1. Stanley14 Sep 2020 @ 22:01

    I see that the bios has been released, are there any changes about asus STX II compatibility?


  2. Trabbi04 Oct 2020 @ 21:15

    I can confirm solution #9 works for Asus Crosshair VIII Hero Wifi. It works 99%.

    Due to current situation, I'm working from home since March and updated my system to a Ryzen 3 3900X a few weeks ago. Of course, it doesn't work at the beginning, even with the Bios Version, claiming to fix the problem with an Essence STX II, it still crashes. Latest Bios didn't worked too. I bought a riser from Amazon with a separate 6 pin power connector and now it works perfectly fine. I'd say, once a week it crashes when I'm switching from headphones to speaker. My PC runs 12-14h a day, I need it for work and for gaming/music/watching YouTube/....

    Crashing seems to happen under high (sound) load, but quite randomly. I can switch 20+ times with a high frequency with no problems (2 seconds headphones, 2 second speaker, 2 second headphone,...). But like I said, once a week it still crashes, but that's okay for me.

    When I remember the photo of solution #9 correctly, the 6 pin connector isn't connected, I have to plug the 6 pin connector into the riser to power my Essence STX II properly. It runs smoothly now.

    I'd say that a USB riser, described in solution #9, should work for all mainboards as a solution.

    I hope, this information helps other people 🙂


    • CarvedInside05 Oct 2020 @ 02:12

      Great. Thank you for sharing. If you can provide additional info:
      1. Before this, have you tried any other possible solutions, particularly 3, 4 and 7? On this note, you could also try these in conjuction with the PCIe riser solution, maybe it would solve that rare crash also.
      2. Please provide a link to the product PCIe riser you bought.
      3. In which PCIe slot is the riser plugged in?
      4. Please clarify this statement "When I remember the photo of solution 9 correctly, the 6 pin connector isn't connected, I have to plug the 6 pin connector into the riser to power my Essence STX II properly. It runs smoothly now." You meant to say that at one point you had the STX II card connected to the PCIe riser but forgot to connect the separate power connector to the PCIe riser and in that situation you still had crashes?


  3. Art38516 Oct 2020 @ 14:24

    Asrock x370 Taichi bios 6.40 (Agesa Xonar STXII is usable though not 100% working but it's the most stable bios since like first bios with zen2 support. Changing output will randomly generate BSOD. Sometimes when loading/closing windows will crash too. Changing pcie speed will not resolve the issue. Used slot 4 and 5

    On MSI B550 Tomahawk (AGESA seems to work perfectly fine i tried to trigger bsod by changing fast ouput from speakers to headphones for like 2 minutes and I gave up. No BSOD. Will test more in normal usage and report back. Slot used - bottom pcie x1


    • Art38520 Oct 2020 @ 12:24

      I'm reporting back Xonar STXII is working without any problems on MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk AGESA Tested ori driver, and all of Uni. Driver installation do not trigger BSOD on this board. Perfectly stable can't make it crash.


      • chrisbchicken05 Dec 2020 @ 00:51

        Got the same setup (MSI B550 Tomahawk + STX II).
        ASUS drivers would tell me "audio device not found", installation not possible.
        Uni driver is working completely fine. No reboots until now.


  4. Nozi01 Nov 2020 @ 21:22

    I have a Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite and not working with the STX II. I plan I will buy a Gigabyte X570 Aorus Ultra. Is there any news about this working properly? Thanks!


    • CarvedInside02 Nov 2020 @ 06:30

      With your current motherboard, have you tried any of the possible solutions I provided? Particularly no. 1, 3, 4 and 7?
      If you have room in your case maybe it would be better to try the possible solution 9 instead of trying with a new motherboard.

      Regarding the Gigabyte X570 Aorus Ultra, I personally haven't seen any reports. I think it could go either way. If you decide to go ahead and buy the new motherboard, let us know how it goes.


      • Nozi04 Nov 2020 @ 10:24

        I went through these points 1 year ago, but unfortunately it didn’t work. Another bios update has come out since then, I haven't tried it yet.
        I didn't try the PCIe riser. I'll check.
        Thanks for the info!


  5. nugroo05 Dec 2020 @ 12:45

    using AMD ryzen 7 and MSI B550 with STX II - wont let me install driver on test mode and disabling driver signature always has a click then reboots in the middle of installing,
    for some reason it worked for me once, but i had to do a fresh install for another reason, now after 10 attemps it wont install, just always reboots, any tips??


    • CarvedInside06 Dec 2020 @ 22:13

      1. Which motherboard model do you have?
      2. In which PCIe slot have you plugged the card? Was it here before?
      3. Which driver versions have you tried?
      4. Which Windows version you currently have?
      5. Did you recently update your motherboard BIOS? Or did you restore BIOS settings to defaults? I'm thinking maybe you previously did one of the possible solutions I presented above and those settings where recently changed back.


  6. Craig05 Dec 2020 @ 20:47

    Since installing the MSI B450 Tomahawk motherboard in 2018 (with Ryzen 5 2600XT CPU) - I could not install or run the Xonar Essence STX II card (PCI-e 1.0 slot version).
    Issue was the system rebooting during the install attempt (using STX_II_8_1_11_5_win10 driver) and windows unable to recognise the driver etc. Similar to nugruoo's post from earlier today on this thread with the card making the clicking noise when unplanned reboot happens.

    I'm leaving this comment to say that yesterday, since flashing the BIOS from the installed manufacturer MSI (2018) version 7C02v12, with the latest (Sept 2020) 7C02v1E I've been able to install and run the Xonar without issue. Woo! https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/B450-TOMAHAWK


    • CarvedInside06 Dec 2020 @ 22:18

      Good to know, thank your for sharing this. Hopefully they fixed or start fixing this for the other motherboards as well.


    • Abue16 Dec 2020 @ 20:03

      ohhh this is interesting news, I wonder if ASRock will have some update on this soon.


  7. Maax05 Jan 2021 @ 23:23

    Finished a week ago my PC build including a Asus Xonar Essence STX (V1) with Motherboard ASUS ROG STRIX B550-E (December 2020 BIOS) & AMD Ryzen 5600x-> No issue with the ASUS drivers for Xonar Essence ( Card is installed on the lowest slot.
    Good to see that I can re-use such old but great card for the next years.


  8. SkycladGuardian15 Jan 2021 @ 20:13

    I upgraded my rig to a AMD Ryzen 5900X on a Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro AC (latest BIOS F11, AGESA and installed my Xonar Essence STX II in the second PCIE x1 slot. Running Win 10 Pro 20H2 I had to install the UNi Driver in Safe Mode as otherwise the installation would cause my PC to restart.
    So far (for a week now) I have experienced no problems. Switching between headphones and speakers and front panel connections works without problems. Though I do not use any advanced features, I just listen to music and play games in stereo - don't know if that's a point of consideration.
    I am very glad it did work as there do not seem to be many modern sound cards of comparable quality around (especially for HiFi Headphones).


    • CarvedInside16 Jan 2021 @ 02:19

      Thank you for the info. Let us know if you encounter any restarts down the road.

      I'm thinking maybe the issue with the drivers installing only in safe mode could be because of a bug in Windows 10 version 20H2. Which driver version did you installed? On your previous system did you also had Windows 10 version 20H2? Did it install with Windows booted normally?


      • SkycladGuardian16 Jan 2021 @ 13:14

        I installed the 1.80b r3 Version as I did not want to go through the hassle of disabling Driver Signature Verification. My previous system was a i7 5820K on a Asus X-99 Deluxe board with the sound card running without problems with the official Asus drivers.
        I've bought the card in February 2018 and installed all major Windows 10 updates since then without problems.I have not needed to reinstall the drivers once.


  9. st33L16 Jan 2021 @ 01:31


    I have STX II and works fine on MSI MEG X570 Unify PCI-E x1 Slot 4 with original Driver from Asus all in First Try. 🙂


  10. Dino17 Jan 2021 @ 16:49

    While installed UNi Xonar Drivers 1.81 make my system restart. After I config PCI express 2 from 4x mode to 1x mode in Bios and D2X work ok. Thank All for help.
    My system:
    AMD R9 5900x, Asus TUF X570 gaming, Bios verion: 3001; AGESA
    Samsung M2 980 PCI express plug into M2.2 slot
    D2X PCI Express: D2X soundcard plug into PCI express 2 slot
    Windows 10 Pro: 20H2 ver


    • Dino18 Jan 2021 @ 16:11

      - I changed pluging slot from PCIe X16_2 to PCIe 1_3 without uninstall drivers 1.81 and system cant boot into Windows ( loop restart).
      After i change with modes of PCIe 1_3 in bios and it only work normal with mode 2x for this slot.
      - Continues:
      While can work normal with above config ( testing play music for several hours) then ...
      I uninstall driver 1.81 then restart PC and re-install 1.81 driver and cant install this driver (installing make system restart; change mode of PCIx 1_3 from 1 to 4 in bios cant help ...). Last, i get PCIx 1_3 in 2x mode and install 1.81 with uncheck "clean driver before install" in setup menu of "UNi-Xonar-W10-1825-v1.81a-r2" driver; processing install is successful. Now, My D2X is working normal. 😀

      Note: Uninstall Xonar D2X device in Computer Management before.


      • CarvedInside18 Jan 2021 @ 20:11

        It would be great if you could specify the exact name of the BIOS setting you are changing both for PCIe x16_2 and PCIe 1_3 slots and where they are located.


          • CarvedInside21 Jan 2021 @ 18:53

            Thank you. So, you are changing the PCIe slot speed from Gen 4 to Gen 1 and Gen 2 as I've described in possible solution 3. The way you originally wrote, that you've changed from 4x to 1x and 2x, it's being understood that you are changing the PCIe slot bandwidth, which is something else.


      • Dino21 Jan 2021 @ 03:37

        New Issue: My PC sometimes has sudden restarting. Example: While playing youtube on Firefox (PC go to IDLE - monitor off); Check EventViewer show: Event ID: 18.
        Anyone has same Issue?


        • CarvedInside21 Jan 2021 @ 18:45

          Which video card do you have?
          You will have to try without the Xonar drivers or preferably without the Xonar D2X card, to see if the issue is related to the Xonar card or not. Let us know how it goes.


          • Dino21 Jan 2021 @ 19:43

            I use GTX 950 VGA.

            Next saturday i will try soundcard onboard without D2X after reinstall Windows. But now i can use foobar2000 play music without any issues.

            Play youtube will only have sudden restart while PC go to IDLE, If PC is useing then it plays youtube with no problems.


        • Dino24 Jan 2021 @ 18:53

          Today, it had sudden reboot while i dont play any sounds ... Very sad.


          • CarvedInside26 Jan 2021 @ 19:49

            So as far as I understood, if the card is plugged in PCIe 1_3 set to Gen1 and Gen2, and with PCI Express-> Link State Power Management set to "Moderate power savings" or "Maximum power " your system restarts at various points.

            But if you set PCI Express-> Link State Power Management -> Off, is your system 100% stable with the Xonar D2X card and it's drivers installed?


            • Dino27 Jan 2021 @ 15:33

              No, Link state power management --> Off help can play youtube while IDLE system without reboot but change time of timeline youtube still has reboots


              • CarvedInside31 Jan 2021 @ 19:56

                You could try to also do what I wrote at possible solution 7.

                Have you tried again in with the Xonar D2X card in the the PCIe X16_2 slot? Was under the impression that the card worked fine there. But maybe you didn't test it enough.


                • Dino17 Mar 2021 @ 12:51

                  No, i try with PCIe X16_2 slot again, can install drivers and play with Xonar D2X. However still have reboots suddenly while play musics. Final, I get Sound Blaster AE 7 yesterday.


                  • CarvedInside17 Mar 2021 @ 21:48

                    When you say "still have reboots suddenly while play musics" is that with the Xonar card in the PCIe X16_2 or you have yet to try that again?
                    Let me know if your Ryzen system works fine with the Creative Sound Blaster AE-7.


                    • Dino20 Mar 2021 @ 14:51

                      yes, "still have reboots suddenly while play musics" while D2X plug in PCIe X16_2.
                      AE-7 worked good with my Ryzen 😀 , not with issues

  11. CG29 Jan 2021 @ 02:43

    I just built a system with the ASUS TUF Gaming X570 plus Wifi and a Ryzen 9 3900x with which I used a Xonar D2X card.
    When the D2X was plugged in the PCIEx1_1 slot my system was rebooting when installing UNi Xonar v1.71.1. I tried changing to Gen 3,2,1 with no positive result.
    I moved the D2X to the PCIEx16_1, the PCIe where you usually place the GPU, and it worked. Got sound out of it but have not played with the settings or put it under a workload. Hopefully it gives me no further issues. I have been using this card for a looong time and do not want to give it up. I only tested this with "PCIEX16_1 Mode" and the other PCIe slots settings set to Gen 1 in BIOS. I am not about to change it back to AUTO and risk messing anything up.


    • CG30 Jan 2021 @ 02:25

      Correction: I realized today that I neglected to change the PCIe slots back to auto. So, the PCIex16 slots are set to GEN 1. I am not about to change it back to auto and risk messing anything up. But it would not work in the PCIex16 slot that was not closest to Processer with that setting.


    • CarvedInside31 Jan 2021 @ 20:13

      I think it would be better and clearer by rewriting the original comment with the additional information. Also, which PCIe slot exactly is where it works, is it the PCIEx16_1, which is where you normally plug the GPU? The PCIe slots exact names are outlined in the motherboard manual at page 16. The PCIe X16 slots are PCIEx16_1 and PCIEx16_2.

      To make things easier, based on what I understood from your two comments and the board PCIe layout, here is how I would rewrite your original comment. Let me know if it's correct.
      "I just built a system with the ASUS TUF Gaming X570 plus Wifi and a Ryzen 9 3900x with which I used a Xonar D2X card.
      When the D2X was plugged in the PCIEx16_2(???) slot my system was rebooting when installing Uni xonar v 1.71.1. I tried changing to Gen 3,2,1 with no positive result.
      I moved the D2X to the PCIEx16_1(???), the PCIe where you usually place the GPU, and it worked. Got sound out of it but have not played with the settings or put it under a workload. Hopefully it gives me no further issues. I have been using this card for a looong time and do not want to give it up. I only tested this with "PCIEX16_1 Mode" and "PCIEX16_2 Mode" settings both set to Gen 1 in BIOS. I am not about to change it back to AUTO and risk messing anything up."


      • Curious13 Feb 2021 @ 23:42

        My apologies for not being clear. I had a lot going on and was just trying to get the info out there. You did a good job of rewriting my post.
        Originally I had it in the PCIEx1_1 slot and it would reboot during driver installation. I moved it to the PCIEx16_1 slot with it set to GEN 1 and have had no issues. I have since used it some and still have no issues. Did i leave anything out?


        • CarvedInside14 Feb 2021 @ 02:03

          Ok, no problem. Thanks for sharing the information with us.

          I think that covers it. I've updated the original post if there is a mistake let me know.
          If you decide to change the PCIe bios settings or change the slots where the Xonar card is plugged in and have an update for us, please post it as a reply to your original comment.


  12. Dix29 Jan 2021 @ 20:27

    Will my ASUS ROG Strix B550-F mb work with any Xonar cards? Pls help!


    • SUMF31 Jan 2021 @ 13:02

      My PC is B550-F USE ASUS Essence STX II SOUND CARD SOMETIME system rebooting.


      • CarvedInside31 Jan 2021 @ 22:32

        Have you tried switching the PCIe Mode to Gen 1 for the slot where the STX II is plugged in, like I said in possible solution 3?


  13. gkatev15 Feb 2021 @ 17:00

    Any info on the Asus Xonar SE at all? Is there a specific reason it's not on the list, or is it simply that no one has reported results of it?


  14. TeaTime10 Mar 2021 @ 13:15

    Hi Folks,
    I've upgraded my Rig to a Gigabyte Aorus Pro V2 with a Ryzen 7 5800x. Bios: F12 (AGESA: ComboV2 D).
    The Asus STX II is installed in the lower PciEX1_2 Slot. I haven't changed the Gen of it so i assume it runs in Gen 3 x 1 mode? Don't know.

    I got no trouble installing the official Asus Driver.
    The Card works for some time and then suddenly stops. It just don't provide any sound output anymore untill I restart the PC. I cannot just disable and renable the Card in the Device Manager. It seems frozen. Switching to the Mainboard Sound works.

    Thanks @CarvedInside for your work. Im pretty unhappy how Asus just doesn't care at all..

    I may going to try the Custom Driver and see if that Fix it.


    • CarvedInside12 Mar 2021 @ 18:49

      Is that the Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro V2?
      If it's the B550 the PCIEX1_2 slot is Gen 3. Still it's worth trying to set it to Gen 1 if you still have the issue even with UNi Xonar drivers, which I recommend to test with Low DPC Latency configuration option.
      Let us know if those or any of the other possible solutions work for you.


      • TeaTime30 Mar 2021 @ 03:49

        Ye it's the B550 v2.
        I've checked the BIOS and it's allredy detects the Card as 1x1. I didn't found a setting for this particula Slot alone. Only for the 16x and maybe the 8x but it's been a while since i've checked it and the "deeps" of the BIOS aint that easy that im used to from my old Z77 :,D.
        HWInfo confirms that the Card is runing in 1x1 mode.

        I may try to change Slots some time but for the most part it's running. Maybe a Bios update in the Future or a Chipset Driver going to fix it. I've tryed to dissable some energy safings without any success. I don't want to deal with unsigned Drivers and the risk of getting my hole System unstable.


  15. WiseJoeyD11 Mar 2021 @ 10:33

    Wanted to confirm Xonar Essence STX continues to work with MSI B450 Tomahawk Max with latest based AGESA.

    No special mitigation needed since last time (recording devices enabled). Also on latest Windows 10 (20h2).

    Gaming and listening to music continue working great



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