1. CarvedInside09 Nov 2012 @ 17:24

    Yes its normal since I missed something. Will fix in a newer release.
    Use 1.63 drivers instead.


  2. shankly198509 Nov 2012 @ 20:54

    Running 1.64 on windows 8 working great 🙂


  3. MasterFaster10 Nov 2012 @ 00:06

    HT Omega Claro - Auzentech X-Meridian - XP Driver v5.12.8.1814 - Valid signatures

    This is what I've done before, but for the XP driver.


    • CarvedInside10 Nov 2012 @ 02:21

      These ones are not important, even on XP x64 bit.


      • MasterFaster10 Nov 2012 @ 02:26

        I know that, but if we can have valid signatures, then why not? 😀


        • CarvedInside10 Nov 2012 @ 02:39

          Tricky question, how about this:
          Because you also have to divide attention to that and because it makes no difference, why do it? 🙂


          • MasterFaster10 Nov 2012 @ 03:19

            I agree that for XP it makes no difference, but I've done the job for you.
            The additional changes for CMPCIP4.INF are important though, because they add support for new card (new PCI ID - probably new pcb revision): PCIVEN_13F6&DEV_8788&SUBSYS_171314C3


  4. hunterz010 Nov 2012 @ 00:08

    I never thought it was possible, but even with driver signature bypass enabled while in test mode in Win7 x64, I'm getting a signature error that is preventing the 1.64 beta driver from being loaded:

    "Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52)"


  5. iUser11 Nov 2012 @ 21:05

    CarvedInside, why did you decide to enable stereo upmix by default? You have been telling in FAQ it may cause worse sound quality.


    • CarvedInside11 Nov 2012 @ 22:30

      I'm not sure where in the FAQ I am saying that. Sure listening to music on 2 speakers as compared to stereo upmixing it to 5.1 is better and its the way it should be listened.
      But for Win7 re-enabling that particular option from the installer won't force upmix to your sound system like it does in Win XP. Stereo upmix will work only if you set the options to 2 channels and 5.1 speakers, and I don't see a reason for someone to have it this way (as opposed to using 6 channels and 5.1 speakers) if he would not want stereo upmix.


  6. harvester12 Nov 2012 @ 23:31

    Hi, I have an used Essence ST card. I would like to use it on the SPDIF with Dolby Digital or DTS always. When I start an 5.1 film then close the player and start a music-player program, the driver / card switches back to PCM (48KHz, not the 96KHz I have checked). I would like to override this and only use the Dolby out (or maybe DTS if it is possible) for music too, just like on my old X-Fi card.


    • CarvedInside13 Nov 2012 @ 15:20

      You are not saying which drivers have you tried with. Try with UNi Xonar 1.63 and 1.64 , then try with drivers installed with C-media Panel. See if any of these work.

      But on the other hand DDL & DTS Interactive support up to 5.1-channel 16-bit/48 kHz respectively up to 5.1-channel 24-bit/48 kHz , so maybe thats where the problem is, at least thats why it changes to 48 KHz.


      • harvester13 Nov 2012 @ 19:47

        I think DTS is better, 96 kHz/24bit
        My Essence ST can not use DTS, driver: v1.63 beta


  7. shankly198513 Nov 2012 @ 17:09

    Hello guys
    Is it normal For DTS enabled on Xonar DS to add 300+ Latency? When I disable it My latency drops to 0-75


  8. PTmax13 Nov 2012 @ 18:08

    Hello guys,
    I've just updated to 1.64 from 1.60.
    I noticed that whatever I choose in the installer, I always end up with the upmix enabled. Why does this happen? This was not an issue with previous Uni drivers I've used.

    I'm on Win7 64bit


    • CarvedInside13 Nov 2012 @ 20:36

      Have you bother reading the release notes for 1.64? Because it seems to me you haven't.

      “Re-enable stereo upmix” option is checked by default for Vista/Win7/Win8.

      Based on your description I quote "whatever I choose in the installer", at first I though it was a problem with stereo upmix being enabled even if it was disabled(unchecked) in the installer. So I checked the installer (again) to see if it really had a problem.

      While I am keen to help people, I do run out of patience with some..


      • PTmax13 Nov 2012 @ 20:43

        Sorry CarvedInside, I didn't ment to upset you man....
        But I think there is a misunderstanding here...
        I did read the release notes, and I was unchecking the option “Re-enable stereo upmix” everytime I tried to install the drivers. But I was ending up with the upmix enabled....
        And I am doing a clean install everytime...
        So, this doesn't happen with you? Because I have the same XOnar DX card, as you do.
        Any ideas as to what I should do?


        • CarvedInside13 Nov 2012 @ 21:05

          Ok, it seems there was a misunderstanding then.

          No this does not happen for me. Check the registry for the "Dual2D" key (without quotes). How to check in the registry is detailed in the FAQ paragraph 5.1 . If there is no such key then the actual option responsible for stereo upmix isn't enabled. Let me know if you find the Dual2D key or not.


          • PTmax13 Nov 2012 @ 21:38

            Yes, I found 2 entries of Dual2D,
            One in CurrentControlSet and one in ControlSet001 (Under Local_machineSystem)
            They are both set to "00 00 00 00".
            If I delete this it should disable the upmixing?


            • CarvedInside14 Nov 2012 @ 01:17

              Its fine, its disabled with those values. It has to be "01 00 00 00" to be on. But I find it strange you have them at all, since the UNi Xonar drivers aren't adding that key at all when stereo upmix is unchecked.

              Just checked again on my system not having the problem.

              Something else is causing this. Maybe you have enabled some options in the Audio Center? Like Dolby Virtual shifter . Try with GX off if its on.
              Could be the player you are using, try a different one.

              Just so we are on the same matter, describe to me how is the sound coming.


              • PTmax14 Nov 2012 @ 09:18

                It's weird because I never use upmixing and I've used your drivers since 1.5 year ago that I got my Xonar DX. So those keys shouldn't be there.
                I always install the C-media panel without the GX, so it's always off. I don't use any Dolby or other kind of shifters.
                It's not the player, because I experience the same thing with Chrome, which I don't thing have any settings for audio at all.
                Pretty weird stuff, and I noticed it right from the first reboot when the windows sounds were playing upmixed.
                I have 5.1 speakers and I always choose 6 channels for both settings at the C-Media panel.


                • CarvedInside14 Nov 2012 @ 20:59

                  Weird. Might be a bug with 1815 drivers. Should also try 1.63.

                  Did you use alexa's addons?


                  • PTmax14 Nov 2012 @ 21:20

                    Nope, don't use Alexa's mods but I will soon... 🙂
                    I think I'll wait untill your next release and we will see from there...


  9. psychok913 Nov 2012 @ 23:07

    Today I've formatted my primary hdd, and installed a fresh Win8 Pro x64, and I can't install 1.63 version on it. What did I do wrong?
    I leave default settings, it works if I disable the signature verification.


    • psychok913 Nov 2012 @ 23:47

      X-Meridian 7.1 card :/


      • MasterFaster14 Nov 2012 @ 00:09

        Try the updated 1815 driver with valid signatures that I posted in previous page (use device manager and install over)
        or install the driver pack by daniel_k
        or wait for new release by CarvedInside


        • psychok914 Nov 2012 @ 00:59

          Thank you. When I tried your driver 1st time, it didn't work.
          I've uninstalled unsigned Xonar driver (leaving the UniXonar pack installed) but removing the driver from device manager, and installed again from INF file of the folder "driver", and it worked.

          Thank you!


  10. lomon15 Nov 2012 @ 16:18

    Unified Drivers 1.64 beta report problem for me in analog 7.1 mode speakers work only in 6.1: rear speakers right result mute no sound on v1.63 beta no problem work fine


  11. Non-English15 Nov 2012 @ 19:47

    Driver doesn't work in Win8 x64 after the last updates (Unknown device).
    I tried to roll back changes but nothing happened. Looks like it's something with signature again. And yes, I've already tried to bypass it. Vainly.
    Beta driver from Asus site works though.


    • CarvedInside15 Nov 2012 @ 21:59

      Your card is? And which UNi Xonar drivers have you tried and gave you problems?


      • Non-English15 Nov 2012 @ 23:10

        Xonar DS. It was 1.63 beta at first. Then I updated my system and got the problem. Then I tried to remove previous version, run driverclean, and installed 1.64 beta with disabled signature checking. It was installed succefully and it has been working before I rebooted system (because installer said I must).


  12. MasterFaster16 Nov 2012 @ 01:30

    Xonar DG SI official WHQL drivers are released: WHQL XP WHQL Win7 WHQL Win8

    Get them form ASUS support site. I didn't have time to check them yet, so I don't know the changes.


    • CarvedInside16 Nov 2012 @ 02:09

      Thanks for sharing.Don't bother checking them. They are identical to the "old" releases. ".cat" file is the same so no WHQL signature.


    • MasterFaster16 Nov 2012 @ 02:09

      I have checked them, don't bother. They are exactly the same with the previously released driver. In fact the previous Xonar DG SI are better and let me explain why:

      1. About WHQL XP
      The driver is exactly the same with the previously released driver, only the .cat files are changed to include WHQL information. Though now the new .cat files support only the XONAR SI.INF . The other INF files (for the other cards) will look unsigned, which may cause installation problems. So avoid this new driver.

      2. About WHQL Win7
      The same conclusions as with the XP driver. It's the same with only the .cat files updated and only support XONAR SI.INF . Also avoid this new driver.

      3. About WHQL Win8
      The driver is exactly the same with the previous Win8 driver, no new .cat files, no changes.

      Conclusion, avoid the new drivers


  13. Logan16 Nov 2012 @ 02:08

    Anyone able to get the Speaker to Headphones switcher for the STX card working? I could not personally even though it said "Success" and I am running 64-bit windows like it says too. http://code.google.com/p/xonarswitcher/
    It would really be great if someone could make something like this but with a hotkey.


    • CarvedInside16 Nov 2012 @ 15:41

      That Hp Sp swticher works like the ones here, when switching there has to be no active application that uses sound.


  14. Logan16 Nov 2012 @ 02:19

    Also is there anyway to change the color of the moving equalization bars back to blue? I have the control window open on my second monitor at all times and orange on blue just keep catching my eye when I am working, but I need it open at all times for some of the sound stuff that I do. Was messing around with tinting the skin image files but only was able to find the image for the volume bar on the upper left hand side. Is the orange color dictated by code or png image files?


    • CarvedInside16 Nov 2012 @ 15:17

      Can you post a screenshot with how the equalizer bars look like?
      Asus decided to change the default skin for ST/STX cards to a red/orange one. In UNi Xonar I tried to revert back to the blue one. Either I missed something or that particular element of the skin has been set in the .exe making it hard to be changed.


  15. Clam16 Nov 2012 @ 05:12

    Should I uninstall the Stock Asus Xonar Drivers first then install the Unified drivers or can i just install the Unified drivers and it will overwrite the stock drivers? Thx


    • CarvedInside16 Nov 2012 @ 15:11

      Uninstall them. And If you are changing to different UNi Xonar drivers, always uninstall the drivers that are installed.



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