1. VforVendetta06 May 2018 @ 18:46

    I'm so fed up with that Essence STX II.
    Switching from speakers to microphone might lead to an immediate system reboot.
    Using Rosetta Stone with headset might lead to an immediate system reboot.
    Opening a YouTube video or a movie might lead to an immediate system reboot.
    Configuring Mumble might lead to an immediate system reboot.
    It doesn't matter if I use the official or unofficial drivers. It even behaves like this on Linux.
    The sound quality of the card is brilliant, but the headset should be used with an onboard solution. Then it works. Next time I'm going to buy a sound card, I'll have to be more careful.


  2. SKG07 May 2018 @ 16:29

    I'm seeing an issue with application exclusive access and the C-media & GX enabled installation. "Normal - Asus Audio Center" installation properly manages exclusive access whereas it's a free for all with "C-media Panel with GX enabled." Reinstalling (and letting the device driver scrubber run) "Normal" corrects this situation.


    • CarvedInside08 May 2018 @ 18:59

      Please clarify this issue with application exclusive access. I don't understand at what are you referring to. Don't the drivers install with "C-media Panel with GX" or WASAPI exclusive mode playback does not work?
      Tell me your complete OS version and which UNi Xonar drivers have you used.


  3. Roman09 May 2018 @ 02:54

    After big update of Windows 10 (version 1803) at the beginning of May in my ASUS XONAG DG S/PDIF Optical Output doesn't work at all. I tested many versions of drivers from this website but this problem still exist. Before Windows 10 BIG update this drivers works correct. Right know don't know what to do because I have Low Profile Dell 9010 and not possible to buy other card with Optical output. Waiting for any tips.


    • CarvedInside10 May 2018 @ 06:45

      Hi. You should contact Microsoft Windows support and let them know about this issue. Until MS fixes the issue you should revert back to the previous Windows 10 version.


  4. Roman10 May 2018 @ 00:36

    Microphone stopped working too even I checked this solution http://maxedtech.com/fix-microphone-not-working-in-windows-10-1803/


  5. Roman10 May 2018 @ 19:04

    I called today to Microsoft. They connected to my computer and told that they have many phone calls about not working microphone in new version of Win10 after big update. We have to wait for MS update. Last problem not solved ... why I see jumping level of sound on SPDIF optical output but no sound on amplifier? Cable is correct.


    • VforVendetta12 May 2018 @ 18:14

      Did you check your data protection settings? There, I had to activate the microphone in order to use it. This window also allows you to grant Windows apps microphone access.


  6. Darko10 May 2018 @ 19:42

    Just want to report that on latest Windows 10 64bit 1803, build 17134.48 everything works perfectly fine with my Asus Xonar DSX using UNi Xonar W10 1825 v1.81a r2 driver package . DTS Interactive , DTS NEO , everything in games like Ghost Recon Wildlands and Far Cry 5 ..amazing audio quality so quite happy for now 🙂 ..a yes I could play DTS-HD and DTS-Master via KODI . Also for unexplained reason I can play Dolby Atmos from Netflix ..some shows / movies are designated 5.1 but some are designate Dolby ATMOS and it works I'm quite surprised. Any logical explanation ?


    • CarvedInside10 May 2018 @ 22:49

      Thank you for posting your experience with Win 10 1803.


    • Zsolt11 May 2018 @ 14:55

      As far as I know atmos is just a TrueHD soundtrack embedded with some spatial information. So it will be decoded normally as a multi channel soundtrack.


      • Darko12 May 2018 @ 00:44

        Interesting , thank you! I'm more on DTS side and always was, didn't bother much with Dolby , However NETFLIX use Dolby only so I was surprised to see that some shows/Movies play as "Dolby ATMOS" there is a difference between in audio quality and channel positioning between Atmos designated and the one only with 5,1 it is more dynamic and the sound appears all around while on 5.1 it is mainly... how should explain it ..focused... back and forth and it is also atmospheric but not in the way Atmos does . Good example was Alteret Carbon . I thought that ATMOS is a special kind of multi-channel stream that needs specific ATMOS designated equipment never though ti could be reproduced or maybe simulated by Xonar DSX .


        • Zsolt12 May 2018 @ 14:43

          The DSX certainly doesn't do any such things.
          Maybe the netflix client (or whatever you play them back with) has a proper decoder/dsp for Atmos. Apparently there's even a free Dolby Access app that can render Atmos streams for headphones.


  7. Louis11 May 2018 @ 12:08

    Just wanted to add: Essence STX Upgraded to Win10 1803, no problems that I can see. Gaming continued as normal. I do have my microphone set using onboard, output sound through the normal STX headphone jacks. (my card's microphone ports? or software? who knows. stopped functioning correctly a while ago.)


  8. Ziddy11 May 2018 @ 13:02


    I still want to add up about the reported issue "Default format (bit-depth and sample rate) from Windows Volume->Playback devices and the number of audio channels resets each time the Windows Volume icon is clicked (#1, #2). Anyone affected should report the issue to Microsoft. Update 8 Mar 2018: this should be fixed with KB4074588 update.".

    It seems that it still rarely happens to reset itself (it only happens after restarting Windows on a rare occasion). However, when it comes to opening the volume mixer the first time after Windows has restarted, any program or game that is running before you do that will either try to reset its audio, no longer outputs audio until you restart or it will just straight up crash.

    This has been going on for a very long while and it has started to happen for me after the fall creators update and it still rarely happens after the KB4074588 update and that it still hasn’t completely fixed it (for me at least).
    Using STX II on v1.80b r3 and also running on Windows version 1709 (OS Build 16299.431).
    It's possible I'm the only one that has this problem but I'm probably just going to assume that version 1709 still hasn't completely fixed it.


    • Ziddy11 May 2018 @ 22:53

      Also, to add up to it: I’ve just updated to Version 1803 (OS Build 17134.48) and the same issue still persists.


    • CarvedInside12 May 2018 @ 22:33

      What a mess Windows 10 is. It sounds like they didn't fix it completely. You may want to contact MS and let them know.
      Thanks for the report, I will update the notes.


      • Steph13 May 2018 @ 22:44

        They rebroke it with the latest update. It was fixed before (at least for me). Now if i right click the first time, it reset to default values.


        • CarvedInside16 May 2018 @ 07:53

          Do you happen to know which update is that? Or are you referring to Windows 10 1803 version update?


          • Steph16 May 2018 @ 22:36

            I had the February 13, 2018—KB4074588 (OS Build 16299.248) that fixed the issue.
            But the in the Windows 10, version 1803 it is broken again.


  9. Bird4214 May 2018 @ 17:39

    Hallo, I just bought and installed my new ASUS Xonar Essence STX II on my HP PC (with Front Sound detection) running WIndows 10 Enterprise version 1709 (OS Build 16299,402).
    Only got sound from my left earphone and none on the right side.
    Today I also installed the included RCA splitter (red/white) on the card (useless I thought), but..... now I got sound from left and right


    • CarvedInside16 May 2018 @ 02:46

      If I understood correctly, when you've used the front panel connection to your STX II card it only worked for the left channel. If the front panel connection worked fine with the onboard card then the your STX II card has a faulty part in front panel output circuit. There is no software fix, only replacing your card.


      • bird4218 May 2018 @ 20:30

        The Front Panel connection on my HP-computer works flawlessly with the onboard sound-chip. When I disconnect the front-panel-connector from the motherboard and put it on top of the STX II, I get an error from my HP computer, something like 100..... front-panel connector is not connected. (I cannot disable the onboard chip in HP-BIOS).
        solution: I connected my earphones directly to the earphone connector on the STX II (via the 6.3mm connector), that gave me only sound on the left side of the earphone, but when I also plugged the RCA splitter on the card, I got sound on both sides of my earphone.


  10. Roman14 May 2018 @ 19:33

    It's a big shame for ASUS corporation to release drivers for ASUS Xonar soundcard which are not correct working with Windows 10. Asus do not update this drivers a lot.


    • CarvedInside15 May 2018 @ 02:31

      While ASUS is at fault for not supporting their products in general regardless of Windows version. In this case I believe it's Microsoft fault for most of the issues. Other sound cards are affected by these as well. They brake compatibility with devices, make systems not boot, destroy drive partitions or introduce other unthinkable problems with each new feature update where MS mostly changes something to the interface, updates Edge and adds some new gimmick feature. With Windows 10, even stable releases, you are the beta tester.


  11. Alex15 May 2018 @ 21:21

    Distortion of sound in microphone
    I am used Asus Xonar Essence ST, preamp Art Tube Mp and microphone Audio-Technica At2035, Windows version: 10 Pro, 64Bit.

    When listening to a microphone in the "Recorders" - "Record" - The microphone (Asus Xonar Essence ST Audio Device) ALL works well, as when sending voice messages to the "Telegram", voice recording in the "Reaper" and voice in Steam - everything is fine.
    In other programs: TeamSpeak3, Skype, Discord and on the web resource (vk) appear:
    1. Noises
    2. Distortions
    3. screech
    4. Low voice level
    Updating the driver did not help.Reinstall Windows did not help. Question: how to fix it?

    Oh, and I am not use ur drivers, because i reinstall windows and want check work sound card and microphone on standart drivers for Xonar ST (not STX) on win 10. But it’s fiasco, bro…*( Please, help me.


    • CarvedInside18 May 2018 @ 05:34

      Sorry, at the moment I don't know what can be done.
      Have you tried some of the UNi Xonar drivers?
      Did you have this issue before or it suddenly appear, maybe after a Windows 10 version update or some other factor? Which Windows 10 version you have?


      • Alex20 May 2018 @ 03:49

        it's problem on start use microphone at 2035. I not use ur drivers, maybe install ur drivers & check?


      • Alex28 May 2018 @ 21:34

        Ok, dude. I install ur drivers (UNi Xonar W10 1825 v1.81a r2), and nothing of good. What can I do to fix noise and other problems in my system?


        • CarvedInside03 Jun 2018 @ 23:08

          I would had been better if you answered my previous questions.
          I don't really have an solution for you. No one else reported have a similiar issue. It's a weird issue, might have something to do with your software configuration, something you've installed. Check with the onboard card to see if it's problems that affects other audio cards. Check with Windows 7 or an older version of Windows 10.


  12. Chris16 May 2018 @ 06:12

    Hi which is the driver for Win7 sp1? I inserted a new harddrive


  13. Edward17 May 2018 @ 09:34

    Hi CarvedInside,

    I have a STX card. I downloaded the latest Windows 10 update (1803) and I'm having a really big issue with a looping sound bug. It doesn't matter what feedback it receives, it just loops over and over. I have tried uninstalling and using different drivers, do you have any thoughts?

    Thank you


    • Edward18 May 2018 @ 03:20

      Follow up: Roll-backed to the past version (it broke multiple programs, thanks Windows). Issue no longer persists


      • CarvedInside18 May 2018 @ 05:30

        Probably better. I don't know what could be done about the looping sound issue.
        Seems like MS are really making an effort to drive people away from Windows.


        • Edward18 May 2018 @ 06:00

          Cheers for the reply,

          Yeah it's definitely a pain. It's an issue I've seen discussed many times in other forums, but this symptom was always resolved by downloading your drivers, so that's interesting. Looking back I think it was like an echo, just a feedback loop--as if you held a microphone to a speaker and set it on listen and it'd just repeat on and on.

          Cheers for the reply


          • Darko18 May 2018 @ 07:19

            Honestly the whole blame should go to ASUS this LAZY FUCKS don,t do shit to keep their device driver's updated for every single peace of hardware they are doing . They have quality hardware , YES ! but UTTER SHIT IDIOTS in drivers and support teams . They are the root cause for all the problems ..not MS .


            • Zsolt18 May 2018 @ 10:47

              Both are. Drivers shouldn't need updates when the interface hasn't changed.


              • Edward18 May 2018 @ 11:32

                Regardless, I've been so impressed and glad with the Uni support in the absence of either Asus or Microsoft. It feels like being trapped on hardware island with an expensive sound card that is losing the battle against time.


  14. ig33ky21 May 2018 @ 02:47

    Anyone fixed that unbalance Right Channel issue with the Xonar DX?


  15. ahmlet22 May 2018 @ 01:27

    Hi, windows 10 1803 working fine. Sidequestion is a soundblaster z an upgrade or not worth it?


    • CarvedInside22 May 2018 @ 03:18

      Hi. Thanks for the feedback.
      Depends on which card do you have.


      • ahmlet22 May 2018 @ 16:14

        oh right, i got a xonar dg


        • Darko22 May 2018 @ 20:49

          if you are after DTS it is, both are 5.1 though so no gain here , with SB Z the future of driver development and support is guarantied although SB iz lazy as fuck to release new drivers but XonarDG is officially dead for ASUS and no upgrades whatsoever . I have SBZ and Xonar DSX and I prefer DSX over SBZ as long as it is functional . So I keep my SBZ as a backup card.
          SBZ is straight forward , no problems easy to install , sounds great with Dolby Digital Live or DTS Interactive if you are after encoded signal , Software is easy to understand and full of features .
          You can simultaneously play over OPT out using DTS Interactive and analog out without any problem.
          In case of DG Ill go with SBZ
          In case of DSX ill go with it as long as it is functional.



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