1. dave29 May 2018 @ 04:09

    I don't know if this is anything anyone can do anything about to fix but regardless of if I use stock or modded drivers I get exremely high audio latency problems when running the Metro Redux benchmark if I have 24bit 192Hz selected. Switching to 24bit 48Hz fixes the problem. I've verified this is a driver bug with the Xonar drivers by switching to the onboard ALC1220 and using 32bit 192Hz format. I've also tried swapping the PCI-E slot my Xonar uses without any success as well.


    • CarvedInside29 May 2018 @ 12:09

      I don't know what can be done about this. For the record, tell us your card, complete OS version and drivers that you've tried.
      I'm not sure if you know, but setting 24bit 192kHz would only be beneficial if you have the audio files in 192kHz.


      • dave29 May 2018 @ 15:26

        Hi CarvedInside,

        The card I have is the Xonar DX 7.1 PCI-E, I've tried every stock and modded driver I can find on the net right up to the newest 1825 branch. As useless as I knew it would be I even contacted Asus support and.. you know how this sentence is going to end, they were bloody useless and didn't even know there is an 1825 driver. This problem has also persisted over every version of Win10 I have used (not tested with build 1803 yet just got it installed) I'm a modder so when I work with audio files I do make them very high quality which is why I use 24bit 192Hz. Having to switch back to 24bit 48Hz all the time for everything else is just wearing a bit thin now so I thought I'd drop a message here hoping someone knew something about this problem. I have also in addition to swapping the PCI-E slot the Xonar is in tried all available control panel varients including the one for low latency without success. I really wish Asus would take their thumb out of their backside.. their still infinitely better than Creative but thats not really saying much a blindfolded one handed chimp writing drivers would be infinitely better than Creative.

        The only two things I found recently that might bare fruit is a blog by daniel_k who has modded Xonar drivers, and some drivers that were being rewritten from Clemens Ladisch together with these guys you might be able to come up with something for the Xonar cards. Heres the links; http://danielkawakami.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/updated-windows-10-drivers-for-asus.html https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=939&num=1


        • CarvedInside29 May 2018 @ 17:07

          Just to be clear, when you say high audio latency, you are referring to a delay in sound output, right?
          While it's a long shot you could try the SpeakerCompensation tweak.

          Starting some new drivers from scratch for the Xonar cards won't be possible.


          • dave30 May 2018 @ 14:48

            Hi Carved,

            When I say high audio latency I mean (with Metro Redux at least) that when the audio is playing sound effects cause very inconsistent framerate combined with some sound effects being caught in a delayed or high latency loop. Sometimes the loop is only brief, other times lasting for several seconds. I've been able to test with the new 1803 W10 x64 build and can say the audio delays in the benchmark are worse than ever, even switching down to 16bit 48Hz does nothing to remedy the issue now so I'm going to have to do some more investigating. Like older W10 builds switching to the Realtek ALC1220 resolves the problem completely. From the behaviour I'm seeing the root of the problem appears to be coming from the latency introduced by the PLX chip on the Xonar as its adding to the PCI-E latency already inherent of the motherboard, which as far as I am aware is 64 clock cycles. I have some graphs from the benchmark comparing the Xonar at 24bit 192, 24bit 48, and the Realtek 1220 at 32bit 192 giving a good visual representation of how these audio loops / delays with the Xonar affect the game if you would like to see them.


        • Davide29 May 2018 @ 19:24

          Do these 1825 drivers work better than the official Asus (1823)?
          I have a Xonar dx sound card, I would like an even better sound if possible.


  2. Edward02 Jun 2018 @ 23:57

    Question to other xonar users who have or have had the common microphone hiss/whine on boost, how did you fix it?


  3. Shawn03 Jun 2018 @ 03:02

    I have a very interesting problem.

    Ok, so my card is the Xonar DG and I have a headset.

    When I plug my headset mic into the back panel Mic in/Line in port it doesn't work.
    When I plug my headset mic into the front panel Mic in/Line in port it works.
    When I plug my tablet into the back panel Mic in/Line in port it works.

    So it appears that the back panel port is working, as is the headset microphone, yet the mic doesn't work in the port.
    I have tried a different headset as well, yet the same problems remain.
    Stranger still is the fact that it all worked fine until I plugged the tablet into the back Mic in/Line in port.


    • CarvedInside03 Jun 2018 @ 23:20

      Try uninstalling the drivers and installing them again.
      If it does not work, might be a problem with the cards "Mic in" jack somehow no longer making proper connection with the microphone jack connector and maybe the tablet cable still works because it's slightly different.


  4. Bigblocktowncar03 Jun 2018 @ 20:28

    I am told on the guru3d forum that PCIe to PCI adapters that have an Asmedia 1083 chipset-revision 3 will work with the Asus Xonar ST, but have not yet tried this.........most of those adapter cards seem to be $40-60, so I don't know if I want to pay 1/3 of the price of a new soundcard for an adapter that may or may not work for me. I saw some posts about the Star Tech adapter (which does not work) but has anyone tried one of these?

    Regardless of the functionality of the adapter, my next thought would be clearance. The Xonar Essence ST output jacks and case alignment are going to be about 1/2 inch off, as the adapter's bracket is the one that is secured to the case, not the actual sound card.....meaning that the output RCAs will either come in contact with the case, OR, the gold mounting bracket has to be removed (leaving a fairly heavy card to just hang off of the adapter), not to mention the cable clearance issues. Unfortunately, I think that these PCI cards are pretty much obsolete.


  5. Kirill04 Jun 2018 @ 01:20

    UNi Xonar 1816/1821 v1.71.1, will this version of the driver work for 1803, if not - why?


    • CarvedInside04 Jun 2018 @ 13:11

      It works with Windows 10 ver 1803. Just that the bluescreen from wake up issue should be fixed with 1803 so you would not need the v1.71.1 drivers for that.


      • Kirill04 Jun 2018 @ 14:52

        I put v1.75a r3 and the sound seemed to me somehow unnatural, before that there were 1.71.1


  6. sarheyz04 Jun 2018 @ 09:37

    Help me pls. I can't install drivers UNI or official. I have BSOD. Windows 10 with last update. I can try install versions from 1.81 to 1.64.


    • CarvedInside04 Jun 2018 @ 13:24

      Which audio card do you have? Which drivers have you tried? Have you tried 1.71.1? Try them and the other versions maybe one will work.
      Also try installing the audio driver only(Possible solution 1) and report if that works.


      • sarheyz05 Jun 2018 @ 19:03

        ASUS DGX, my windows crush periodically if sound card installed. I think problems whith windows, not drivers. Or sound card


        • CarvedInside06 Jun 2018 @ 00:13

          Yeah most likely some issue from the Windows 10 1803 version. Still, you could try multiple UNi Xonar drivers, one of them might not trigger the issue. This was the case for others in the past.
          If none work your only option is to roll back to the previous Windows 10 version.


          • sarheyz06 Jun 2018 @ 12:54

            My PC freeze when I try find Microsoft's drivers, or do some thing whith sound card, but drivers install correct safe mode. After that freeze on login screen


  7. Christi105 Jun 2018 @ 18:59

    Hello, I just discovered your site that just help me configure my sound card, Xonar DGX. When I wanted to make the settings of the sound (windows 10) the software crashed. With your software I no longer have this problem. The only thing I can not configure, these are the system input channels, as soon as I choose 2ch or 8 ch the inscriptions disappear. If you have an idea, I'm interested. Thank you for your site and good luck. Yours, Christian


    • CarvedInside05 Jun 2018 @ 23:30

      Which version of Windows 10 do you have? Where are you changing the number of channels? Which drivers have you installed? Maybe you can upload a screenshot with the problem.
      If you are using Asus Audio Center then you should check C-Media Panel that's already installed with UNi Xonar drivers or check XonarSwitch.


      • Ferooz Christi109 Jun 2018 @ 18:06

        Hello, I'm coming back for a good news or a miracle (...) since the last update of windows 10 insider, the C-media panel is working properly. I can choose the number of channels, speakers finally it is operational. Thank you for your help and advice who are always welcome. Feel free to improve the program, the years go by if you put your finger on it, it will last a long time. Thank you and have a nice weekend, Christian


  8. Alexander05 Jun 2018 @ 19:49

    Function "What you hear" doesn't work with latest win10 update. Xonar DS. 1825 v1.81a r2


    • CarvedInside05 Jun 2018 @ 23:33

      Are you referring to Stream What You Hear application?
      I don't think it's a Xonar driver problem. Please check with the onboard audio and see if it works with it.


  9. Domme09 Jun 2018 @ 01:10

    I'm using a Asus Xonar DGX soundcard and have some issues with my mic. Everything worked fine for me (since I got the card) until two weeks ago....
    My problem is that my mic is not working anymore. I have already checked everything but can't find the problem. When I tick the option "monitoring" in the microphone options I can hear myself. So there must be a software problem. I also deselected the option "front mic" and activated the mic in my privacy settings....Does anyone have the same problem and knows how to fix this? Headphones are working fine..

    Thank you in advance!


    • CarvedInside11 Jun 2018 @ 09:38

      Hello. Try the connecting the microphone to the onboard card and see if exhibits the same behavior.
      You should also reinstall the UNi Xonar driver.


  10. Marcus12 Jun 2018 @ 09:36

    Hey, I can't seem to see the download link or are they only downloadable under the standalone packs?


    • CarvedInside12 Jun 2018 @ 13:57

      They should be under driver downloads and above standalone packs. The driver download entries load separately as an iframe so maybe for some reason that's blocked on your browser, probably by an extension you have installed. If they do not show up please tell me which browser are you using and if you figure which extension blocks them.
      If you are still having trouble seeing the download links you could check with a different browser.


      • Marcus12 Jun 2018 @ 17:26

        Hey I tried Chrome, Edge and Firefox none of these work on my computer but on my surface I can see the download links... I've been searching for 2 days xD

        I feel kind of dumb now...


        • CarvedInside12 Jun 2018 @ 18:01

          Really weird behavior. Do you have any sort of extension or application that could block parts of webpages?
          There is no reason to feed dumb.

          If you still need to download the drivers try this link.


          • Marcus14 Jun 2018 @ 18:07

            The link works thanks. At first I thought it was Adblock Plus but after deinstalling nothing changed and my Edge is without any addons.


  11. Elliot16 Jun 2018 @ 22:42

    Hi there,

    I seem to recall a version of the driver and the DG Audio Center UI having buttons for music and gaming, including the usual DSP mode - I've since reinstalled Windows and thus these drivers and those buttons have gone. I've tried two previous drivers too, perhaps I am not going far back enough? Any ideas anyone? Thank you in advance.


  12. Brian17 Jun 2018 @ 08:28

    First I wanted to thank you for your drivers and the excellent support you provide for them. Right now I am having an issue that may not be related to your drivers, but I am not able to figure out what is wrong on my own.

    The issue is that my microphone is listed as "currently unavailable" in the sound control panel. This problem has been happening for a few days. It was originally intermittent, and fiddling with the bitrate of the microphone seemed to have some affect on causing it to work again. The issue is now constant unfortunately, and my microphone is always listed as "currently unavailable."

    To try to resolve this I have tried your past two drivers, tried two sound cards (I have two eclaros due to a mistake a long time ago), tried two microphones, and tried two PCIe slots. My privacy settings seem to be in order.

    Before running into this issue I did a couple things that could have affected it. I moved my sound card to a different slot without uninstalling it (while powered down, and I did have to reinstall the drivers afterwards of course) while trying to hunt down the cause of a phantom noise. I also have been playing a game that causes me to swap my playback bitrate, so I have been swapping bitrates frequently.

    When I uninstall the drivers now to reinstall them (in an attempt to fix the issue) I am doing so from the device manager.

    Any thoughts you have on the issue would be appreciated, thank you!

    A followup to what I just wrote:
    I was being (really) dumb, I didn’t see the c media drivers in my control panel so I had been uninstalling through device manager.
    I forgot there was a “UNi” in front of them. I uninstalled them correctly this time and everything is fine. My mic is back to working.


    • Brian17 Jun 2018 @ 20:26

      A further and unfortunate update to my issue:

      Today upon restarting my computer the issue was back. I restarted a few times while leaving mic monitoring on and it was alright. I noticed that when I restarted without monitoring on that sometimes the "Line In" option would become available and the mic would again go unavailable. I disabled the line in and after 10 restarts the mic has been working each time (without the line monitoring).

      I really botched something up, but at least it is working right now.


      • CarvedInside18 Jun 2018 @ 04:11

        Line In and Microphone inputs cancel one another depending on which is in use. The problem probably comes from a program you use which uses the "Line In" input. This could even be a webpage in a browser.
        You should check that Microphone is set as default under Windows Sound -> Recording when "Line In" is enabled.


  13. richard07 Jul 2018 @ 09:57

    Hello, UNi Xonar W10 1825 v1.81a r2 has way many pops and crackles using jriver no matter the buffering in windows 10...UNi Xonar STXII 11.5 v1.80b r3 fixed the problem right away. Using stx latecny 10...thanks!


  14. zero512 Jul 2018 @ 16:49

    Does Windows 10 native "spatial sound" works with the UNi drivers or even Xonar cards (DG in particular)?
    I have latest UNi drivers installed along with XonarSwitch (output set to 2.0 channels) but I don't hear any difference with Windows Sonic on or off. All it does is resets my channels to stereo if I have anything BUT stereo set up before activating Sonic. I haven't tried using my onboard sound since I don't want to install drivers back and forth so... Can anyone confirm if this Windows feature works or not?
    This spatial sound feature was a part of last year's Creators Update I believe.


    • Case12 Jul 2018 @ 20:58

      It works as expected, meaning you need support on the software side for it to offer you anything worth using. And even then I'd say it's still much worse than using Dolby Headphone.



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