1. xonardg25 Apr 2013 @ 17:11

    I did everything as described to enable the upmix. It simply does not work. It used to work perfectly with my 5.1, but then suddenly it won't upmix anymore. I even reinstalled Windows 7 - still not working! Tried all driver versions. Still not working. Tried my Teufel system on my buddies PC, who also has the XONAR DG - not working!
    So upmix for me is definately broken.


    • CarvedInside25 Apr 2013 @ 18:59

      Don't think stereo upmix disables itself as time goes by, I myself am using stereo upmix to "power" my headphones at the same time as the speakers and it does not turn off.

      I think its because of some option that you enable at some point, and that disables stereo upmix. Stereo-upmix switch app might help you turn on stereo-upmix in the drivers, thats if you've disabled the option that caused the issue in the first place.

      A similar issue is presented in the Known issues section of the driver release log.


      • xonardg25 Apr 2013 @ 19:36

        Tried the steroe-upmix switcher app. Didn't change a thing.
        I definately did not mess with the settings. Reinstalled windows - problem is still there. Music just won't play on the other speakers and subwoofer is also dead. It doesn't matter if I set it to 2,4,6,8 channels.
        Any other suggestions =/?


        • CarvedInside25 Apr 2013 @ 19:44

          If you switch to 6 channels / 5.1 speakers, and then test the individual speakers in the Asus/Cmedia Panel and also in Windows Speaker Setup, does every speaker respond ?


  2. Akinari27 Apr 2013 @ 22:13

    I have an Auzentech X-Meridian 7.1 2G, cannot get past driver installation as it tells me to plug in a Xonar device, although it is to my understanding that C-Media chips are supported?


    • CarvedInside27 Apr 2013 @ 22:40

      Drivers work with X-Meridian 7.1 2G, the installer is customized for Xonar cards and thus the message from the error. Sometimes there are problems with the driver installer.

      Try following the installation methods from this topic. Try first with Possible solution 2.
      If you still can't install you can try and enable Test Mode.
      Let me know if you manage to install the drivers or not.


  3. Gali21 May 2013 @ 03:03

    With the original ASUS drivers, i was able to play two different audio streams simultaneously, like this:
    -games, teamspeak, youtube on speakers/headphones using the analog out and selecting spekers for default playback device in win7
    -music, movies using the spdif out, selected in thier playback software (foobar2000, xmbc)
    With the UNi Xonar drivers i can't do both. Is there any solution for this?
    (Essence ST+H6; Win7 x64)


    • CarvedInside21 May 2013 @ 10:21

      Try installing the original drivers and see if it still works. My guess is that it won't work, and that the issue is actually a configuration issue. I don't have SPDIF receiver so can't really be sure that it works for me, but I have setup up my configuration like yours and at least in Playback devices , both Speakers and Digital Out Volume Meter bars light up.

      Make sure you have "DS : Digital Out (Asus..)" as output in foobar preferences and not WASAPI or ASIO.
      BTW your issue sound similiar to this one.


      • Gali21 May 2013 @ 20:46

        I tryed DS gigital out with the UNi driver, still dont work.
        I reinstalled the original drivers and all things worked fine, with wasapi or asio out too. I set the following things after reinstalling the driver: Audio chanel 2, sample rate 96khz, analog out headphone, spidf out pcm; then i go to the playback devices, i set the speakers for default.


        • CarvedInside22 May 2013 @ 17:38

          Then if you wish you can try previous UNi Xonar drivers(1.70, 1.64, 1,62) as it might be a bug in the audio drivers used in the 1.71 release.
          Let me know if those work or not.


  4. Poliacido26 May 2013 @ 21:01

    hey guys, i need your advice since i am a noob at this... first time i install Uni- Xonar drivers πŸ˜€
    i have a asus D1 and i use it with roccat kave 5.1 headset... i dont know during the installation if i have to Re-enable stereo upmix or not...
    i use my pc 70% for games, so how do you suggest to set up the installation?
    thanks a lot


    • CarvedInside26 May 2013 @ 21:38

      If your OS is Win XP then leave it off.
      If your OS is Win Vista/7/8 and use analog (jacks) connection you can leave it checked.
      If you haven't read it already I suggest you read the FAQ:Q&A 9


      • Poliacido26 May 2013 @ 23:35

        thanks for help
        but about the stero upmix you said to enable it for Win7 (and yes my headset uses 4 analogic jacks to connect audiocard :))
        i just read this in the FAQS:
        "While on Win Vista/7/8 it works if you set this settings in Asus/Cmedia Audio Panel: set audio channels to 2 and analog output to 5.1 speakers , do not set audio channels to 6 and analog out to 5.1. By selecting this your Windows and other applications will output the sound from 2.0 format to 5.1 speakers and not 5.1 format to 5.1 speakers."

        Now i have set 6 channels and output 5.1 , does it mean that if i reenable upmix then i will have 2 channels and not anymore 6?
        thanks for help πŸ™‚


        • CarvedInside28 May 2013 @ 12:59

          You don't need stereo upmix to be enabled. The option in the installer lets you be able to enable stereo upmix on Win7.
          Just set 6 channels and output to 5.1 and you are fine regardless if "re-enable stereo upmix" was checked or not in the installer.


  5. Omar05 Jun 2013 @ 04:16

    I installed 1.71 version but cant see the 5.1 7.1 speaker configurations on the Analog Out Section, it only shows me headphone and 2.0 speakers options.... i try everything even drive sweep and reinstall the xonar stx orig drivers....dont know what else can i do... help please


    • CarvedInside05 Jun 2013 @ 14:59

      It has nothing to do with the drivers. Since the ST/STX cards have only 1 analog output you can't connect 5.1 speaker configurations through analog, only if you purchase a Xonar H6 Addon, or if you use S/PDIF connection instead. Next time, please consult the spec sheet and manual of the card you bought and use google before posting in a unrelated topic.


  6. JulioE05 Jun 2013 @ 05:38

    I need help installing the latest Drivers (I have a Xonar DX)

    1-I clean my previous drivers using the guide posted here.
    2- Proceed to install the drivers, when the setup tells me that is is "Installing the drivers. the process should not take longer than 60 seconds" it opens another little window where it is saying " Installing UNI Xonar Audio Driver..." the fills up very slowly and takes more than 60 seconds, more like 10 minutes. After the bar fills up completely, it just stays there and nothing happens.

    What am i doing wrong?
    After some more time it tells me: β€œPlease Plug In UNI Xonar Audio Device” but it is weird because i had the official drivers before.


  7. XxEeNnXxEeIi07 Jun 2013 @ 01:30

    Hello πŸ™‚ i have problem about playback/pause music in foobar my card is stx
    i use 1.71 with c-media normal
    when i pause music and playback it again it not have any sound i will play music in start a again
    please help me T-T

    i’m sorry sir i can fix this problem
    sorry for make you lose a time T-T
    i install foobar again
    i thing it cause when change driver offi to uni or together


  8. WiR3D10 Jun 2013 @ 14:59

    Hi (warning this is a massive amount of text for a problem I think I have already narrowed down at least somewhat)

    I recently bought the Startech PCI-to-PCI Express adapter and I have run into a few issues.
    I bought it to allow my Asus Xonar Essence ST to work on my all PCIe system:

    Here is a link to the Asus Xonar Essence STX which is the PCIe version and it shows that the STX has a bridge chip built in:

    The difference is mainly the interface and the ST does not have the PCI-E to PCI Bridge Chip PEX 8112 that the STX does.

    Now I have installed the startech adapter and the sound card, and it was detected correctly, I installed Uni Drivers and the device installs the drivers correctly, and will test correctly (to a point) but the moment I start playback the device stops responding completely, it refuses to test aswell thereafter. Sometimes it even stops during testing.

    To cover all the bases I did extensive testing. This is what I all tested:
    - Different versions of drivers, both official and Uni Drivers
    - I even attempted the STX version of the Uni drivers, and it successfuly installs and works but same issue.
    - The player (MusicBee) is not the problem - multiple players were used, and multiple output methods were used (DirectShow, WASAPI and ASIO)
    - So I can confirm its not a setup issue (not in comparison to a normal setup.)
    - I put the soundcard into another pc (without the adapter) using the Uni drivers and it works perfectly with any player and any output method.
    - I then tested the soundcard in that other pc with the startech adapter and the same issue occurs, it tests fine to a point and disappears after attempting playback.
    - I am also successfully using an Creative Recon3d (which is shit) so its not an issue with the PC (I disabled this for tests just incase.)

    I just want to clarify its easy to test if the soundcard is responding because it has very loud relays, and if I change an input or output setting you can hear it click, and it stops doing this after playback fails, the device itself is still visible to the PC and still shows as functioning in device manager, but any attempt to test or play anything stalls and fails.

    I suspect the issue is somewhere in the default PCI-to-PCI drivers in windows or the Asus drivers, Unfortunately I couldn't test in linux. But after doing a lot of looking it looks like it exists there with different devices too.

    Here is a different error that I think may help us in narrowing down the issue with the startech adapter:

    So I definitely think the drivers are blocking the device or something to that effect.

    Here is a working example or what I am trying to achieve (with a better quality product then the one used in this example):

    So to finish off and narrow things down I believe it may be Related to the IRQ an I/O address. Since Win7 x64 is assigning the Startech adapter and the ST the same range (which from my reading is perfectly fine unless the drivers have issues)

    ASUS (PCI bus 4 device 4 function 0): C-Media CMI8788 Audio Chip
    IRQ: 0x28 (40)
    I/O Range: D000 - D0FF
    StarTech (PCI bus 3 device 0 function 0): Pericom PI7C9X111 PCI Express to PCI Bridge
    IRQ: 0x28 (40)
    I/O Range: D000 - D0FF

    Possibly IRQ Errors?

    IRQ Blame:


    Note I contacted Startech but I will assume they are useless.


    • CarvedInside12 Jun 2013 @ 12:38

      Sorry I can't be of help to you in this issue. One thing you may want to consider is that maybe the adapter is faulty.


      • WiR3D12 Jun 2013 @ 16:38

        I'm definitely working on it, Just got a response from StarTech. Since this may become a more common setup with PCI being phased out, II will keep you updated.


      • WiR3D12 Jun 2013 @ 16:54

        And most importantly

        A big fat thank you for all the effort you have put into this.


        • mangax02 Sep 2013 @ 09:57

          Any success?? am having same issue you have since 2 weeks without any solution.
          please let me know if you solved it or not?


        • Kii02 Sep 2013 @ 23:23

          Please let me know if you figure anything out with the StarTech adapter. I am using the adapter as well and having the exact same problem as you. IRQ assigned to both parts and playback stops at random. I can get it to play for 45 seconds sometimes and then other times it will stop within 10 seconds. There is an "Audio re-starter .bat file " linked on this site under other apps: here is a direct link - http://www.mediafire.com/?js0bnx4u93m5rrj - but if you run it after the sounds cuts out you can get sound again for another 30 seconds or so. You can repeat this about 3 or 4 times until it finally stops working and you need a restart to get playback again.

          I am located in San Diego and I have actually driven past the StarTech store, I believe its in El Cajon, CA. What advice have they given you? I wonder if I brought them the ST card and the bridge if they could do anything to troubleshoot or update/change the bridge driver. Just a thought.


          • WiR3D08 Sep 2013 @ 15:55

            Hi, no no solution yet. I have spoken with star tech, but i haven't yet tested the adapter with another PCI card (because i didn't have one) I now have an old NIC card I'm going to test, but time has been issue. This is to eliminate the adapter being faulty, and this is where I left off with StarTech support.

            Kii I think if you could take the ST and the adapter to StarTech directly then maybe they can figure it out. They were extremely helpful in the emails I had with them. (i'm located in South Africa, which makes things difficult.)

            I gave them a lot of information, but I couldn't determine what the PCI error (1 non-fatal it think) it was that PCIScope kept picking up was.


    • Kii06 Sep 2013 @ 09:39

      Hey WiR3D have you got any where with this? I have the same exact problem and also have the startech bridge. Did you find any type of work around or solution or did you give up on it and get something else?


      • CarvedInside06 Sep 2013 @ 21:56

        I will try to contact WiR3D by e-mail for you and let him know of your comments as he might not be subscribed to receive new comment notifications.


  9. ch0plol11 Jun 2013 @ 04:37

    Hi, I am trying to install the latest UNi drivers for a brand new Xonar DGX. The install takes a long time then says "Please plug in UNi Xonar Audio Device. I checked this page and noticed someone else had the same problem. I checked the EEPROM, but it is working as intended. I also turned on test mode and clicked the check box to bypass digital signatures in the installer. I am still having the same problem, and the other person here didn't come back and say if they got theirs fixed.

    Some specs if it would help you:
    i3 3220
    4gb RAM
    Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

    Also, I forgot to say that between each installation try I fully cleaned the drivers as to not have any conflicts that way.


    • CarvedInside11 Jun 2013 @ 18:45

      Try the possible solutions 1 & 2 from this page.
      Do original drivers work? If they do not work, and neither uni xonar after trying the solutions from the link above then it might be a hardware defect.
      Let us know of any developments.


      • ch0plol12 Jun 2013 @ 03:33

        Thanks for the reply, I will attempt these when I get off work and report back to you. Regardless of if this works for me or not I wanted to say thanks for taking the reins where Asus failed to, it's much appreciated.


      • ch0plol12 Jun 2013 @ 08:42

        Alright I got them installed and working. What I had to do was run the driversweep batch file and then driver sweeper and install the UNi drivers in safe mode. The first method on that page didn't work, but thankfully the second did.

        So for anyone having similar problems try making sure you clean all the driver files and then install it in safe mode.


  10. TheRuslu12 Jun 2013 @ 01:54

    What does the "Hi-Fi" button do in ASUS Audio Center and should I keep it disabled?


    • CarvedInside12 Jun 2013 @ 02:57

      Temporary disables all enabled sound effects and so on. Yes keep it disabled. Detailed explanation in the Xonar manual.


  11. Marko25 Jun 2013 @ 12:39

    Do i need to uninstall asus orginal drivers before instaliing uni honar drivers? Have Beyerdynamic DTX 910 and honar dg,
    Is this good to use ASIO4ALL or something else for better sound quality?
    Ty in advance


  12. Scure26 Jun 2013 @ 18:44

    "Setting the Windows audio playback to 24 bit might improve audio quality."
    Why 24 bit instead of 16?


  13. badsykes30 Jun 2013 @ 23:06

    I need some help with GX..Winamp through "Nullsoft Direct Sound Output" reports that my Xonar Essence ST have no hardware mixing or hardware memory..I remember if i enable GX those fields change and the card is correctly detecting that the card supports hardware mixing and number the channels from 32 to 128..Do i need GX enable to get full and correct sounds for games for example..I don't need EAX emulation because i know it's crap but i need those 128 channels so i get full sounds reproduction in some circumstances like many sounds at the same time...Pls advice..Thx in advance

    My rig:
    I5 750
    8 gb ram
    Asus Essence ST with unixonar 1.71 Cmedia panel only for reduced DPC latency


  14. Barry A Reef03 Jul 2013 @ 16:17

    win 7 64 installed latest UNI Xonar drivers but it kind of messed up the sound. I want to revert back to ASUS drivers Now but I cannot uninstall the UNI drivers.
    Help all this quiet is sending me deaf


    • CarvedInside03 Jul 2013 @ 19:01

      I am not sure why you can't install the Uni Xonar drivers, what's happening when you try to uninstall them in Programs and Features?
      UNi Xonar drivers giving messed up sound isn't normal behavior.
      Try using system restore to revert your system prior to installing UNi Xonar drivers if you are having problems uninstalling the drivers.


  15. James04 Jul 2013 @ 14:33

    Hi. I don't have your drivers installed in my system but I'm looking into it. I just don't know if they are the solution to my problem:

    Recently, using other hardware and software (Galaxy S phone with Voodoo Sound hack), a developer wrote that the best solution is to set digitial amplification (software) to its maximum and use analog gain in DAC to achieve desired volume while listening to the content, in order to get the best SNR and other advantages. On the fly I thought about how to do that with the Xonar, given that analog gain isn't adjustable as a regular volume level and I'm actually using software (Foobar) digital amplification when listening to music.

    I went through several boards and somebody said that with ASIO v1 you can adjust analogue gain, but you can't with ASIO v2 wich provides always 100% gain, wich is what I have in my system with the ASUS drivers. I'm guessing, therefore, that Foobar is messing with the audio thread when I adjust volume, and ideal things would be to have Foobar at 100% volume and adjust only analog gain in the ASIO control.

    Question is, does you driver provide analog gain control as it was volume level? I read that your driver comes with ASIO v2.

    Excuse me if I'm not explaining myself correctly, its a confusing matter for me.


    • CarvedInside04 Jul 2013 @ 20:34

      This driver will work just as the Asus drivers in this regard.

      I think you misunderstood the tip. I think whoever wrote the part with the analog gain in DAC was referring to the fact that you should control the volume by DAC's(standalone) volume knob.
      You don't have this on the internal audio cards (which yes they do have a DAC), for them you control the volume in Windows volume and in the audio application and thats it, there are no other volume options or a special analog gain.
      The suggestion that developer wrote would be like this: set the cards volume sliders to 100% in the software and Windows, and control the volume only by volume knobs in the audio equipment you are using (DAC, amp, receiver..)


      • James04 Jul 2013 @ 21:13

        Hi, CarvedInside, thanks for your reply πŸ™‚

        I lack technical knowledge so I don't know the hows, sorry... but this app controls analogue gain via phone's DAC (a Wolfson WM8994 chip) while everything software-related (player, mixer volume) stays at 100%, from -57db to +5db, Maybe this chip it's not only DAC but also headphone amplifier?

        Anyway, I'm wondering how the Xonar hadles the gain: It has 3 or 4 settings for the headphones. Wouldn't be possible to adjust the gain from x to y pogressively like the phone?



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