1. Alin07 Jan 2016 @ 18:58

    Hi community,

    I recently purchased an ASUS Xonar Essence STX sound card from ebay. The card was slightly used, it could be seen on it, even having that specific smell of a new electronic product, but the seller assured me that the card is in good working order. He just replaced the OP-AMPs with what he said are a better ones (got the original ones as well in a small box) and that was it, he said the card is working and tip-top. After installing it, it doesn't work. πŸ™ These are the symptoms:

    - Driver installs well and under Device Management in Windows, everything is ok, no yellow warning signs no unrecognized anything. Everything is also seen in sound properties, card is detected by Windows and all software players (I am using JRiver Media Centre and Foobar2000).
    - Card is NOT recognized by STX Audio Center. It says "Can't find any device" in an error box.
    - Sound is coming only from the right channel and is very weak and badly distorted.

    My Windows version is Windows 7 x64. I tried pluggin the card into X1 and X16 slots on my motherboard, with the same results. I know the slots are working, because I have another card (a Creative X-Fi Xtreme) and it runs fine on any slot from motherboard. I also plugged the Molex power connector into the STX card.

    I tried with UNi Xonar and standard drivers from Asus website. I get the same error each time.

    Can anyone tell me what is wrong ? Is the card defective ? Is it a software glitch ? Can be this card with those symptoms be brought back to life ?

    Thanks and hope you can help me.


    • CarvedInside13 Jan 2016 @ 17:08

      The problem with "Can't find any device" might not be from something wrong with the card. It seems other drivers or some windows updates could affect the functionality of Asus Audio center. To see if that's the case check card EEPROM. You can use C-Media Panel or XonarSwitch to control the card.
      Now the other problem with the sound coming from the right channel only might be the card. You should check the card in another PC to rule out a motherboard compatibility issue. If it does not work there too, then the card is broken and I do not have any advice on how you could fix it.


  2. Casodi13 Jan 2016 @ 01:39

    Could I add a sound delay to the front channels and if so what is the value name?


    • CarvedInside13 Jan 2016 @ 17:01

      With the drivers you can't. Maybe you could using audio/video player settings.


      • Casodi13 Jan 2016 @ 20:33

        Ok thanks anyways. I have edited the registry to add a delay for the center channel but needed the front left and right channels to be delayed as well.


  3. Alin13 Jan 2016 @ 19:09

    Thanks CarvedInside. I managed for computer to recognize the card by disabling the on-board sound card. The EEPROM wasn't touched, I checked. Now the card is recognized, everything is ok from the drivers' side and STX Audio Center is marking as everything is OK. But the card only works on the digital part (I mean with sound output from the S/PDIF). No sound at all from the build in headphone amplifier or the stereo line-out output. The card is defective in this case ? I mean can it work flawlessly on the digital side and not at all on the analog and still be a drivers' problem ? Aren't the drivers required just for computer to communicate with the board ? If drivers are recognized and card works perfectly on the digital side, it means that is nothing wrong with the drivers, right ? So, the card can be damaged on the analog side or there is something I could do ? Thanks again.


    • CarvedInside13 Jan 2016 @ 23:34

      Please use the reply button properly. When replying to an existing discussion use reply button floating on the right of the comment you are replying to. I can’t move the comments so please remake the comment with reply and I will delete this separate comment.

      Analog output uses the DAC, op-amps and other components compared to digital output. So it's possible those components are defective resulting in only digital output working. Using digital (S/PDIF) output, your STX card is pretty much useless.


      • Alin14 Jan 2016 @ 00:51

        OK, I used the reply button this time. πŸ™‚

        Yes, I know everything you said, more than 90% of this card is the analogue value of it. And I realize that digital side (output via digital S/PDIF-TOSLINK) don't need analogue components (DACs, filters, OP-AMPS, etc.) that's why it works, basically it's a simplified circuit and the external amplifier has to do the job. All I wanted to know is if the card is properly recognized by computer and drivers correctly installed, STX Audio Center working perfectly, all software players correctly identifying the card and all, but I only got sound from digital part of the card and not analogue, means that the card is defective on the analog side or if there is something to be done. I bought this card from ebay as slightly used and got it like this. The seller says that the card is working, but I cannot get to make it work on it's analog side. That's what I wanted to know. I already have a Xonar U7 card (bought as new from the store), but wanted a better one. Since those are more expensive, I could afford only a previously used one. It looks like new, even has that new smell and shiny pins (the ones that connects to motherboard), but it's not working. The seller insists it's a software problem, but I wonder. Everything is working on the digital part. Analog doesn't need drivers as far as I know, that's the internal cousine of the sound card.


  4. carlo mencucci15 Jan 2016 @ 06:13

    I have a new asus essence stx sound card that I'm trying to use on windows 7 64 bit. Could you please tell me which driver is the latest one I need to use?
    Thank you. Jan. 14, 2016


  5. Luka08 Feb 2016 @ 19:58

    About no. 4 question - stereo upmix.

    Is stereo upmix similar to "speaker fill" option in Win (playback devices-properites-enahcements-speaker fill)?

    I'm using Logitech Z506 5.1 analog speaker. I'm waiting for my Xonar DGX?

    Is stereo upmix function made for playing normal mp3z, youtube, Spotify ... on all 6 speakers? So to expand stereo to all speakers. But in case of 5.1 soruce (movies, 5.1 music) it's playing real 5.1?
    Or you have to switch between 2 channels and 6 channels to use all speakers?

    Thank you.


    • CarvedInside09 Feb 2016 @ 15:51

      You need to switch between 2 channels when you want stereo upmix (mp3, youtube, etc. to 6 speakers) and 6 channels when you are playing real 5.1.
      I haven't approved your other comment because you where replying to a comment about Windows 7 from 2012 and asking about windows 10. You should look more carefully.


      • Luka10 Feb 2016 @ 07:46

        Thank you!


      • Luka10 Feb 2016 @ 08:42

        So stereo upmix is not equal to "speaker fill" option?


        • Sharif Sircar12 Feb 2016 @ 16:28

          All it does is duplicate the channels,just like playing music in your car's speakers


          • Luka13 Feb 2016 @ 14:41

            Ok, I understand. But I still don't get where can you switch on/off "stereo upmix" and why is not possible to have set to 6 channels (audio channels) and 5.1 speakers (analog out) for playin on all 6 speakers.

            Is there really the only chance to switch between 2 and 6 channels for playing real 5.1 or playing mp3z, YT on all 6 speakers.... Like speaker fill function.


      • Mrrshal23 Feb 2016 @ 03:45

        I am using Xonar D2X and Tiamat 7.1 headphones with are true 7.1(They have all those drives and sub in each cup)
        Setting channels to 8 is decreasing sound quality for some reason, setting 2 channel and 7.1 an. output does good, but when I enable Pro logic or NEO my right earcup is having less bass for some reason and I feel very unconfortable, do you how to fix that? (I noticed that in virtual speaker shifter there is sub image at the right side, does it have to do with the problem somehow?)


        • CarvedInside23 Feb 2016 @ 21:19

          You comment has little in common with the discussion in this comment thread. Please make a new comment instead.


  6. wildcardNP05 Mar 2016 @ 11:05

    Fresh Windows 10 Pro install, Xonar Essence STX, UNi driver 1.80. Microphone doesn't work. Fix?? I can't use the OEM drivers because of screeching.


    • CarvedInside05 Mar 2016 @ 22:32

      Microphone is connected to the card or to the case front panel microphone input?
      Try reinstalling the 1.80a drivers. Try the 1.75a drivers. Toggle front panel microphone option on and off (or off and on if its connected to the front panel) from the Asus Audio center or C-media Panel.


    • Fogel Fogelson05 Apr 2016 @ 09:57

      My microphone did not work on the Xonar driver either until I applied the fix described in this Youtube vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFtNK6iAF2Q


  7. Alin05 Mar 2016 @ 23:19

    Anyone having the problem with sound entering a "loop mode" when using ASIO drivers ? It's very annoying. It works ok with WASAPI, Direct Sound, Wave Out, etc., but, randomly, on ASIO mode, it enters a mode where a short sample is repeated indefinitely until you stop the player. I am using JRiver Media Center 20 player and UNi drivers 1.80. Thanks.


  8. chris ryan11 May 2016 @ 23:05

    I'm using Win 10 64 bit home edition with a xonar sound card, and a cheap tabletop MIC running to the FRONT PANEL of my computer.
    When I set up a test recording using VOICE RECORDER, I first preset all the levels on all my devices and cards to maximum volume for the benefit of the MIC.
    I was able to make a voice recording, but the recording volume was rather low upon playback.
    I want to increase the gain of the MIC to get a louder input.
    How can I do this?


    • CarvedInside13 May 2016 @ 20:23

      I don't know how you could do that. You could connect the microphone to the onboard audio card if that gave you a higher volume.


  9. Mauro30 May 2016 @ 14:33

    Anyone who has problems with windows 10 64 bit and xonar dg: I solved unplug any jack and the front panel connector from the sound card, then installing the latest version of the driver in low latency mode, and then reconnecting everything.


  10. Jay24 Jun 2016 @ 05:31

    19. Occasionally I get left or right speaker imbalance or volume drop. Why is that and is there something that can be done to prevent this?


    Uninstall drivers, delete this file, reinstall drivers. Ahhhhh my stereo works perfectly now, no more random left speaker drop. Got that tip from another forum.


    • CarvedInside24 Jun 2016 @ 10:49

      HsMgr will be reinstalled after the driver reinstall except in the case you would install UNi Xonar with Low DPC Lantecy or C-Media Panel. In case you would install UNi Xonar with Low DPC Lantecy or C-Media Panel the HsMgr would be disabled without the need to delete the file.

      Can you tell me the Xonar card you have, the driver version you've installed, your OS and the website link where you found this tip. Thank you.


  11. Mikey31 Jul 2016 @ 19:21

    All of a sudden my STX stopped getting detected. Device manager shows multimedia audio controller under other devices. Reinstalled Winows 7. I checked molex connector with a multimeter & the power goes fine. Unfortunately i don't have a different card to check the same slot or the STX in a different slot or PC. The card is in a fanless J1900 based PC with only 1 PCI slot

    Under hardware id -


    restoree.exe can't see the card either

    searching for sound card with oxygen express chip
    error: no pci card with oxygen chip found

    Is this a PCI slot issue or the card needs to be sent for repairs? It's not under warranty


  12. Rose16 Aug 2016 @ 09:50


    Tried to find if someone had already asked this, but couldn't find it, so here it goes: in Windows playback devices, my 5.1 is working perfectly when tested. However, in my games (such as Assassin's Creed Syndicate), 5.1 doesn't work: the voices come from the center speaker, but the rest of the audio is stereo. So I tried using the Xonar media center, but the moment I try to change the audio channel (it's blank) or analog out, the program crashes.

    What am I doing wrong here?


  13. alex17 Aug 2016 @ 14:32

    i've got a STX, not a STX II. At the moment i run the driver for the STX II card cause i thought the cards are familiar. Is this the right driver or should i take the normal one instead of STX II?


    • CarvedInside19 Aug 2016 @ 18:26

      Your assumption that you should use STX II drivers because you have a STX card is not correct but there is no problem in running these STX II drivers on other Xonar cards. If everything is fine you can keep these drivers installed.


  14. Des03 Sep 2016 @ 00:17

    Hi, I recently installed a Xonar DG sound card that was working until I updated the OS to Windows 10. I now have all volumes turned to 100% and still only receive poor sound through the left hand speaker on my tv. I have tried both of the latest drivers off of here and nothing has changed. Is there a solution or any ideas how I can fix this.


  15. Daniel13 Sep 2016 @ 23:16

    Hey there! I have a Xonar D2
    I installed the driver, all fine. i restart the PC and then I try to play a song from player. It starts singing and then boom...nothing! It stops and it won't work. What's the problem?



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