1. Immu03 Oct 2022 @ 00:45

    Anxiously waiting for my Gigabyte X670e to arrive in about a week. Going to cry if I can't make the Xonar Essence STX II work on it- will report back in a week or so about if I can make it work or not with the board.


    • CarvedInside04 Oct 2022 @ 21:26

      Fingers crossed. It would be interesting to know. I expect the situation with these new X670 and B650 AM5 motherboards to be a hit or miss depending on the motherboard, just like it was with the AM4 motherboards.


      • Immu11 Oct 2022 @ 23:33

        The card (Xonar Essence STX II) is working perfectly on my Gigabyte X670e Aorus Master motherboard so far and I'm so happy! I'm using it on the 2nd PCI-e slot (PCIEX4) and It recognized the card with the bios the motherboard came with (F6)- and I updated the bios to F8a straight away before installing Windows 11 and drivers for this card. Drivers I used: UNi-Xonar-STXII-11.5-v1.80b-r3 (Low latency option). So far not a single issue and all the settings I used in the past on C-Media audio panel and works as well as on my old Z390 motherboard. I get to have another great 5+ years with this card now ^^ Thank you so much for these drivers! (Will of course report back if issues arise after more time passes but so far amazing!)


        • Immu18 Apr 2023 @ 05:53

          Just wanted to update that after almost half a year, there has been zero issues with the card using the 2nd PCI-e slot (PCIEX4) and it still leaves enough space even for the biggest 4-slot cards so I can fully recommend this Gigabyte X670e Aorus Master motherboard to others in the same situation of not wanting to let go of their Xonar Essence STX II and wanting to update to an AM5 system. Also went from 7700X to 7800X3D & using 6200MHzC30 DDR5 & through multiple bios updates, zero issues with the sound card after all this time - Immu.


  2. alucard12 Oct 2022 @ 23:59

    My ASUS ROG Xonar Phoebus Solo not works with last 3 bios in my MSI MEG X570 Unify. If I go older than last 3 bios it works but, I got +20C on CPU so I have to use latest bios without my sound card in 2022 lol.
    - I tried this PCIe riser but didn't work (https://i.hizliresim.com/rz7av2n.jpg)
    - switching PCIe slots didn't work. I have 5 PCIe slot none of them worked.(with last 3 bios)
    - slot speed Gen 1 2 3 4 didn't work and I think there is a bug in this setting, when I switch another speed from Gen4 to 1 2 3 in board explorer it still shows Gen4.
    I send a ticket to MSI support, the solution MSI suggested to me 1-change playback device 2-change PCIe slots. Ofc both didn't work. Also MSI told me we will duplicate the problem and try to resolve it with same sound card and motherboard if we can found the same soundcard but 2 days later they said we didn't find the same sound card.

    OS - Win 10, 21H2
    Bios - 7C35vAE (2022-08-18)
    CPU - AMD Ryzen 5900x
    Motherboard - MSI Meg x570 Unify
    Sound card - ASUS ROG Xonar Phoebus Solo.

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    • CarvedInside13 Oct 2022 @ 21:56

      Next time, please take some time to write more correctly, so that your comment is easily readable. Use the browser spellcheck (right click on a word). Make the first letter of a new sentence uppercased, write the product names how they are originally written or at least capitalize their first letter, write "i" as "I".


  3. RealNC01 Dec 2022 @ 05:37

    Xonar D1 with a PCI-e to PCI adapter (ASM1083 chipset) works fine on MSI B550-A Pro motherboard with a Ryzen 3700X.

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  4. tiensha14 Dec 2022 @ 22:52

    Hello! After 1 month of trying everything and reading everything here about Xonar D2X and X570 chipset related problems I have resolved my problem permanently in my system. everything posted here has been awesome and max helpful. So:
    In my config: Gigabyte Aorus Extreme X570 and Xonar D2X, RTX 3080ti and a Dell Perc SAS SATA controller on 8x with 8 ports. So pretty complicated.
    Final stable config: video on slot 1 near processor, 16x speed 4.0 gen, 2nd slot free, 3rd slot the Dell Perc controller limited to 4x, 2.0 speed (native to controller), m.2 SSD 970 Pro in the 3rd slot partaining the chipset, in full speed and spec (tested and benched) works at max, also video card, the Perc raid controller reached 80% of max performance versus 8x PCIe, and, the sound board yes, that was the longest night to the light of day so to speak....
    1. m.2 adapter to PCIe (floppy power adapter, inserted in the 1st m.2 slot nearest CPU)
    2. GPU mining extender kit PCI Express cable with USB cable and SATA power adapter
    3. D2X inserted in mining extender kit (floppy power adapter of course) and mounted lower in the PC case in one of PCI slots below mobo
    4. using any driver any form (UNi Xonar or ASUS or C-media ) not a problem
    5. BIOS global power states disabled and CPU power states also (using OC anyway) (5950x Ryzen)
    6. BIOS version latest f36d
    7. before install driver (slot set to 1st gen in bios)
    8. after install sound driver, PCIe 16x set to auto or gen 3 whichever, and the rest of PCIe slot on auto, doesn't matter

    Used this config for about 4 months without any problems, posted today because of long testing and wanted to be sure.
    Using, games, music, foobar2000, you name it.....switching on the fly analog or digital, have Roccat Kave on analog 5.1 and Z5500 on optical.
    Piece of advice , if is applicable, USB port for amplify on Roccat Kave , use 2.0 port back of the board., no hub no front panel.

    In hoping that this might help someone, thanks again for all your advises and opinions. Good luck to ya all!

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  5. skii18 Dec 2022 @ 18:50

    Can a CPU switch cause for constantly driver crashes?

    The drivers used to work without any issues, with my Gigabyte X370 Gaming K7 board and Ryzen 7 1700 and Ryzen 7 3700X, now since I swapped my CPU for a Ryzen 9 5900X the drivers keep crashing after a few minutes.

    Using a Essence STX.

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  6. Miig18 Feb 2023 @ 05:44

    Hi. Owning an Asus X570 Prime Pro with an Essence STX II card.
    Was worried so I postponed the update to the max and stayed on original 2019 bios for looong time : 0808, agesa

    But, recently upgraded from 3800X to 5800X3D so it was time to move :
    - Updated BIOS from 0808 to last one : 4408, agesa
    - Test with 3800X > All good : sound ok, relays clicking, no crashes, ASIO ok in foobar
    - Test with 5800X3D > Also all good
    Note :
    Windows 10 driver / reinstall was not performed.
    I think I'm still running with UNi-Xonar-W10-1825-v1.81a-r2.exe


    • CarvedInside19 Feb 2023 @ 11:46

      That's great to hear. Thank you for sharing the info. You did the right thing by only updating the BIOS when absolutely needed and that 5800X3D is a significant step up.

      In which PCIe slot is the Xonar Essence STX II card plugged in? Have you changed that PCIe slot link speed to Gen 3/2/1 or you leaved that as AUTO?


      • Miig22 Feb 2023 @ 13:14


        Some details :

        STX II Card is installed in the bottom PCI-Express x1 slot (PCIEX1_3)
        PCIe4 Radeon Graphic card in the first PCIEX16_1 slot.
        Both M2 slots are populated with PCIe3 SSDs.

        In BIOS
        Clear CMOS / reset to defaults has been performed before update & cpu switch.
        100mhz BCLK, 1800mhz IF, 3600mhz dram
        Internal "HD audio" chip is deactivated.
        All PCIe slots are left into Auto speed, I had no need to force the settings.

        BTW thank you for the amazing support regarding these Uni Xonar drivers.


  7. Asuce20 Feb 2023 @ 20:51


    Just reporting that my ASUS Xonar HDAV1.3 Deluxe is not working well with my ASUS ROG STRIX B550-F Gaming.
    I am experiencing hard reboots mostly when browsing & watching videos.

    I am running Linux Mint 20.3 on a Ryzen 5900 X.


    • CarvedInside22 Feb 2023 @ 15:11

      Hi. Thanks for the report. Have you tried any of the possible solutions that I've provided, particularly possible solution 3?


  8. freeman220907 Mar 2023 @ 10:55

    Asus Xonar D2 not working with Asus Prime x370a (last bios)
    Asus Xonar Hdav 1.3 slim working with Asus Prime x370a (last bios)
    Asus Xonar Xense working with Asrock A320mdvs r4

    Admin notice: Product names lower case corrected (asus->Asus, xonar->Xonar etc.)


    • CarvedInside12 Mar 2023 @ 16:57

      Hello. Thanks for the reports. For future comments please write the product names how they are originally written or at least capitalize their first letter so that your comments are easily readable (asus->Asus, xonar->Xonar etc.).


  9. fiqulty05 Apr 2023 @ 13:16

    Asus Essence STX II 7.1 is working with Asus TUF GAMING B550M-PLUS WIFI II only while using "Gen 1" PCIe slot speed. Setting slot speed to Gen 2/Gen 3 caused bad stuttering on Windows 11, especially after updating to BIOS version 3002 (which updated AGESA version to "ComboV2PI 1208").


  10. Moo22 Apr 2023 @ 22:12

    Asus TUF GAMING X670E-PLUS WIFI with BIOS 1410

    Asus Xonar DX: installed in bottom PCIe 4.0 x16 slot (PCIe 4.0 x16_2), works without problems.


  11. Purple Punk03 Jul 2023 @ 06:31

    I built a new computer and migrated my ASUS Essence STX II into the new one. Sadly, it doesn't work anymore.

    System - Windows 10
    Board - MSI B650 Tomahawk
    CPU - Ryzen 5 7600X

    I tried and did the following:
    - Setting PCI-E chipset gen to 2.0 (Only tried to run Gen 2 so far, because it ran on Gen 2 in my old system without issue. I will still try out Gen 1 and only report back if it changed anything)
    - Disabling onboard audio
    - BIOS is up to date
    - Installing drivers in safe mode
    - Installing official ASUS drivers
    - Installing UNi drivers using the setup as well as manually only the STX II driver

    When I'm installing the official driver it shuts down my system after the clicking noise of the soundcard occurs.
    After altering the CmSetx.dll from




    it stopped crashing when installing while being NOT in safe mode. Instead the ASUS software just simply stated: "Can't find any device", when I tried using it.
    Using this altered installer in safe mode will cause a crash, just as before altering it.

    When I try installing UNi drivers it will cause no crash and just tell me to use safe mode (safe mode while disabling Driver Signature Enforcement)
    Both safe modes lead to a crash just as when installing the official ASUS drivers.

    Installing UNi drivers manually doesn't really do anything. The window just states something along the lines of already having the newest driver installed.

    In between I manually delete the installed drivers and use the driver cleaner the setup provides, just to make sure nothing interferes with each other.

    The power adapter definitely works, tested it on a drive.
    The soundcard works like a charm if put into my old system, so no damage on the card either.

    I have no idea how to fix this and have absolutely no money for a new soundcard. Therefore, any kind of help is greatly appreciated! 🙁


  12. Muot21 Jul 2023 @ 19:09

    Motherboard: MSI X670E Carbon WIFI (with 7800X3D)
    Asus Xonar DX

    Does NOT work with BIOS 7D70v17 and earlier, in any slot.
    Works with BIOS 7D70v183.


  13. Peity22 Jul 2023 @ 02:12

    Asus Essence STX II

    Works with BIOS 7E26v12
    I used STX_II_8_1_11_5_for_win10 driver

    Admin notice: Added board maker.


  14. Matthope23 Jul 2023 @ 07:10

    Card: Asus Essence STX
    Status: Working
    Driver: Latest Asus Win10 x64
    OS: Windows 11
    Motherboard: MSI PRO X670-P WIFI with latest BIOS
    PCIE slot: PCI_E4: PCIe 4.0 x2 (From X670 chipset)


    • Matthope27 Jul 2023 @ 21:05

      After more time using it in Windows 11, Asus default driver keep crashing. Behavior: Asus GUI keeps closing by itself. I need to launch the GUI each time to be able to switch output.


      • Tiensha20 Aug 2023 @ 14:12

        regarding to your problem and regarding my previous posting. using win11 and no problems so far, except...sometimes Asus audio center does not load at start up...loading manually anyway...and no problems after...having x570 and x670 as you...makes me wonder ....agesa support on x670 worse or the chipset..cpu switching on pci ex hardware related or on powering down unused pci ex lanes..more agressive on x670...i wonder...


        • CarvedInside22 Aug 2023 @ 03:05

          Please take some time to write more correctly so that your comment is easily readable. Make the first letter of a new sentence uppercased, write the product names how they are originally written or at least capitalize their first letter, write "i" as "I". Limit the use "...".


    • Matthope23 Sep 2023 @ 02:57

      After few weeks of use with Win11, I can no longer ignore the growing list of issues:
      1. Sometime a very loud screech happens and the only way to make it go aways is to restart the computer.
      2. Xonar GUI close by itself and/or won't stay in the taskbar icon.
      3. When changing to headphone sometime the gain is stuck to the higher preset. Changing it in the GUI doesn't have any effect.
      4. Xonar GUI crashes and make the process explorer.exe freeze. (Need to restart it with the task manager)

      I think I will go back to Windows 10, since I never had issue with that OS. The sad thing is that Windows 10 is EOL is in two years. Meaning that at that point I will need to purchase an external DAC since no new PCIE sound card are even worth mentioning.


  15. Danny M01 Sep 2023 @ 01:19

    I can confirm Essence STXII works with Gigabyte 650 Aorus Elite AX AM5 The card will work in either of the lower 2 slots. Also using the ASUS drivers from their site. The Uni drivers wouldnt work for me which is an issue on my end. My Essence ST naturally needed the adapter but it i also worked too with ASUS and UNI drivers.
    Hope this helps.


    • Danny M01 Jan 2024 @ 09:13

      Also, you can swap op amps from the ST to the STXII. I bought a used STXII with different amps. The sound wasn't to my preference so I swapped the amps from the ST into the STXII and what a difference. This is running on a Gigabyte B650 Aorus Elite AX in PCI-E slots 1 or 2 with Win 10 Pro, AMD R7-7700x cpu with onboard audio off..
      I hope this helps somebody out.

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