1. Jon12 Jul 2013 @ 18:31

    Alright, the drivers + addons work perfectly, but I cant get my headphones to work, only my sound system when it plugged in through SPDIF cable. Regular asus driver had no problems with anything, but I would rather use the modified drivers for this. Not sure what I should do :/ I read through everything I could find.


    • CarvedInside13 Jul 2013 @ 15:27

      Try previous drivers like 1.70 then 1.64. Which addons do you use?


      • Liandra18 Sep 2013 @ 14:16

        I am having the same issue it seems. My Xonar DX is stuck in digital-out mode trying to output the audia via optical signal even though my headphones are connected via analogue cable.


        • CarvedInside18 Sep 2013 @ 20:31

          Which drivers have you tried?


          • Liandra18 Sep 2013 @ 23:59

            1.71, 1.70 and 1.64 I think. It works upon reinstalling the drivers, but as soon as I reboot, sound is gone again.

            full uninstalls with full cleanup each time btw.


            • CarvedInside19 Sep 2013 @ 00:45

              Your OS? And with Asus drivers you do have this problem?


              • Liandra19 Sep 2013 @ 05:24

                Win7 64bit and it only happened after installing the unified drivers. Was using the Asus until now.

                And a new update on this. It seems to have fixed itself now after doing some more cleanup. Might have been some remains of my old Creative drivers which I hadn’t cleaned up properly. I am running the 1.70 drivers now. The issue originally appeared with the 1.71.


                • CarvedInside19 Sep 2013 @ 15:55

                  If it happens, try with 1.64 drivers and please do let me know of any developments.


    • Steve08 Sep 2013 @ 00:59

      Why does the 1.71 driver have to have a digital signature... im so tired of this bs


      • CarvedInside08 Sep 2013 @ 01:31

        They don't have, if you read carefully you will find that he managed to install the 1.71 drivers the first time.
        Drivers are signed. It could be a Windows issue, it could be the driver installer issue that manifests in certain circumstances. I have done what I could to investigate this. I have provided workarounds when this happens. Believe me, I am more tired than you about it...


  2. Martin14 Jul 2013 @ 22:29

    I would have the problem that there is an Asus Xonar DG sound card and bought a one Roccat kave 5.1 Headphones.
    The trouble is that when I listen to music while browsing the internet, the sound go away or i hear certain channels.
    This time I must switch the analog out and back to 5.1.
    When I play certain games I must to rewrite. cfg file be able to adjust output Surround(Use OpenAL), but this time the sounds is low.
    when I turn the GX the sounds in game is incorrect, or can't play it.
    could someone help me please?
    Sorry, I am not perfect in English 😀


  3. orky8715 Jul 2013 @ 14:58


    For my configuration what is considered better technically WASAPi or ASIO on foobar2000 using your latest v1.71 driver on Win8x64 + Xonar D2X?



    • CarvedInside15 Jul 2013 @ 16:29

      You can use either of them, the quality should be the same. Go for ASIO and if you have problems then go with WASAPI.


  4. James17 Jul 2013 @ 10:08


    For some reason if I leave the sample rate at 44.1Khz I can hear a faint white noise through my headphones. However, if I choose 48 or higher, the noise isn't there any more. Is there a reason for this? Would it matter if I kept it at 48?


    • CarvedInside17 Jul 2013 @ 16:26

      Hi. Which card and OS do you have? Do you always hear this noise or when playing audio in specific application?
      Try with previous Uni Xonar driver releases(1.70, 1.64) and see if this still occurs.

      This is not normal behavior, but if you can get to the cause, setting sample rate to 48Khz won't have a big impact on sound quality.
      Let us know of any of your findings.


  5. Helder18 Jul 2013 @ 12:44

    In my 64-bit Windows 8, the following sentence appears when installing the Uni Xonar Audio: Active device UNi Xonar Audio. How do I enable it? where?


  6. Aardvark21 Jul 2013 @ 12:00

    I'm having issues with ASIO on Xonar Essence ST + H6. On a clean install Win8 with the latest Xonar/Low Latency ASIO gives cracking/static noise when background processes use some CPU cycles. The processes are low prio and don't even use 100%. I've increased buffering and latency in the ASIO control panel and although it gets less, its unlistenable (I didn't have this in the past with Win7 or possibly older Uni drivers). With Wasapi it doesn't do this but I don't want to use it because it resamples (I play different sampling rates in audio and video and believe it or not, it sounds worse than ASIO).

    The HTPC is an i5 3770k with 16GB memory and Samsung SSD.

    If you have any idea what might be causing this or what I can try to resolve I would appreciate it.



    • CarvedInside21 Jul 2013 @ 16:29

      You can try previous versions of the drivers and see if that helps (1.70, 1.64, 1.62).
      It could be a bug with the ASIO and/or audio drivers and Windows 8 and I probably couldn't fix that, and the only hope in this case would be if C-Media fixes this on their end.
      From what I can remember, when I've tested the drivers (not these new ones) with Win 8 I haven't noticed any problems with ASIO playback, I can't recheck this right now so maybe someone else here can confirm or deny that they too have issues with ASIO playback under Win8.


      • Aardvark21 Jul 2013 @ 17:57

        Thanks for your reply.

        I'll try the older versions. I'm not sure what else to try :(.


      • Aardvark21 Jul 2013 @ 22:04

        I spent the past few hours uninstalling, rebooting, driver cleaning, installing and rebooting for each version I could download and with different settings (some drivers allow to downgrade ASIO). All versions have this issue on Windows 8. I don't remember having this with Windows 7.

        The background process uses configurable number of threads. When I choose 3 the problem dissapears but when I open simple things like Task Manager, I get a bit of static and stutters.

        Wasapi has it too but a lot less and only occasionally.

        When I'm bored I'll try reinstalling Windows 7 again because for a HTPC this is not acceptable.

        I'm still open for suggestions though ;).



        • Bas ten Tusscher30 Jul 2013 @ 17:10

          Hi Aardvark. I have the same ASIO problem, see my question in the other thread: I just updated my soundcard (x-fi xtreme music) to the Asus Essence ST, but it’s driving me crazy. I always used the ASIO setting in JRiver without problems, but the Essence ST keeps stuttering. Changing buffer settings makes no difference, a higher latency (50ms) only a little bit. I used a latency checker to see whats happening and it looks like it peaks a lot. WASAPI is working without problems, but I don’t like the soundquality. I tried every driver, from Unified to the latest from Asus. Somebody recognise this problem? Any more tips or tricks?

          I installed Windows 7 last night and will check the difference tonight compared to Windows 8. Do you have other options?


          • Bas ten Tusscher31 Jul 2013 @ 09:55

            Windows 7 gives me the same problem..... Opening Google Chrome gives the biggest stutter and after listening music for 15 min I get a big one as well. Pretty sick of it.....don't want to RMA...


        • Bas04 Aug 2013 @ 22:31

          Aardvark! Did you find a solution for the problem? My solution was no solution....


    • Bas31 Jul 2013 @ 21:24

      I think I found the solution!!! I turned of the "exclusive rights" in the sound properties in Windows settings. No more stutter/static until now while browsing the net or the pc! Any idea whats happening?


  7. Jeff28 Jul 2013 @ 19:46

    Hi, I love love love the Xonar dx card, my issue is that I can's seem to get Windows to show a mic setting in playback mode under volume controls....under advanced in playback its checked and grey'd out....usally u an goto sdvanced and add the options you want

    Does the card not support a mic in playback mode ??

    Btw I'm using XP


  8. jasp6429 Jul 2013 @ 10:39

    Hi the uni drivers work very well for me but i have noticed that after installing 1.70 everytime i restart my machine the audio center doesn't start minimized eg. it's showing on my display as if i'd clicked it from the system tray.Any fix for this please


    • CarvedInside29 Jul 2013 @ 14:34

      Have you tried uninstalling and installing the drivers again? Do that please.
      From what I can remember, this didn't happen to me during testing before release. I can't recheck this right now, but in the following days will do if you still have problems.


  9. jasp6429 Jul 2013 @ 17:42

    FYI rolled back to 1.61 and the issue disappears..os i'm using is xp pro 64 edition..also noticed that if i choose the cmedia panel on install with 1.70 i don't have the issue..it's no real biggie tho as 1.61 works perfectly with my card (DG)



  10. Reid Johnson01 Aug 2013 @ 20:26

    Have a new issue. Can't seem to find an answer for it. I've had the Xonar DG installed for about 2 weeks. after a shutdown and bootup yesterday my sound is now extremely loud. I have headphone directly plugged into the card and even at 11% the sound is really just too loud. driver sweep and re install maybe?


    • Reid Johnson01 Aug 2013 @ 20:48

      Re-Install with uninstall and such worked, all is right again. 🙂 sorry for post.


  11. Suchy11 Aug 2013 @ 15:57

    Ok, a weird thing started happening recently. I don't think it's directly related to UNi drivers, rather original Asus, but maybe you'll have an idea... I have Xonar D2 and 5.1 speaker config running on Win7 x64.
    When a sound is playing (music, movie, or whatever), after few minutes channels get randomly swapped. Suddenly I hear CE/SW in surround speakers, while SR switch to front, and front is now in CE/SW. It seems totally random, every time the speakers are swapped differently - but it's not left/right swap, just front vs. center+sw vs. surround. After such swap, if I change change output mode in the control panel (44.1 to 48, etc.), or change speaker config to something else and back to 5.1, the sound is all right again. For a few minutes, then it randomly swaps again. If I stop music for some time it also gets back to normal, the swap only happens when something is playing.

    It started with Asus drivers, so i did a cleaned it and installed UNi, (1.71) but it didn't help - same issue. Any ideas?


    • CarvedInside12 Aug 2013 @ 10:04

      I guess it could be a hardware malfunction. I suggest you try your card in another PC and see if you still get this.
      Please confirm that you have the D2 and not the D2X.


      • Suchy12 Aug 2013 @ 17:11

        Yup, it's D2. I read about pretty much the same problem on D2X, and there's a firmware upgrade to fix it. Doesn't work on D2 though. I think this started around the time I installed a wi-fi card in next PCI slot. I'll try to swap the slots or remove the wifi-card and see what happens. I don't have access to a different desktop at the moment, but I'be upgrading motherboard soon, so this should be enough for testing.


        • Suchy12 Aug 2013 @ 23:26

          OK, this was some kind of conflict or interference with the wifi card. Swaping PCI slots didn't help, but when I removed the network card, everything got back to normal. Well, hello USB wifi.


          • CarvedInside14 Aug 2013 @ 10:16

            Really strange. You can try updating motherboard bios, and of course update your wifi card drivers.


            • Suchy14 Aug 2013 @ 11:55

              I'll stick to the USB wifi for a while, I'm going to change the motherboard soon anyway. The funny thing is that all this hardware - my current motherboard, the network card, and Xonar, come from Asus.


  12. Adam13 Aug 2013 @ 07:46

    Might anyone know if it's possible to have the DH DSP apply to ASIO input? I can't seem to achieve this.


  13. Kii16 Aug 2013 @ 04:50

    I have a problem with my sound cutting out. Im running Win 7 64 bit. And i have a Xonar ST. I have 1.71 installed. My problem happens when my headphones are plugged in, I start playing a song and after about 45 seconds it freezes the media player thats playing the song. If i run the "Audio re-starter for sound loop problem for Win Vista/7/8" the sound will come back for another 20 seconds or so until it stops playing and freeze's again. Any ideas of what may be causing this?? I have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times but still have this problem. HELP please!!


    • CarvedInside17 Aug 2013 @ 14:46

      Disable GX if it's enabled, better yet try installing the UNi drivers with Low DPC latency or C-Media. Try different driver versions (1.70, 1.64). Did you had this problem before?


      • Kii22 Aug 2013 @ 08:39

        GX is disabled. I have tried it with Low DPC and C-Media as well as multiple older versions. This card is new to me so I've always had this problem. I have no problem with the installation, driver sweep everything, install the driver, restart and install UNi drivers in safemode. Able to run Xonar Media Center for a little bit until the sound cuts out. Then I run that Audio re-starter .bat file and works again for a short period of time before cutting out. I have done a lot of research and I think maybe i'm running into an IRQ conflict possible. I am running an ASUS P8P67 mobo and i'm actually running a PCI-e 16 to PCI bridge to plug in the ST card.

        Any thoughts on how to resolve the conflict? I tried uninstalling the card and my wireless but I can't get and IRQ different that 16 with the soundcard even after disabling unused stuff. I have been thinking about doing a complete reinstall of WIN 7 64 bit and installing the soundcard first to see if i can get it below 16 or on it's own IRQ.

        And to note, IRQ 16 consists of my Soundcard, Intel PCI Express Controller, Intel PCI Express Root Port 1, and PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge. I have researched the PCI-to-PCI bridge and I do not believe it is related to the bridge i’m using to run this card. (intel’s site say’s its to manage multiple PCI solts) My wireless card is not on IRQ 16, but actually on -4. I have taken it out and still have this problem.


        • CarvedInside22 Aug 2013 @ 14:22

          IRQ conflicts are pretty rare these days, don't think this is the problem.
          The PCIe-to-PCI bridge could also be the problem. Now that you mention the bridge, here you can read a similar issue.
          If you are able, you should try your card in another PC, this way you will know if it's a hardware malfunction on the card or not. Should try the card plugged in directly to the PCI slot, and then with the PCIe-to-PCI bridge.

          I am curios to know why didn't you bought the STX instead?


          • Kii02 Sep 2013 @ 23:29

            I have the exact same issue as "wired" was having. same components and i've tried everything to remedy the solution but i feel it is not your drivers but something to do with the startech bridge and/or drivers.

            I got a really good deal on the ST card and I heard that the headphone amp was better in this card so I bought it. The motherboard I was using burned out before I ever installed the card, So I bought a new mobo for my Mini Case setup without realizing it didn't have a PCI slot. I found the star tech adapter and cut a small piece out of my case to make it all fit perfect. But unfortunately I am still having this issue.

            If wired does not come up with a solution I may just have to sell the card and get the STX instead.

            But thanks so much for your help with the issue, your basically keeping a lot of good soundcards alive!!


  14. ramenchef07 Sep 2013 @ 02:41

    Hello. I was using 1.3 for a while. This is an asus essence STX on windows7 x64. Then I upgraded to 1.71. I had an issue where the sound became very distorted sometimes. IE in a game, voip from mumble was very low volume, the ambient noise was normal volume, music and effect volume were low. I decided to try and fix this by uninstalling the driver, restarting, running the bat cleaning file and driver fusion, restarting, then installing 1.71 fresh. I keep running into the plugin the device error. I tried installing 1.70, the latest official asus drivers, uninstalling the drivers through device manager, etc. I tried the eerom thing to fix the hardware ID, but it says my hardware ID is already correct. I tried the drivers only install method (solution 1) and those installed fine, but when installing the actual drivers as indicated(executable), I get the same error. I have no idea what else I can do.

    I also tried replugging in the molex and swapping pci-e slots.


    • CarvedInside07 Sep 2013 @ 05:55

      Try the safe mode method.
      You can also try to restore Windows to the point you where with 1.30 drivers, uninstall them , try 1.70 .


  15. David13 Sep 2013 @ 22:09

    I've had a rare, albeit incredibly annoying issue with my Xonar Essence STX that pops up from time to time. The audio will suddenly, rapidly repeat a very quick (maybe 20-30ms) section of sound that had been playing and won't stop until I restart the computer.

    I've tried doing a clean sweep driver reinstall, disabling GX/Xear3D, disabling and re-enabling the card in Windows 7 64-bit sound manager, and restarting the audio server by inputting "net stop audiosrv" and then "net start audiosrv"into an administrator DOS prompt .

    It's happened with noises from the browser, Spotify, a number of games like TF2/SC2, as well as some other programs (don't remember them all as it's been going on for a while) and it has happened in all of these programs when the other ones haven't been running.

    None of the applications crash when this happens. The audio stops and all you hear is the loop, but they otherwise continue to function normally. If I stop and restart them then they go back to functioning normally, but the sound loop continues over the normal audio.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    • Bruno Ferreira16 Sep 2013 @ 16:53

      Keep the DPC latency monitor program open when that happens and check that you didn't have a DPC spike, and then try to spot what's happen with your installed programs when that spike happens.

      I get the behavior you described due to Crashplan (an online backup software) - every time that it fires up, I get an audio spike. The main reason why this happens is that it tries to scan my external HDD, and the Xonar doesn't like that, even with Carved's drivers, low DPC latency version.

      In fact, I'll go as far as saying that the Xonar doesn't "play well with USB devices" at all - for example, when playing Rocksmith (a music game in which you use your own guitar with a USB cable), I can't use the Xonar, period. I have to use onboard audio. If I try to use the Xonar, then I get lots of input latency and trying to improve that only gets stuttering audio.

      This leads me to think that there is something very deeply ingrained in the Xonar's drivers that leads to DPC spikes when USB devices are being accessed.



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