1. winstroldepot7014 Jul 2018 @ 12:51

    Hello, please help!!!
    after getting my Essence STX2 to run with the "UNi Xonar W10 1825 v1.81a r2" on my win10 pro I always have a constant crackle/rustle (sorry for my bad english there) sounding in between songs. when I stop the playback, this sound starts to get louder and after a few seconds it stops and its dead silent again. anyone know what this is about? I am really new to all this.
    I use a DT990 600Ohm headphone and it works without issues on my SupremeFX/ALC1220 onboard audio from my Rampage 6 Apex mainboard.


    • CarvedInside15 Jul 2018 @ 19:34

      Hello. Which Windows 10 version do you have? Have you tried with v1.80b, v1.80a and v1.71.1 drivers? I suggest you try with those.
      Did you by anychance enabled Xonar's SVN function?


  2. arx15 Jul 2018 @ 18:54


    are you going to update the asio version? unfortunately the ones provided with the drivers for the stx is bugged - and has always been.


    • CarvedInside15 Jul 2018 @ 19:15

      Which driver version have you tried? I suggest you try 1.80b that have the latest ASIO version and see if it works better. Let us know of the results and please describe what exactly was/is the problem your are experiencing with ASIO playback.
      If problems persist you might consider using WASAPI playback instead.


      • arx15 Jul 2018 @ 23:10

        thanks for the prompt reply.

        issues are: whenever i do something - opening a browser, links, stuff on the pc - i get stuttering and audio glitches until the task is done. tried with every driver but, as soon as i get my card back (final touches..) i'll try again.

        WASAPI is ok, but bit-perfect is only available through asio. how can i install asio 2.2? if possible at all..


        • CarvedInside15 Jul 2018 @ 23:37

          I don't know what ASIO 2.2 are you referring to, please post the details. The ASIO for Xonar cards has it's own versioning and it's different from lets say Creative ASIO versions.


        • Sergey17 Jul 2018 @ 02:41

          Yes. I have exactly the same problem. With ASIO, I get stuttering sounds and clicks when working in the browser. With WASAPI, I get stuttering sounds and clicks when working in Windows Explorer. I was hoping to solve the problem with the help of Uni Xonar, but got the same. I use v1.80a-r3 (Windoes 7 64). It's terrible that Asus releases such products. With the Sound Blaster ZxR, I did not have any problems. But it did not work on Linux, so I bought STX II.


  3. Sergey17 Jul 2018 @ 22:06

    I use v1.80a-r3 (Windoes 7 64) and STX II. The driver is installed. The sound is working. But the Xonar Audio Center does not start. What could be the reason?


    • CarvedInside17 Jul 2018 @ 22:12

      I've separated this question from your other comment since it's a different topic.
      From the v1.80a release notes "STXII: Asus Audio Center does not work. You need to download this patched version and copy paste it over “C:\Program Files\UNi Xonar Audio\Customapp\”."


  4. Dion18 Jul 2018 @ 05:20

    Will there be support for the Xonar AE 7.1?


    • CarvedInside18 Jul 2018 @ 15:25

      As I've mentioned on the UNi Xonar Features, Xonar AE 7.1 won't be supported. It's using a different audio chip and has different base drivers.


  5. Deno20 Jul 2018 @ 07:01

    I dont understand at all. do you release new versions but with the same filename?.


    • CarvedInside20 Jul 2018 @ 17:11

      I don't understand your question. You will have to be more specific. Are you having trouble understanding the deal with revisions or a/b prefixed versions?
      While the versioning is a little bit unconventional, the file names aren't exactly the same.


      • Deno21 Jul 2018 @ 01:09

        I have installed UNi-Xonar-W10-1825-v1.81a-r2, since august 2017. Is it the best driver for me? (xonar D2X on win10), because in april you released a new version of the 1.71.


        • CarvedInside21 Jul 2018 @ 02:32

          For some people older drivers work better or do not have a specific bug, so on occasions I update those older driver packages with fixes or with features from newer releases. In case of v1.71.1 they still have the old audio drivers but the UNi Xonar driver installer and various components are from v1.80/v1.81 releases.
          If v1.81a drivers work fine for you there is no need to install other drivers.


  6. Dominic20 Jul 2018 @ 16:34

    What is best atm for win10 x64 for Xonar DX?
    I tried yesterday UNi-Xonar-W10-1825-v1.81a-r2 and I had weird echo/hall effect in my headphones (Arctis7)
    Than I tried to install UNi-Xonar-STX-II-11.5-v1.75b-r3 and got error to connect my sound card.
    Than I tried to install from asus website (official) DX_8_1_8_1823_for_Win10 and everything is ok with sound, but I think with unixonar I can get better sound anyway.
    Thx for help.


    • CarvedInside20 Jul 2018 @ 16:58

      v1.75b and v1.80b require Test Mode or Disabling Driver Signature Verification before installing the drivers for your DX card.
      Latest v1.80a is using the same audio driver as the DX_8_1_8_1823_for_Win10 you have now installed and should work just as well.

      Regarding your issues with v1.81a can you tell me which settings have you used? Have you enabled any Dolby features?


      • Dominic20 Jul 2018 @ 19:29

        No, just default settings in xonar and windows (no sonic or atmos enabled)
        I'll try to record it if it's possible and post it here later.


      • Dominic21 Jul 2018 @ 17:42

        I can't edit my my previous comment so just make new.
        Surprisingly after installing again 1.81a, everything works fine now.
        I simply uninstalled official 1823, restarted pc, installed uni and there is no problem with sound


        • CarvedInside22 Jul 2018 @ 22:11

          In this case there is no need to merge the comments.
          It could be that after some Windows update or some application you've installed, the Xonar card settings got screwed up. If this happens again and you find the cause please let me know.


  7. krustie22 Jul 2018 @ 22:33

    I've installed "UNi-Xonar-W10-1825-v1.81a-r2" onto my Windows 10 PC Build 17134. Audio is working and I can control it using the windows volume settings. However, changing settings in the Asus Audio Centre doesn't appear to be doing anything. Any advice?


    • CarvedInside22 Jul 2018 @ 23:29

      Hi. Which sound card do you have? Which settings are you trying to change? Have you tried using C-Media Panel or XonarSwitch to change the settings?
      I would suggest that you also try with some of the previous Uni Xonar drivers like 1.80a or 1.75a.


  8. Andrey24 Jul 2018 @ 19:45

    I have STX and Windows 10 LTSB 64bit. I've installed UNi Xonar W10 1825 v1.81a r2. And now have a problem. The sound is working from mic and to headphones, but it seems that sound from all my pc (i mean that goes to my headphones) and duplicated to the mic. And other side from skype and discord can hear them and everything that i hear.
    Do you know why that happens?


    • CarvedInside25 Jul 2018 @ 04:02

      Hello. Things to try:
      1. Right click Windows Volume icon and select "Recording Devices" or "Sounds", check that Microphone is the default device.
      2. You should try installing some of the previous UNi Xonar drivers(v1.80a, v1.71.1)
      3. Disable the Xonar card and check with onboard card.
      Tell us the complete Windows version and build number.


  9. Dave27 Jul 2018 @ 18:14

    Hi there, i have a 5.1 System and I just figured out, that i have to set the Audio-Channels to 2 in the Xonar Audio-Center to activate stereo upmix. However, if I got it right, this will prevent 5.1 audio sources to be played back appropriately. Isn't there a way, to automatically detect if the source is stereo (and upmix it in this case) or 5.1, in which case I want it to be played back as its ment to? Thanks


    • CarvedInside01 Aug 2018 @ 03:44

      There is no way to do that with the drivers. You could do this in the audio or video player either through changing their default configuration or through the use of a plugin. AIMP audio player does this by default, with foobar2000 you use Channel Mixer plugin.
      For video players things are more complicated since stereo upmixing the sound will mess up the sound for those movies with 5.1 surround sound because the rear channels will have both front and rear sounds.


      • Dave01 Aug 2018 @ 18:06

        Hi, thanks for the answer. Though I think its not a very feasible solution to configure it in every single program individualy. I mean im playing mp3s from my harddisk from time to time, most of the time im listening music from youtube (and in firefox I can't configure any audio settings), I'm watching videos partialy in different players, and finally I'm playing PC games, from which some are stereo and some are 5.1. And to make things worse I most of the time even don't know in advance if the source im gonna play is stereo or 5.1. For these reasons in my opinion it should be the duty of the drivers to handle upmixing/5.1 playback. If you are saying there is no way to do that with the drivers.. do you mean its not possible with that special driver, or that audio drivers in general don't do that?


  10. Jim M.30 Jul 2018 @ 22:41

    I am a little confused as to which is the best driver for my STX-ll. I am running Windows 7 Ulitimate 64 and using Xonar Switch beta. I have been running UNi Xonar STXII 11.5 v1.80b r3 based on the notes that says STX-ll signed driver and in your comments that it is mainly for the STX-ll. I used this driver since I purchased the card and found the STX-ll driver on your site to replace the stock ASUS (I previously had an STX). i got the urge to check your driver updates and saw UNi Xonar 1816/1823 v1.80a r3. Is this driver version recommended to replace what i am currently running for my STX-ll or should i stay with the b version? Thanks


    • CarvedInside01 Aug 2018 @ 03:13

      Hi. If you don't have any problems with your STX II card then you should stay on v1.80b drivers.


  11. richard02 Aug 2018 @ 09:08

    Hi. With asus drivers i cannot get flexbass to work with 2 or 4-channel files.
    Is it possible to get flexbass working with unixonar drivers,
    I have satellitle speakers and an active sub, and am wanting to send the bass to the sub but it will not do it with asus drivers.


    • CarvedInside04 Aug 2018 @ 23:48

      While I still recommend installing the UNi Xonar driver for additional fixes that you may benefit(like Rear and Center channel delays) your problem might be with your configuration. If you have 2 speakers and one active subwoofer try the following guide:
      Guide for Windows 7/8/10
      1) Connect subwoofer to Center/Subwoofer output jack
      2) You need to have "Stereo upmix" enabled if you are using UNi Xonar drivers. Depending on your setup you either have to install drivers installed with "Re-enable stereo upmix to 4, 5.1 & 7.1" option checked or enable it in XonarSwitch.
      3) In the audio panel set the following: 2 channels and 5.1 speakers.
      4) If subwoofer isn’t sounding right, exchange center/bass channels in the audio panel.
      5) In flexbass configuration panel set the L/R speakers size to Small, and Center speaker to Large.
      Let me know if this worked for you.


      • richard01 Sep 2018 @ 03:41

        Thanks, i will try this. But i have 4 speakers, a 4.1 set up so to speak, if 5.1 upmixing is enabled will that create a center channel, which i do not want. I want the center channel information to be sent to the front left and right speakers.

        With the asus drivers, the flexbass is chopping off the bass but not sending it to any of the rca outputs.
        It does send the bass to the bass rca output for 5.1 upmixing, but i want to create a 4.1 output if possible.


  12. HL02 Aug 2018 @ 21:02

    Tired of BSOD after wake on sleep on Win10 1803 which hasn't been fixed in a year and persists through multiple Win10 and UNi versions. Going to upgrade to Asus Strix Soar which has a different CMI chipset and WHQL drivers for Win10.


  13. AM04 Aug 2018 @ 11:44

    After 1803, whenever the PC wants to go to sleep or monitor turn off, it BSODs then restart instead. I tried the built-in ALC1150 and this issue is gone.


    • CarvedInside04 Aug 2018 @ 23:34

      Which card do you have? Which drivers have you tried?
      Have you tried with v1.71.1 drivers? If you haven't I suggest you do that.


  14. kean3D08 Aug 2018 @ 20:21

    hi CarvedInside i read around incompatibility about chipset amd b350/x370 and xonar stx1/2, but i know some users said that with you unixonar works flawesly without problems, just the card refuse to instal with original asus drivers.. i use latest unixonar with stx2 and c-media panel + disable speaker compensation on amd fx + 970 chipset,no problems at all; best combo; now i have to switch to ryzen and new b450 chipset mobo, hope no problems with and your unixonar; finger crossed


    • CarvedInside09 Aug 2018 @ 01:14

      Hi. I assume you've read this topic. From what I've read the card won't work on the Ryzen motherboards.
      The situation is totally different. The B350, X370, B450, X470 chipsets are made by ASMedia(#1) while old FX 970 was made AMD.
      If you go with the Ryzen with B450 motherboard let us know how it goes.


      • kean3D09 Aug 2018 @ 19:56

        yes i read exactly that thread, and the conclusion from Asus..
        on a well know italian forum in the Stx2 topic i asked to my mates, and one said that with x370 mobo the card work well, but only with Unixonar drivers,while with original Asus drivers not work at all 😉 , tomorrow ill assemble the rig with asus prime b450-plus, and ill report then if it (hopely) work


        • CarvedInside10 Aug 2018 @ 06:14

          That's interesting. Do you know or could find out which motherboard your forum mate has?


          • kean3D11 Aug 2018 @ 04:40

            its on asus x370 prime if im not wrong; however finished right now assembling and testing bit my new rig with ryzen and asus prime b450-plus, so far so good ,no problems at all with xonar stx2 and latests unixonar 🍻 tested with games, in production with fl studio (asio) ,audio playback (wasapi) all oke till now 👍 i deeply thank you CarvedInside once again


            • CarvedInside12 Aug 2018 @ 00:39

              I'm pleased to hear. You're welcome. Let us know if anything changes.


            • Stefan08 Dec 2018 @ 16:00

              Hello kean3D, are there any news on how the card behaved on your B450 mainboard?-Thanks


              • kean3D06 Nov 2019 @ 21:34

                all ok with unixonar stx2 drivers (the ones from 2014 which sound way better than latests unified ones) win 1093 ,waiting for 1909; Asus original drivers refuse to insta but Unixonar drivers works like a charm


    • TuongHo15 Aug 2018 @ 19:20

      My STX 2 is fine with x370 taichi and uni driver


  15. Asussucks15 Aug 2018 @ 03:26

    I have an Asus X370 Prime board and the Essence STX II is only partially usable. Installing any driver - Asus or UNI Xonar - might lead to a forced reboot. Switching from backpanel to frontpanel or to headset might lead to a forced reboot. When in headset mode, adjusting audio settings in software and Windows might lead to a forced reboot.
    Using the STX II with my 2.1 system works very well. The headset runs through the onboard sound card. Windows 10 (more bluescreens, crashes and forced reboots than ever) and Asus suck.



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