1. C.K14 Aug 2022 @ 11:19

    I was hoping to see if maybe someone has attempted to use these drivers on Linux Mint/Ubuntu. I'm getting ready to ditch Windows, but I need to know if the software for my STX card will function on Linux. Can anyone their experiences please? Thanks so much in advance.

    - C.K


  2. Mad Mackey17 Aug 2022 @ 19:46

    Is there a download for the Xonar DX Audio Center anymore?


    • CarvedInside17 Aug 2022 @ 22:55

      Downloads for the drivers are working fine. Tell me what exactly are you trying to download and also include it's link.


  3. Chris25 Aug 2022 @ 14:55

    I have an issue with getting the card to run on a Gigabyte P55A-UD4 motherboard and Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-bit. The audio comes from one of the two speakers/headset speakers, is extremely distorted, and can hear other background/static noises. I tried the sound card on my brother's modern PC that has an MSI motherboard and Windows 10 Pro 20H2, and it worked flawlessly there. What can I do to fix this issue?


  4. jamesbond05 Sep 2022 @ 04:58

    How does it work with eCLARO PCIe Card? Will I have all the options for the Xear3D sound? what's the difference between the eCLARO website drivers? 8.18.25 claro106w10.zip


  5. BluHole25 Sep 2022 @ 16:13

    Hello CarvedInside,

    Just wanted to say a quick thank you for all your work over the years, been using my DGX for 8 years now with your software, and never had any problems (in 2019 I posted that I had BSOD's that show cmudaxp.sys had failed, but that was related to my CPU overclock and it was a quick fix, not related to your software), it's probably one of the most stable and free of problems software I've ever used, and I'm very happy that I can have a very good audio quality thanks to your software and hard work, even a decade later, and I'm very confident that I will be using my card for even more years to come!

    Thank you again friend 🙂


    • Ford26 Sep 2022 @ 14:13

      Same here. Without UNIX. driver(asus xonar hdav 1.3) or (xonar dx) had not worked in win 11. For me, the driver is stable without a single error.

      But remember that he did not make the actual SOUND CHIP IC. driver or the sound control panel but put everything together and got everything to work in newer windows.

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    • CarvedInside04 Oct 2022 @ 21:20

      Glad to hear that. Hopefully you continue to enjoy the card till your in a position to buy something much better. The donation is much appreciated.


  6. JMD2204 Oct 2022 @ 10:30

    I have been using 180a r3 for years without problems. I decided during my recent windows reinstall to try the 181a r2. My Windows version is Win 10 21h2. I always install the low dpc option.

    The problem i run into is the following.

    I tried the "Disable SpeakerCompensation tweak" and using the reset card executable resulted in a BSOD.

    I know its not a huge issue neither a dealbreaker but i thought you should know.


    • CarvedInside04 Oct 2022 @ 21:10

      Thanks for the heads up. It's a documented issue with v1.81a drivers.
      Update: Now that I thought more about it, I think I have a workaround fix that I could apply SpeakerCompensation files.


  7. Ford21 Oct 2022 @ 01:28

    Hello. Will only mention an experience with UNI driver.

    After a new clean Windows 11 installation, I then installed an Asus Xonar DX sound card. I downloaded the UNI Xonar driver and found it to be unstable with the card.
    Suddenly the sound was much louder on one channel and brighter on one channel. Didn't help no matter what I adjusted. All balance adjustment was correctly adjusted. I first suspected the sound card, but after testing it turned out to be the UNI driver.
    I uninstalled it and downloaded Asus own Win 10 drivers which work flawlessly in Windows 11.

    I have had little problems with UNI driver and Asus Xonar HDAV 1.3.

    Admin notice: Corrected comment by capitalizing the first letter of names and first letter of new sentences.


    • CarvedInside21 Oct 2022 @ 19:31

      I don't think it was a specific issue with UNi Xonar drivers. I am aware of such occurrences caused by the hardware side sometimes when the Xonar card is initialized, with the fix being a OS restart or Xonar driver restart.

      If the issue persisted through OS restarts then that's another problem and I would need from you to provide the UNi Xonar driver version installed, the current ASUS Xonar driver version that's installed and working fine, complete Windows 11 version number.

      I ask again that you make your comments more readable by at least capitalizing the first letter of names and the first letter in new sentences.


      • Ford22 Oct 2022 @ 02:16

        Thank you for answering me.

        After I had problems I uninstalled UNI. driver and installed the Asus win10 driver which so far works well.

        I use windows 11 professional n (22H2)

        Asus own Win10 driver. version 2015/11/04

        UNI Win11 driver: 1825 / 22-Jun-2016 UNi-Xonar-W10-1825-v1.81a-r2.exe


  8. jackavenger21 Oct 2022 @ 02:41

    Hi guys. I there a way to get working analog and toslink ouputs simultaneously on card Asus Xonar D1 ?


    • Ford22 Oct 2022 @ 16:03

      Hello. Try pressing this button in the C-media control panel
      (Output Mode) (S-PDIF OUTPUT) or equivalent in ASUS xonar control panel, sound mixer.


  9. Adette07 Nov 2022 @ 07:53

    Hello, I hope there still active admin and member here that able to help me.

    I have ASUS Xonar Essence STX, I been using UniDriver since Windows 8.1. No really issues. I was forced to go Windows 10 due to some program and game will run only on Windows 10, otherwise, I would not go 10 at all.

    Now the problem start to rise In Windows 10. Sometimes, windows explorer.exe will crashes. Mouse stopped responding (can't move) but Keyboard still can navigate through the menu. I must restart the PC to work normal again. I have no idea what happens because I didn't change any hardware. Just go from Windows 8.1 to WIndows 10. Of course, I clean install everything.

    Then, I kind of want to re-install the whole windows again. This time I go Windows 11. Clean install everything. Still the same thing happens. Explorer.exe will crashes. Keyboard will still able to navigate to menu to restart.

    I start to sweep through piece by piece, what exactly cause this. Mouse? no. Keyboard? no. Monitor? no. Graphic card? no. CPU??? no. Ram? no. HDD SDD? no. Mainboard? maybe but I don't have spare. Maybe USB or some port faulty? no, I pulled every ports and leave it on. Still the same.

    And this, Audio card?????? I just errrrrrr can't be.... Asus Xonar Essence STX cause this...????

    >>> Uninstall the Uni-Driver Xonar = Oh no crashes, I leave it run for 2 days. No crash! what!? really!?
    >>>>> Okay, install Uni-Driver 1825 (note: I try 1821 1823 before, its crashes in WIndows 10 but not windows 8.1).

    Crash! after 3-4 hours running. I don't know what to do now. Please tell me what to do. I may did something wrong. Its work in Window8.1 perfectly. Problems start in Windows 10. Now fresh clean install Windows 11 and still crash. Must be Uni-Driver problem for me.


    • Ford08 Nov 2022 @ 15:25

      Hello. Strange problem you have. I have been using win 11 approx. 1 year now without problems. On a AMD FX8350 computer. I have used asus xonar hdav 1.3 deluxe with the same driver file you use without any kind of win11 instability.

      I suddenly got a louder sound on one sound channel and tried the asus win 10 driver, which surprisingly worked without any problems.

      There is a win 10 driver for that
      Asus Xonar Essence STX. if I'm not mistaken. look for it and download it and try. first uninstall the UNI driver and software and report back.

      Did you remember to plug in power to the sound card?


      • Adette08 Nov 2022 @ 16:15

        Thanks for input!

        I am sure power plugged in. I may want to get a look at it again. But its plugged in. Testing with audio, its give out the sound fine.

        One thing I am pretty sure. If I leave it "uninstalled", no driver. Windows will never crash. I tested it by keep it running for 2 days.

        If I install driver. It will crash after 6-12hours of leaving it running. Very strange indeed. I can't enjoy the music/movie without Asus Xonar!

        Asus official Win 10 driver, still crash. *Sigh* something must be wrong with my Asus Xonar Essence STX card. I will re-seat it and check the power cable for last time before I conclude everything.


        • Ford08 Nov 2022 @ 16:53

          Have you been in the BIOS and turned off the sound card you have on the motherboard?

          I got Asus xonar hdav 1.3 deluxe and Asus Xonar DX to work flawlessly in win11 pro n.

          could you tell me which motherboard and processor you use and which memory?

          There could be so many things causing this problem. Have you tried it on another computer?


          • Adette09 Nov 2022 @ 00:26

            Finding the problem is very lengthy process. I need to make sure everything else is not the cause. It take 1-2days to make sure, piece by piece.

            My motherboard is pretty old, ASUS P8z68 V pro with Intel i7 3770. BIOS update for P8Z68 is no longer updating so I stick with the latest available. My RAM is G.Skill 1600mhz 16GB. I tried swap RAM, its not really the cause.

            90% pretty sure its my ASUS Xonar Essence STX problem with Windows 11 but other user report not problem with WIndows 11, like you.

            If I leave it "uninstalled" No crash at all. This time I uninstalled and test it again for another 1-2 days keep it running. To be confirm again its driver or actual card. My guts tell me its driver or setting that mess up.

            My setting though: I leave most option default. I turn on "HiFi" "SVN" "Headphone" "High gain Ohm" "PCM". The rest no touches.

            I never have problems with Windows 8.1. Until I forced to go Windows 10, its randomly explorer.exe crashing. Explorer.exe crashing = Clock start to stopped working, Mouse stopped moving BUT Program running still running, Windows is not stopped yet but if I leave it far too long after Clock and Mouse stopped working, its will be COMPLETELY CRASHED. Keyboard still able to navigate the windows menu so I press the menu for shut down and restart.

            Driver that I tried so far: Uni 1.75 1.80a 1.81a, Asus Win 10. NO luck so far. Will try 1.71.1 as recommend in the FAQ.

            I will report back again in next 2-3 days because of lengthy test runs. Thanks in advanced!


            • Ford09 Nov 2022 @ 15:04

              Okay. Thanks.

              Strange problem you have. If they worked before in win7 and 8, it sounds to me like there are driver problems.

              On my AMD FX8350 PC, 2 memory chip slots suddenly stopped working. After testing with another CPU. then they turned out to be my CPU.
              Sudden errors on the hardware can occur.

              After a bit of Googling on the internet, it seems that both the motherboard and processor you have are of fairly good quality. Your processor has a slightly better performance than my AMD FX8350. Both came out in 2011

              Have you tried changing the card slot and putting the sound card in a different plug on the motherboard?

              Have you tried the sound card in another computer?

              If you only use stereo sound from your PC. Then you get many good DAC boxes!

              Which model to factory PSU. do you use?

              Admin notice: Comment was originally written in norwegian. Replaced it with google translated version.


              • Adette11 Nov 2022 @ 11:11

                100% sure its my audio card problem with something something setting and UniDriver version.

                Now, I disabled ASUS P8Z68V Pro On-board audio.

                1. Uninstalled driver ASUS Xonar Essence STX on Windows 11 = no crash 100%
                2. Try install ASUS Win 10 driver = No crash so far (Only 1 day test run). This is weird, before I disable on-board audio. Its crash in 4-6 hours. After disabled, no crash so far. Good.

                I want to try UniDriver install again.

                1. UniDriver 1825 UNi-Xonar-W10-1825-v1.81a-r2 = CRASH after 2 hours. Bad sign. So I pick another version.
                2. UniDriver 1821 UNi_Xonar_1821_v1.71.1 = No crash yet. Need more time testing.

                Conclusion: Something wrong with setting. But 1.71.1 seem to stable (FOR NOW).


                • Ford11 Nov 2022 @ 13:47

                  nice if you have figured it out. time will tell. message me in a few days how it goes. I'm curious


                  • Adette15 Nov 2022 @ 02:28

                    This probably last and conclusion.

                    FOR TL:DR please go to the bottom.
                    I been messing with my system for 20 days since fresh clean install Windows 11.

                    Windows 8.1 never have problem like this. Problem started in Windows 10 (kinda not want to but I have to). Decided to go Windows 11 for fresh new install. Problem still persist. Furious.

                    I got unknown phenomenal explorer.exe stopped working. Both Windows 10 and 11.
                    >>>> Time clock at the right-bottom will stopped ticking.
                    >>>> Mouse will soon be stopped responding.
                    >>>> Keyboard still respond and navigate the menu. However, if leave it 5-10 mins after above mentioned. Keyboard also will stopped responding too.

                    Take very long time to pinpoint what is the cause of this. And still have no clue. Until I do clean re-install Windows 11 again. Start to check piece by piece as I mentioned above and previous posts.

                    Audio driver installed will crashed my system. I just don't know why. I thought I got faulty USB ports. Or PCI-e faulty. Or CPU or bla bla bla a long list.

                    I try varies Uni-driver range from 1821 to 1825 variants. And official Asus Win 10. Not work (at first, detail later). Disabled On-board, nope still crash. Disabled Nvidia audio, still crash. Try move to other PCIe slot, crash persistent. Been do that and this.

                    Ok, before this way too long post. I think I found the solution.

                    TL:DR I think I get it to not crash now. I install mainboard chipset driver. (I never install it and still do fine lol) and crash seems to disappear.

                    Not 100% sure yet but its been almost 2 days now. I should happy now.

                    I use UNi Xonar W10 1825 v1.81a r2 which I thought its problem for crashing. But its probably my error user that not install MB chipset driver.

                    Uni driver maybe not the cause of problems.

                    I know its funny and stupid so far but I hope my comments will solve other like me. Install your old MB chipset if you never install it before.


                    • Ford15 Nov 2022 @ 03:27

                      Thanks for the update.
                      Nice if the chipset driver for your motherboard has solved the problem.

  10. RealNC29 Nov 2022 @ 23:34

    Just want to report that I haven't used my Xonar D1 in ages after I upgraded my PC. It doesn't have a PCI slot. But a week ago, I decided to order a cheap, no-name 7€ PCI-PCIe adapter (it uses an ASMedia PCI bridge.)

    I installed it and it works fine with the UniXonar drivers. XonarSwitch also worked out of the box without having to do anything (Windows 10 20H2.)


    • CarvedInside30 Nov 2022 @ 07:47

      Thanks for sharing this with us. Good to know.

      I think your adapter also uses the "ASMedia 1083 PCI bridge" aka ASM1083. If you can see if this is the case in the adapter specs or it might appear in Device Manager, possible when you sort devices by View->"Devices by connection" then open "ACPI x64-based PC"->Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System->Pci Bus-> see the device that's between one of the PCI Express ports and the ASUS Xonar D1. If the name is generic, then send me it's hardware Id (Proprieties->Details tab->select "Hardware Ids" from the propriety menu).
      This is not a big deal, but I would update the FAQ entry so that others may know what to look for.

      LE: Please also mention what motherboard do you currently have.


      • RealNC30 Nov 2022 @ 15:59

        I took a photo that shows the chip with its label as "ASM1083":


        As you can see in the photo, using the D1 with this adapter isn't without its issues. After removing the D1's mounting bracket (it can be unscrewed), it doesn't fit correctly. The S/PDIF out port is blocked by the adapter's mounting bracket. The D1 just hangs there, wobbling.

        It still works though. You need to be careful when plugging in the speakers. The whole thing feels like a string and duct tape affair 😛 The adapter itself claimed it supports low-profile PCI cards, and the D1 is a low-profile card, but it clearly doesn't fit correctly.

        My motherboard is an MSI B550-A Pro, running a Ryzen 3700X.

        The sound card works fine both in Windows 10 as well as in Linux (I dual boot.)


        • Ford30 Nov 2022 @ 16:44


          I think this is the same sound card that I use in win11. Works well for me.

          Can you put the mounting bracket on the sound card upside down?
          If you can, you can buy an extension cable between the adapter card and the sound card and put the sound card in another free space/slot in the computer box.

          just a suggestion


          • RealNC30 Nov 2022 @ 17:57

            Unfortunately not possible. Well it is possible, but it would block my GPU fans and raise temps.

            I'll stick with my current solution for now but be on the lookout for a Xonar DX (the PCIe version of the D1). Maybe I can find a used one for very cheap.


        • CarvedInside01 Dec 2022 @ 03:16

          Great info.

          I think you can use 2 zip ties over the card and the adapter card so to prevent them from separating. And maybe the same thing if you can't screw the bracket to the case.

          I see a power cable there on the adapter, did you also connect it to the power supply cables?


          • RealNC01 Dec 2022 @ 03:52

            Yeah, it's a molex plug. Apparently, 4x PCIe slots provide less power than PCI slots, so external power is needed.


  11. ReaperHD06 Dec 2022 @ 16:39

    Anyone knows how to make the Equalizer APO (and Peace) works with a Asus Xonar D2X?
    I tried everything and nothing worked
    I read that it's because of the lack of Audio Enhanced
    Anyone here has info about this ?
    Or users of Asus XONAR have to live without the possibility of using this piece of software? 🙁



    • Ford07 Dec 2022 @ 03:55

      Just an info.
      Realtek high definition audio's own equalizer is useless and not good! when you adjust a frequency, you hear that some of the other frequencies also react. If you adjust 3 frequencies at the same time, the sound will be strange. Have experienced the same with several computer software equalizers.

      These are the same realtek sound mixer panel that you can choose to use with uni xonar drivers if I'm not mistaken.
      This are realtek's own drivers for the gigabyte ga 970a ud3 motherboard I use.

      Admin notice: Comment moved by admin from "new comment" to a reply. Please use Reply button when replying to a comment.


      • CarvedInside07 Dec 2022 @ 05:08

        I moved your comment from a new comment to a reply. I think to ReaperHD you wanted to reply. Please use Reply button when replying to a comment.LE: The Reply button here on the website and not the one in your email notices.

        I don't know why you are talking Realtek's HD audio own equalizer. ReaperHD is talking about Equalizer APO.


    • CarvedInside07 Dec 2022 @ 05:23

      Last time I tried Equalizer APO it worked with the Xonar drivers and there are other members here who mentioned they use it with their Xonar cards.
      Is this the first time setting Equalizer APO? Look at this step by step of guide I made for a specific filter/task and also look at the official installation guide.
      If you know what your doing and it simply does not work. Try reinstalling Equalizer APO and try different versions of it. Try with the onboard audio see if what you are trying with Equalizer APO works there.
      It might be a problem maybe with the version of Windows that you have. Mention the complete Windows version you have.


  12. Old D213 Dec 2022 @ 10:01

    (I am not a native speaker, please bear with my English)
    I have a Xonar D2 on Win10 21H2
    I am using Uni Xonar 1.71 driver but it still cause BSOD sometimes. so I use the script trick to disable soundcard before sleep and restartcard.exe after system wake up. It seems to solve the problem. I don't see BSOD so far.

    But this cause a new problem. When I wake the system from sleep and re-enable the souncard. the XonarSwitch profile doesn't seems to work anymore.
    I have profiles for music and game. Music profile is 2ch and volume set to 100%. Game profile is 5.1ch and volume set to 25%
    After I wake the system up from sleep, sometimes the volume is very low even I use the XonarSwitch to set profile to music(100%), or very loud even I set it to game profile(25%). and use the restartcard.exe to reset the Xonar D2 doesn't work. I have to restart the Win10 to make it right again.

    Can someone help me with this?


    • CarvedInside13 Dec 2022 @ 10:55

      Do you use MT's script or your own?

      This seems to be an issue with XonarSwitch when you disable the card. In which case, the XonarSwitch page would be the appropriate page to post about this issue.
      1. When this issue happens, does manually adjusting the volume in XonarSwitch work?
      2. What about setting volume in ASUS or C-media panels?


      • Old D213 Dec 2022 @ 16:04

        Thank you for your reply.
        Yes, I basically just use the MT's script. just modify it to my D2 device id and hibernate. I usually just use restartcard.exe to reset the card when the system is back. no script.

        Oh I am sorry. Should I post it to XonarSwitch page again?
        But I need to clarify something. I have used 1.71 driver for a while time. It works quite ok. Sadly I got more and more blue screen lately, so I decide to follow the FAQ add the script before the hibernate. It does seems solve the problem. I got no BSOD so far. Before I used the script solution, if I wake the system successfully without any blue screen, the volume is fine. I could use XonarSwitch to set profiles without any problem.

        And to answer your questions:
        1. No, use the XonarSwith to manually change the master volume doesn't seems to help. I also checked the windows native volume control. it does show it's already 100 volume. but the sound is still low. like still in 25% setting.
        I also found it would happen more if I set the profile to game(5.1ch vol 25%) and disable the card/hibernate. Then I wake the system up and run restartcard.exe and use the XonardSwitch to active music profile(2ch vol 100%). The volume would still be low like 25%. But win10 would show that the system is now 2ch and 100% vol.
        If I set to music profile first and change to game after hibernate. It would go the opposite way, the vol would be too loud.
        I hope you understand what I said. 🙂

        2. I install the driver in low-latency mode. so I didn't use any Asus or C-media panels. Should I install them back?


        • CarvedInside14 Dec 2022 @ 15:36

          Let's leave the discussion here for now. We don't have enough information yet if the problem is caused by XonarSwitch or not.

          2. The ASUS and C-Media audio panels are available in Start->All Programs->"UNi Xonar Audio" even with "Low DPC Latency" install configuration.

          Also do the following:
          3. Restart the system, set the gaming profile(5.1ch, vol 25%) in XonarSwitch , exit XonarSwitch and do not start it again, do a standby routine (disable the card, standby, restartcard), then set the volume in Windows to 100%, if it works properly set it back to 25% and do another standby routine. Repeat the standby routine followed by changing volume a couple of times. Report back if it worked each time or not.


          • Old D214 Dec 2022 @ 17:52

            Yes, I think you are right. it's Xonarswitch.

            I did what you said and run the procedure couple times. If I don't use the Xonarswitch, the native Windows volume control is working properly. I could manually set the volume to 100 or 25. If I use the Xonarswitch to change profile, the volume problem occurs again. Actually, It's not about the hibernate. just disable the card and restartcard will cause the issue.

            I also use the tool SoundVolumeView and try to figure out what part went wrong. I manage to cap a screenshot here.


            The asian character in the beginning here is "Speaker." You can see the first line 'device' is set to 100% by Xonarswitch, but the second line 'subunit' is still 8.9% and Win volume also shows it's 100% you can't slide it up anymore. I also found that if I use the SoundVolumeView to manually set the 'subunit' line to 100%. Things will back to normal again. Xonarswitch can control the volume like it used to be. I don't know if this is a Xonarswitch bug or not. But I could use SoundVolumeView as a temp fix for this problem for now.

            Oh silly me. I thought low latency mode will just install the driver without any app. Thank you for telling me. 🙂


            • CarvedInside15 Dec 2022 @ 17:15

              Does the volume work properly when you do the following steps: exit XonarSwitch, disable card, restart card, start XonarSwitch?


              • Old D216 Dec 2022 @ 07:28

                Yes, it seems to work properly if I follow this steps. The XonarSwitch change the profile correctly and the SoundVolumeView shows the volume percent of both speaker line (device and subunit) are the same.

                Btw, I don't know if this is related. Besides changing the Vol and ch2.0 to ch5.1, my music profile set the playback to 44.1KHz and the game profile set to 48KHz.


                • Old D218 Dec 2022 @ 09:09

                  Just a update here

                  Since SoundVolumView also support command line, I just add a line to the enable soundcard script and use SoundVolumeView to set "subunit" volume to 100 every time when I wake up the system from hibernate. It fixes the volume problem.

                  I also update the driver to 1.80a R3. With the script to disable the soundcard first. I got no blue screen so far. 🙂


                  • Ford18 Dec 2022 @ 15:01

                    Hello. Just want to share my experience and opinion about Asus sound card.

                    I have never had problems with the xonar series such as hdav 1.3 and DX.
                    but they have an annoying problem or the way asus has chosen to have it. Are you using an external DAC. on your hifi sound system or earphones, the main volume or EQ does not work. There is no choice that allows you to do that.

                    On my older
                    (gigabyte ga-970a ud3) with (ALC889) Realtek
                    High Definition Audio you can do this when you use digital sound out.


                    • Old D218 Dec 2022 @ 15:46


                      I use Xonar D2 mainly for speakers. I do use another external usb dac for headphones.
                      I never use EQ or volume control from the Asus or C-media panels. I just use XonarSwitch to quicky change my speaker output and volume.
                      basically 2 kind of profiles, music(2ch 44.1Khz) and game/movie(5.1ch 48KHz)

                      The Xonar D2 is really old since it still use PCI. But with the Uni driver and follow all the guides in this site. It stll runs quite ok in my old pc.

                  • Ford18 Dec 2022 @ 16:12

                    Yes, they are from around 2007 2008 if I remember correctly. You could buy xonar DX and D2 and hdav 1.3 in both pci and pci-e.
                    My xonar dx is pci-e and hdav 1.3 deluxe from 2009 - 2010 is pci

                    May 26, 2008 — Asus Xonar DX is the inexpensive version of the full fat PCI-Express Xonar D2X.


  13. Snk313 Dec 2022 @ 23:50

    Any possibility for you to make driver for Strix Soar? I just bought one, but it just not work fine with latest driver in W11 (olders won't even install), I have a lot of audio spikes even in musics and it's really annoying, maybe with some kind of loudness equalization it would be fixed, official software does not have any. You know some third party software who could mitigate it? I think it's a software problem because without installing driver, it's still there in games but happens with a lot less intensite. Thanks!


  14. DrBolle16 Dec 2022 @ 02:08

    Hi, thank's so much for keeping this stuff going.

    I have an Essence STX. The card had issues on my last system, like only one channel working, only one channel reducing volume. I thought it would be from installing and uninstalling too many drivers, so I took it out and stored it and used onboard sound.

    I just put an Essence STX that I had used before into my new PC (B660, Win10). Your drivers work flawlessly, and the volume is similar on L and R. However, I have very bad distortion on any signal. It changes when I change the sample rate (PCM 44.1 KHz etc.). At higher sample rates, the distortion is slightly better, but still very bad. At lowest sample rate, it's worst.

    Does anyone have an idea what might cause this? Software, or Hardware? Is the PCM1792A DAC maybe having issues after 10 years? I don't want to scap that lovely soundcard.


  15. Ford24 Dec 2022 @ 03:00

    Hello. Sorry to interrupt in the middle of a discussion..
    I have now installed Asus xonar hdav 1.3
    and latest UNI driver. I chose C-media panel. Now I get master volume to work on SPDIF digital out.
    Before I couldn't get the main volume to work with digital out with the Asus panel or Asus' own drivers in win 7 and win 8 win 10.
    Does this only work with c-media panel? Does anyone have experience?

    With asus xonar DX and asus' own win 10 drivers, the main volume with digital out did not work.



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