1. Mike16 Jan 2020 @ 20:37

    Can U explain me why default volume after installing drivers is set to 50? I should increase it to max or dont touch it and only using volume in apps and amplifier?


    • CarvedInside20 Jan 2020 @ 21:01

      50 was the default volume of the original drivers. Depending on their setup people use lower or higher volume so 50 seems a good start for both. Ideally, you would want the audio signal that is coming out of the card to be as strong as possible and control it in the amplifier. It does not matter if you control the volume in each applications on Windows Volume mixer.


  2. kean3D21 Jan 2020 @ 00:24

    hi CarvedInside, i just saw new drivers for stxii dated 25dec 19 on the Asus site,did they are new version ones or same as old? i still useUNi Xonar STXII 11.5 v1.80b r3, + disable speaker compensation which are the best combo for stx2 ,sounds way better than all others and without problems


    • CarvedInside21 Jan 2020 @ 16:12

      Thanks for the head up. I've checked the driver files and there is nothing new, it's all exactly like the previous driver released in 2015. They just removed the "Beta Version" tag from the name.
      Glad to hear. 🙂


  3. Renato24 Jan 2020 @ 22:42

    Sorry for the dumb question but I have W10 latest build, is it better to get the latest version (1825 v1.81a r2) or the most stable (UNi Xonar 1816/1822 v1.75a r3)?


  4. Bane28 Jan 2020 @ 15:35

    Hello CarvedInside, first of all thank you very much for your work. I have used uni drivers for Xonar DG for years (last one was installed on W10 1903). After doing a clean install of 1909 on the same machine, Windows is freezing ~half a minute after booting up. It basically becomes a slideshow, where screen is updated once every 10-15 seconds (caps lock takes just as long to enable). Even during the installation of uni drivers, Windows freezes for about 15 seconds and continues "successfully". Event Viewer reports failing to load drivers for cmudaxp.sys. I first tried 1.81a on a clean Windows install, then 1.80a after another format and finally 1.75a r3 after ticking "Cleanup drivers" in the uni installer. All three versions are having the same issue. Issues are completely gone when I uninstall the uni drivers.

    Do you have any clue what could be causing this? Should I try "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement", even though that wasn't necessary on previous Windows installation?

    Thank you in advance.


    • CarvedInside29 Jan 2020 @ 03:38

      I tested things today on my system, on an updated Windows 10 version 1909 and I am not having any issues. So the issues seem to be particular to your system.
      Check that your card is properly plugged in the slot. Try a different PCI slot. Try again with Windows 10 1903. Try "Low DPC latency" configuration in the UNi Xonar installer.
      Don't think "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement" will do anything but if you don't have anything else to try you could try that.

      Have you changed anything between when now and when it last worked?
      Provide the error log from the Event Viewer.


      • Bane29 Jan 2020 @ 10:47

        Thank you for your response.
        There were only two changes compared to previous system: One was changing the PCI slot after re-assembly of the machine (I'll put it back into the previous one) and the other is fresh Windows 10 1909 installation. Always used the Low DPC latency installation as well.
        Will update with results after trying the old PCI slot and I'll try to get the error log.


      • Bane30 Jan 2020 @ 00:47

        Changed the PCI slot and first issue was that SUBSYS number for DG was off by 20, so installer wouldn't recognize the card even though it was showing up in Device Manager. Re-seated the card and SUBSYS was back to it's original. Installed 1.80a drivers and it seems to be working for now or at least it hasn't been freezing so far.


        • CarvedInside30 Jan 2020 @ 06:45

          Good to know. Besides the card maybe not being seated properly, the pins in those PCI slots or those from the Xonar's PCI connector could be dusty or dirty. If you still have problems, you should clean the PCI slot with a vacuum cleaner and a brush, and for the card's PCI connector, you can clean that with a paper towel sheet or cotton and rubbing alcohol.

          Especially if you haven't donated previously, it would be nice if you thought of compensating me for my work and time with a donation.


  5. Ben31 Jan 2020 @ 21:56

    A continuation from this discussion.

    I tried some things to eliminate my buzzing from the STX II 7.1 when my graphic cards has to work hard:
    1. External Molex Power Supply = no success.
    2. DIY EMI/RFI-Shield with 1mm Aluminium in Carbon Style = nor success 🙁 Shield is connected to the PC case.
    Some pics are here:


    • CarvedInside01 Feb 2020 @ 02:38

      Is your PC connected to a grounded electrical outlet?
      The EMI from the GPU could be picked by the cable that connects the STX II card with it's daughterboard. If you remove the daughterboard or disconnect it's cable from the STX II, do you still have the issue?


    • Case01 Feb 2020 @ 03:07

      These shields are basically pointless, regardless of the fact sound card makers make them seem like a big deal. If you're getting interference, it's most likely coming over the PCIe bus from the MB.

      Also, try touching the case to see if the interference changes and/or goes away. Might be a sign of ground loop unrelated to the GPU.


    • CarvedInside02 Feb 2020 @ 00:08

      Another thing to try. You could slightly lower the GPU clocks for better efficiency, lower the power limit and undervolt the GPU with MSI Afterburner. For undervolting see this guide.

      Let us know if you manage to fix or mitigate this issue and how you did it.


    • CarvedInside20 Feb 2020 @ 04:30

      Any updates? Have you tried any of our suggestions?


      • ben20 Apr 2020 @ 15:43

        I don't lower the GPU or undervolt it because it is more important for me to optimize the video output with madvr for UHD content. Also I have some more equipment in my hometheater which I wanna use with 7.1-Sound. So I bought an AV-Pre again and will sell the STX II 7.1 😮


  6. andrewyea01 Feb 2020 @ 20:09

    Hello pls help me!
    i have tow asus xonar d1 cards and both of therm work not good and problems and one of biggest problems with them both sometime sound lost and and when i try to open xonar d1 audio center its write
    (can't find device) sound can lost just after load windows or when i open game or when i touch case.why that happens?maybe drivers or some else.pls who know oh think something. my pc is motherboard asus x370 prime-a .650w chieftec.win 10.


    • CarvedInside11 Feb 2020 @ 22:08

      Next time, please take the time to write your message properly. When you write a new sentence, you should use space and capitalize the first letter. The name of the products, again with capital first letters, the card is not "asus xonar d1", it's "Asus Xonar D1", the board is not "asus x370 prime-a", it's "Asus X370 Prime-A". It's important the message is clearly readable and others can easily understand you.

      Also, do not post multiple messages everywhere as it won't make it so that we will help you faster or at all. If someone wants to answer you then they will.

      Another thing, so you ask me for my help, but when I asked you to disable the adblock or make a donation, what did you do? I'm not aware of you making any donation, so it means you ignored those even when you asked for help. Don't you deserve the same treatment?

      Anyway, let get this over with. Here are some things you could try:
      1. It's unclear to me if you have both cards plugged in. Try with only 1 card.
      2. Update the motherboard BIOS to the latest version.
      3. Try the Xonar card in different PCI slots.
      4. Try with UNI Xonar v1.71.1 drivers with Low DPC Latency configuration.

      Mention what CPU do you have and let me know if any of these worked or not.


  7. Junglbob06 Feb 2020 @ 12:47

    I don't know why and how... but I think my STX with drivers 1.81a sound more cleaner and bass more powerful, it only with 1.81a, with 1.80 sound more dry how like official asus drivers. But 1.81a drivers have problem, sometimes after sleep mode, only 1 channel starts to work and ~x2 louder, I fix this problem via switch to Speakers and back to Headphones, but I worried about my headphones, because they work in 300-600ohm mode.


    • CarvedInside07 Feb 2020 @ 05:01

      How often does it start x2 louder? Are you sure you don't have the same behavior with other drivers? What motherboard do you have?
      As I've written in the v1.81a release notes, the RightMarkAudio tests that I've made didn't show any significant differences between v1.81a and v1.80a or other drivers. Now, I have a Xonar DX and tested it without any impedance "boost".

      I don't have a solution the the volume issue after resume from standby. As a quicker fix, you could try the "Xonar Relay Restart" program see if it works in you case. Let me know how that goes.


  8. agsdoom09 Feb 2020 @ 15:52

    Edited by admin:
    This Asus Xonar works great if you know how to use it. K-Lite Codec Pack from https://codecguide.com/download_kl.htm it's good stuff and has it's own player, it works great and it's better than most of the other players, better than VLC player or BS Player. You can change any channel like up to all speakers mostly every single speakers and stuff. The Xonar card just works fine with this media player but it's kinda confusing to use, first couple days you look all settings and stuff you can figure it out all your self mostly! I connected my Logitech Z906 + old Logitech 5.1 now I have 7.1 surround. I removed the bass from the other the speakers, I unscrewed and removed it so I can only have sound from left and right, and it works perfectly.
    Tests for Dolby 5.1 and 7.1 surround sounds can be found at https://thedigitaltheater.com/dolby-trailers/ , you can just download most 7.1 and 5.1 surround sounds there and test them how they work or even use FruityLoops to make music and test each speakers. I'm glad I got that shit working. 😀 Try that and this player, it's good! 🙂

    Original text:
    this asus Xonar works grate if u know how to use it https://codecguide.com/download_kl.htm its good stuff K lite codec pack use their player it works grate and its better then most of the other players better then vlc player or bs player u can change any channel like up to all speakers mostly evry single speakers and stuff the sonar card just works fine with this media player but its kinda confusing to use first couple days u look all settings and stuff u can figure it out all ur self mostly ! i connected my logitecg z906 + old logitech 5.1 now i have 7.1 surround i removed bass from the sepeakers just screw it out and removed so i can have only a sound from left and right ! and it works pefecly testes so many dolby 5.1 and 7.1 surrounds https://thedigitaltheater.com/dolby-trailers/ u can just download most 7.1 and 5.1 surrounds there and test em how they work or even use fruit loops to make music and test each speakers im glad i got that shit working 😀 try and this player its good ! 🙂


    • CarvedInside11 Feb 2020 @ 04:19

      If you want your comment to have any value to someone else, please take the time to write it better. Use sentences and start the sentence with an capital letter. Write the product names how they are originally written or at least capitalize their first letter. Use "I" instead of "i". Don't use unnecessary abbreviations like "u" instead of "you". You could use the free version of Grammarly to help you in some of those cases.


      • billgates11 Feb 2020 @ 04:34

        I think starting sentences with lower case is pretty normal in internet (in informal communication) and don't lowers the value of comment.


  9. Andrewyea11 Feb 2020 @ 09:47

    Somebody have no problem with xonar and ryzen?


    • CarvedInside11 Feb 2020 @ 22:10

      Many people have problems with their Ryzen systems and Xonar cards, I have made a dedicated page for this topic. It's currently shows on the front page, the Xonar category, it's mentioned in this very page and it would have also showed at the top if you've googled "Xonar Ryzen"...


  10. Crillion11 Feb 2020 @ 18:36

    Hello. I have connected my headphones (600Ohm) to the analog port and my 5.1 Speakers to the digital coax port of my Essence STX II. I set the gain to 600 Ohm for the headphones and the SPDIF output to PCM but when I do that I won't get any sound out of the headphones. Just the 5.1 Speakers are working with enabled PCM. When I disable PCM the headphones are working fine but I want to easily switch sources over the Windows menu. Has anybody had the same problem? How can I fix this? It's bothering me because the original Asus drivers aren't good for anything.


  11. Confused16 Feb 2020 @ 01:09

    I got a DGX card & Windows 7 64 bit. Which version should I download?


    • CarvedInside16 Feb 2020 @ 02:11

      Go with 1.80a or 1.75a.


      • Confused25 Feb 2020 @ 13:24

        Is there benefit to using one over the other? What's the difference between the two?


        • CarvedInside25 Feb 2020 @ 14:26

          I've documented everything I know in the driver release notes. As I've written in the 1.80a "Possible issues" section, there might be some issues you could run into. Whichever driver you choose, if it works fine for you, then there is no need to install the other.


  12. ymo196516 Feb 2020 @ 12:32

    Thanks so much for these drivers. The latest drivers work great for me in W10. Only thought to update them today (16/02/2020). My previous ones caused a frequent annoying clicking/popping sound in Foobar2000. Perfect now. Huge thanks! 🙂


  13. Zephyr21 Feb 2020 @ 11:50


    Do you know where is the file location to export my EQ settings because I've had an issue where my analog output would reset everytime I tried to go above 2CH.
    I noticed that happened right after I tweaked it in the xonar dgx panel rather than c-media,so I have to re-install the update.

    Also,I just wanted to say Thank you for still answering people after all these years,It's been 10 years man.
    I clearly picture you in your rocking chair at 80 years old still answering people's questions haha


    • CarvedInside22 Feb 2020 @ 16:46

      I am not aware of such an issue, which driver version have you installed?

      If you've save the EQ settings as a profile then do this:
      Paste this in Windows Explorer address: %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\ASUS\ and press enter. Open "Xonar *** Audio Center" folder. EQ profiles are stored in the cmicnfp.ini file.

      If you've only modified the EQ without saving it as EQ profile, then that is saved in the registry. See FAQ Q&A 5 on how to open those settings. The EqGain entry is the one with the EQ current settings. You can't export(save) only that, you will have to export all entries by right clicking on Settings registry folder and select Export. Then you can edit the saved file with notepad, deleting all the settings with the exception of EqGain and of course the first 3 lines ( "Windows Registry..." and "[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.." ). You can import this file by double clicking on the file, but it would be loaded in the driver after you restart the PC or restart the card with this tool.

      Looking back at your previous comments, you had a problem with buzzing noise. Did you solved that? How? You can reply to our previous comments on this topic.

      It's harder and harder for me to do this, since most people don't want to unblock the ads and neither make a donation. If that's how much people value my time and work, then I'm better off doing other things with my time.
      If you haven't donated previously, please consider making one now.


      • Zephyr22 Feb 2020 @ 17:33

        Thanks for the detailled answer that worked,I did save the EQ settings thankfully.

        I don't recall how I solved the buzzing noise,that was in 2016 but it's gone,I think I may just have moved the card to a different slot but I bought a new motherboard and a pair of headphones so that may have helped.
        The driver with the issue that I had was the 1825.

        Regarding ad-block and donating,you're absolutely right,I'm guilty of that myself,I've disabled ad-block from my brave browser for your website,it's a reflex I need to do more to support some websites,as long as I'm not targeted with constant pop-up windows which is fine here.

        Are you familiar with the Brave browser? If you could get your website eligible for the brave rewards,I could send you some bat which is a virtual currency like bitcoin that you can get by watching ads on that browser,I don't even notice the ads though.

        It wouldn't be a huge amount but every month I could send you a small monthly tip and if your website is eligible,,it technically doesn't cost a penny for people donating and it also allows you to choose whom you want to donate to which I think a lot of people would feel enticed to donate to their favorite websites.

        I hope you can get eligible for it,I don't know how to set it up though sorry.
        That's the message I'm getting when I try to send you a tip on your website:
        This creator has not yet signed up to receive contributions from Brave users. Any tips you send will remain in your wallet until they verify.

        That was just food for thought,I hope you'll consider it if you can,Have a great day 🙂


        • CarvedInside23 Feb 2020 @ 02:38

          Let me know if you have any other details about the issue you are having with changing channels.

          I'm not sure I understood you correctly because of that "thankfully" at the end. Did you solved the EQ saving before I got to reply? Because in that case you should have replied to your comment with "Solved".

          I personally do the opposite, instead of whitelisting websites, I allow ads and then only block ads on those annoying sites or just the specific ads that distract and ruin the reading experience. Such a thing is harder to setup and does not work with most of the adblocking programs.
          If you are interested in doing such a thing on Brave, here is how:
          1. Open Settings-> Shields-> select "Advanced View" and turn off "Block cross-site trackers".
          2. When you are browsing a website and your want to block it's ads, click Brave Shields icon-> turn on "Block cross-site trackers".

          Thank you for the Brave suggestion and information. Yes, I'm familiar with Brave browser and it's micro donations. There are some quirks setting it up on the website, and as far as I know, currently, you can't identify who makes a brave donation, which is an important fact for me. ATM I am not going to apply for Brave Creators.


          • Zephyr23 Feb 2020 @ 04:19

            I didn't word that properly but yes it's "Solved" not the issue itself but at least knowing where the EQ settings are located thanks to your answer helped me reinstall the driver without setting up every EQ profile that I have again.

            I can try to give you more accurate info if you wish to troubleshoot the system input issue but I doubt it will help you.
            If you can try to reproduce these steps with the 1825 version.
            1.Change system input to 8CH in c-media panel
            2.Leave C-media panel open and open xonar dgx Audio Center and add 8CH aswell.
            3.Switch back to C-media panel and switch to a different system input

            Afterwards,everytime I would try to switch channel,it would reset to 2CH,it's not a big problem compared to BSOD audio crashes that I used to have years ago and the buzzing noise which both of them are gone.
            I don't know it can be reproduced everytime but that has happened twice already,I'll just refrain from using the xonar panel and use c-media only.
            It could just be that I had both panels open when I was changing the system input,honestly a really minor issue.

            And regarding Brave shield,yep it's disabled,I disabled cross-site tracker in the url at the top rather than in the settings,it's faster 🙂 I'm getting some nice windscribe ads now which I already have haha.


            • CarvedInside23 Feb 2020 @ 04:37

              Regarding Brave Shield, those instructions where if you wished to have make it so that you would blacklist sites that you consider having ads intrusive instead of whitelist the ones you like.

              Just so you know, what you are seeing are some in-house ads (which in practice do nothing for me), those show when one blocks the real 3rd party ads. Compared to other blockers, the Brave Shield blocks both those types, now that you disabled the Brave Shield, there is another adblocker on your system which blocks 3rd party ads. Might be Windscribe if you are currently using it since it also has an adblocker.


              • Zephyr23 Feb 2020 @ 22:59

                I have no idea why I'm not getting any ads besides the in-house ads then,ublock and brave shield are disabled,I've even tried with a different browser edge and firefox,I'm still getting a notification saying that I have an ad-blocker even though I don't.

                I'm not using windscribe when I'm on your website or any other software that would block ads far as I know
                I thought it was working since I was getting in-house windscribe ads like you said but apparently not.

                I'll try to figure this out on my own,I've taken enough of your time already, I'm really grateful for your assistance over all of those years and the amount of sheer work and effort that you've put in,it doesn't go unnoticed even though it may seem like it at times.

                btw,I don't use paypal,that's also why I recommended to you to get eligible for the brave reward system and the anonymous aspect was also a reason. I guess we differ on that.
                I apologize for the walls of text that you've had to read through,I tend to do that,I noticed that you may have been disappointed from the lack of support.
                I can't donate to you with paypal since I don't use it but at the very least I wanted to show that people care about you and what you've provided during all of those years,if not with money at least with my own time which is the rarest form of currency that we have,of course this pales in comparison to what you've done and doesn't pay the bills...

                You've done an outstanding work,as a side note,I do wish there was an edit feature on your website after realizing how long my posts have been or small mistakes.
                Anyways,that's it for now.
                Take Care.


                • CarvedInside24 Feb 2020 @ 02:26

                  FYI, the last 2 comments you've made where made as new comments instead of replies to my last comment in this discussion thread.

                  This side discussion was useful to me. I appreciate it. Let me know if you figure what was causing ads to be blocked. There may be others having the same issue.
                  If you visit other sites with adblock disabled, can you see their 3rd party ads (they have a triangle and an X in the top right corner)?

                  One can make a donation through PayPal with having and account, it works directly with credit cards. It's not that I expect or demand that from you, I'm just saying so you know how it works.

                  If you need to edit a comment you can reply to that comment with the corrected version and I'll edit the text. Adding an edit function is a more complicated matter, but thanks for the suggestion.


  14. drc23 Feb 2020 @ 22:17

    I have a question I'm trying to play rainbow six 3 on windows 10 latest version and when i enable gx setting the voice lines cuts off is there a fix for this when enabling creative eax? My soundcard is asus xonar dgx.


  15. mike25 Feb 2020 @ 06:33

    I'm feeling pretty dumb right about now. I am simply not seeing the download button for the drivers themselves. I see the standalone apps fine, but for the life of me, I'm just not seeing the actual driver download link. People keep saying thanks for the drivers so they must be on this page right? RIGHT? lol


    • CarvedInside25 Feb 2020 @ 09:46

      FYI: "Press Ctrl+F, type download. The driver download section is at the first occurrence of the word. If you don't see the table then it is blocked from showing by something in your browser. There is also "click here if downloads are not showing" which should bring up the download table."

      When writing this reply I looked at the server logs and I saw that you managed to download the drivers after sending the above comment. You should have typed another comment mentioning that you solved driver download trouble.



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