1. TonyStark15 Nov 2020 @ 15:43

    It is very cool that you give friendly advice for free to all Xonar users who post there issues here. So, thank you very much in advance for hopefully reading my post, too.
    For 2.5 years now I used the UNi Xonar 1822 v1.75a r2 driver on my Windows 7 machine without any issues.
    Now, I freshly installed Windows 10 on it, and used the 1823 v1.80a r3 driver from there on instead. Since then, I am experiencing huge DPC problems from time to time. They come and go seemingly randomly and always last for 3-4 hours.
    I now switched to my internal sound card, and the problems are gone, so I assume it is (as it's also stated here on this page) a problem between Win10 and my driver. My windows version is 10.0.19042. Do you have any recommendations for a driver that I should use instead? Thank you, again, in advance!


    • CarvedInside18 Nov 2020 @ 04:23

      Hi. Before I try to help you, I need to know something. It's becoming very hard for me to spend more of my time helping out people completely free, especially when they can't even disable AdBlock and help out a bit with the costs of keeping this website online. Since I don't recognize you as one of those that donated previously, if you did, please send me an e-mail from the e-mail address associated with the donation and mention your nickname.


  2. XspartanTT29 Nov 2020 @ 21:56

    Does someone know if this great driver works on windows 20h2 aswell?


  3. Nova13 Dec 2020 @ 18:57

    Still working great in 2020! I used the (1.80a r3 ver - windows 10) on an Asus Xonar DX and its still running fine. Can't seem to get the front port headphone to work (HD audio connector attached to card, but no dice), but all is good in the world. Have a coffee on me!


    • CarvedInside14 Dec 2020 @ 08:19

      Thank you for the coffee!:)

      Glad to hear. If you can share with us which version of Windows 10 you're currently running.

      Regarding your problem with front panel. Did it ever worked for you? You did switch the output to front panel in ASUS/C-Media Panel right? Does the the front panel work if you use it the motherboard onboard audio card?


  4. agsdoom14 Dec 2020 @ 23:16

    i use 7.1 with this :I logitech z906 and logtech 2.1 :I to make it 7.1 in Media Player Classic u can chose layers where the sound comes from sides sides there is boxes u can light up and make it 7.1 and sound card set to 7.1 😛 works grate just diffrent sound from side speakers but watching movies dsnt matter at all cant even notice bcs focusing 7.1 movie 😛


  5. Abue16 Dec 2020 @ 17:31

    Just an update on my case using the extender on the STX II , the crashes are back to about once a week randomly, mostly discord triggering. I do notice it's because of the relay switch to front panel or since I started playing with the ASUS software forcing the relay switch, and when discord is open it's almost a 100% reboot. Is there no way to disable the front panel relay at all on the card through drivers? In my case I only need the headphones. I haven't tried connecting the front panel audio connector to the actual card and triggering the switch to see if that would do anything yet either. In part i'm concerned the problems arose again because of some windows updates since i had 6 months + of no crashes on the normal drivers. I did give in and ended up buying a Fiio k5 pro at this point since the crashes are hurting my workflow :/


  6. akulp17 Dec 2020 @ 20:20

    Hi. I'm Using Xonar for 3 years with my Xonar DXG and 5.1 Logitech speakers connected with analog 3.5 inputs. Working great!

    Now I bought Logitech Z906 speakers and connected Xonar DGX ver SPDIF to have DTS/DD (supported by speakers). I have few questions.

    1. Is there any way to control room correction - speakers volume for rear speakers? I can only change volume for left/right side, front speakers don't change volume at all. Using Xonar DXG Audio Center or C-Media Panel.

    2. Is there any newer drivers which support DD Live?

    My system: Windows 10 Pro, Xonar DXG
    Drivers version: https://ibb.co/Y76Mx7X

    Thank you!


  7. plzhelp10 Jan 2021 @ 07:38


    my Xonar DG stopped working a while ago and I've now finally decided to try to see if I can fix it. I first noticed the problem when my speakers stopped working and further investigation led me to realize that windows is not recognizing the sound card. I tried installing new drivers from ASUS, but because the sound card was detected, I couldn't install them which led me to UNi drivers. I then tried to install UNi drivers and got the message "Error: Compatible audio card not detected." Can anything be causing this other than having a now defective sound card/PCI slot? Nothing shows up under device manager/sound except for AMD HD audio and Realtek HD audio.


  8. nef14 Jan 2021 @ 15:33

    I have Xonar STX have problem with lowering volume in Windows 10. When it is at max level, everything is fine. However, when volume is lowered, one of the chanels completely disappears, and sound is present only in one of the speakers. If I remember correctly, I'm using drivers 1.80a. Do you have any solution to this issue?


    • CarvedInside18 Jan 2021 @ 15:04

      Check that the op-amps on the card are properly seated.
      Do you have the same problem with the other outputs (headphones, front panel output)?


      • nef26 Jan 2021 @ 23:07

        Thanks A LOT for this advise. I would never think of it and it exactly solved the problem. Strange thing, because I haven't moved PC anywhere. And nevertheless, I've found out that I have custom first OP-Amp from Teradak (I bought card second hand few years ago). Does somebody know if this Teradak is any good? Until now I had nothing to complain, but I thought this is just regular sound of this card. Thanks!


        • CarvedInside27 Jan 2021 @ 23:33

          Great to know that it worked. I would appreciate a donation from you as a token of gratitude for my work and support. Mention your nickname in the notes. If you've previously donated, it would be good to know, so please send me an e-mail from the e-mail address associated with the payment and the text "Hi. I'm nef from the comments."


      • nef27 Jan 2021 @ 03:16

        One more thing - although RCA is now working perfectly fine with all volume range, the 6.3mm jack for headphones is giving me sound only in left ear. No matter if volume is at max or not. Does this could be repaired by replacing op-amps in the sockets?


        • CarvedInside30 Jan 2021 @ 06:14

          Did it ever worked for you? Does the front panel output work?
          As I understand the circuit board of the Xonar STX, in this case, the problem is not related to those op-amps. Instead it could be related to the audio cable or it's 6.3 input jack, it could be that output jack on the card came partially unsoldered or some other component on the cards PCB became partially unsoldered or it's damaged, like the headphones amplifier.


          • nef30 Jan 2021 @ 12:59

            Hi! The headphones worked quite recently - one or two months ago, on any output. Now they don't work correctly on either rear 6.3 jack and on front panel, I've tried few headsets, the problem is somewhere in the card.


            • CarvedInside30 Jan 2021 @ 22:36

              So it's not the jack output. Before concluding it's a 100% a hardware issue, like with the headphone amplifier or something else, try the following:
              1. Uninstall and reinstall the Xonar drivers, to make sure that this is not caused by any settings you've might have changed.
              2. Without anything connected to the 6.3 jack output, go in ASUS Audio Center, with Headphones output selected, click the hammer icon and switch between those gain settings a few times. Then also change between the sample rate settings.


              • nef07 Feb 2021 @ 16:53

                Hi! Unfortunately, this gave no result. The only working analog output with right channel is "2 Speakers". Both normal and FP Headphones and also FP 2 Speakers are completely mute on right channel.


                • CarvedInside08 Feb 2021 @ 19:32

                  Upon checking things further, maybe the op-amps could also be the issue in this case. Check the op-amp switch instructions for the STX. Since you probably don't have another set of op-amps, you could swap between A and B op-amps and see if the channel that does not work swaps also.


                  • nef09 Feb 2021 @ 20:51

                    Hi! Unfortunately, after swaping L/R opamp, the missing channel remained the same(R). How do you think, could the problem be on headphone Op-Amp, soldered TPA6120A2? But then, why it is still present on front panel, for both "Headphone" and "2 Speakers" settings?


                    • CarvedInside11 Feb 2021 @ 08:02

                      I don't think that headphone op-amp is the problem. I don't have any other idea what you could do or check other than finding someone who fixes electronics maybe he can find the problem and fix it. If you find out what is the cause of this issue please let us know.

        • CarvedInside28 Feb 2021 @ 21:37

          As a continuation from our prior discussion thread

          Here is something to look at for your headphone output problem.


  9. Eros20 Jan 2021 @ 14:25

    On Windows 10 20H2, x64, with driver UNi Xonar STXII 11.5 v1.80b r3, about once per 2 weeks, absolutely randomly I get high pitched screeching at high volume. It lasts about 1 minute or so, then goes away. Pressing mute button mutes all audio except screeching. I checked Xonar Audio Center and its audio graph doesn't register screeching.
    On Windows 7 I never experienced such issue.


    • CarvedInside21 Jan 2021 @ 18:03

      Repost this comment under this page. Add your sound card, if you had this problem with prior Windows 10 versions and specify which mute button (on keyboard, Windows Volume tray icon, etc.).

      Update: I moved it here. I suggest you check that webpage and the proposed solutions. Update us there.


  10. MrChow28 Jan 2021 @ 13:38


    I've got quite a problem with my Asus Essence STX II 7.1 and can't find a way to fix it, even with your provided drivers.

    After rebuilding my PC setup some weeks ago and combining it with an Teufel Concept Cl300 5.1 System, I can't get any other speakers than Front L and R to work. They aren't even shown in my sound setup, there are just the L and R RCA Jack listed (sound system is connected via the analog outputs). So it seems, like the extension of this sound card for Surround and Mid/Woofer Output isn't recognized. In the C-Media Panel or Asus Panel I can't find a way to enable 5.1 as well.

    Does someone have any ideas how fix this problem?

    I tried everything I could, contacted ASUS (they couldn't help me too) and wrote in several forums. No help so far. So I would be extremly glad to get some help from you. Thanks!

    Here are the things I tried so far:
    - reinstalling common Asus drivers
    - checking sound card and extension installation and connection
    - doing windows updates
    - doing mainboard updates
    - installing UNI Xonar Drivers with Standard Asus Control Panel and C-Media Panel

    System Specifications:
    - AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
    - ASUS Rog Strix X570-E Mainboard (Driver version 3402)
    - ASUS Essence STX II 7.1 (Driver version )
    - Teufel Concept E450 5.1 Surround System
    - Windows Version 20H2 (Build 19042.746)


  11. Mount8130 Jan 2021 @ 08:09


    I guess I have the 1.80a version installed for my Xonar DS card on an updated Win10 system. As I remember I have installed the "driver only" version. What interests me, is that despite I have the "Unixonar audio" and than C-Media audio panel and Xonar audio center apps seemingly installed (shown In the Start menu). So my question is, that could anything be messed up, if I start these app (just to check them out for curiosity), as I did install in "driver only" mode according to the descriptions to have as less incompatibility and pure sound quality as possible. Thanks for the reply!


    • CarvedInside30 Jan 2021 @ 23:07

      Hello. From what I can tell, you've installed UNi Xonar drivers with "Low DPC Latency" configuration. Yes, you can open either of them without permanently affecting your existing card settings. But if you open (ASUS) Xonar Audio Center, then your system will have an increased DPC Latency until you restart your system. You can read more about this and others in the configuration comparasion table from here.


      • Mount8123 Feb 2021 @ 05:18

        Thanks, have tried out the C Media Panel, but nothing I have changed, as it has far too much options, that I rather don't need, or don't exactly know what it effects jet. But one thing caught my eyes, that made me unsure again, that in the Main Setting panel there are those four DPS modes listed, which had the "Xear Surround Mode MAX" button turned on by default (in blue). Don't know if this is the right setting by default, or what it does exactly and why is it (seemingly) turned on? I only use the analogue stereo output for active 2.0 speakers jet. Is this setting a right one in my case? Could you give some information clearance regarding? Thanks!

        Later edit: Sorry, just a little correction and add-on: correctly it is the "Xear Surround MAX" mode button (the fourth one) that is turned on by default and as I've googled it a bit, it seems to be some stereo-> virtual surround upmixing feature, which I very doubt to be useful in my case. Mostly I listen music, or playing some games on this PC, but all only on a stereo Speaker set. So I have the doubt, that it would do any good with the sound quality in my case...???


        • CarvedInside24 Feb 2021 @ 11:20

          "Xear Surround MAX" is for stereo upmixing 2.0 sounds to 4.0, 5.1 or 7.1 speakers. It does not affect your current 2.0 speakers setup output.


  12. Senseya11 Feb 2021 @ 00:01

    I search every where on your website and internet about my sound card Asus Xonar SE bought in 2020.
    I am playing video games with headset turtle beach elite 800 (bought for PS4) and it run by optical. I want use it on my pc so i bought xonar SE because it was right 5.1. I didn't know that not concerned optical output. My games sounds bad, 2.1 if i understood.
    Can you tell me if i can find a driver which run for my xonar SE ? Because when i try to install UNi-Xonar-W10-1825-v1.81a-r2, it tells me that no component is compatible.
    Thank you


    • CarvedInside11 Feb 2021 @ 08:09

      Xonar SE is not supported by any of the UNi Xonar drivers. Xonar SE has a different audio chip with different base drivers than the supported Xonar cards.
      I don't have and most likely will not make a modded driver for Xonar SE cards.

      You may find some useful information on how to correctly setup your card by reading the guide that I wrote for the UNi Xonar supported cards. You may also find some info and help on the ASUS ROG soundcards subforum.


  13. Curious13 Feb 2021 @ 23:30

    Installing Zoom has messed up my mic. I have uninstalled zoom but the mic has a very low volume. Is there a way to reinstall the mic drivers without doing a complete reinstall of your drivers? We have been using your drivers for years and absolutely love them but it is a lot of work to set things back up the way we like them. going to do that as a last resort. We have a d2x using driver version 1.71


    • CarvedInside14 Feb 2021 @ 01:33

      Open Windows Sound-> Recording tab-> select "Microphone (ASUS Xonar...)" and press "Set Default", then double click on Microphone, go to Custom tab and select "Microphone boost", then go to Levels tab and check that the volume is 100%. Let me know if any of these settings needed doing.

      For easily saving and restoring your preferred settings you could use XonarSwitch and create a profile there or use the Backup and Restore functions by right clicking on XonarSwitch tray icon->Options.


  14. chhagan21 Feb 2021 @ 02:17

    Help me please, no sound by Xonar DG in Windows 10 version 2004.


    • CarvedInside21 Feb 2021 @ 02:29

      Is the Xonar DG card properly detected when you run the UNi Xonar driver installer? Or it does show the error that no Xonar card detected?
      After driver install, does the ASUS Xonar DG appears in Device Manager(in Windows Run or Search type devmgmt.msc or right click on Computer->select Manage->select Device Manager) under "Sound, video and game controllers" category? When you double click on it, does it show "This device is working properly" under device status?


  15. Dallas04 Mar 2021 @ 09:39

    Hey man,
    been using your stuff for years after I discovered I couldn't even get my soundcard working terms of software something like 6 or so years ago. It's been used in a variety of forms from Vista, 7, 8.1(For the longest believe it or not) and now W10 for the past 9 months. I've used my STXII with on and off issues, but nothing I couldn't fix myself until recently. I've had crackling issues that have been immensely stubborn to deal with. That issue is less pressing than the latter, and doesn't exist if I use my headset(Only my 5.1 surround sound setup that runs through a receiver; I have it mostly figured out). I attempted using pretty much every version of your software available and have found ways of getting things to work.

    Problem: Now my webcam and (USB) Microphones aren't working. It was working mostly okay(newer microphone), there were some blip issues I tinkered with and got working. 0 Audio coming through either. Tried everything, again, even ended up using versions of the software with Crackling to no avail.

    I don't know if it's on Discord's end exclusively, but this seems like something I'm powerless to fix, and may not be exclusive to discord. Tried a couple games, they didn't seem to work In-game correctly. My brother, a music composer and film maker, just told me that Microsoft recently rebuilt their audio endpoint and that gobs of people have issues as a result of this. Apparently he now has a non-functional 1200$ sound card until Microsoft fixes things... LOL.

    I know my motherboard is older, an Asus Crosshair formula IV that I retrofitted with a piledriver, but still; it was literally working yesterday fine on a zoom meeting with my employer, followed by a discord chat with my brother. Any help would be fantastic... Or, if maybe there's a new version of the software coming soon to deal with Micro-suck's new audio endpoint, I'd gladly guinea pig it.

    PS: I'll donate a coffee. Cheaper than buying new components... You do good work!


    • Dallas05 Mar 2021 @ 12:26

      Alright so here's where I'm at:

      After having to EEPROM my soundcard again from a recent power outages, trimming the fat off of many elements of my computer, disabling Nvidia audio devices in Device manager, even wiping my registry records of any previous sound devices that were installed using a tool related to my microphone- I'm still having audio crackling up the wazoo. Also installed the latest drivers for my Motherboard to see if that did anything, including audio drivers for the onboard(Spoiler: Didn't change anything).

      There may be some secret combination to my particular setup with the drivers and what works, maybe I should go through that part of the forum here again. Still; Whenever(through C-media or the ASUS sound control panel) I set it to Dolby digital to listen to that sweet, sweet 5.1, it's snap crackle and pop unless I turn it to PCM, or over on my actual retriever, set it to stereo.

      Curiously, my headphones are just fine for audio. But again: The issue is a relatively new one. Both my headset(Sennheiser 558) and my Reciever(Pioneer VSX 521 k) were bought within 6 months of each other. So I'm guessing it's some kind of upmixing issue.

      At the very least, I figured out that windows was causing my microphone issue in an almost completely unrelated way- it had to deal with permissions from the last update; it sometimes gets reset because windows is cool like that.


      • Dallas13 Mar 2021 @ 06:32

        Errm, Just to update a few things.

        It turns out, any driver issue I may have had, I did indeed fix in all of the above mentioned.
        Windows has a security setting in Windows 10, where it will either allow or deny programs access to the device. Make sure you check box this!

        There was also the fact that there are 2 ways for me(with my paritcular setup) to run the sound through in Windows settings.
        Speakers(I formally used this setting, and switched between headset and Dolby digital output with C-Media and/or Asus Control panel)
        ( Underneath in text: ASUS Essence STX II Audio Device)
        Digital Output.
        (Same name underneath obviously)

        It's a little less convenient, not being able to switch with 2 clicks, but the sound seems to have oddly improved as a side-effect...

        I think at the heart of what was originally happening with my Card was the Eprom failure from recently storms/power outages, but it doesn't hurt from time to time to redo the drivers and I was having other issues compile over summer. Maybe worth noting, I actually re-installed my original motherboard audio drivers- not that I'm using it.

        Anyways. Hopefully this helps someone somewhere.



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