1. jack10 Jun 2021 @ 16:44

    I've found only ONE driver of the many that would make my Xonar DX 7.1 function on win7. I absolutely WON'T update the driver. I had to work hard to select it from all of the other drivers, so everything stays put, period.

    Thanks, John.


    • CarvedInside11 Jun 2021 @ 02:45

      Please provide details. What problem did you had exactly? If it's something to do with 7.1 sound, tell us which application you are using, if you're using analog or S/PDIF output. Which driver version was is the one that's working?


      • jack23 Jun 2021 @ 17:33

        [Comment moved by admin from new comment to reply to existing discussion.]

        Regarding Uni Xonar, the only version I can use on Win7/SP1 is 10/03/2012. On an AS-Rock Fatal1ity Mobo, UART MPU-401. Win7 still works quite well, but now I am writing on Firefox/Ubuntu 21.04 because Windows won't merge 2 sound cards. In fact, I am having major trouble in Win10 because it won't even forward optical digital data on multichannel. Advanced testing fails, though the tests on Dolby and Dts go through with flying colors. This is a major problem that I could not overcome. John.


        • Sergey Remizov24 Jun 2021 @ 19:04

          Does the optical output not work on Windows 10?


          • jack25 Jun 2021 @ 16:52

            It definitely does NOT, no matter what I do. However, since I am now also working with Linux, I came across something interesting on Jack's site that there might be a version for windows. I downloaded it. It doesn't need any dependencies (lost of head aches with them in Ubuntu if one (like me) doesn't have WiFi in his apartment to directly download on the work computer. I have no idea whether it's just experimental or it's a working version. Will return later.


  2. Sergey Remizov19 Jun 2021 @ 19:43

    Good afternoon. I'm from Russia, I use a translator, so I'm sorry if something is not clear. I have such a problem, on the Asus Xonar D1 sound card via SPDif output, when connecting a home theater, Samsung HT-4500, digital sound is not output. In the ASUS Audio Center control panel, I set 2 channels and PCM output (I tried 6 channels and Dolby Digital Live). The device by default tried to select both "Speakers" and "Digital output" in general, the response is a full 0, which just did not try. I reinstalled the drivers, tried the modified UniXonar drivers, tried the standard ones from the official Asus website, nothing has changed. I thought maybe the problem is in the Toslink - Toslink mini adapter, I bought an adapter, with the usual square SPdif input, connected it to the card, the connector lights up, but that with the adapter, that on a straight line, the reaction is again 0. I began to sin on the receiver, checked it with a friend, through his sound card (Asus Xonar AE) the sound was output and everything worked. What could be the problem? I don't know what to do anymore. Thank you in advance.


    • Sergey Remizov23 Jun 2021 @ 17:40

      Guys, can anyone at least tell me what the problem is and where to look? I have been suffering for several weeks, for some reason there is no digital sound on the Xonar D1


    • CarvedInside04 Jul 2021 @ 06:41

      Did this issue started only recently, like in the past months?
      What is you complete version of Windows? What Windows version is on your friends PC with ASUS Xonar AE?

      Based on other reports I suspect this issue may be caused by Windows 10 version 21H1 update. Rolling back or installing a prior version will tell us that's the issue for you too.


      • Sergey Remizov02 Dec 2021 @ 14:35

        Dear friend! Thanks for the reply. The Windows version is 20H2, and the installation was performed clean (that is, without updates) I purchased a new Asus Xonar D2 card, with the original Toslink cable and Toslink mini adapter, made a complete reinstallation of the drivers, with a complete cleaning, there are no problems by analogy, but there is still no sound by SPdif... I really don't know what to do anymore... My Samsung HT-D4550 receiver


  3. funkerwolf20 Jun 2021 @ 17:09

    Xonar Audio Center not working after change id from RestorEE.exe, but other id for my xonar dx fixed randomly white noise... I tried all version, but just not launch panel..C-Media panel working and cannot allow change sound from back ports and front output on case...


    • CarvedInside21 Jun 2021 @ 03:13

      Your comment lacks essential information. Please make more of an effort explaining next time.
      1. Did you had these white noises before upgrading to the MSI B560M PRO-VDH motherboard?
      2. Did you notice a pattern when these random white noises happen, like when skipping a youtube video?
      3. Was you Xonar DX hardware ID overwritten or you decided to try some other card ID?
      4. Which IDs have you tried?
      5. Have you verified that the restored hardware ID is correct?

      For ASUS Xonar Audio Center not working, after changing your Xonar's hardware ID do the following: uninstall the Xonar drivers, restart, and when installing the drivers do not select another card other than the one that's detected by the UNi Xonar installer.

      For the random white noises you should check this page for possible solutions.


      • funkerwolf21 Jun 2021 @ 14:57

        1. Yes, on AssRock H110-HDV r3.0 same problem with white noise
        2. Yes
        3. I reverted back old id after this problem with xonar panel
        4. PCI\VEN_13F6&DEV_8788&SUBSYS_82751043 change to PCI\VEN_13F6&DEV_8788&SUBSYS_83271043 and them to first
        5. Yes
        I tried reinstall drivers, all methods not working, only reverted id helped and white noise fixed after all steps.


      • funkerwolf21 Jun 2021 @ 21:43

        But still the problem with loud, sudden, white noise returned to the end...


        • MT21 Jun 2021 @ 22:09

          I got the white noise when using 24-bit / 44Khz. When I change to 16-bit/44Khz (And turn off exclusive device access) i have had no more white noise issue.

          But other optimizations might also help.


        • CarvedInside23 Jun 2021 @ 05:38

          With the other Xonar DX ID (83271043), I think because the drivers and software can't access and control most of the card functions is why you don't get the random white noises. Or you haven't tested long enough to get one.


          • funkerwolf05 Jul 2021 @ 14:58

            Probably, but it seems I found a solution with white noise and a fading of one of the channels. Add HsMgr.exe and HsMgr64.exe completely to exclude "exploit protection" on all items, and disable their DEP through performance settings, in the same place where pagefile is set. So do it with AsusAudioCenter.exe and MXmon.exe. So far, that it has for a long time of use has helped. By the way, try to make a new installer that removes all spaces in the names of folders from the installation paths, perhaps somewhere with this too, there is an incorrect work of executable files from drivers.


            • CarvedInside20 Aug 2021 @ 11:31

              Did you had any white noise issues since then? If yes, I ask that you remake your comment under the dedicated page.
              When you did those things, did you also did what MT said above with changing sound playback output to 16-bit/44.1Khz, or any of the other possible solutions I listed in the dedicated thread about this issue? If yes, add those as well to the comment remake. I will adjust your comment if needed.

              About the spaces in the name of folders. There is no indication that there is any problem from this, not to mention, one level above, you have "Program Files" name which has a space.


  4. jack25 Jun 2021 @ 16:52

    Question: when I get an inquiry via email and I click it to respond, why this site doesn't direct me to the inquiring individual's post? I always end up on a page that doesn't contain it. This is why my reply here is a post because the Reply button doesn't lead me to the person that sent me the email.

    Sorry, John.


    • CarvedInside29 Jun 2021 @ 00:29

      The e-mail link didn't direct you to the inquiring individual's post only in one instance, with Sergey's comment that was made in that separate discussion thread that was to be deleted. For that, it didn't direct you to his exact comment because I moved the comment, and instead of his original text, the linked comment had the message "Comment moved here".
      Only now, it does not jump to any comment because after your last comment, I deleted that discussion thread.

      For all others comment e-mails I think you where redirected to those specific comments. I checked and the e-mail Reply links are working fine, if they are not working for you, it's an issue on your end.

      Even if any of the links don't properly work for you, beside reporting they don't work, you should have made the small effort to look for the comment (manually or using Ctrl+F and typing a keyword for the e-mail comment notification) and reply to them instead of writing new comments.


  5. jack28 Jun 2021 @ 00:09

    I don't know whether this comment/request belongs here. Moderator, please let me know.

    I know that 2 sound cards cannot simultaneously be run in Windows (the Recording section of the Properties tab won`t do because of quality reasons in a DAW environment) . However, could anyone modify the Xonar driver such that it'd detect the 2 Xonar DX 7.1 cards in my computer/Win7 so that I'd aggregate them via jack2?

    Thanks, John.


    • CarvedInside29 Jun 2021 @ 00:13

      Before I try to answer, I need to know if you previously sent me a donation. If you did, please send me a confirmation e-mail from the e-mail address associated with the donation and mention your nickname.


    • jack29 Jun 2021 @ 16:48

      [Comment moved by admin from new comment to reply to existing discussion.]

      I know that the Windows enumerator is not designed for multiple cards performing at the same time and that problem is raised time and time again. I tried the old method with the Recording tab, but of course there's noise and delay, so it's not propitious for using it in a DAW environment. It seems to me that, apparently, there' s no solution for what I intend to do in the Windows environment. I tried jack2, no dice because finally Windows would output only on 2 channels, although in the DAW (Sonar Studio 8.53) I can see all 22 outputs (2xXonar 7.1 + 6 from the local MoBo sound system. This is why I may to go (alas) to Ubuntu Studio. Well, good luck to me:). John.


    • CarvedInside01 Jul 2021 @ 07:15

      Again you are not using the comments Reply function. You again wrote 3 NEW comment's instead of replying to existing discussions.
      Ignore the Reply button in the comment notifications e-mails your receive. On the website, when replying to an existing discussion use REPLY button floating on the right of the comment you are replying to. If you can't do this, your comments will no longer show up.

      Now to the question you kept asking. The simple answer no, I can't help you.
      I don't know what's going on, I am not familiar with the software you are using or with multiple soundcards configurations. Your issue be it with the software configuration, Windows, or the Xonar cards driver configuration, whatever it may be, if there is a solution, it does not appear to be an easy one. Then there the fact that you have some difficulties understanding and explaining things which makes the whole thing a lot harder. I have neither the time nor the patience for this.


  6. JasonDiementia01 Jul 2021 @ 15:09

    [Comment moved by admin from another page.]

    I no longer have an output from my SPIDIF on my Xonar D2X card. I have been using the standard Asus drivers for years without any problems, however whilst listening to music the other night my output went silent, when I checked my computer I saw that my pc had updated to windows version 21H1. I have checked my amplifier, optical cable etc and everything is working. The optical cable end is showing bright red suggesting to me that there is a strong signal coming from the card but yet still no sound. All settings in Audio center are correct nothing seems out of place but no audio. I am using Windows 10 pro 64 bit. Any ideas?


    • desertwlf29 Jan 2022 @ 22:33

      Having the same problem. 21H2 x64. Xonar DX, optical to Astro Mixamp. Analog works fine.
      All was well until the update.Tried versions 1.81a, 1.80a, 1.75a, and 1.17.1. Even tried installing "Boom 3D."


  7. Lurtz06 Jul 2021 @ 10:45

    Did anybody try Windows 11 and can confirm that this driver still works with the current version of Windows 11?


  8. Snk316 Jul 2021 @ 16:00

    I instaled UNi Xonar 1816/1821 v1.71.1 for my Xonar DX and everything is working fine, no bugs or any kind of problems. My config is Gigabyte AX370 Gaming 3/R5 1600 with W10 Pro 21H1 in latest updates. I have to say that this card sounds pretty much better than my old SBZ, waaaaaaaay better than my oldest SB0880 Titanium Fatal1ty.


    • CarvedInside20 Jul 2021 @ 11:05

      Thanks for sharing the info. Are you using analog or digital(S/PDIF) output?


      • Snk322 Jul 2021 @ 15:41

        Hi, I'm using digital output with my very old Samsung HT C550, and line out jack with my headphones, I can say it for sure this card sounds better than my old SBZ, huuuuge improvement over motherboard (ALC1220) audio, your driver is amazing buddy, thank you!


      • Snk317 Aug 2021 @ 20:36

        I noticed one bug recently, sometimes the card is unable to play any sound, even with software working properly I have no sound, to solve I just need to restart, not sure if is a soft or hardware bug. Everything is working fine, except for this occasional bug.


        • CarvedInside20 Aug 2021 @ 11:18

          In this case I think it would be better if you wrote the comment again as new comment. Include the system, Xonar settings and Windows information again.


  9. Mitras20 Jul 2021 @ 00:27


    I will have to change my PC and would like to know if it's possible to transfer my settings (using 1.81a) ?
    If it is, which files do i have to copy/paste from the directory ? "installsettings.ini" ?

    Thank you


    • CarvedInside20 Jul 2021 @ 18:45

      Hi. Before I answer, I need to know if you previously sent me a donation. If you did, please send me a confirmation e-mail from the e-mail address associated with the donation and mention your nickname.


  10. NeonRobot30 Jul 2021 @ 07:44

    Win7 x64 ESU, AM4 platform, Asus Aorus x570 Ultra mobo.
    Latest Bios, pcie set to gen1. Driver: UNi-Xonar-STXII-11.5-v1.80b-r3

    1) 24bit checkbox in ASIO settings seems to be not working. No sound in apps when selected.
    2) Only one application can output sound. For eg: If i use music tracker no sound in audio/video player. Exclusive audio mode is turned off in windows settings.

    Are these situations normal?
    Please advice!


  11. sebir31 Jul 2021 @ 16:02

    Hello, I have a problem with my Xonar D2X. I have win10 21h1 when installing the UNi-Xonar-W10-1825-v1.81a-r2 driver, it resets my computer and the sound does not work after booting. I am asking for help in this matter. Sorry for my English 🙂


  12. Avenger16 Aug 2021 @ 21:03


    Is there a change log for all the downloads available somewhere?

    I'm running a Windows 7 machine with a DX and I'm interesting in installing this driver but I have no interest in a version that has nothing but updates for windows 8/10 since it's irrelevant in my case.

    Thank you.


    • CarvedInside18 Aug 2021 @ 06:12

      Check the "Release notes" section on this very page. "Release notes 1.80" and below are for drivers for Windows 7.


      • Avenger18 Aug 2021 @ 07:22

        Thanks for the reply.

        One last question, are these drivers signed?

        I've had multiple problems in the past where signed drivers won't properly install and are marked with yellow in Device Manager.

        I know you can get around this utilizing "test mode" but then your stuck with that ugly watermark on your desktop.



        • CarvedInside18 Aug 2021 @ 08:04

          Yes, they are signed. It's in the download table if a driver version requires "Test Mode or disabling Driver Signature Verification". The ones ending with "a" or no letter at all are signed for the Xonar DX cards.


  13. Brian19 Aug 2021 @ 07:03

    Are you aware of a driver like this that fixes cards with the CMI8828? I have an HT Omega Fenix, it has frequent audio glitches that I don't get on any other audio device including Realtek and USB dacs. I've tried lots of troubleshooting.


    • Brian19 Aug 2021 @ 10:49

      Ok it looks like Windows 10's generic driver has it covered. Just uninstall your HT OMEGA driver in device manager and then functionality should still work under the generic driver, with no audio glitching. I will report later if I hear it again!


    • CarvedInside20 Aug 2021 @ 13:26

      I am not aware of such drivers and I don't have any plans on making modded drivers for CMI8828 audio cards.


  14. De-M-oN30 Aug 2021 @ 03:15

    Without GX Button I cant use EAX. It's not good that the button is removed 🙁
    Without GX I also have unsolvable sound issues with NFS 2 SE. Only GX Button fixes it.


    • De-M-oN15 Sep 2021 @ 01:59

      [comment moved by admin from unrelated comment thread]
      I miss the GX Button.
      If I would have installed the driver with GX checkmarked:
      Is then GX permanently on or can I switch it on/off? Or is it entirely not possible anymore to have it with the 1825 driver?

      GX isnt the best EAX Emulation, I agree, but its still better than having no EAX Emulation at all.
      Also I need the GX Button badly for NFS 2 SE, because without GX Button it's sound is totally distorted.
      I had never BSODs with the GX Button btw.

      Soundcard is HDAV 1.3


      • CarvedInside16 Sep 2021 @ 02:53

        Open C-media Panel (from Start->All Programs->UNi Xonar) and press Xear3D button if you have it. Xear3D button does the same as GX button.
        Installing the UNi Xonar drivers with "C-Media Panel with GX enabled" has GX (Xear3D) enabled by default, the GX button will still be missing from ASUS Audio Center.
        Don't know if any of these will actually work, GX might be fully disabled in 1825 audio drivers.

        You have the option to install any of the other drivers, audio drivers ver 1825 that are included in UNi Xonar v1.81 are nothing special.


  15. P_E_T_Z_I09 Sep 2021 @ 15:06

    the only thing im missing is low gain mode for asus xonar essence stx ii
    all other 3 gain modes are there. I feel like sound was more detailed that way when i pushed my headphone dac higher afterwards.



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