1. XonarD2X11Owner02 Feb 2022 @ 02:48

    Have been trying to get D2X running on Windows 11. Asus official, 1.81,1.80 and 1.75 drivers all install fine, but I get no sound from the card.


    • CarvedInside02 Feb 2022 @ 22:58

      Analog or digital(S/PDIF) output?


      • XonarD2X11Owner03 Feb 2022 @ 03:27

        Thank you for the quick reply.
        Analog outputs, I don't have any devices that plug into the S/PDIF outputs.
        The Low DPC option with UNI causes a BSOD unless I install in Safe Mode. No BSOD if I install in Safe Mode, but then I still run into the same issue with no sound.
        I'm wondering if it's a driver incompatibility with the new Intel processors/Z690 chipset. Had no issues with even official Asus drivers on Windows 10 with my old X79 board, but I'm running into identical issues with the new hardware regardless if I try Win 10 or 11.


        • CarvedInside04 Feb 2022 @ 00:13

          Which specific motherboard do you have now?

          Try updating the motherboard to the lastest BIOS. Try with "VT-d" option disabled in BIOS.


          • XonarD2X11Owner04 Feb 2022 @ 05:22

            Oh goodness, that fixed it!
            Is there any way to add compatibility for the virtualization option? Or is it just a setting I have to change in Windows?
            I do use virtual machines on my system and so appreciate the extra performance it grants.


            • CarvedInside04 Feb 2022 @ 06:45

              Which specific motherboard do you have now?

              I assume that thing that fixed it was disabling VT-d, you should have expressly said that and if you've tried or not to update BIOS.

              Disabling VT-d is a workaround fix. It tells us that the problem is from a issue with VT-d implementation on your motherboard. Update the motherboard to latest available BIOS. If it is not fixed, contact your motherboard support as this issue should and can be fixed with a BIOS update.

              I would appreciate a donation from you as a token of gratitude for my help and work. Please mention the nickname you used here in the donation notes.


              • XonarD2X11Owner04 Feb 2022 @ 07:02

                Yes sorry, I just got excited that it started working. It was killing me to even consider not keeping the card, it's seen me through a lot of systems and upgrades and it felt like losing an old friend.
                I'm using an ASUS Z690 Maximus Hero. I do have the latest BIOS update available from them, but the issue persists.

                ASUS has released a statement that they will be releasing driver updates for their current in-production cards at the end of February 2022. Perhaps they will release another BIOS update by then or during the audio driver rollout that will fix the issue.


                • CarvedInside05 Feb 2022 @ 00:33

                  A clarification regarding potential new Xonar drivers from ASUS, I believe you refer to this FAQ entry, in which they actually state that there will not be any new drivers for the "classic" Xonar line.

                  They will not fix the motherboard VT-d issue unless there is someone that brings it to them.


                  • XonarD2X11Owner06 Feb 2022 @ 01:07

                    Yeah that is the FAQ entry I was referring to.
                    I have brought the issue to the attention of their support team. Hopefully they can fix their BIOS in the future with an update.


                    • XonarD2X11Owner15 Feb 2022 @ 07:43

                      Asus support has indicated they will not fix the issue with the VT-d option in the BIOS as according to them newer cards support the virtualization feature (despite older motherboards from them working just fine with the older cards and virtualization turned on).

                      Not the news I was hoping to get from them, but at least we can still use the older cards.

    • Diego28 Apr 2022 @ 02:51

      For the noise sound, try disabling all Microphone configuration, I think that is the problem.

      Admin notice: Text all caps corrected. Please don't write in all caps.


      • CarvedInside28 Apr 2022 @ 05:42

        Please don't write in all caps.

        Don't think your proposed solution applies to XonarD2X11Owner issue which is caused by a issue with motherboard's VT-d implementation.


  2. RunRunBangBang21 Feb 2022 @ 17:07

    I'm having a problem with a speaker getting static noise when on Windows 11. Started a few days ago, I think after a patch installed. If I get to the BIOS, no noise in produced, when I get to Windows and the drivers load, I get a lot of static noise.
    I'm using Windows 11 with a Ryzen 3600 and a x570 motherboard with a ASUS DGX soundcard.


    • CarvedInside22 Feb 2022 @ 17:00

      First check if you have the same issue with the onboard audio enabled as default output.
      Then switch back to the Xonar card and try uninstalling last installed updates following the guide here. Uninstall the updates one at a time, followed with a restart and a test to see if the issue is fixed. Note the name of each uninstalled update in order to know which one is causing this issue.

      Report back with you findings. Mention your full motherboard name and the UNi Xonar driver version that you've tried.


      • RunRunBangBang25 Feb 2022 @ 12:43

        I tried with the onboard audio, no problems found. Plugged the speakers to my phone, no problems. Tried different drivers, problem still remains.
        ChriscomIT said it could be a Windows bug, I think it started after a Windows update.


        • Diego28 Apr 2022 @ 02:52

          The solution is to disable Microphone.

          Admin notice: Text all caps corrected. Please don't write in all caps.


          • CarvedInside28 Apr 2022 @ 19:06

            Did you had a similar problem and disabling Microphone worked for you? Did you disable microphone in Windows Sound or in ASUS/C-media audio panel? Which Windows version do you have? Which sound card do you have?

            Edit1: Added one other question.


          • RunRunBangBang28 Apr 2022 @ 21:31

            Already disabled everything related to the microphone, even in the privacy menu. Noise still happens. Can you share more info where to find your solutiion?


    • ChriscomIT24 Feb 2022 @ 22:10

      Are you using Windows Insider Dev Preview? If so I know why its happening because there is a bug with microphone monitoring gets enabled with every boot.


      • RunRunBangBang25 Feb 2022 @ 12:44

        I opted out when the final version released. O disabled all the monitoring and inputs on Windows, it still remains.


  3. KO85325 Feb 2022 @ 09:40

    I have used Unixonar for STX II for many years and really highly appreciate your work.
    Recently, I try some Linux music players such as Daphile, euphony, Volumio... and found some interesting difference compare with Win driver as following:

    1) I mainly use analog output, Linux can turn off SPDIF completely (the SPDIF red light turn off) but Win cannot (the red light still on) although I disable it everywhere. Turn off SPDIF completely makes SQ increased

    2) Linux control more functions of the soundcard give me more chances to explore the soundcard's potential. I can turn off the filter of SC and get the huge improvement

    Because I use STX II for music, movie, I have to stick with windows i/o linux for the convenience. So, I would like to know whether I can turn off SPDIF and filter completely same as linux or not?

    below is a sample of mixer setting of Daphile where I can turn off functions



    • CarvedInside02 Mar 2022 @ 19:48

      I have a way to disable the S/PDIF fully on Windows. Can't comment yet on whether this actually improves sound quality. If you are interested in that solution I ask a payment of at least $7 from you. After which I will also provide you my thoughts on the whole matter, what and if there is anything to be done to improve the Xonar's sound quality on Windows. If you agree, mention in the payment notes "From KO853
      for S/PDIF disable tweak". If you've previously donated then send me a e-mail from the e-mail address associated with the donation and mention your nickname from here.


      • KO85307 Mar 2022 @ 11:06

        I tried to donate few times by Pay pal but not successful. It said I cannot donate to your country. Any advice?


        • CarvedInside08 Mar 2022 @ 04:27

          I see. It seems for some countries the PayPal donation function does not work. If you have a PayPal account, make a manual payment through paypal.com->Send and Request->enter the same address that's associated with the donation link (unixonar-...).


  4. daniel dinca27 Feb 2022 @ 13:40

    hello, i have a error on asus xonar dx on win 11 on this motherboard z490ud afther i update the last bios!

    After update the last bios in moterboard, i have this error befor get in windows with this error DRIVER_VERFIER_DMA_VIOLATION
    if i put the original driver from asus, like in half on install driver, windows crash with this error DRIVER_VERFIER_DMA_VIOLATION have some seconds then restart!
    please help me what i can do, on the last bios they said i cant put previous bios, i try with different bios but when i make update to motherboard says invalid bios!!! please help, how can restore the previous bios? or newer driver for xonar dx


    • CarvedInside02 Mar 2022 @ 19:30

      As a workaround fix, go into BIOS and search for "VT-d" option, which is usually in CPU features, and set it to disabled. For a proper fix, contact Gigabyte support and let them know of the issue.

      It's increasingly difficult to spend even more of my time helping others for absolutely free, so if you have any appreciation for my work and time please make a donation.


  5. Blaze5310 Mar 2022 @ 16:50

    I can't see my DGX in the ASIO control panel that this replaced. I'm using 1.80R3.


  6. CursedSoundCard19 Mar 2022 @ 21:29

    Has anyone got any tips for how to get a Claro Halo or any other HT Omega card working on Windows 10? I've tried almost everything without success. I am using it through a PCIE to PCI adapter but I doubt that's the issue with it. Thanks for any replies


  7. Freankh01 Apr 2022 @ 19:18

    Hi. Don't know where to put this. I need to use the Front Panel Switch, but after fresh install of the Windows 11 it don't get it do show up. I start .exe Essence STX "clicks", but it does not show up in the task, so I can open and configure it. On the first try it worked, but since then, not anymore.


    • Freankh01 Apr 2022 @ 21:54

      Moved by admin from Front Panel Switch page.

      I need to be able, to save a speaker postion profile, so I can choose from them later on. Maybe I am wrong, and name of the program was different.


    • CarvedInside02 Apr 2022 @ 08:19

      Judging by your other comment I think what you are actually looking for is XonarSwitch. You should have spent some time reading what Front Panel Switch does before posting that it does not work and spare me effort of figuring what the issue could be.


  8. Freankh03 Apr 2022 @ 15:10

    Oh... I made it run. Sorry for the trouble. On last question: I now several times shoot my STX installation by trying to install several of this modded drivers. Is this known, that they don´t work anymore propably with 11? I see, they are even marked to work with 11, but my installations fail, and lead to driver disappear. Are they really worth it, above the original driver? In all the years, I could never tell a differences, it was more a believe. Sad, that Asus does not go further. Or is there anything I missed? (or is there any hardware, worth the prize to upgrade from a Xonar Essence STX?)


  9. PWH04 Apr 2022 @ 07:21

    Having weird audio issue with my Shure 1540 headphones.
    Have to set audio volume to around 4% (-48.3DB) otherwise everything is excruciatingly loud.

    Impedance is at normal gain so that ain't the issue, no post-processing or such that I can see. Device is marked as 'Read Headphones'

    Windows 10 on Asus Essence STX II using low-latency install of "UNi Xonar STXII 11.5 v1.80b r3"
    With latest XonarSwitch to adjust settings.


    • PWH09 Apr 2022 @ 21:37

      Additional issue -

      I'm getting a decent static hum now when using my headphones, they're plugged into the back panel headphone-out.

      Have no idea what changed. Switching from rear-headphone to rear-speakers removes the static so I'm not just hearing things 🙂

      When setting volume to 100 and hearing the windows pinging sound, the hum increases in intensity shortly after the sound then goes back to its usual level.


      • PWH10 Apr 2022 @ 03:06

        After a bunch of testing/research I've isolated the white noise hum to the headphone amp/out that STXII has, especially noticeable at 44.1K frequencies. Guess I just haven't been noticing it lately heh.

        Switching to line-out (RCA outputs) and using adapters into my Headphones actually carries enough to power without necessitating an exterior DAC. (Rear Speaker setting)

        The strangest thing is that line-out is powering them so well that I still need to set the audio volume to -47DB.
        As side note, I've switched to using 'Playback' in Mixer rather than windows volume setting to adjust volume atm. Windows is now at 100%


      • Ford10 Apr 2022 @ 13:47

        Hello. Try to plug out absolutely everything so only the hard drive and video card and sound card are plugged in. Place the sound card furthest away from other cards so that the sound card does not sit next to another card.
        Make sure there are not many power cables around the sound card. If you still have hum, you can plug it into another computer if you have the opportunity. If you still have hum then the sound card is damaged.

        Is your COMPUTER connect to main house GND. ?


    • Ford10 Apr 2022 @ 14:16

      shure earphones you have have a resistance of 46 Ohm. which is a lot for sound cards and phones and mp3 players. 0 ohm is short circuit.
      This may be your problem

      250ohm are extremely easy to drive and actually work pretty well on a smartphone.
      46-80ohm do not even work on most not-as-powerful amplifiers.

      Ig we look at ohm law then you get more watts out of a battery at 4 ohms than what you do at 100 ohms. same with an amplifier. But you must have a battery or amplifier that can deliver the ones you are trying to take out, or you will have problems!


  10. Ford07 Apr 2022 @ 20:30

    Hello. I have used this driver on both Windows 10 and 11 without any issues. Digital output and analog output work very well. I have Asus Sabertooth 990fx, AMD FX-8350, Asus Xonar HDAV 1.3 Deluxe.

    Has a new driver been created in 2022 for Asus Xonar HDAV 1.3 deluxe for Windows 11 with C-media panel? Or only an improved driver? What is the latest driver?

    Admin notice: Comment corrected and moved by admin from unrelated discussion thread.


    • Ford18 Apr 2022 @ 14:18

      What I find frustrating is that no one answers me when I answer someone or post a question!

      Can you tell me why?


    • CarvedInside18 Apr 2022 @ 23:53

      I didn't answer because I had other problems and to respond to your comment I need to address other issues as well.

      First to address other issues. Please don't intervene in other discussion threads with other unrelated questions. Next time you have something to ask that's unrelated to the discussion, write a new comment instead.
      Take a bit of time to make your comments easily readable. Make the first letter of a new sentence uppercased, write the product names how they are originally written or at least capitalize their first letter.

      Now to your questions. There is no new UNi Xonar driver other than what it is publically listed. The latest driver is v1.81a.
      If you would have asked me if there will be a new UNi Xonar driver, then the answer is maybe. I want to update all the current UNi Xonar driver packages address some issues and make some improvements, but there won't be a driver package that has new audio drivers (1822, STXII 11.5, 1825, etc.) because C-Media stopped making any new audio drivers that are applicable to the classic Xonar cards line.


      • Ford19 Apr 2022 @ 00:46

        I'm pretty new here and have not figured out how to post my own question if it is possible?

        Do not get so annoyed!

        Thank you for the answer.


  11. 😎Cool Joe18 Apr 2022 @ 07:04

    Anyone know if there is a setting to keep the window with the volume knob always on top? I cant recall if this setting exists for this program.
    thanks for reading my silly question


    • Ford18 Apr 2022 @ 14:10

      How to Restore the Classic Volume Mixer in Windows 11


      what I find frustrating is that no one answers me when I answer someone or post a question


    • Ford18 Apr 2022 @ 14:14

      Did not quite understand what you mean by the volume at the top?


      • 😎Cool Joe18 Apr 2022 @ 16:14

        Apologies. I meant how do I keep the window "always on top." Its a common setting for some programs in Windows. If I were to click on another application I do not want the other application to be displayed over the driver application.

        I realize I may be misremembering if the drivers have such a setting but I wanted to ask


        • Ford18 Apr 2022 @ 18:14

          I will try later today in windows 11 and then post a comment to you if I did not forget it.

          I also have a win 10 pc. What do you have ?


        • Ford18 Apr 2022 @ 21:52

          Getting a window on top of everyone else is not that easy. windows 10 and 11 have no function for this. It's easy to get the taskbar to be at the top but not a program window. there is a program but then you need to create a shortcut with this program to add some boot commands. Not easy. This applies to windows 10 and 11


  12. MadManMoon22 Apr 2022 @ 14:01

    Hi, purely asking on a whim, here, as I realise that you don't have to answer anything here, it's a privilege if you do. I'm not feeling entitled to a, nor expecting any, response, here.

    Do you know if these latest HDAV drivers (I have a 1.3 Slim, somewhere, I think) allow for:
    1. Dolby Atmos?
    2. Non-passthrough (ie. Audio only, with the GPU sending graphics elsewhere)?

    Amazing work, you are a credit to computers everywhere.

    OH! A secondary query, even less important than the first ... do you know if anyone has adapted these to linux (debian pref) as my heart would be a flutter with an HDAV and a 2.1 GPU as a media centre.


    • Ford24 Apr 2022 @ 00:58

      If you have SLIM you have 2 hdmi and 1 digital output.
      I do not know if the card can send out atmos but maybe.

      I do not know. I have Asus xonar hdav 1.3 deluxe.

      in the c-media control panel I can select max (7.1) 4 rear speakers and 3 front plus bass.

      Maybe you can use a playback program like
      Total Media Theater by Arcsoft. and try.

      These sound cards came on the market before Dolby Atmos came out I think.


  13. Freankh26 Apr 2022 @ 03:43

    Hi. I would like to ask: Is it possible to use Dolby Atmos with the Xonar Essence STX II (Windows 11)? For me, I did not manage. In Windows Sound setting, I can choose Dolby Atmos for headphones only when I would choose S/PDIF Pass-through device instead of Speaker (Xonar). But, I never got any sound out of this. I am using the digital SPDIF out on a 5.1 receiver, and for headphones I use the analog out, of course. Maybe that´s the point? It´s to complicated for me.

    Thank you


    • Ford27 Apr 2022 @ 03:03

      Not always it is easy. The sound card is 7.1. Do not think it has any direct support for atmos. possible you can get atmos to work with a program as long as they are not atmos with more than 7.1 channel.

      7.1 are almost the same as dolby 5.1 but with 2 extra side channels.

      Not easy and configure and set. First you need to have a program that can play the atmos.


    • Ford27 Apr 2022 @ 03:11

      if you want to try it then you have to set the sound card to 7.1 in the sound card control panel. if you can get video with atmos sound test where it tests all channels then it would be of great help


  14. Ford28 Apr 2022 @ 13:45

    Hello again. A stupid question. Why does Asus xonar uni driver use ASIO? Can not remember asus xonar used it with original win 7 drivers.


    • CarvedInside28 Apr 2022 @ 19:22

      The Xonar driver does not use ASIO as a foundation for it to work, it has ASIO as an optional audio output protocol. ASIO was there in the original Win 7 drivers. You can read what it ASIO is on the web, but since you are asking about it, you probably don't have a need to use it.

      I'm asking again that you write the product names how they are originally written or with the first letter uppercased so that your comments are more readable and key elements are easily identifiable. Write "Xonar" not "xonar", "Win 7" not "win 7", "Atmos" not "atmos".


  15. Ford28 Apr 2022 @ 13:48

    Please don't write in all caps ?


    • CarvedInside28 Apr 2022 @ 19:29

      It's short for all capital letters, as in "THIS IS TEXT IN ALL CAPS". A simple web search would have explained it. And since this "question" is in context with what I wrote in another comment, you should have asked this as a reply to that comment.



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