1. YoungYTB07 Oct 2020 @ 21:59

    The UNi Xonar W10 1825 v1.81a r2 for Win10 only or I can install them on Windows 7 64bit?
    My sound card is Xonar D1


    • CarvedInside08 Oct 2020 @ 22:36

      It should be pretty clear from the release notes or from the download section notes that v1.81a are only for Windows 10.


  2. EvgenKo42312 Oct 2020 @ 19:08

    Hi! Thanks a lot for your project and for still keeping it alive!
    I'm using a Xonar D1 on Win 7 SP1 x64, I've just updated from 1.75a r2 to 1.80a r3 (config: C-Media with GX, cleanup, upmix) and I've got some issues with default settings:
    1. Xear3D is turned ON;
    2. Speaker volume got reset to 50%;
    3. Front Panel Microphone option is enabled (not sure if it should).


    • CarvedInside25 Oct 2020 @ 23:23

      Thank you for these reports and suggestions.

      1. Xear3D(GX) is turned On by default because there is no Xear3D button on WinXP and at the time I added the "C-Media Panel (GX enabled)" configuration I thought anyone installing with this configuration would want this turned on. Maybe it would be better to have GX disabled by default and have this configuration renamed to something like "C-Media Panel (GX available)".
      Any particular reason you installed this instead of "C-Media Panel" configuration? Are you using GX in any games, if so, which ones? Doesn't it cause crashes or bluescreens for you? Or, are you using MagicVoice and other Voice Effects that depend on HsMgr (GX) processes?

      2. This is what the Xonar drivers do by default and as far as I can tell there is no way of stopping them from setting volume at 50% when installing the Xonar drivers.
      Will see if I can dedicate the time to make some program to store the previous volume and restore it after the driver is installed.

      3. Without changing any setting and microphone being connected to the back of the card, did it work? I am aware of a UI bug showing front panel microphone being enabled after a new installation. Never the less it is something that I should look into fixing, hopefully if it does not break anything else.


  3. Mateusz12 Oct 2020 @ 21:21

    Hi Everyone,

    I bought recently Asus Xonar D2X secondhand. I updated BIOS, updated chipset driver, tried several PCI-E slots. Unfortunatelly during driver instalation PC freezes... I tired to install drivers from Asus website but installation don't even happening due to error "Asus Xonar D2X Audio Device does not exist, the installation program will be terminated now ". Does it mean that my audio card is defective?


  4. Art38516 Oct 2020 @ 11:51

    Couple of days ago I bought MSI B550 Tomahawk and installed my Xonar STX II in bottom pciex1 slot and it looks like on B550 STXII do not trigger BSOD when changing output. Only 2 days past since but I'm using it without any problems. With X370 with latest bios using STXII was quite a nightmare. Will test for couple of weeks and report back on stability.


    • CarvedInside16 Oct 2020 @ 13:07

      Thank you for report. Please repost this under the proper page. Mention if you changed that PCIe slot speed and also mention which X370 motherboard you had. Keep us updated with how things went after a couple of weeks with a reply to original comment on the proper page.


  5. Mesdelices16 Oct 2020 @ 13:23

    Thank you for your wonderful work! I have been using your drivers for several years now. Do you think that there will be other evolution of the driver for win 10?


    • CarvedInside16 Oct 2020 @ 14:35

      Don't think C-Media, who makes the original drivers, will ever release any new audio drivers for the Xonar cards. As for UNi Xonar fixes and improvements I don't have anything significant at the moment. You can read more about the process of UNi Xonar driver releases in the FAQ Q&A 13.


  6. Mount8122 Oct 2020 @ 07:58


    I have Win10 with all the latest updates, and the UniXonar 1.80a installed (in "driver only" mode) for my Xonar DS card. Playback with JRiver is all-around fine with the "Default" Direct Sound device, but if I choose the ASIO or the WASAPI option in JRiver things getting messy. With ASIO the playback constantly stutters, hiccups, hangs or pauses as I operate with other programs (like Explorer or Chrome) and with WASAPI there are also some hiccups, not as many, seems OK for while and than just causes the entire Win10 to "freeze" unexpectedly, so only the reset button helps.

    What kind of solutions, workarounds do you suggest to get ASIO and WASAPI working as it should?



    • CarvedInside22 Oct 2020 @ 20:28

      Some questions:
      q1. By "driver only" mode you mean "Low DPC Latency" install configuration?
      q2. Which version of JRiver you currently have?
      q3. Tell me your complete Windows 10 version.
      q4. Did ASIO or WASAPI playback ever worked for you alright with the Xonar card?

      Try each of these both with ASIO and WASAPI playback:
      1. Completely close JRiver player and then run it as administrator (right-click and select "Run as administrator").
      2. Disable Windows UAC after which restart the system.
      3. Different UNi Xonar driver versions.
      4. Check your system's DPC latency see if it's not reported as being to high by LatencyMon.

      Let me know if any of these worked.


  7. Ahmed23 Oct 2020 @ 09:07

    Using Xonar Xense with the PC350, now the volume of the right headphone speaker is very low to non existent. I confirmed that the headphones are OK by plugging them to my phone, and to the on board sound card, working fine for both cases. I also tried plugging the headphones to the front panel (which is connect to the Xonar) and still sound only comes from the left speaker. I checked the relays on the card the those seem fine, switched the 1 and 2 Op-amps and still the same problem.

    Is this a hardware issue or maybe caused by the driver?

    Please note that the 7.1 speakers connected to the card are working fine.



    • CarvedInside25 Oct 2020 @ 02:28

      Your issue sounds just like this one. Your comment is so similar to the point I have to ask if you previously wrote that as well?

      Which Windows do you have? If it's Windows 10, tell me it's complete version and build number. Which drivers have your tried?

      I think it's most likely a hardware issue with the card with the components related to the headphone output. If you want to be 100% sure that this is not a software issue, try to see how the card behaves in another system, preferably with Windows 7, and of course try with different driver versions.


      • Ahmed25 Oct 2020 @ 06:20

        No, that's not me.
        But WOW though, that guy did exactly like I did and have exactly the same issue! I wonder If he was able to find the problem.
        I even ordered some new op-amps to try out, but according to his message that won't solve the problem. I went further with visually inspecting the PCB for damage and checking the relays one by one.

        I have Windows 10 Version 2004 OS Build 19041.572
        I have tried both UNi-Xonar-W10-1825-v1.81a-r2 and UNi-Xonar-1823-v1.80a-r3 which I'm currently running, both with Low DPC Latency.

        I just tried a Windows 7 system on the same machine with the following drivers:
        Same issue, restarts in between installations.

        Don't you think this it's a little bit weird that this happens to two different people with 2 months? I mean coincidences happen but this is just strange.
        I will wait for the op-amps before trying to diagnose further.

        Any ideas are highly appreciated. Thanks for the good work.


        • Nypo27 Oct 2020 @ 23:29

          On my side I’m still having the issue (referenced here), for now I was not able to fix it.. for sure it’s an hardware one, something is broken but I don't know what and how to identify it. Only thing that I’m sure is that it’s not coming from the jack itself since when you are connecting the front panel there is the same issue.


        • CarvedInside28 Oct 2020 @ 00:06

          Based on what you've tested, I don't believe this to be a software problem.

          Yeah, it's a bit strange that you both have the same problem so close to each other.
          Every electrical component has an operating life, a number of on/off cycles, and there could also be some degradation of the chemical materials that are in the capacitors, for example. It could be that a specific component on most of the Xonar Xense cards was of poor quality and degraded much sooner and thus you now have some or even many Xonar Xense cards that have this problem, instead of having it in lets say 10 years.

          I have to say something. I'm not aware of you sending me a donation and your are using an adblocker on this website. That, to me, does not show any appreciation for my work and time. So if you previously donated, it would be good to know. You can let me know with an e-mail from that e-mail address associated with the payment.


  8. Ema8830 Oct 2020 @ 20:17

    Hey i use the UNi-Xonar-W10-1825-v1.81a-r2 at Win 10 and MSI x570 game edge wifi all ful update. I have at shut down any error whit Corsair software icue.exe (CUETrayMenu iCUE.exe Application Error On Shutdown) I do somethink as run as admin etc but the problem remains. Anyone have some solutions?



    • CarvedInside31 Oct 2020 @ 06:45

      Install the UNi Xonar drivers with "Low DPC Latency" or "C-Media Panel" configuration. Let me know if it worked.

      You should make a comment on the Xonar and AMD Ryzen AM4 motherboard compatibility with your configuration (Xonar card, motherboard, CPU) and if it works properly or you get a BSOD when changing settings and so on.


    • Felicity31 Oct 2020 @ 07:01

      icue is simply a bad software. It is bad no matter what, basically. I offer this at least since I just escaped icue's garbage. Get an arctic freezer or something and ditch corsair coolers. That awful bloatfest will take ~5-10% cpu over the menu settings AT IDLE

      to make it any better at all I had to -affinity to one core, low procsses and low i/o settings through process hacker- etc etc. Delete all the random drivers icue installs for no reason. There are literally programs it runs that do nothing. Insanity.

      that + the razer software will conflict with everythng. I hate proprietary stuff.


  9. serax31 Oct 2020 @ 11:43

    I got win10 20h2 fresh installed and the latest asus driver does not work to install (reason no card pluged in...)
    The newest UNi Xonar W10 1825 v1.81a r2 tells me Driver installation failed.
    There is no audio card in the device-manager and not shown up if I start a search.
    I already tried to enable the test mode

    even if I try this:
    1.Download Uni Xonar Drivers http://maxedtech.com/asus-xonar-unified-drivers/
    2.Install them in Low DPC Latency Mode
    3.Use XonarSwitch for configuration http://maxedtech.com/xonarswitch-beta-testing/


    • CarvedInside31 Oct 2020 @ 20:50

      1. Which audio card do you have?
      2. Does the card show up at all in Device Manager? It can be detected as "ASUS Xonar..." or it could be as a unknown device like "Multimedia Audio Controller" or "Unknown device".
      3. When you launch the UNi Xonar installer, does it show "Error: Compatible audio card not detected" message? Is the card properly detected by the installer?
      4. Right prior to installing Windows 10 version 20H2, did the card worked for you? Which OS and version did you have then?


      • serax01 Nov 2020 @ 10:04

        1.Asus Xonar Essence STX
        2.Pluged in a second NVME device so it disabled my PCI port. Means It Works now
        3.At the end of the installer
        4.I installed 20h2 with the creation media toolkit and everything worked fine. Than I decided to make a fresh and shiny new installation. Where I pluged in a new NVME... this was my issue!

        Mainboard is a Asus x470 Strix F Gaming and everything works fine now, was my mistake to install a second NVME haven't thought about this!
        Sorry for the inconveniences and thanks for those drivers and your help!


  10. Eros02 Nov 2020 @ 00:54

    Windows v19042.572, ASUS Essence STX II, driver v1.80b r3 and all is working perfectly. Thanks!


  11. Zephalon05 Nov 2020 @ 13:23

    I installed the latest driver with Safe Mode on my freshly installed Windows 10 2004 machine (Ryzen B350, Low-Latency Option). It got stuck during installation and could not boot anymore. Even after I removed the card Suspend-To-Disk still did not work. To fix the issue I used the installation executable and rebooted my PC right after the driver cleanup was done.

    Any more ideas how to get the stupid card running again?


  12. Romain05 Nov 2020 @ 15:46

    Hello CarvedInside,
    Which driver version do you recommend? and config low dpc latency or C-Media Audio Panel ?

    I am using a windows version LTSB 1809. operating system version 17763.15.18
    Test mode is permanently activated
    I only use headphones (without microphone)
    My configuration is as follows:
    -ASUS essence STX II sound card (not 7.1)
    -CPU Intel
    -MB ASUS ROG Z97
    Many thanks!


    • CarvedInside05 Nov 2020 @ 23:05

      Probably go with 1.80b driver. If you have any problems then try the other driver one by one. For panel configuration either one is good, it depends on your use case, if you change audio settings periodically and use C-Media Panel then probably it's better to install with the "C-media Panel" configuration. I direct you to read about panel configuration options to the UNi Xonar Features page.


  13. Konstantin09 Nov 2020 @ 10:05

    Hello! I am using Asus Xonar DGX, operating system Windows 10 x64 version 2004, Intel h470 chipset. I use sound card mainly for games. Please tell me which version of the driver should I use to avoid problems? Thanks.


    • CarvedInside09 Nov 2020 @ 18:31

      Probably v1.71.1. Are you having any problems currently? Which drivers do you have?


  14. dambro09 Nov 2020 @ 15:18

    hi, I have a xonar phoebus with win 10. òa card works only that I have connected headphones 7.1 but it detects speakers and I cannot set a profile for gaming fps. Does Unixonar work for my card?


  15. Konstantin09 Nov 2020 @ 20:15

    Now I use UNi Xonar 1816/1823 v1.80a r3 version, there were no problems. I just wanted to clarify. Before that, there was a creative x-fi extreme gamer card, I really liked the sound in games. Now I changed the motherboard and there is no pci slot on it, I had to use an asus xonar DGX card. The card seems to be not bad, but the surround sound and positioning in games cannot be compared with the creative one. Thanks for the support.



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