny25 Jan 2017 @ 22:00

    I just installed new v1.81a drivers. So far no problems, except that I can't launch Xonar Audio Center. I double click on the AsusAudioCenter.exe and nothing happens. C-Media Audio Panel is present and working fine.

    STX II, Win 10, v1.81a, Low DPC mode


    • CarvedInside25 Jan 2017 @ 23:02

      Hi. Thanks for the quick feedback. With previous drivers when Asus Xonar Audio Center worked, did you have v1.80a or v1.80b drivers?
      Getting Asus Xonar Audio Center work for STXII with “a” drivers might be tricky. I'm not sure it's worth the effort but let me know if you really want the ASUS Xonar Audio Center so I might setup somethings for you to try.


      • fitasny25 Jan 2017 @ 23:27

        I previously had v1.80b drivers.

        I was using Xonar Audio Center mainly for two things: changing headphone gain and selecting output. If XonarSwitch and C-Media Audio Panel can provide me these functionalities, you really don't need to work on Xonar Audio Center.


        • CarvedInside25 Jan 2017 @ 23:44

          XonarSwitch should work, but the only way to know is for you to try.


          • fitasny25 Jan 2017 @ 23:50

            And unfortunately XonarSwitch is not working for me. It creates a critical event error log (available here: http://pastebin.com/MApp7dcu).


            • CarvedInside26 Jan 2017 @ 21:12

              I see. I'm not sure I can do anything about the XonarSwitch error. Do you get it when you launch XonarSwitch or when you try to change settings with it?

              For ASUS Audio Center not working for your STX II card try this: download this file, with it replace "C:\Program Files\UNi Xonar Audio\Customapp\AsusAudioCenter.exe", launch Asus Audio Center and tell me if it's working.


              • fitasny27 Jan 2017 @ 01:26

                I am getting this error immediately after launching XonarSwitch. At the same time Windows Error Reporting process appears.
                Asus Audio Center (as I can see borrowed from Xonar D2 drivers? 😃) is working great!! I’m announcing full success.

                Thank you so much.


                • CarvedInside27 Jan 2017 @ 11:41

                  About XonarSwitch error, someone else with STXII and v1.81a drivers reported that it is working for him. The problem might be local. You should try re-downloading XonarSwitch. Another thing you should try is to uninstall the drivers and install them again. What Windows 10 build are you running?

                  About the Asus Audio Center D2 label, I've replaced the id of D2 card with that of the STX II so that's why it shows D2. It's should be a just a branding thing.
                  Btw thank you for your donation!

                  Update: About the Asus Audio Center support for STXII with id replace, it turns out it's more than branding, it turns available options and behavior on/off. I've released the rev.2 of the v1.81 drivers where I've replaced the STX id instead. Feature wise it should be the same as with the STXII drivers, let me know if you notice any strange behavior.


                  • fitasny27 Jan 2017 @ 13:43

                    Windows version 1607 (OS Build 14393.693)

                    I tried re-downloading XonarSwitch and the error still occurs.

                    Then I started uninstalling process and strange thing has happened. When the uni uninstaller ended its work, XonarSwitch icon shown up and suddenly program was working fine (it was indicating the lack of proper drivers). Immediately after starting new installation procedure XonarSwitch deactivated and errors reappear.


  12. Mark David25 Jan 2017 @ 23:04

    Thank you CarvedInside,

    On Win7 can you tell any differance between v1.80b. & v164 rev2?

    "Do you recommend I update to UNi Xonar 1816/1822 v1.75a r3 from version UNi Xonar 1815 v164 rev2 for better audio or surround sound? Or which update version do you recommend?
    I have windows 7 64 bit with Xonar DS audio for my 7.1 Harman Kardon Receiver"


    • CarvedInside25 Jan 2017 @ 23:12

      I think v1.64 are fine. There isn’t a better audio with v1.75a compared to v1.64. Don’t really know about the surround sound. On Win7 currently I personally use v1.80b. It’s up to you to see which ones you find best. If you test different drivers and observe better or worse surround sound let us know.

      Can't tell you the differences between v1.80b. & v164 rev2. I'm using them because I didn't have any issues with them so far. Some drivers have Know or Possible issues.


      • Mark David26 Jan 2017 @ 00:52

        Thank you, so no need to ever update as long as you don't experience any issues?
        Do you ever offer any updates which either enhance or improve the 7.1 surround sound or audio feature functions of the Xonar DS Audio Center?


  13. Scuba26 Jan 2017 @ 09:00

    Tx Carvendinside !
    Great job as always !
    Windows 10 x64 - Xonar D2X


  14. Wolve26 Jan 2017 @ 12:24

    Hi, I've been waiting for the new drivers since I upgraded to Win10, because of various problems. So thank you for your great job!

    I'm using the Xonar DG, and I have some problems while gaming (using a headset with 2 and 8 Channels, 24bit and 96kHz)... so my volume changed spontaneously and got quieter, till I quited the game. I tried v1.75 and 1.80a and it occurs only while playing and while the .exe is running.

    After installing the v.1.81, I played another time (with headset, 8 Channels, 24bit and 96kHz) and everything seemed to be perfect, but after a while the sound changed again. I thinnk the channels were switched: My mates on TeamSpeak and the sound coming from the "front" became quieter an the sound from the sides and back got louder.
    Is this a known problem?



    • CarvedInside26 Jan 2017 @ 20:26

      Hi. I don't know if others had this issue. Don't remember seeing someone else reporting such a issue. Is this happening with one game or with multiple games?
      There are various things you can try. Some bugs are triggered on specific settings. I'm not sure why you use a sample rate of 96KHz, I suggest you change it to 44.1KHz (see FAQ Q&A9). If by any chance you've enabled SVN you should disable it.
      You should also try v1.80b drivers.


      • Wolve27 Jan 2017 @ 10:29

        Hi and thank you for your reply. I think I solved it

        Some drivers (network, graphics) caused some high DPC-Latency while gaming. After deleting and reinstalling them my DPC-values stayed more or less normal. I also lowered the headset-amplifier in addition, so I was able to play for about 2 hours without any volume-drops or channel switches.
        I also have changed to 44.1kHz because the sound seems to be clearer. The only thing is now, that the Sound through the headset is a little too low with volume set to 100%.

        I bought today a Xonar DX and will install it tomorrow.... hope, that I won't have any troubles. Is it possible to get DHT somewhere for the DX?



        • CarvedInside27 Jan 2017 @ 11:32

          Hi. You should know that the Xonar DX does not have a dedicated headphone amplifier as Xonar DG has.
          About headphone amplifier (on your DG), it's recommended that the soundcard output impedance(ohm) should be lower than the headphone output impedance.
          If volume is too low and volume is maxed in Windows Volume and application settings you can try to rise the volume for each individual channel in the Asus Audio Center, C-Media Panel or XonarSwitch in Mixer panel.

          You can find the current version of the DHT addon here. I suggest you don't try it before you are sure everything is working fine. Because you may mix too many things together and won't know from where the problem comes.


          • Wolve27 Jan 2017 @ 16:25

            Right, I totally forgot the channel volume!
            To be honest, I do not really need an amplifier. At the moment I'm using the G430 as gaming-headset with max 32 ohm and the Sennheiser Momentum with max 18 or 28ohm for music. The reason why I want to change to DX, is because I read that the sound quality ist audibly better and has a higher Signal-to-Noise Ratio.
            Did you ever compared both cards? Would you recommend this "upgrade"?

            Thx for the DHT link!


            • CarvedInside27 Jan 2017 @ 17:03

              I haven't heard the DG. I have the Xonar DX. I think it's a good upgrade if you use the card with analog outputs.


  15. Fixit27 Jan 2017 @ 01:55

    7.1 virtual speaker shifter enhanced profile v1.0 -- Does not seem to work when using Win10 or Xonar STX II driver?

    I run the Load.exe and I hear the soundcard click but the positioning doesnt change for the speakers in the app.


    • CarvedInside27 Jan 2017 @ 10:28

      Might be an issue with Win10 or STX II driver, I haven't had time to investigate. Thanks for bringing it up.
      You can activate "7.1 virtual speaker shifter enhanced profile" in XonarSwitch under Dolby Virtual Speaker-> 7.1 Virtual Speaker Shifter-> "Luis U Positional Layout" from under Presets.


    • CarvedInside27 Jan 2017 @ 12:46

      Can confirm that it's an issue when used with STX II drivers.



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