1. badsykes17 Nov 2012 @ 00:49

    1.64 switching between SP and Headphones and back is working ... Thx for the beta (Essence ST on w7 64bit) 1815 driver..

    Forgot to say that i installed over 1.63 and seems fine by now..I tested some foobar music only and no games..


  2. shankly198517 Nov 2012 @ 11:04

    Sorry to quote myself. But looking for answer thanks.

    <blockquote cite="#commentbody-7242">
    shankly1985 :
    Hello guys
    Is it normal For DTS enabled on Xonar DS to add 300+ Latency? When I disable it My latency drops to 0-75


    • CarvedInside17 Nov 2012 @ 15:41

      Probably yes. Don't have DTS on my card, but initial test with DDL shows a increase in DPC Latency by 100-150.
      DDL & DTS require extra processing for the audio card, but I have no way of knowing if its normal for this to give 300+ DPC latency or if its inefficient in its current implementation.


  3. Gokmen18 Nov 2012 @ 09:12

    Thanks again and thanks a lot. I'm sorry that I cant donate anything you guys and just saying thank you.


  4. shankly198519 Nov 2012 @ 00:53

    Thanks for reply.

    CarvedInside :
    Probably yes. Don’t have DTS on my card, but initial test with DDL shows a increase in DPC Latency by 100-150.
    DDL & DTS require extra processing for the audio card, but I have no way of knowing if its normal for this to give 300+ DPC latency or if its inefficient in its current implementation.


  5. Corrupt^19 Nov 2012 @ 18:11

    First time trying these, so far so good. Didn't have any issues with the original drivers but DPC latency was 120'ish when running teamspeak or any other similar application (which I have basically on the entire day).

    With these drivers, 40 to 50'ish :p

    No problems in Foobar either using ASIO.


  6. elvislad19 Nov 2012 @ 18:24

    Hi,Is there any way of lowering the flex bass cut off below the 50hz default,my main transmission line speakers go lower than this so wanted the sub to cum in just below...and also what is the crossover frequency if small speakers are selected?


    • Gokmen20 Nov 2012 @ 00:38

      I use Jriver media center and you can config your output to clone bass for sub. that way you can have both your speakers + sub booming. I use 1+1 speakers and a sub, I think you have a similar setup too. The best way to me was disabling flex bass from windows drivers and configuring jriver mc for the sub. you can go as low as 20hz with it via DSP studio > output format > JRSS Subwoofer. Foobar also should have addons for this.


  7. tympapost19 Nov 2012 @ 21:03

    OK guys, I know that this is irrelevant, but I need your help guys, I'm desperate...
    Does anyone ever faced with the Chrome problem where the sound always comes from any device other than your default speakers?
    I don't know how to describe it best, but everytime Chrome needs to play sound (youtube video, online radio etc.) it automatically selects my second playback device (SPDIF out) and not the first (and default) speakers.
    To temporarily solve this, I need to select the second device as default, and the select again the first one as default. But I have to do this everytime I open a new video, even when pausing and un-pausing the same video!!!
    I have searched the internet for 4 days, all the solutions are crap. I have disabled the flash plugins (one at a time o both), I have disabled my second device completely (then I don't have sound at all), I have changed the "use exclusively" setting, I have done a bunch.. none is working....
    Chrome always picks the SPDIF passthrough device, and not the Speakers...
    Does anyone have a clue????
    ( I have tried this with the 1.64 and 1.61 drivers)


    • CarvedInside20 Nov 2012 @ 19:29

      Make sure you have the Windows updated.
      Uncheck the two "Exclusive mode" options in both the speaker and SPDIF out device.
      Make you don't have SPDIF output selected in the Asus Audio Center.
      Check a new version of Chrome, beta ones if you have the final version.


      • tympapost20 Nov 2012 @ 20:40

        Thanks for the reply CarvedInside...
        I already have up-to-date windows 7 64bit, and Chrome beta...
        I've tried the other things you said but no use...
        Turns out this is a Chrome Bug, many people are facing sound issues...


        • badsykes21 Nov 2012 @ 13:27

          Report to Chrome team pls..This may not be a driver bug but a
          Chrome beta one..Steps to report a problem to chrome dev team.
          1. Select "Menu Chrome" from right (3 paralel lines on my version)
          2. Go to "About Google Chrome"
          3. Should be a button with reporting the problem..
          I have w7 64, Asus Essence ST and 1.64 driver version and Chrome Cannary 25.0.1330.0



          • tympapost21 Nov 2012 @ 13:38

            yes, I've already reported it and it's a chrome bug found in both stable and beta channels. Awaiting for a fix...


  8. bob20 Nov 2012 @ 16:48

    hi, i have the same problem w7 x64, stx, 1.64 beta. it seems to be in newer versions , not in 1794 and some older 1800.


    • CarvedInside21 Nov 2012 @ 17:54

      I think this is a problem from the 1813 and 1815 audio drivers and not a configuration problem in UNi Xonar, so if you have time to confirm this , might want to try installing Daniel K modded drivers and report back if this problem is there also or not.


  9. Logan20 Nov 2012 @ 19:14

    Yeah I can get you a screenshot of the bars. May be about a week though, had to do a system restore (which means its back to the regular drivers) as I am debugging some non-sound related issue on my PC and don't want to change too many variables at once. So when I get around to reinstalling it I will take some screenshots. Thanks for the fast response!


  10. Swifty20 Nov 2012 @ 21:39

    i have installed the latest version but when i click the sound panel it loads for a sec and does not start, any ideas?


    • CarvedInside21 Nov 2012 @ 01:18

      Uninstall and do a driver clean like its presented in the FAQ and install again.
      You can also try with another version.


  11. Swifty21 Nov 2012 @ 13:00

    Thanks for your reply 🙂

    Still not working, tried three different drivers.


    • CarvedInside21 Nov 2012 @ 15:38

      But is it working with original drivers? Tell me your card and OS. You might want to try C-media Panel in the installation.
      Might be a software conflict with your Windows or other software you have installed.


  12. iimpossible21 Nov 2012 @ 14:40

    Hey, 1.62 driver is the greatest by it's asio. My machine runs it with 1ms latency now, it's awesome! How about to make an optiion in installer which asio is preferable: newer or sub 10 msec latency selector?


    • CarvedInside21 Nov 2012 @ 15:41

      The ASIO included in 1.62 and above allows selecting below 10 msec latency. I am not sure what are you referring to by your suggestion.


  13. therealrhyno21 Nov 2012 @ 18:50

    So I've been running into a problem. Not sure how to fix it I've tried everything. I'm not even sure if it's a driver problem or a problem somewhere in my OS. My microphone cannot be used in more than one application at once. If I try to say, join a game with ingame VOiP and try to use Windows sound recorder for example, the mic won't be noticed in sound recorder. If I reverse the order and open up Sound Recorder first, ingame VOiP won't work and my mic won't be picked up for that. It's the best way I can describe the problem. Whatever application is able to use my mic first, is the only application that can until it is closed.


    • CarvedInside22 Nov 2012 @ 18:23

      This might help: Go to volume -> Recording devices -> Microphone Xonar card ->Proprieties -> Advance tab -> uncheck the two “Exclusive mode” options . Might try to do the same for Speakers in Playback devices.

      Let us know if this worked.


      • therealrhyno22 Nov 2012 @ 19:16

        Wow it worked. Thank you. Really. I've been trying to figure out for months what the problem was. I had to leave the first "exclusive" box checked, but the second "give exclusive mode applications priority" was the one messing things up. Just had to restart the computer and it was all fixed. Again thank you.


  14. Jay23 Nov 2012 @ 21:09

    Man, I just tried the official Win 8 drivers for my DS, and those 1815's give me the same crappy sound quality I was getting in Windows 7 since the 1794's. Don't really get it, its definitely not placebo. Its no worry because the uni's are crystal clear, but its still curious to me.


    • Dann24 Nov 2012 @ 13:29

      1815 drivers are the same and sound quality is the same of cause. I used to check it on my DS twice.

      Cmedia has released new drivers 23.11.2012 http://www.cmedia.com.tw/en/DownloadCenter_Detail2.aspx enything new with them?

      LE:Nevermind, its 1813. Seems like it’s impossible to search for driver updates on cmedia’s site. UniXonar is the only option.


    • CarvedInside24 Nov 2012 @ 15:41

      Maybe its because original drivers have by default the sample rate set at 96 KHz as oppose to 44.1 KHz. If you didn;t change this after installing the original drivers, there could be something here.


  15. ÅKE23 Nov 2012 @ 22:57

    I am trying the 1.63 beta with my ST card but I get the message to insert the device...
    It says in the notes for 1.63 beta that it will work for ST cards,whats wrong?



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